Rebirth Of The Strongest Empress Chapter 1527

1527 Lost 3

Jiang Yu nodded in contentment.

Ye Qingtang's face was filled with disbelief. "It's impossible. Our Domain Monarch Founder left the first domain long ago. Do you have any proof?"

"Of course." Jiang Family took out the Jiang Family Domain Monarch's golden seal from his space ring and put it in front of Ye Qingtang.

The Jiang Family Domain Monarch's golden seal was made with special material and could not be forged. Every generation's Domain Monarch would have a special one; once the golden seal left the Domain Monarch, it would turn into dust. It was impossible for someone to pretend to be the Domain Monarch.

Ye Qingtang pretended to be very surprised when she saw the golden seal. She looked at Jiang Yu again and kneeled down. "Domain Monarch Founder!"

Jiang Yu's smile deepened. He glanced at the rest of the children proudly. He then lifted up his short arms and said in a mature way, "You can get up."

"Yes." Ye Qingtang stood up immediately.

"I'm so lucky to be able to meet you here, Domain Monarch FOunder. I entered this place by accident, and I still don't know how to leave here. Please bring me out of here, Domain Monarch Founder!" Ye Qingtang showed a miserable expression.

The smile on Jiang Yu's face disappeared after he heard her words.

If it was ten thousand years ago, with Jiang Yu's ability, he could enter and leave the Land of Infinite Demons freely as long as there was no interference from the god. It would be easy for him even if he needed to bring Ye Qingtang along.

But now

Jiang Yu looked at his tiny body and then lifted his head to look at Ye Qingtang's "huge" body. His lips twitched slightly.

His abilities were gone due to the Age Reversal curse in the past ten thousand years. He could not even fight Ye Qingtang now, not to mention bringing her out of this place.

"Hmmm We can talk about this. My abilities are gone due to the Age Reversal curse" Jiang Yu's voice was softer.

Ye Qingtang appeared to be shocked, but she expected this earlier on.

She heard about the legend of the Age Reversal curse.

"Young lady, since you are part of the Jiang Family, you should do your best to help your Domain Monarch Founder. He's still under the influence of the age reversal curse even now. You need to bring him to the shrine and find the holy water to break the curse. Otherwise, he won't live long even though he's out now. It's just changing a place and waiting for death." The mature-looking child explained his intention after witnessing Jiang Yu and Ye Qingtang recognize each other's identity.

The boundary was gone but not the curse on them.

"The shrine?" Ye Qingtang recalled the broken shrine she saw on the way here.

"Yes. As long as we go over and find the holy water, the curse will be broken." The child nodded heavily.

"Okay. I'll bring our Domain Monarch Founder over now." Ye Qingtang nodded and was about to grab the Domain Monarch Founder's hand.

However, before she even stretched her hand out, the rest of the children surrounded her.

"Since you're going over, bring us all together." The mature-looking child now appeared to be cunning.

"You can go by yourselves if you want the holy water," Ye Qingtang said.


The rest of the children looked at each other awkwardly.

They could go over by themselves if it was in the past.


After suffering from the Age Reversal curse for ten thousand years, their abilities were all gone. Ye Qingtang was the most powerful person now among everyone there.

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