My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 498

Chapter 498: The Zhong Familys Secret

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This safe seemed to have been around for many years, and its locks were of an old-fashioned style from more than ten years ago.

For an old-fashioned safe like this, even if she did not have X-ray vision, she could still open it within 30 seconds.

Hence, as if she was opening the door to her own bedroom, Zhong Nuannuan’s slender fingers fiddled with the safe, and the box was opened effortlessly.

After cracking the safe, Zhong Nuannuan saw the crescent-shaped jade pendant that would appear on Zhong Qianqian’s neck at every banquet.

This was an emerald green jade pendant, and because she was also in the jewelry field, she took a quick glance at it and found that even a small piece like this was worth hundreds of millions.

This had been worn by Nangong Yu in the past, and since Zhong Qianqian had the same DNA in her blood as her, Jiang Shuwan had been trying to look for Nangong Yu’s family to pave a better future for Zhong Qianqian.

However, it was a pity that this safe only contained top-grade jade, US dollars and gold barsno documents were found.

Moreover, these things were not attractive to Zhong Nuannuan at all.

After restoring the items to their original locations, Zhong Nuannuan gor ready to leave. However, when she thought of the two disgusting people in bed, Zhong Nuannuan took out her cell phone patiently and took a few indecent photos of them before leaving.

There was no one in Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan’s bedroom. Jiang Shuwan would definitely not be back since she was in the hospital, but this was not normal for Zhong Kuijun, who returned home almost every day.

Before Viper died, he had said that there was a commander here to help them. Moreover, Zhong Kuijun’s expression had been so ugly after he saw Chi Yang at the hospital today… Could this commander be Zhong Kuijun?

If really Zhong Kuijun was, then it would mean he had matchmade her with Chi Yang while joining forces with the enemy to harm Chi Yang. If this was the case, even if he was her biological father, Zhong Nuannuan would not acknowledge him. Those who dared to kill Chi Yang were all her enemies.

In the master bedroom, Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan also had two safes, but apart from real estate deeds, Swiss bank books and gold bars, she still could not find what she was looking for.

Finally, Zhong Nuannuan went to Zhong Kuijun’s study and opened the safe there.

In reality, when she saw Nangong Yu’s will in the safe in the study, her gaze became completely cold.

No wonder Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan kept this suicide note so well!

This was the truth behind the matter!

Apart from the suicide note, Zhong Nuannuan also searched for information on the Cloud Group.

The more she read, the more she sneered.

Suddenly, a beam of light shone in from afar, and Zhong Nuannuan sighed despondently in silence.

However, she remained calm. She did not turn off the lights nor hide, but took a photograph of all the important items, and then one by one placed the items back to their original place in an orderly manner.

As soon as Zhong Kuijun’s car turned a corner, he saw that the lights in his study were on.

He was shocked, and cold sweat broke out all over his body.

However, he was still a soldier, and although he was not a part of the special forces, his reflexes were still very swift.

Therefore, when he saw someone in the study, he did not even step on the brakes, and drove the car directly past the entrance of the Zhong Family’s residence.

This way, the other party would think that this was just another car in the community passing by the area.

After he drove the car away and parked it elsewhere, he immediately took out a pistol from the car’s secret compartment, then rushed toward the back door of the Zhong Family’s house as fast as he could.

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