Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1487

Chapter 1487 Nether King Er Ha Breaks Through

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Er Ha was about to break through!

This fellow had been holding up for a long time. After experiencing the prosperity of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty, he was finally about to break through.

Of course, he had also eaten countless precious treasures. After all, Bu Fangs status in the Divine Chef Temple was extraordinary, so Er Ha had been using Bu Fangs name to cause a lot of trouble and acquire a lot of cultivation resources.

On top of that, he was stimulated by the fried oyster pancake. Bu Fang didnt purposely give the dish the ability to help one break through, but at his current level, any dish he casually cooked would possess magical power.

Er Has breakthrough was unexpected, but it made sense. Of course, breaking through to the Demigod realm was not something surprising. There were plenty of juniors breaking through to this realm in the divine dynasty every day. When compared with the Crown Princes nakedness, his breakthrough didnt attract any attention.

The Crown Princes face was a little dark. His clothes would be stripped if he made a mistake? He really didnt believe it. He went back into the restaurant, eyeing Whitey warily.

A puppet specialized in stripping clothes Now that Ive fallen into his trap once, does he think that Ill fall into it again? Does he take me for a fool? Im the Crown Prince!

The surrounding people widened their eyes again and stared at the Crown Prince. Sure enough, not long after he went into the restaurant with a rebellious mind, his naked body was once again thrown out and smashed to the ground.

The atmosphere at that moment was awkward. All the people widened their eyes and took this rare opportunity to admire the Crown Princes body.

The Crown Prince yielded. After being stripped naked for the third time, he put on his clothes at lightning speed and rushed into the restaurant.

"Owner Bu, a serving of Sweet n Sour Ribs and a serving of Oyster Pancake!" As Whitey watched, the Crown Prince leaned on the window and shouted at the top of his lungs.

An uproar immediately broke out amid the crowd.

"The Crown Prince actually became a waiter in this restaurant!"

"This This is really exciting!"

Many diners exchanged glances and saw the eager look in each others eyes. They were considering whether they should also eat in the restaurant to experience the service of the Crown Prince.

Just as the crowd was hesitating, Bu Fang had finished cooking in the kitchen, and a rich fragrance wafted out of it. He placed the two dishes on the window, tapped the door frame, and shouted at the Crown Prince, "Bring the dishes over Remember, when diners have finished their food, you must bring back the plates immediately."

Bu Fangs words made the Crown Princes eyes turn red. Does he really take me as a waiter? Do I need to clear up the plates as well?! Thats a servants job! I thought were just putting on an act?

He wanted to refuse, but the cold glint flashing in Whiteys mechanical eyes made his heart shudder. He was really afraid of being stripped again.

Never mind. With a little forbearance, I will find calm and peace. Ill just regard this as training for my state of mind!

The Crown Prince closed his eyes, turned around, and walked toward the dishes. Soon, he reached out his hands and took them.

The Sweet n Sour Ribs were glowing dazzlingly. A rich aroma emanated from it, making the Crown Princes nose twitch uncontrollably. It didnt occur to him that the food in this restaurant was so good. He opened his eyes, surprised and bewildered. The glowing ribs made him gulp. Its taste seems amazing as well.

The Crown Prince carried the Sweet n Sour Ribs to Luo Sanniangs table. While holding the Oyster Pancake in one hand, he stared at the ribs.

Luo Sanniang took a deep breath. The rich aroma filled her nostrils and brought an attractive smile to her face. Mister Bus dish is definitely something to look forward to.

Grabbing up her chopsticks, Luo Sanniang happily picked up a rib. She was about to put it in her mouth when her movement stopped. Next to her, the Crown Prince, holding the Oyster Pancake in one hand and smacking his lips, was staring at the Sweet n Sour Ribs on her plate.

The look in his eyes and the expression on his face made her feel a little embarrassed. She hesitated for a while, then remembered his status as a crown prince. She couldnt help but purse her red lips.

"Your Highness Have a taste," Luo Sanniang said reluctantly.

The Crown Princes eyes lit up, and he gave Luo Sanniang an approving look. "I was just looking, but since you are so enthusiastic, Ill not stand on ceremony with you," he said, puckering up his lips. After that, he was ready to grab a pair of chopsticks and pick up a rib to eat.


There was a sound of clothes being torn, and then the Crown Prince, naked, flew out of the restaurant again.

Summer drifted over and caught the flying Oyster Pancake. She glanced sympathetically at the naked Crown Prince, picked up an Oyster Pancake, and shoved it into her mouth.

The poor Crown Prince finally felt the horror of being dominated by the Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon. He was in tears. Cant I even taste a dish? Im the Crown Prince! Perhaps, this is the cultivation of being a waiter


In the distance, Er Has breakthrough had reached the final stage. The Power of Law began to slowly emerge around him. He was comprehending the Law that belonged to him. As long as he comprehended a Law, he would be a Demigod.

The Crown Prince put on his uniform again, clasped his hands behind his back, and paced inside the restaurant while staring outside with sharp eyes. He would like to see who dared to enter the restaurant besides Summer and Luo Sanniang. If anyone dared to set foot in the restaurant, he would definitely kill the trespasser with his eyes!

The full service of a crown prince is not something you all can enjoy! The Crown Prince sneered proudly.


A deafening gong sound echoed out suddenly, which seemed to come from beyond the nine skies. The Crown Prince paused, then he listened to it intently. It was the sound of the golden gong in the palace, which represented the end of the morning court meeting.

What a pity. If I dont have to be a waiter in this restaurant, I would be sitting in the court meeting at this moment and experiencing Fathers awe-inspiring appearance

The Divine Emperors morning court meeting is a spectacular scene to behold. It was unlike the morning court meetings held by the Imperial Concubine. Those meetings were literally the forums of the Mo Family, which the officials of the court were too lazy to attend.

The Crown Prince sighed. Suddenly he felt lonely. As the son of the Divine Emperor, he was under a lot of pressure.

The morning court meeting was over, and all the senior officials should have left. Each of them had important matters to attend to. These senior officials and lords were the pillars of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty. Without them, the dynasty might have collapsed a long time ago.

At the thought of that, the Crown Prince felt somewhat awestruck. They are all people worthy of respect


Whiteys huge palm patted the Crown Prince on the head, causing his expression to freeze. I was just in a daze. I dont deserve to be stripped of my clothes for it, right? He looked at Whitey in grief and indignation. I know you want to train me, but you dont have to be so harsh. If you push me too far do you really think I cant lift a knife?

Whiteys mechanical eyes flashed as it patted the Crown Prince on the head again, then raised a finger and pointed into the distance.

The Crown Prince sneered. With him here, who dared to dine in the restaurant? He turned and glanced over his shoulder.

An uproar rang out from the crowd as people parted, widening their eyes and watching as one expert after another strode over. These experts were all glowing with golden light and emanating extremely fearsome auras.

"Thats Censor Chen!"

"Thats King Tianlong!"

"Arent they the directors of the Ministry of Rites and Ministry of Personnel?"

The crowd was stunned as it watched the group of high-ranking officials file into the restaurant. These were people of great standing. As the Crown Prince said, every one of them was the pillar of the divine dynasty.

These experts were smiling and talking to each other. When they stepped into the restaurant and saw the Crown Prince dressed like a waiter, they were slightly taken aback. Then, they smiled and patted him on the shoulder, found themselves seats, and sat down.

Beaming with energy, King Pingyang strode into the restaurant. "Make way, make way" he said seriously to the group of people crowded at the door.

That startled the experts of the aristocratic families, and they quickly retreated.

A figure clad in a golden dragon robe stepped into the restaurant with his hands clasped behind his back.

The sound of sucking in cold breaths rang out in an instant.

"His Majesty!"

"I cant believe that His Majesty came to this restaurant in person The morning court meeting is just over!"

"What the heck? Doesnt His Majesty have numerous affairs to deal with every day? How does he have time to come to the restaurant?"

The experts of the aristocratic families were all crazy.

The Divine Emperor was the most distinguished man in the divine dynasty. They didnt dare to take liberties, so they quickly retreated, straightened their backs, and bowed respectfully toward him.

The Divine Emperor clasped his hands behind his back, followed by Gold Armor. Accompanied by King Pingyang, who was grinning from ear to ear, they stepped into the restaurant.

At this moment, the quiet restaurant suddenly became lively.

The Crown Princes face stiffened. He had to serve his father, right? In fact, he didnt have the courage not to serve his father. He struggled for a moment, took a deep breath, then exhaled deeply. The next moment, he put on a big smile and walked over.

"Welcome, mister, please come with me" Clad in his uniform and smiling, the Crown Prince led the Divine Emperor to a table with an excellent view.

Both men sat down. The Divine Emperor looked calm, but Gold Armor was stunned when he saw the smiling Crown Prince. He couldnt believe that the proud Crown Prince could adapt to the role of a waiter so easily.

"What do you like to eat, misters? Theres a menu behind you Im Xia Yi, the waiter of this restaurant. You can also call me Xiao Di. Oh, you cant make up your mind? No problem. Xiao Di recommends Sweet n Sour Ribs. It is a superb delicacy, and it smells like"

The Crown Prince was going to continue when his father stopped him. The Divine Emperor was very satisfied with his sons performance. This boy gets into the role very quickly. However, he was not here for the other dishes. He was here for the fried oyster pancake.

"Ask Owner Bu to cook me a serving of fried oyster pancake" the Divine Emperor said.

The Crown Prince focused his eyes and nodded seriously. Then, he turned, went to the window, and ordered a serving of fried oyster pancakes.

"Fried oyster pancakes are not available. Its not for sale. Order something else." Bu Fangs indifferent voice came out of the kitchen.

The Crown Princes face froze instantly. Not available? His Majesty wants to eat it, and yet you said its not available Can you, a chef, be more arrogant than this?

"The Divine Emperor has ordered this Owner Bu, I think youd better cook it," the Crown Prince reminded, frowning.

"I told you its not available When the owner said the dish is not available, tell that to the diners. You want to be stripped again?" Bu Fangs languid voice rang out of the kitchen again.

The Crown Princes face was red. He was so pissed off by this chef!

"Its alright if the dish is not available Owner Bu, can you tell me when youre going to make fried oyster pancakes again? Also, where does the aura of the Law of Life in it come from?" The Divine Emperors gentle voice echoed out.


The kitchens curtain was lifted. Bu Fang walked out and looked at the Divine Emperor in mild surprise. The Divine Emperor actually took notice of the Law of Life. That aura wasnt strong, and it most likely came from the oysters he had soaked with the Spring of Life.

The Divine Emperor smiled gently at Bu Fang, but there was a hint of anxiety in that smile, which made Bu Fang pause.

What is he anxious about?


A rumbling sound suddenly rang out, attracting the attention of the Divine Emperor and many other experts. Bu Fang looked over, puzzled, and saw Er Ha, sitting cross-legged with a Column of Law pouring down from over his head

Is this guy about to be baptized by the Power of Law? Bu Fang was curious about the Law Er Ha would comprehend. It wouldnt be the Law of Spicy Strip, would it? After all, this fellow had eaten so many spicy strips


A strange aura suddenly poured out. In the sky, a golden Wheel of Law emerged while a terrible rumble swept out in all directions.

All the people present were stunned. By the looks of it he was comprehending the supreme Law of the Universe!

Er Ha opened his eyes and let out a long breath. A strange Power of Law immediately spread out from around his body, one stream after another, and looked like misty immortal energy.


Bathed in this energy, Er Ha opened his mouth and let out an enchanting groan.

Sitting next to the Divine Emperor, Gold Armors expression froze, and he rose to his feet abruptly.

"This is one of the supreme Laws of the Universe The Law of Life?!"

At this moment, the Divine Emperors body tensed up, too, and his aura fluctuated.

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