The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Coming To Rescue And Uprooting Green Tiger Gang

Long Youcheng was Green Tiger Gangs boss and looked passable with features that matched up quite well. It was just that how many members involved in the mafia were upright men?

Yes, gang members were loyal and principled but it did not apply to Long Youcheng.

The reason Xu Zetian had been scared of him since the beginning was because this place was the latters territory but more so because Long Youcheng did not have a good reputation among the gangs.

Some people said that he fell out with people faster than one could fall down. Like what was mentioned previously, there was nothing Long Youcheng could not bag once he wanted it.

As for his instant switch to a conflict, everyone attending the tea party was more than eager to avoid it.

The person in question, Yun Jian, was now surrounded by circles of nearly a hundred of Long Youchengs members. She looked completely unfazed, like Long Youchengs sudden clash was expected of her as well.

The man was already up and walking toward Yun Jian, looking down at her as he stood before her.

After two seconds of silence, he told her, "Hah, youre clever. I wont go in circles with you. I, Long Youcheng, have countless women but Ive never met someone Im satisfied with."

"Those women only have their eyes on my identity and status but you, youre differentyoure special! So Im giving you another chance. Be my woman!"

Long Youchengs tone allowed no room for negotiation. His implied meaning was blatantly saying, "Im regarding you highly in letting you become the woman by my side."

Yun Jian merely squinted her eyes. Her petite frame was wrapped under a plain down jacket but she looked surprisingly enchanting.

"And if I refuse?" Yun Jian arched a brow, enunciating her words clearly without any wash of fear.

"Haha, then Falcon Hall can disappear from the underground scene!" Long Youcheng threatened loudly, a rush felt within him as he kept his eyes on Yun Jians figure.

Yun Jian was not like other women. She seemed to have a lot of secrets on her. Her soft lines and attractive figure, too, seemed to be constantly tempting Long Youcheng.

The man was eager to have her. He could not help growling in his mind, he must have this woman, he wanted her to be a prize in his bed!

"Are you sure?" Yun Jian flattened her smile with the same squint. There was an unreadable menace on her beautiful face.

Xu Zetian and Qing You were currently standing behind her, rooted to their spots as they were also surrounded.

Beads of sweat were already seeping out from Xu Zetian. Sister Jian did not bring any of their members and this had to happen! He was terrified that Yun Jian would be wrecked by Long Youcheng.

"Hah, beautiful, all of this can naturally be avoided as long as you listen." Long Youcheng recovered to his initial state as he moved forward to Yun Jian with a grin.

The girls fair and milky skin reflected in his eyes. Unconsciously, his hand was outstretched to touch her face.

The other mafia bosses who dared not make a sound on the side shook their heads in their minds. Yun Jian was good but how could they fight Long Youcheng when there were only three of them? This beautiful young lady was most probably doomed here!

The moment Long Youcheng was going to stroke Yun Jians supple cheeks with a grin, something flashed in front of everyone.


A soft sound accompanied a dazzling bullet that was shot from a distance as it pierced straight through Long Youchengs hand that was going to touch Yun Jian!

"Ow!" Long Youcheng groaned loudly once the bullet shot through his palm.

All of the guests were stupefied by the sudden event before they looked toward the direction that the bullet came from.

A nineteen-year-old young man made his way to them escorted by two men in their twenties.

The man in the center was the one who fired the shot and right now, his long legs parted as he walked over.

His eyes were tinged red looking at Long Youcheng, his lips slightly furled. His wrath was obvious as he spoke to the men behind him, his voice deep and rumbling.

"Kill him, abolish the Green Tiger Gang!"

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