Illicit Relationship Chapter 251

245 Because We Are His Lover

After Xiao Tian and his mother had sex, they sat next to each other. While Ye Qingyu, on the flip side, blushed and lowered her head.

Ye Qingyu didn't expect that her big sister and nephew would immediately have sex after breakfast. They even didn't care about her as if she was air.

Earlier, when her big sister and nephew were having sex, she wanted to get out of the dining room but the sound of them moaning repeatedly made her unable to move her legs.

She felt her legs turning weak and suddenly had no strength to move her body. Not only that but for some reason, she could not turn her gaze from them.

She felt even shyer when she noticed that her underwear was wet. Even though Ye Qingyu was still wearing clothes, she still covered her private area with her hands because she didn't want them to know that she was wet just from seeing them having sex.

Xiao Tian, who was seeing the expression on his aunt's face, started to smirk. Earlier, the reason he ignored his aunt and kept fucking his mother was that he wanted his aunt to feel aroused and desire to have sex with him.

And when Xiao Tian saw his aunt kept covering her private place, he knew that she was feeling aroused. He was even sure that her underwear was already wet.

Because Xiao Tian was still naked and his cock was still hard, Ye Qingyu couldn't help but keep stealing glances at his cock. And when she saw his cock throbbing repeatedly, she gulped her saliva.

Xiao Tian was pleased when he noticed that his aunt kept stealing glances at his cock. In order to make his aunt feel more aroused, Xiao Tian decided to make his cock throbbing hard.

Xiao Tian couldn't help but laugh in his head when he saw his aunt opening her little mouth. He thought his aunt was so adorable when she tried her best to hold back.

When Ye Xueyin saw the expression on her little sister's face, she knew that her little sister also wanted to have sex with her son.

For this reason, she rose from her seat and approached her little sister. "Qingyu, if you want to have sex with him, you can do that, you know. You don't need to hold back like this."

"Big sister, it's not like what you think. I just" Ye Qingyu couldn't finish her words when she saw her nephew's cock throbbing hard.


The sight of her nephew's cock throbbing hard, made Ye Qingyu gulp her saliva.

'I've seen his cock many times, but why can't I take my eyes off his dick?'

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt as if there was a magnet connecting her eyes to her nephew's huge cock.

"It's fine, it's fine. You don't need to feel shy like this because we are his lover." Ye Xueyin dragged her little sister closer toward her son. And when they were on his right side, Ye Xueyin pointed her right index finger toward her son's cock. "Look at his cock! It's throbbing hard. If you want, you can put his cock in your pussy immediately because his cock was already erect."

Ye Xueyin's words made Ye Qingyu unable to hold back anymore. Ye Qingyu thought what her big sister said was right. She was his lover, so if she wanted to have sex with him, she could just ask him or immediately do that.

Xiao Tian did not expect that his mother would help him in persuading his aunt to have sex with him. Actually, he had his own way, but because his mother was helping him, Xiao Tian decided to do nothing as if he didn't know that his aunt and mother were looking and talking about his cock.

"Hurry up and take off your underwear. After that, put that huge cock in your pussy. Having sex with him in the morning feels good, you know." Ye Xueyin kept persuading her little sister to have sex with her son as if Xiao Tian paid her to do that.

Ye Qingyu said nothing and only looked at her big sister before lowering her sight toward her nephew's cock. Ye Qingyu's heart beat faster, and she also began to breathe heavily.

Because she was unable to hold back anymore, coupled with the sight of her nephew's huge cock, which was throbbing repeatedly, made Ye Qingyu decide to take off her panties and have sex with him.

After taking off her underwear, Ye Qingyu didn't want to bother taking off her skirt because they could have sex with her still wearing a skirt.

When Ye Qingyu grabbed his erect cock and placed it on her vagina entrance, Xiao Tian pretended to be surprised, "Eh! Aunt, what are you doing? Do you want to have sex with me?"

After saying that, Xiao Tian secretly gave a thumb up to his mother as a sign that she did an excellent job in persuading her little sister to have sex with him.

With a smile on her face, Ye Xueyin also gave him a thumb up. She stayed in the dining room because she wanted to see her son having sex with her little sister.

"Auntaunt." Ye Qingyu was too shy to say what she wanted. It even took her several seconds to finished her words. "want to have sex with you."

"Alright. Let's have sex." of course, Xiao Tian agreed to have sex with her, because it was his intention from the beginning.

After Ye Qingyu placed her nephew's cock in her vagina hole, she lowered her body slowly.

"Ahhhhh." Ye Qingyu cried out seductively when she felt her nephew's cock entering her vagina.

After all of his shaft was in her pussy, Ye Qingyu didn't immediately move her waist; instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck as if she wanted to feel the warmth of his body while being connected with him.

"Do you want me to move your body, aunt?" Xiao Tian thought his aunt would immediately move her body because he knew that she was already horny. He just didn't expect that she only wrapped her arms around his neck after putting his cock into her pussy.

"Wait." Ye Qingyu answered instantly. "Aunt will move her body now."

After saying that, Ye Qingyu began to move her waist.

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