Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 396

Chapter 396 The Enraged Gold Dragon


All the elites on Silvermoon had mostly gathered near Machanus at this time.

The Inheritors of the major races all rushed into Mechanus.

At this point in time, the players began fighting the mechanical monsters within Mechanus.

Xuanyuan Qi and the four inheritors had rushed into the back of the castle and spread out to find the location of the Floating Island Schema.

They had no Divine Fate Compass, and no Blazing Golden Eyes, so they had no idea where its exact location was.

It could be said that only Jiang Feng knew the exact location of the Floating Island Schema.

When he was checking the bottom of the castle using his Blazing Golden Eyes, he had noticed that the Donghuang Bell Fragment, the Floating Island Schema, and two other treasures were next to the belly of the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

If he wanted any of these things, he had to fight against the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

Jiang Feng was still hiding on the first floor of the basement in leisure. He did not dare to use the Blazing Golden Eyes to check underneath it, but he could use the Blazing Golden Eyes to track everyones movement in Mechanus.

Looking at the large group of players rushing over, he thought to himself in his mind, The more people there are the better so that they can constrain the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon. Once the dragon leaves, I can snatch the treasures and leave.

Tap, tap

Just as he was observing what was happening outside, he could hear a patter of messy footsteps from behind him.

Hearing the footsteps, he turned and looked.

He then saw Xuanyuan Qi and Johns leading thirteen Sacred Dragon Guards in.

After arriving on the first floor of the basement of the castle, they began to look around the place. Xuanyuan Qis eyes had even scanned through Jiang Feng.

When they noticed there was nothing there, they quickly headed down to the second underground level.

"Hehe The great battle is coming!"

When Jiang Feng saw Xuanyuan Qi and Johns heading further down for their search, Jiang Feng took a deep breath as he began to get excited.

He took out Deicide, activated his Blazing Golden Eyes, and looked at Xuanyuan Qi and Johns.

There were five basement levels under the castle. The five levels had nothing left and looked abandoned. Perhaps it was because of the existence of the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon, there were no Mechanica monsters down these few levels as well.

And underneath the fifth level was where the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon was at.

Xuanyuan Qi and Johns ran into the fifth level.

After searching the fifth level, they opened up the path that would lead them to the level lower than level 5, to where the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon was at.

Perhaps it was because the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon was too massive and its head was not heading in that direction. The two of them did not realize the gigantic scales were actually part of the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons body.

What made Jiang Feng feel even funnier was that Xuanyuan Qi and Johns jumped up the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons body and searched around it.


At this time, Johns had searched where the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons head would be, and stood in front of the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons eyes.

When he saw the gigantic eyes of the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon. Johns body trembled. He screamed out something and quickly escaped.


The provoked Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon swept with its tail and threw out all the thirteen Sacred Dragon Guards as its giant head led out a huge roar. Several of the Sacred Dragon Guards were instantly killed.

The Five-Claws Mechanica Dragons attack was around 700,000. The Sacred Dragon Guards were the Inheritors of the Divines followers and had much higher Sacred Health. But even then, they only had around 800,000.

When Xuanyuan Qi saw this, his face paled as he quickly ran upward.

Johns, who luckily dodged the first attack also did not stay behind as he quickly headed up the staircase.

If he were killed, he would be teleported to the nearest city.

The only city nearby was Hanshuang City. And getting here from Hanshuang City would need around one hour.

By the time he came back, everything would be over.


When it saw Xuanyuan Qi and Johns escape, the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon unleashed a powerful roar. Its metallic horns on its head crashed through the floors from below and headed straight for Xuanyuan Qi and Johns.


The enraged Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon was like a bulldozer, and it even created a hole in the metal castle that was above it due to its unstoppable force.

The moment that it rushed out of the castle, its body became even larger. It was about a hundred meters long, and its sparkling body was extremely eye-catching.

"Roar Trespassers who trespass into Mechanus, die!"

It unleashed an angry roar, and a beam of light came out from its mouth, heading straight to the players that were on their way toward the castle.

A large group of players that were approaching Mechanus was so shocked that when they saw the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon floating in the sky, they stopped dead on their tracks.

"Damn it! Its a Five-Claws Gold Dragon! Why would there be a Five-Claws Gold Dragon in this place! All the players near the castle are dead!"

"I told you. Even if there are treasures here, they wont be so easy to get. Rank Five Lesser Sacred Master It could easily dominate all the players here. We wont survive if it attacks us. Ah, well. I should go find weaker monsters around here and get some levels."

"If we can kill the Five-Claws Gold Dragon by working together, do you think itll drop good loot?"

When some of the players that entered Mechanus saw what happened, they all began to discuss among themselves. Some of the players left because of the surprise, while some were still thinking of killing the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon.

Meanwhile, all the Inheritors near the castle had their faces turned pale as they quickly evaded the Five-Claws Gold Dragons attack.

"Johns, what happened? Why is there a Five-Claws Gold Dragon here? What did you do?" Qiu Si repositioned himself and dodged a long-range attack from the Five-Claws Gold Dragon, and angrily asked Johns.

Johns faced him with a pale face. "Damn if I know. Xuanyuan Qi and I had just reached the bottom of the castle. We havent even found the Floating Island Schema, and we were already attacked by the Five-Claws Gold Dragon!"

Xuanyuan Qi frowned. "Qiu Si, you and the others hold the fort while I go and look for the Floating Island Schema!"

"Alright!" Qiu Si nodded, and then said to the other groups of Inheritors, "All Inheritors that stand together with the Divines, support us now!"

As soon as he had said that, all the Inheritors that were with the Divine faction led their elites to support them and fought together with the Five-Claws Gold Dragon.

But the battle was much more frightening than they thought, as they would be immediately killed if they were hit by any attacks.

In less than a minute, there were already four Inheritors who were hit by attacks, being blasted into white light and had disappeared. The elites that the Inheritors brought along had also suffered countless deaths and injuries. They were no match for the Five-Claws Gold Dragon.


Jiang Feng raised his head and saw that everyone had started to fight. He let out a smile.

He quickly rushed toward the giant hole that was made by the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon, and jumped down.


At this time, he also noticed that there were several people descending from above.

It was none other than the number one player on the Earth Leaderboard Xuanyuan Qi and a few of his Sacred Dragon Guards.

"Dimension Door!"

In order to get to the Floating Island Schema, he immediately used teleport and headed down there.

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