Rebirth Of The Strongest Empress Chapter 1526

1526 Lost 2

Just now, the powerful figures were still discontent with Ye Qingtang not willing to help after taking advantage of them; now, they all felt awkward.

They had no idea what changed in the world outside

"We We were trapped here for more than ten thousand years, and none of us knew that the world outside had changed. We're sorry for troubling you today. We owe you this time." Fu Xu smiled and said. Now, he felt sorry for the young girl here.

Ultimately, she had no relationship with them. Though they gave her many Dharma treasures, if she died here, all the treasures were useless.

After being trapped here for ten thousand years, they had seen many other powerful figures disappear in the boundary due to the Age Reversal curse. They were very clear that all the Dharma treasures they owned would go into the ground after they passed away.

As Ye Qingtang stared at everyone in rage, a mature-looking child, whose hands were folded behind his back, suddenly saw the totem on Ye Qingtang's chest.

Ye Qingtang was covered in blood previously, and the totem was blurry. But now, the blood was washed away in the water, and the totem revealed itself.

The mature-looking child's eyes sparkled with one glance. He then looked towards Jiang Yu, who was staring at Ye Qingtang's totem as well.

Jiang Yu frowned slightly but did not say anything.

"I was unlucky today to meet you here. Alright, since all of you are out, we do not owe each other anything now." It seemed that Ye Qingtang did not want to get involved in their business. She waved to the little white tiger and was about to leave.

The group of powerful figures were shocked.

The mature-looking child immediately stopped her with a pure voice. "Young lady of the Jiang Family, please wait."

Ye Qingtang was slightly stunned as she did not expect that her identity would be revealed here. She lowered her head and saw that the totem on her chest was quite visible now.

She purposely did not reveal her identity, yet she was still spotted.

The rest of the powerful figures were shocked for a moment and looked towards Jiang Yu.

Besides the mature-looking child and Jiang Yu, the rest of them all came from the second domain. They were not familiar with the Jiang Family or the family's totem.

"Jiang Family? She belongs to Jiang Yu's family?" An expression of surprise appeared on Xiong Yan's chubby face.

The mature-looking child smiled and nodded. "Besides the Domain Monarch Jiang family, who else would have such a totem on the clothes. Jiang Yu, the young lady here is your descendent"

Jiang Yu recognized Ye Qingtang's identity as well. A smile filled his eyes. He took a glance at the rest and lifted his chin up slightly.

"Ultimately, it's the Jiang Family that saved everyone."

In the past ten thousand years, they blamed him constantly for destroying the shrine and offending the god. However, they were saved by a descendant of the Jiang Family in the end.

Everyone had complex expressions. They condemned Jiang Yu for his luck secretly. It was surprising that a descendent of the Jiang Family would enter this place and save all of them.

"Who are you?" Ye Qingtang pretended that she did not recognize Jiang Yu and looked towards him.

"I'm Jiang Yu, the past Domain Monarch of the Jiang Family. Have you heard my name before?"

Ye Qingtang was stunned and pretended to look surprised.

"You're Jiang Yu? Our Domain Monarch Founder?"

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