Bloodlines Of The Ancient Pantheons Chapter 341

341 Cccxli. How To Fight A Gian

"Exactly as Master Kjell says, the important thing is to collaborate. The Jotunns use a variety of weapons... swords, axes, hammers, spiked maces... anyway their weak spots remain the legs and back, due to the stocky and robust neck, which prevents them from making sudden movements. If the best of you at dodging can distract the enemy, others from behind can easily sever the joints of the legs and possibly injure the back getting to the head, to put an end to the fight" Gridd exclaimed, continuing Kjell's speech and coordinating with his explanation, having already faced that type of enemy.

"Don't they fight in groups? I mean... I believe that they know their weaknesses and act accordingly, trying never to be isolated. Besides, we don't know how many there will be... what if we can't fight one at a time?" a Shieldmaiden asked, wielding her sword and imagining a situation like that where enemy troops had encircled them.

"The advice of Master Gridd and Master Kjell is extremely valuable, but it is obvious that it does not refer to all occasions. It will be up to you to know how to act, trying to never separate too much from each other... you know, fighting against them, I've noticed that most of them use slow, predictable attacks, while others manage to be faster, even preferring bare-handed combat. But there are blind spots, which cannot be remedied, caused by their weight and the substantial difference in size with us" Dag exclaimed, interrupting the speech and approaching the soldiers, who, taken from the lesson, had not seen him arrive.

Gridd and Kjell looked at him, waiting for more details and advice to give to the troops, being Dag the one of them who alone had killed more Jotunns.

He pulled out the hammer and approached the huge training dummy.

"Right down here. The longer you can stand between his arm and his back, the harder it will be for him to spot and hit you. This will ensure a constant window of attack and your enemy can only act randomly in the hope of intercepting you" he said again, positioning himself under the mannequin's arm, his feet ready to snap behind it.

The soldiers watched with interest at Dag's movements, imagining emulating them and acknowledging that that tactic was very effective in one vs one duels against such great enemies.

"This technique generally applies to any enemy higher than you who uses heavy two-handed weapons. Its effectiveness multiplies when it comes to giants. By hitting the hips or the lower thigh or calf, the other leg will automatically fail to withstand all that weight and the enemy will be forced to lower or kneel, offering you a dual choice, in any case advantageous: run away or kill him" Dag continued, mimicking the attacks with the hammer.

"Master Dag, we've learned that some Jotunns can use magic and create big ice barriers... how do we behave in those cases?" Terje asked, the soldier of the Hammers Of Thor.

"That's a good question, Terje. Although there is a risk of encountering skilled wizards, capable of hitting multiple units with a single spell, there are preventive techniques that can help. So, it's almost impossible to find a magician on the front line... they usually fight from behind, healing or enhancing their soldiers, attacking only in case of tight need, if things get bad. The important thing is not to push the enemies back, but to let them advance, making them believe for a moment that they are in the lead. Only then, when suddenly the enemy troops start to lose men one after the other, the wizards and healers of the last rows will find themselves encircled and for them, it will be impossible to survive in those circumstances" Dag said, who had already thought about that possible question, trying to be as concise and clear as possible.

During Dag's speech, other warriors continued to arrive at the arena, and within minutes, though late, the troops of the three Clans were finally reunited.

"To see you all together in a preparatory lesson is a wonderful feeling. Thank you" Egill said, interrupting Dag's speech, who looked at him with a smile, sensing that those words came from the bottom of his heart.

After those words, Terje stepped forward and turned to the newly arrived warriors: "For me and my companions, it's all the same. The Hammers Of Thor are glad to take part in this mission with you, Sons Of Freya and Crows Of Odin. Together, we'll bring the name of our Clans high, and all of Okstorm will know what the Iron Alliance warriors are capable of!"

Egill and Dag stopped and looked at him, appreciating the way he had served as a spokesman for his group.

The other warriors welcomed and thanked him and his companions.

"So what? Let's not waste any more time! Master Dag explained how to do... Show us what you are capable of, show us that you understood what he just said!" Kjell yelled in a stern tone, interrupting that moment of general happiness and ordering his warriors to begin.

The first of them came forward, followed by some of his companions.

As soon as their Master gave them the signal, three soldiers sprinted behind the mannequin and two others stood in front of it, raising their shields and pretending to parry attacks.

Meanwhile, from behind, the other three began repeatedly hitting the large mannequin, piercing and scratching the wood and iron that made up his legs and back.

With good coordination, after thirty seconds in which they hit the dummy with chained attacks, they switched with the other two, who quickly took their place, continuing to hit the mannequin.

"Well... they have already figured out how to do it. You can see they're not novice warriors, it takes some experience to adapt so quickly to a fighting style that involves team play" Dag said softly, speaking to Egill next to him.

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