Factory Inc. Book 2 Chapter 250

Volume 2: Volume Ii Chapter 250 247 Fate

V.45 Fate

As the war continues to wage in the Bright galaxy, A war that would decide the fate of its inhabitants, In Eden Ark and his group have no idea about the events that's been going on in the Bright Galaxy,

Over the past several week's Arc and his group have managed to map 80% of Eden they also became aware of the danger it holds.

Eden was home to the Race called Forgotten, an old race dated back to the war of the Gods, according to the data they manage to gathered The Forgotten was created or descendants of the Elementals and Space Beast, yes in a human language they are called Dragons, they are the weapons the elementals and Space beast used to fight the Gods.

Eden or this prison Called Eden was the placed the gods used to sealed and imprisons the four mightiest of all dragons the elemental Dragons, and the Ganesh or the Original Ganesh was the descendants of one of those Elemental Dragons, in other words, they are the original inhabitants of Eden after Eve purge the former inhabitants.

As for how the Vanir manage to get a hold of Ganesh and made a clone out of it Arc has no idea.

This also explains why the Ganesh holds a very powerful body full of energy, which makes them extremely valuable to the outside world.

Fortunately, those so-called Forgotten or elemental dragons are in hibernations after a long time of being imprisoned in order to survive in this low energy world they were forced to go to sleep until the time for them to leave or escape this place.

Unfortunately, Arc has no idea how to leave either, after all this whole world is inside a gigantic Space beast, who Arc has no idea what it is.

But for Arc, his immediate problem is to complete his Urgent Quest, who by the way is only weeks away from expiring.

The good news is, over the past few weeks they were able to find several leads, that have the potential to lead them to it. One is the HQ of the Hands of Cain, a fanatic religious organization that worshipped the old gods, the other is in the other Organization Called Chosen, this Chosen is one of the most prominent organizations on Eden, Graff who Arc fought when they first arrived are part of this organizations. And the last one is in the Lairs of the Elemental Dragons or Forgotten.

Of course, they have several more leads but those three places are the most likely target that has the most likely to have what he was looking for.

Unfortunately, none of those places are easy to plunder especially the last one. In all honesty, he doesn't want to go there, after all the dragons are considered Adam as their most hated enemies, after what he did to their ancestors, and most likely those elemental Dragons or Forgotten have a personal grudge against Adam being the gods chosen, after all, they existed since the war with the gods. And having Adams blood in his veins Arc has no idea how the dragons will react if they saw him.

Gideon and his group have done a great job in infiltrating the Cathedral the HQ of the Hands Of Cain, (HOC) they were able to gather enough intel for Arc to risk attacking it for their relics.

At first, Arc was reluctant after all its a religious organization, not like the criminals he has purge on Earth, but after Gedeon's report, he found out that the only thing religious about them is their name. And their actions and are no different than any criminal organizations in fact many of their actions are worse than any criminal organizations he has purged.

Kidnapping indigenous people and experimenting on them is the least of their activities, burning, and massacring villages who refused their teaching is a common occurrence, in fact, the initiation rights to become part of Hands of Cain is torturing and killing the ones they called heathens, burning and torturing them is very common for them. In other words, none of them are innocent all of them have blood on their hands.

It may sound hypocritical but to Arc, that's all he needs to give himself reasons to attack.

After all Arc himself has killed before, but to him as long as it's not the blood of the innocent he can live with it. But the truth is no one is really innocent and Arc knows this but for the peace of his mind, he needed an excuse.

But in truth, as he grows stronger his mind was also being tempered, he does not know if it's a good thing or bad but he knows he likes it. He likes the feeling of power and in control of his life.

But he does not want to forget where he comes from, and those excuses come from that, to not harm any innocent, often times he thinks of what's becoming of him. And he has no answers.

"Sigh, how're the preparations?"

"Almost done Boss" Jem cheerfully answered him back, and on her shoulder, the tiny but happy Fairy can be seen sitting.

These two have been inseparable since the two met. They play and hunt together. That's right Hunt this little and cute fairy her only pastime is hunting beast. Imagine a fairy a foot tall holding a sword as big as human swinging it like a toothpick decimating the beast. The first time Arc witnessed it he couldn't close his mouth in shock, and he's not the only one all of them are. According to Lilly the sword she was using was transformed furniture.

And when they remembered how the furniture inside the mansion before Arc took over it, they couldn't put a single scratch even using all their strength. It makes sense that it was strong and Lilly being the Spirit of that treasured Sovereign tool, can control everything as it was a part of her.

Despite that, it took him a while to get used to seeing Lilly hunts.

This attack on Cathedral was the biggest move Arc will be doing since he arrived here. And unlike back on Earth where he has the help of the shadow units, in here he only has his group and the Droid army to help him, but he is not worried after all the droid he was using and the one back on earth are two different things.

The one back on earth was created by a multi-purpose manufacturing factory and several other factories. But the one he is using was created by his newest Factory a 1-star Cybernetic Armed Factory, that can create all kinds of droids. As a man, this is his dream factory, who wouldn't want to command an army of Terminators. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/factory-inc._15511610705706605/247-fate_51071212192845840 for visiting.

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