Destroy The Fantasyworld With Science Book 3 Chapter 99

Volume 3: The Hunger Games Chapter 99 Hello There

Doing today's recap besides a few dangerous encounters between beasts and a few tributes as well as the unique situation with Kaiser's gifts not much happened so Ceasar was quickly finished with his report.

--- End of Chapter ---

When Kaiser woke up the next day the fire had already gone out and only a small bit of heat had been retained. Preparing once more for the climb he smiled as he looked at the many medical supplies he had received the day before. Eating a bit of leftover soup before cleaning the pot with snow from outside the cave he prepared to scale the mountain.

Due to the calm on the previous day and the lack of deaths he presumed that they would want to make him a highlight of the day. Although he was unhappy and unsure of what was to come he began to follow the small trail up the mountain. He hadn't come far when he encountered something peculiar. The path he was following split into three in the middle a large clear terrace which was overgrown with short grasses and moss, one coming from the right, one to the left and another one going further up the mountain which was much narrower and less visible compared to the other ones.

Still determined to reach the top he wanted to cross the area when he began hearing the low sound of something striking rocks as well as a few cries he assumed to originate from an animal coming from the left path. Wanting to find out what creature inhabited these mountains he began to hide behind a nearby pile of stones that seemed to have fallen from the higher regions of the mountain a few years ago seeing how it had been overgrown by small shrubs that judging by their size had grown more than two years on it.

Soon the noises came closer he noticed a group of mountain goats approaching along the path. Perhaps he had been using their paths all along, visible from their constant travel along the peaks of the mountains? Although they had the appearance of regular ones their size was massive and much bulkier compared to usual goats. When they arrived They had big horns similar to that of an ibex but much wider and pointier, almost spear like. Once the whole herd of around 12 goats reached the plateau they began to spread out, each going into different directions where they began to graze. While most were feasting themselves on moss, small shrubs and the short and tough grass one larger individual of their group began approaching a large rock that laid close to the point where all paths converged and began climbing. Once it reached the top it remained there and began its watch over the herd.

Remaining hidden behind the shrubs and the pile of rocks he noticed that soon a few goats begin heading towards his direction. As they approached he also got to see their teeth in more detail. Omnivores. Just great. Seemingly everything besides the jungle boss was omnivorous as if there wasn't enough green to just feed herbivores. The Gamemakers were really trying to make everything hostile towards them, it seems.

Soon they had come too close for comfort. A few had stopped their approach, sniffing the air. Perhaps they had noticed him? Not a send later two began to bolt towards his direction, splitting before the pile as they tried to flank him. Jumping over the one that came from his right he continued towards that direction along the path. Although he wanted to climb the mountain they would be even faster compared to him when climbing upwards. Soon not only the two but more than half of the herd began to chase after him.

After a few seconds he reached the point were the path narrowed and the plateau ended. Just as he arrived there he with his good hearing managed to make out a slight whistling in the air. As soon as he heard it the goats behind him stopped as soon as possible before running back towards the rest of the herd even faster than when they had chased him just before. Turning around to find out what was going on Kaiser saw that the other half had abandoned the high rock and their grazing as well and also hurried towards the other half.

Before they had gotten further than a few meters a black and brown shadow swooped down from the sky, trowing the goat in the front more than a few meters in the air before letting go, causing the frightened goat to impact the ground before going silent almost instantly after. As soon as he noticed that Kaiser hid in the midst of a few larger stones which narrowed his field of vision extremely. Two other shadows entered his limited field of vision as they followed soon after with one succeeding with the same maneuver as well while the other missed, with the goat falling into one of the large holes at the left rims of the plateau in its haste. Once the attacks had finished the herd had gathered before moving closer to the side of the mountain, trying to hide underneath a small rock protrusion that ran along the sides of the mountain, probably caused by a glacier.

Luckily no additional attacks followed. Climbing out from the rock pile he had hidden in he began cautiously observing the shadows that he had seen landing. Soon three enormously large eagles entered his vision, feasting on the two carcasses of the dead goats which they had closer together. Approaching slowly Kaiser smiled as he attempted to get to know more about them. The familiar feeling of a strong bond originated from their location. Soon he managed to get close enough to understand them.

The one on the left was the first to speak. "Hey! Why do you always try to get more than belongs to you? I was the one who found them."

The one in the middle, who was by far the largest of the group, being almost two times as large, replied gleefully: "Then you shouldn't miss next time you try to kill some goat. In the end those who killed the most get the most."

The one to the right finally intervened as it seemed unnerved by their bantering. "Aeolus! Why don't you be nicer to your younger brother and give him some of your prey. He played his part as well. Not everything is about what you can achieve. Give others a chance."

"No mother!" he replied with a haughty expression. "We are eagles and sooner or later both of us will leave your nest and hunt on our own. Why should he have any thing when he did nothing noteworthy? He needs to learn that a lack of success had dire consequences."

Glancing over to his mother he soon changed as she looked at him rather fiercely. "Though you are partially correct SON your brother is still my son as well and YOUR brother! There is more than enough for all of us. Now shake wings and give him the liver for your bad behavior." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/destroy-worlds-of-fiction-with-science_15665337506693305/hello-there_51095854047616527 for visiting.

"But Mother!"

"If you don't hurry he'll get the heart as well!"

Sighing Aeolus extended his wing towards his brother who lightly bushed it with his own before Aeolus turned around and began to rip out the liver of his prey. Seeing that his brother devoured it he turned towards what was left of the carcass to pick out the best remaining pieces for himself.

Seeing that the eagles had finished their discussion he straightened his back and casually approached them. Instantly all of them stopped their activities and turned towards him.

Smiling brightly Kaiser greeted the one in the middle.

"Hey Aeolus. It's been a while."

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