New Age Of Summoners Chapter 457

445 Demon Physique Pills

According to Ajax and the other young cultivators, the demon world was one of a scary world and it was extremely difficult for other beings like humans to enter the demon world.

Even if they could enter, it was impossible to survive in that world as it was not at all suitable for other beings to sustain the large amounts of demonic essence of nature in it.

Moreover, they didn't expect that they were going to train in the demon world. So, they were shocked at Edmond's answer.

"Godfather, how are we going to enter the demon world?" the captain of the Edmond's adopted children asked with a serious face.

"It's thanks to Darbaudr, we are going to enter and how we are entering into the demon world, don't ask me. You will know soon enough," Edmond pointed at Darbaudr, who was meditating in front of the huge boulder and asked them to not to ask about their method of entering the demon world.

Everyone nodded their heads and looked at theBarbarian with excited expressions on their faces.

Even though they were scared about the Demon World, the fire in their hearts to become a powerful cultivator made them excited about their training and looked forward to it.

"Captain Edmond, isn't it impossible to survive in the demon world for us?" Ajax knew something about the demon world too, so he asked the other question that was in the minds of the young cultivators.

"Haha...you are more knowledgeable than I initially meet you, Ajax," Edmond laughed at Ajax as he joked with him before continued saying, "I know that and I have a solution for that too...hehe."

Edmond smiled mysteriously as he took out small porcelain bottles from his space rings before giving them to each of the young cultivators.

Ajax carefully took the small porcelain bottle into his hand and looked into it.

Inside the porcelain bottle, there were 10 black coloured pills that gave a horrible smell from them.


Item name:- Demon physique pills

Grade:- High grade (Rank 3).

Description:- A pill that could temporarily transform the inner physique of any being into a demon and help them survive in the demon world.

Time limit:- 1 pill effect can last for an hour.

The first thing, Ajax did after taking the bottle was to find the information about the pills with the help of the system.

As soon as he did that, a holographic screen appeared in front of him that gave the complete details of the black coloured pill.

'Good...but the smell is making me think, is it even consumable?' Ajax felt that the demon was a perfect one for them, who were going into the demon world; however, the smell from the pill made him doubt it.

Nevertheless, since the system had already said that it was not harmful, he could consume it without any fear.

Even though Ajax could use his rank 4 alchemy skills to find out the details about the black pill, for that he needed to do some tests with the black pill.

'Since I can use the system to find out about it instantly, then why to bother using the long method,' this was the thought inside his head when he used the system to find out about the black pill.

"This pill is called a Demon physique pill and it helps you survive in the demon world. Also, consume them with one-hour intervals," As Ajax had already found out about the black pill, Edmond slowly explained about the effects to the young cultivators.

"Captain Edmond, bad news," Just as Edmond was finished explaining about the pill effects, Darbaudr opened his eyes and said with a worried look on his face.

"Huh? What happened?" Edmond became anxious all of a sudden and hurriedly walked towards Darbaudr and asked him about the bad news.

"The portal to the demon world is moved away from here," Darbaudr's words made Edmond's anxiousness increase to another level.

"Is there no other way?" Edmond hurriedly asked as he checked his surroundings to think about something.

'I should not lose this opportunity like this...I am very close to completing my plan and this.,'

Just as they Edmond was thinking about his plan that he planned for years and thought it would be delayed by this portal and sighed; however, his thoughts were interrupted by Darbaudr, "There is a way but it will take some time and energy for me to find that place where this demon world's portal os moved to."

"What? Do it..do it. As long as you help me find and open the demon world's portal I owe you big time," Edmond anxiously said to Darbaudr and asked him to open the portal at any cost and even said that he would return the favour in the future.

"I will try my best but It will take time," Darbaudr nodded his head and closed his eyes.

The reason he was trying to find the portal to the demon world was not only because of Edmond but it was for his sake. He wanted to take revenge on the demons for killing his tribe and sealing his cultivation.

So, that hatred made him use his full focus in searching for the portal.

'So, they are trying to find the portal,' Ajax understood the situation and thought in his head.

While Darbaudr was trying his best to find the portal to the demon world, everyone silently looked at him and hoped that he could find it soon.

"Pheww...finally found the rough location of where the portal might be,"

After more than 30 minutes, Darbaudr opened his eyes and informed Edmond with a relieved expression on his face.

"That's fast. Where is it?"

Edmond was excited that Darbaudr found the location within 30 minutes and he also heaved a sigh of relief before asking the location.

"Don't be happy that soon. I found 8 locations that the portal to the demon world can be shifted from here," Darbaudr poured cold water on Edmond's happiness.

"No problem, it's good,"

Hearing that, Edmond became worried but still, he thought it was better than nothing.

"But the good thing is all the 8 locations are within the five kilometers radius from this point," Darbaudr said some good thing that made Edmond finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Let's search one by one then," Edmond knew only Darbaudr could sense the fluctuations from the portal, so he had no choice but search them one by one.

Darbaudr nodded his head and looked at Ajax.

'I need to go to that place in the map and claim the dimensional crevice,' As for Ajax, he was busy thinking about the ownerless dimensional crevice that was situated in the cursed abyss.

'Also, it's been a few days since Volcanis entered the second room and there is still no notification from the system about the battle, let's see,'

After thinking about the ownerless dimensional crevice for a while, he remembers about Volcanis who entered the second room to fight with Cerberus.

As he didn't get any system notification regarding his battle, he wanted to check on him.

However, before he could check on Volcanis, he was interrupted by Darbaudr's voice transmission and looked at him.

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