Bloodlines Of The Ancient Pantheons 2

340 Cccxl. The Three Phases Part Ii

Surely he would have to slightly change his fighting style, at the moment when he wanted to try to successfully perform 'Memory Of Mjllnir'.

Even the dodges and sudden movements could disperse the accumulated energy and he was fully aware that they were the two cornerstones of his fighting style.

Time continued to flow as Dag sat under that tree, immersed in reading.

"Dag!" a distant voice called.

He looked up and saw Reidar and Karl waving to him with their hand.

"Are you coming back with us to the dorm? There was a certain languor over here!" Karl asked, inviting him to follow them to the city.

"No, thank you for thinking... I think I'll stay here a little longer!" he replied, looking back at the pages of the book, curious from what would come after that theoretical part.

His companions, after greeting him, walked away while Freydis and Gridd remained to train under Egill's careful supervision.

Dag began reading again and in about half an hour he carefully read the entire chapter of the control of stored energy, trying to memorize all the movements and actions to avoid.

The third and final stage of learning was about the method to fully release that energy.

The book said that there were endless forms of release and could be adapted to every situation, from one vs one battles to clashes involving large numbers of warriors, a bit like it happened to him against the Jotunns.

At the same time, however, if the accumulated energy was so much and the release action was not performed perfectly, the warrior risked being electrocuted and losing his life.

When Dag read those lines, he squinted, trying to empathize with that event.

The warrior's body, full of energy, would act as a means of transmission of the Asgardian Thunder, which would have departed directly from the tops of Asgard's tallest tower and would have used that body to propagate to Midgard.

"Basically... after accumulating and holding enough energy, my body will be struck by a gigantic lightning bolt that will then be fired around me under my control, but risking to reduce me to ashes? It doesn't sound very comforting!" Dag said, recapping what he understood.

It came the evening when he could no longer continue reading because of the darkness around him and stopped, intending to continue after having dinner or the next day.

With the book under his arm, he walked to the arena and after finding out that all his companions had returned to the city, he proceeded to Skjegg.

Dag spent the evening immersed in his thoughts and ate little compared to usual, not having consumed much energy for spending the whole day sitting under a tree.

When he returned to the dormitory with Freydis, as soon as she fell asleep, he began to read again, sitting on the bed with a candle resting next to him, on a kind of wooden stool.

He managed to sleep only a couple of hours, waking up the next day anxious to continue his reading, which had almost come to an end.

The last chapters of the ancient tome explained how to be able to see around the electrical particles floating in the air and of which every object or living being was surrounded.

As before, he and his companions went to the arena, while in the Gurn harbor the boat builders continued to build the ship that would take them to Krypstorm.

Compared to before, the arena was much busier, because among the allied soldiers words got out about a place to train.

Under the strict rules of Master Egill, Master Gridd, and Master Kjell, the chosen soldiers began a hard training, which in a few days would have to prepare them to face such a dangerous mission, preparing their bodies and minds to sacrifice, useful to pursue a greater good.

Dag was forced to move away a little more than usual, to immerse himself in the silence of the forest and stay focused.

The Sun began to set, when he turned the last page, after which there was the back of the cover, which marked the end of the book, which ended like this:

'[...] these were just the basis for learning this divine technique. All that will follow will result from the warrior's personal expletive, who must be able to exploit his past knowledge to aspire to become one with lightning, as the Primal Thunder and many other warriors have done throughout history, to the last breath before reaching the Gods and Aesirs in Valhalla.'

After finishing the book, Dag got up and stretched his back, tired of sitting in that position.

Acquiring those old acquaintances, everything around him seemed different, new.

From the bark of the tree trunks to the grass under his feet, each object was defined by more marked, sharper contours, as if after that careful reading, even the sense of his vision had increased.

Conscious that no new runes had yet appeared on his body and that the learning of the ability was not yet complete, Dag approached the arena, satisfied with the result.

His soldiers were still there, as were the three Masters: in front of them, there were two large training dummies, more than three meters high, with giant wooden weapons wedged at the end of their arms, made of wood and iron.

Dag entered the fence, listening to the words of Master Kjell, who was explaining something to all the soldiers present.

"The average size of the Jotunns is more or less this. There are some smaller ones, some larger ones. I don't know how it works, but probably the magnitude of their transformation comes from the physical strength of the person who performs it. Anyway, you never have to face one of them on your own. The strength, the weight, and the scale of these monsters would crush you, that's why you will collaborate and always face them in a group, trying to get them in trouble with teamwork" he said.

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