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  • Dragon Son In Law God Of War

  • Genres : Revenge -  Arrogant Characters -  Hiding True Identity -  Masochistic Characters -  Poor to Rich -  Urban Life -  Lack of Common Sense
  • Status : Ongoing
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Dragon Son In Law God Of War summary:

Five years ago, his fathers company was framed by someone, and he lost his money. Jiang Beichen suffered humiliation in front of his relatives in order to treat his fathers illness, and was even ruthlessly abandoned by his fiancee, and finally sank into the river.Five years later, he added glory to his body and returned strongly, not only sweeping away all abuses and avenging his father, but also standing on the top of Kyushu, overlooking the world.- Description from MTL

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Dragon Son In Law God Of War Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1452: Why3 months ago
Chapter 1418: Bet3 months ago
Chapter 1281: Hug4 months ago
Chapter 1011: Bet4 months ago
Chapter 994: Hang4 months ago
Chapter 809: Hire4 months ago
Chapter 791: Vip4 months ago
Chapter 672:4 months ago
Chapter 651: Snob4 months ago
Chapter 649: Free4 months ago
Chapter 647: Bet4 months ago
Chapter 582: Kill4 months ago
Chapter 513: Lie4 months ago
Chapter 457: Vip4 months ago
Chapter 411: Rich4 months ago
Chapter 309: Maze4 months ago
Chapter 300: Hey4 months ago
Chapter 242: Buy4 months ago
Chapter 233: Fail4 months ago
Chapter 194: Snob4 months ago
Chapter 145: Rob4 months ago
Chapter 67: Hit4 months ago
Chapter 64: Roll4 months ago
Chapter 42: Pure4 months ago
Chapter 41: Fake4 months ago
Chapter 15: Tied4 months ago
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