Rebirth Of The Strongest Empress Chapter 1528

1528 At Ease 1

"You also mentioned that this place has become a forbidden area and is full of danger. The shrine has been destroyed for years. We don't dare to go over" Fu Xu murmured.

His voice was very soft, but his face went pale due to embarrassment.

As one of the most powerful and famous people in the second domain, now he needed to rely on a person only at the Arcane Supremacy stage. He really would not dare to meet others if this was known by everyone.

Fu Xu voiced everyone's concern.

No matter how powerful they were in the past, now they were just a group of children

If even a tiny demon attacked them, they would not be able to survive.

How could they let Ye Qingtang walk away under such a situation?

Furthermore, they also noticed that the three young Demonic Bears seemed to be very close to Ye Qingtang. They followed her by the side and did not intend to attack them.

They felt slightly safer now.

"So, you want me to bring you in?" Though Ye Qingtang predicted the outcome, she pretended to be very unwilling to do so.

"Right, right. Anyway, you need to bring your Domain Monarch Founder over. How about just bringing us along"

Before Ye Qingtang said anything, Jiang Yu, who was scolded by the rest for the past ten thousand years, suddenly walked forward. He stood in front of Ye Qingtang, and his tiny and chubby face was filled with discontentment and dignity.

"Nonsense. It is expected for a descendant of the Jiang Family to bring me to the shrine for the holy water. What has this to do with any of you? It's so dangerous here that you will just lower the chance of our survival."

Jiang Yu did not even bother with them. They fought countless times in the past ten thousand years just because they blamed him for the curse.

Now, they saw a ray of hope after his descendent came here. How dare they ask to go to the shrine and find the holy water now?

Let them live in their dreams!

"Old Jiang, that's not right. We have spent the past ten thousand years together. Aren't we like a big family now? Of course we need to follow you." The mature-looking child bulged his chin and spoke.

Jiang Yu stared at him and said, "You Qiong, I was still wondering why you pointed out our relationship. So this was your plan. I remembered that the Ancient You Clan always looked down on the Jiang Family ten thousand years ago. What? Now you treat me as your brother?"

Ye Qingtang's sight landed on the mature-looking child after hearing that.

He's You Qiong?

The most powerful Elder of the Ancient You Clan ten thousand years ago?

"Old Jiang, you're trying to make everything difficult" You Qiong still wanted to persuade him.

Jiang Yu scoffed.

Ye Qingtang could not even make the link between these two children who were quarreling and the most powerful person of the Ancient You Clan and the Jiang Family ten thousand years ago.

The powerful figures from the second domain were worried as well. If the Age Reversal curse was not broken, they would still die, not to mention regaining their power.

"Old Jiang, You Qiong's words make some sense. We have known each other for so long now. We have many Dharma treasures in our hands. If you're willing to bring us along, we can use those treasures as appreciation." Fu Xu added.

After spending so many years with them, Jiang Yu was clear how many treasures they owned. His expression softened, and he was more content now.

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