Grasping Evil Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264: Hiroshi Unfavorable

"not good!"

Seeing that Gengwu made a move, it was a supernatural power like Hundred Tribulations Flash, who was always on the sidelines to watch the battle, and his face suddenly sank.

Even the robbers frowned.

The scarlet robbery flashed over the entire Fengnv clan.

The Fengnv clan guarding formation, Tianyuan Doushu Formation, which was forcibly recognized by Ning Fan before, sensed the attack of Jieshan and started to operate on its own.

This formation tried to resist the catastrophe, but only supported a moment, and was breached.


Tianyuan Great Formation, destroy!

The Ziwei Doushu power that was gathered by the Tianyuan Great Array and blessed on Ning Fan's body disappeared.

After that, Jie Shan swept all over the place, without hindrance!

The family land of the Fengnv clan has endured hundreds of millions of flashes of catastrophe in an instant.

The family land was blasted into countless fragments and fragmented.

Countless screams were made, and everyone here was involved in the attack of Jie Shan!

Whether it's a life immortal or a true immortal, in the impact of that tribulation flash, it can't even last for a moment, and it directly becomes flying ash.

Even the Immortal Venerable and the Immortal King can only live a few more breaths, and still cannot escape.

Only the existence of the immortal emperor level can survive these attacks, but this is only because the center of the storm that flashed by a hundredfold is far from them.

What they faced was only the aftermath of the tribulation flash. Even so, these immortal emperors were seriously wounded and dying, destroyed by magic weapons, and looked terrified. I don't know how much effort they had to fight to survive the aftermath of the tribulation flash.

"Uh..." Beihai Da Kun was dumbfounded.

She wanted to give a severe lesson to the person who ruined her pastry, but she didn't ask Gengwu to use such a big move.

Everything is more arrogant...

"It's just a nonsense! If you don't take action, stop the robbery flash, when will you wait!" At this moment, the voice of the ancestor Qu Ping entered Da Kun's ears with a trace of blame.

Da Kun returned to his senses, knowing that this is not the time to be in a daze. He reluctantly patted Gengwus brain, soothing Gengwus violent emotions, soothing and explaining, "Little Gengwu, you quickly take back your supernatural powers. Go, the place we came from is called Feng Nu Clan. It is a very, very special place. Fighting in this place cannot use too strong tactics, otherwise there will be big trouble..."

Da Kun's comfort seemed to have infinite magic power, and even Wu Wu's emotions miraculously calmed down.

It became tame again, obeyed Da Kun's command, opened its mouth in the blood basin, and sucked back into its stomach the Hundredfold Tribulation Flash that had been sprayed out before.

At the same time, Da Kun, Qu Ping, and Lie Yu Kou made a concerted effort to help Wugeng Wu deal with the aftermath, and each displayed their supernatural powers to drive out the Jie Shan.

"I eat, I eat, I eat..." Da Kun swallowed the tribulation between heaven and earth, eating hundreds of mouthfuls in a row.

The infinitely powerful Jie Shansheng swallowed it into her abdomen, which was extremely harmful. Her internal organs needed to face all the damage of the swallowed Jie Shan.

The swallowed robbery flashed raging and destroyed in Da Kun's stomach. Every time he swallows a mouthful of Tribulation Flash, Da Kun will lose a lot of vitality and blood.

The amount of qi and blood lost by taking a bite of Jie Shan was almost equal to the sum of the qi and blood of several immortal emperors.

Da Kun took a few hundred mouthfuls, but his complexion was still ruddy, his complexion was as usual, and there was almost no blood loss...

The total amount of her vitality and blood is too terrifying. For her, this loss is still only a drop in the bucket...

"Fairy spirit technique, five fingers form a mountain." Lie Yukou walked in the robbery flash, his face was empty, without any emotion. It's as strong as a hundred times tribulation flash, but it can't hurt him at all.

He raised his palm, and continuously slapped it towards the surrounding tribulation flashes. With each palm falling, a large number of tribulation flashes would gather and solidify.

The raging power of the flash of catastrophe was condensed into scarlet five-finger mountains, smashing on the bottom of the sea, and no longer raging.

Such as being suppressed between the five fingers.

"Nine songs of gods, now!"

Qu parallel walked in the robbery flash, surrounded by nine guardian gods with four emptiness and five realities.

Each of those protector gods seemed to have a worldly power, but because of the glare of the surrounding robbery, they couldn't see their faces clearly.

The nine gods came out together, and the surrounding robbery was immediately dispersed countless.

Another guardian **** raised his palm, grabbed the surrounding robbers, and said indifferently.

"Great One Magic."

It was almost the moment when this **** displayed the One Divine Art, the tribulations around him seemed to be ordered, and flew to his palm, and then turned into a scarlet bird in his palm...

After the joint efforts of Lieyukou, Qu Ping, Da Kun, and Gengwu, within a short time, Hundred Times Tribulation Flash was dispelled.

Although Jie Shan was dispersed, the entire Fengnv clan was in ruins at this moment. Except for a few immortal emperors who survived, the rest were turned into ashes.

"Ning! Ning! Ning!" Gengwu looked around and found that Ning Fan could no longer be found here, and he was immediately overjoyed.

In its view, this time Ning Fan was not around Niu Manshan to help, and its full blow had definitely blasted Ning Fan into ashes.

"Your joy is meaningless. That person is not dead. He has escaped." Lie Yukou said to Gengwu as if he could see through Gengwu's heart.

"It's true... that little guy named Ning Fan is no longer here." Qu Ping swept away his spiritual thoughts, he didn't perceive Ning Fan's breath from the ashes of this place, his expression was slightly loose.

Then he sternly said to Da Kun, "You and I are the three star monarchs. We once met Master He Bo and listened to the prophecies of Master He Bo. You cant fail to know the significance of Feng Nus family. Why indulge even more black to wreak havoc here!"

Lie Yukou also looked at Da Kun, as if waiting for the other party to give a reasonable explanation.

Before fighting with Ning Fan, Lieyu Kou had always been restrained, and his supernatural powers were almost useless. What was afraid was that the Fengnv clan was too special to use excessively invasive methods here.

Unexpectedly, as soon as this big Kun showed up, he instigated Gengwu and ruined the Fengnv clan...

He needs an explanation on this matter.

"I made the mistake. One person does the job and the other person is responsible. If you want to sue Master He, you can report it. I have no objection to all punishments!" Da Kun didn't intend to explain more, and directly took the fault on himself.

It is as if, for fear that Lieyukou and Qu Ping will hold Wuwu guilt.

"You are wrong, but it is more wrong." Lie Yukou raised his palm and wanted to use his magical powers to punish Gengwu.

Da Kun immediately stopped, "I said, I committed the mistake alone, and it has nothing to do with my friend!"

"Okay, okay! Right now is not the time to investigate the fault. The most important thing is to repair the Fengnv clan's land and clan formation! Don't release the [Night Air] that is sealed in the Fengnv's Tianyuan." Qu Ping sighed. After a sigh of relief, he became a peacemaker.

"How much can it be repaired?" Lie Yukou asked.

"At most 90%...Among my Nine Songs Gods, [Taiyi God] has not recovered from the previous nightmare damage, and is still unable to exert its full strength." Qu Ping sighed.

"Ninety percent is enough to support the end of the four-day war between our clan." Lie Yukou nodded in satisfaction.

Qu Ping said again, "My [Da Si Ming Shen] has completely recovered, and within a stick of incense after death, it is not difficult to save the person who has just fallen. It is not difficult for all the monks of all races who died in the Fengnv clan. Save it."

"Yeah." Lie Yukou replied casually.

He didn't care about whether Qu Ping could resurrect those who died in the robbery.

He only cares about the extent to which Fengnu clan's clan land and clan formation can be restored.

"In that case, you are here to fix the Fengnv clan, and I will chase people." Lie Yukou planned to hunt down Ning Fan.

He must take back the title pill from Ning Fan before he will give up.

"I'll go too!" Da Kun also wanted to chase Ning Fan, and Gengwu grinned.

How willingly Ning Fan escaped from under his nose.

"Don't chase it! I don't have enough power to repair the Fengnv clan! This place has been recognized as the master of time and space, which greatly increases the difficulty of repairing. You must assist you and gather the power of several major repairs. , There is the possibility of repair." Qu Ping stopped.

"This..." As soon as I heard that repairing Fengnu clan needs his own efforts, Da Kun had to let go of his thoughts of chasing Ning Fan.

Lie Yukou looked at Qu Ping with profound meaning, and said, "Although time and space here is recognized as the master, the recognition of the master is time-sensitive and cannot last, and time and space will return soon. Just because, People who recognize time and space cannot master time and space as high as they should be. So, are you really sure that you need to leave me and Da Kun here to repair it?"

"..." Qu Ping did not answer.

Seeing that Qu Ping didn't answer, the lieutenants didn't continue to ask questions. Instead, they grabbed five fingers up to the sky, and they caught two dragons, one black and one gold.

The golden dragon is the image of the law of time here.

The black dragon is the image of the law of space here.

The time and space in this place was directly pulled away by the imperialists and held them in their hands.

"Look, the imprint planted by Na Ning Fan in the two dragons of time and space is weakening, which proves that what I said is true. I'm very curious about what you have experienced in the Dao Nian War and why you should call this Ning Where's the monk so protective?" As he spoke, the robbers spit out his mana, and the two dragons in the time and space in his palm were suddenly torn apart.

After that.

The shattered power of time and space was reorganized by the robbers.

Order was restored in time and space here and no longer interfered by Ning Fan.

"Well, now that you have said this, I will also talk about my inner thoughts. Then, although Ning Fan is not overhauled, but the strength is not inferior to me, you have caught up, what can you do? After a game, destroy the Beijiehe completely? Destroy the Beitian together? What if it collapses for four days? Can you really take back the titled medicine from this person?"

"I'm not sure, but I have a three-point confidence to retake it, so I plan to give it a try." Lie Yukou said.

"What about after the recapture? Find another person who can withstand this pill, make him swallow it, and help him repair the title of Rain Master?" Qu Ping asked again.

"...You mean to give the pill directly to this person? Let him get the power of the rain master title, and then let him help us?" Lie Yukou seriously considered the pros and cons.

Finally shook his head.

"He is a monk from the northern sky, he is a descendant of Zidou, and is different from me..." Lie Yukou's expression suddenly changed slightly while he was speaking.

It seems to have a feeling.

But at this moment, Ning Fan, who had escaped from the Fengnv clan, directly swallowed the middle-grade all-spirit blood he had refined.

This pill has been eaten and cannot be retaken again.

"Haha, now, you shouldn't chase him anymore, right?" Qu Ping also sensed that in the world, the rain master had a new owner, and I didn't know where Ning Fan had taken the pill.

Based on his understanding of the Yukou bandits, this person would only act rationally. Since there is no possibility of regaining the pill, this person would never be able to chase Ning Fan and fight for no reason.

"I don't chase him, you are very happy?" Lie Yukou said without sorrow and joy.

His emotions were not in the slightest anger at being unable to regain the title of Rain Master.

"..." Qu Ping did not answer.

"It seems that you don't plan to gossip with me, so you can start repairing Fengnv clan immediately." Lie Yukou.

Qu Ping nodded.

Activated the power of the One God among the nine song gods.

"Too much, time and space flow backwards!"

A light wheel flew out of Taiyi God's hand, and then, a magical scene happened!

The Fengnv clan, which was originally destroyed, was restored to its original state a little bit as if the picture was upside down.

But the recovery situation is not perfect.

The Taiyi God summoned by Qu Ping is still unhealed, and the supernatural powers he exerts are naturally not perfect.

Those who turned into the ashes of the robbery, the same time and space flow back, and the ashes all over the floor are reunited into a fleshy body.

But these flesh bodies are just empty shells and can only be regarded as corpses.

So Qu Ping mobilized the power of Da Si Ming Shen among the nine songs of gods.

"Lamp of life and death, continue your life!"

An ancient lamp burning with black and white flames flew out of the hand of the Great Simeish.

The body of the corpses all over the ground immediately reignited the soul fire.

The soul is back!

"Huh? Why am I not dead?"

"What just happened?"

"I can't remember a bit."

The monks who were resurrected all looked at a loss, not knowing why.

But I don't know that the reason why they were able to come back to life depends entirely on Qu Ping's credit.

"Speaking of which, if you can resurrect the True Monarch of the North Sea, it will save trouble." Lie Yukou suddenly asked.

"I have tried this secretly, but unfortunately I can't do it... Then Ning Fan killed the True Monarch of the North Sea. The treasure ding he used was too special. I don't know where this ding came from. The life and death authority of Daisi Mingshen..."

"Strange? The number of resurrected people seems to be much less?"

Qu Ping gave a soft voice.

He discovered that none of the monks who were resurrected by him were from the Fengnv clan.

In other words...

Before this place, not half of the Fengnu tribe had fallen!

Dare to love Ning Fan did not escape from here alone, but took the Fengnu clan and escaped together!

"Impossible! Xiao Gengwu's hundreds of times the catastrophe flashed in an instant, how could he have taken so many people out of this place in an instant?" Beihai Da Kun felt unbelievable.

"Don't forget, this person recognized the time of this place early. The moment in your eyes, perhaps ten or a hundred years in his eyes, is not surprising with such ample time to do anything." Lie Yukou Explained.

Inadvertently, there was a strange color in his eyes.

He was surprised.

According to his understanding, Ning Fan and Fengnv had never lived together, and these Fengnv people were not an exaggeration to Ning Fan.

As a cultivator, facing the siege of four ancient major repairs, and the swift catastrophe, normal people would only subconsciously seek the way to save their lives. Who would worry about the safety of strangers?

But Ning Fan rescued the Fengnu clan at the time of life and death.

Does this person have absolute certainty that he is not afraid of a hundred times of catastrophes?

Or, even if he lost to Hundred Times Tribulation Flash, even if he knew that saving these people would be a burden, he still did it.

"Why, he has to make this decision..."

"I don't understand..."

Lie Yukou's eyes were instantly blank.

He is an absolutely rational person, so he cannot understand choices beyond rationality.

Ning Fan escaped.

The reason for leaving here in a hurry is not because I am afraid of the Lieyukou and others, but because I am worried that if we continue to fight, the entire Fengnv clan will be affected.

Gengwu released a hundred times tribulation flash, the attack speed was too fast, almost the moment when the red light appeared, the damage was already present.

Fortunately, Ning Fan recognized the Lords time in advance, so he had enough time to summon the umbrella of merit, defend against a hundred times the catastrophe, and rescue the entire Fengnu clan.

As for the other alien monks, they are not in his rescue. It has nothing to do with him who loves to die and who dies.

Did not escape too far.

The opponent is four ancient overhauls, little Beitian, no matter where he hides, he may be overtaken by the opponent, and there may be a battlefield everywhere.

The thought that the blood **** even opened his mouth is a hundred times brutal flash...

Ning Fan couldn't help but wipe a sweat for the Four Heavens and Nine Realms, worried that the entire Northern Heavens would not be able to withstand the toss of Gengwu and others.

In the end, Ning Fan chose to return to the North Pole Palace of Ziwei.

Although this palace has been recognized by him as its master, there is no guarantee that it will be able to shut out the ancient overhaul of Jiehe.

If the enemy insists on chasing and chasing into this palace, he will have a fight with the opponent here.

This place is also the Immortal Emperor's Cave Mansion anyway, so I want to stand up to many heavy repairs.

"Speaking of which, Lei Yukou fought against me for this middle-grade all-spirit blood. If I take this, what will he do?"

Ning Fan and Lie Yukou were only fate, but they had a certain degree of confrontation and temptation.

People's hearts and words can be deceived, but God's channel method directly refers to Taoism.

Through the confrontation of God's Channel Method, Ning Fan also had a certain understanding of the rigidity and rationality of the Yukou Bandit.

There was a lot of speculation in his heart, and he finally decided to eat the middle-grade quintessential blood to see what choice the other party would make next.


The moment Ning Fan ate the middle-grade all-spirit blood, the Lieyukou divine consciousness that had always been locked on him was withdrawn.

"Sure enough, once this person loses the goal of chasing me, he will choose to give up." Ning Fan secretly said.

He didn't know that Qu Ping's persuasion was the reason why Lieyukou gave up chasing him.

"Also, if he does not come to provoke me, I will slowly refine this middle-grade all-spirit blood. I have cultivated the palm of the rain. If I refine the title power in this pill, maybe It will make my rain will have a further qualitative change..."

Although the clan land and clan formation of the Fengnu tribe were repaired by Qu Ping, only 90% of them were restored.

The people of Qu Ping had to stay here temporarily, relying on their own means to further consolidate the newly rebuilt Fengnu tribe.

Just now.

Suddenly, there was a long roar in the sea around Fengnu clan.

In that long howl, a cyclops stepped over the sea.

This one-eyed giant was not a member of Jiehe's ten thousand races, so when he was advancing in Jiehe, he inevitably encountered countless foreign monks' obstacles.

"Stop him! Don't let him run wild in the Boundary River!" A black water immortal king rushed towards the cyclops with his feet on the black water.


He was shot by the cyclops and flew millions of miles away.

"Who is your Excellency!" A Dragon Yan clan immortal emperor rushed towards the cyclops with a sea fork.


Also slapped flying by the palm of the Cyclops.

This cyclops is too powerful!

Walking amidst the thousands of different races is like entering the land of no one.

Even with the joint efforts of several foreign immortal emperors, they couldn't make a few moves in the hands of the cyclops.

At this time, a foreign monk finally recognized it.

This one-eyed giant turned out to be the leader of the Northern Heavenly Monk's coalition army, the fierce beholder ancestor!

hateful! The ancestor of the beholder changed his body again, and his aura became even more bizarre. No wonder everyone didn't recognize this person the first time!

"Weak, too weak! There is no one who can fight you among the 10,000 people in the world! What about the three stars! Why can't you come out and fight the old man again? Yes, yes! You three stars! I'm busy bullying more and less, hitting one by three, bullying my little brother Ning! Despicable, despicable! Three hitting one, ah no, four hitting one!" The Cyclops sneered again and again.

Strange to say, this one-eyed giant has a stalwart body, but his laughter is extremely wretched.

It looked like a strange eyeball familiar with Ning Fan.

In fact, he is the eyeball himself!

But he said that after the Eyeball Monster separated from Ning Fan, he came to the northern sky.

After that, when Jiehe was in great turmoil, he took the initiative to join the Alliance of Beitian monks and led the Beitian monks to fight against Jiehe alien race.

On this day, the strange eyeballs were stationed at the Beijiehe as usual.

Unexpectedly, in the boundary river, the atmosphere of war suddenly broke out, and there was an overhaul level existence that was fighting.

What makes the eyes strange is that one of the breaths is so familiar...

Isn't this the breath of Ning Fan boy!

Forgive me for his ignorance, when did this kid also come to the northern sky?

But why is it fighting with the ancient overhaul?

Even though he didn't know the cause and effect of this incident, the Eyeball Monster still forcibly broke into the depths of the Boundary River as soon as he sensed Ning Fan.

Why rush over so eagerly?

Since there was more than one Boundary River surrounding Ning Fan overhauled, the eyeballs blamed this for worrying that Ning Fan might have missed something, so he came here to help.

But he said that after the eyeball rushed into the depths of the Boundary River, it was blocked all the way, and it took a lot of effort to rush to the Fengnv clan.

At this moment, a burst of light on the surface of the Jiehe River suddenly lit up, and then hundreds of millions of foreign monks emerged from the water. They had gathered magic power secretly, forming a large array of trapped enemies, trapping the eyeballs in the formation.

This array has gathered hundreds of millions of monks' mana, so powerful, but so what?

But seeing the eyeball monster untie the treasure bow behind it, I don't know the origin of this bow. Its magical breath has reached the peak of the innate top grade, infinitely close to the legendary best innate magic weapon!

"Brother Eyeball! Quickly pull my string! Quickly shoot my arrow! Let this group of ants see and see how powerful our brothers are" This treasure bow can actually speak.

It's not that Bao Gong itself is talking.

But the spirit in the bow was talking.

The eyeballs grinned and nodded, which was regarded as a response to the request of the treasure bow weapon spirit.

Then he shot an arrow, and everything was flooded by candlelight wherever the arrow light.

Array of hundreds of millions, broken!

Then, the eyeball monster separated the waves and rushed all the way to the Fengnv clan.

"You waited in vain for the ancient overhaul, and the four of them joined forces to besiege my poor little brother Ning. Hey, brother Ning, look at who is here to help you! Goodbye that day, dont say you dont know him. The old man!"

The strange eyeball came to Fengnu clan.

He was full of momentum and wanted to come here to help Ning Fan.


Ning Fan is long gone here.

The eyeball is a little confused.

The strange eyeball realized that things were not that simple.

The eyeball began to doubt the necessity of his hard work to come here.

Without waiting for his next reaction, Lieyukou, Qu Ping, Beihai Dakun, and Gengwu have surrounded him.

"...Where is my brother Ning?" The eyes felt strange, and the atmosphere suddenly became a bit awkward.

"He is gone, but now, you are here." Lie Yu Kou said lightly.

"Oh, he's gone, well, I'll go too, goodbye." His eyes smiled awkwardly.

"Hey, you should come here as you say, or leave as you say!" Beihai Da Kun said solemnly.

"Yeah, that's what I think. Goodbye! Fly, my little feather!"

The eyeball strange raised his hand, offering a red glow.

In the next instant, he actually ignored the mana blockade of the four major repairs and left directly.

"Damn it! We won't chase it!" Beihai Da Kun asked.

"Don't pay attention to him, continue to strengthen the Fengnv clan." Lieyu Kou chose to ignore the eyeball monster.

However, they did not wait for the encroachment to reinforce the Fengnv clan.

More trouble is coming!

No one knows what happened.

The only thing that can be known is a stern, angry, murderous Heming, suddenly resounding through the entire boundary river!

Then a crane shadow, desperately, flew to the Fengnu clan!

This is a demon crane in the Yuanying stage, with sixty-four wings of the inverse crane broken off, his eyes were dug out, and half of the wall of the sea of consciousness was destroyed and scarred.

Obviously it was only Yuan Ying's cultivation base, but his coercion was too terrible, except that Lie Yukou could be slightly indifferent to this crane, the other three were all messed up by the aura of the demon crane's coercive impact!

As soon as this demon crane read it, the heaven and the earth suddenly went wrong, and again, the sea became the sky, and the sky became the sea.

And he stands upside down between the heaven and the earth, seeing all beings like wrongdoing.

"I can't come by myself, so I only descended on a crane shadow. This matter does not violate my agreement with Old Man He!" The demon crane said in a deep voice while weeping.

The cry is indescribable.

The tears shed in the hollow eye sockets were bloody. But dripping into the Jiehe River, blood and tears dyed the water of Jiehe River into two colors of Yin and Yang.

"According to the agreement, even the predecessor's Crane Shadow can not descend to the critical river to interfere in this four-day battle." Lie Yukou bowed his fists and said neither humble nor overbearing.

"Interfere in the four-day war? Which one of your eyes saw me interfering in this matter, is this this one!" The demon crane lifted his claw, and the claw shadow flashed.

No one can see how he shot.

But when everyone reacted, they had discovered an extra eyeball in the demon crane's claws.

The left eye of the Yu Kou was bloody.

The left eye has been plucked out!

"Impossible! Brother Lie has the invincible body guard, how could he be seriously injured!" Qu Ping was taken aback.

Beihai Da Kun and Gengwu were shocked.

Only Li Yukou himself was still calm and calm, as if he didn't mind being slapped, said indifferently, "Even so, Senior still broke his promise."

"Breaching the promise? So what! Hahaha! Is it true that I am the only one in the world who violated the promise, you Hongjun, haven't you violated the promise of the day! That's not important, it's not important! But you shouldn't, never Oh, I shouldnt use more to deceive and kill my brother! My poor brother! My poor brother! My brother just took a nap and didn't pay attention to your daily life. How could you be separated from your yin and yang! Have you already killed the old man Hongjun? You have a reply! Please reply, please! If you are still alive, just say something to brother, if you are dead, just..."

"Sure enough, sure enough! No answer! Junior brother, you are dead! Ah, ah, it's my fault, I shouldn't be snooze, shouldn't! No, it's not my fault, it's the world's fault! It's Hongjun's fault! It's your fault!"

The Yaohe cried out of sorrow, that kind of sorrow, deep and desperate, as if he had lost his junior, just... lost everything, and no motivation to live.

"Without Junior Brother, I want this day, what's the use!" Yaohe cried, piercing the sky of Jiehe with one claw.

The endless three plagues and five calamities leaked from the gap in the sky, and the disaster swept across.

Seeing the demon crane continue to make trouble, Jiehe is really going to be destroyed, Beihai Da Kun can't stand it anymore, and wants to stop the demon crane from going crazy.

"This senior, don't be crazy here..."


She was torn in half by the demon crane.

The amazing thing is that even if it was torn in half, Beihai Dakun was still alive.

Her vitality is too strong!

But she was still taken aback by Yaohe's ferocity!

The ancient overhaul would tear it apart. What kind of monster is this monster crane? How could there be such a terrifying existence in the Age of Doom!

"Senior Nihe, if you come to Ning Fan, he has already escaped from here." Lie Yukou decided to explain Ning Fan's affairs to Yaohe.

But this demon crane's madness has completely committed, so how willing to listen to people's words.

"Escape? Hahaha! Hongjun! You fart! How can my junior brother escape! He is dead, and it is impossible to sit back and watch Master ignore! You know he will come, you know he will come to your trap! You know , He won't run away at all, no matter how painful, no matter how hard..."

"You killed my junior, but you deny it! Return my junior! Return my junior!"

"I'm not Hongjun..." Lie Yukou.

"Yes! Yes! What are you worthy of being called Hongjun! In the world, only my junior is worthy of the word Hongjun! You must give this name back! I will kill you! Kill you! about you!"

On this day, Jiehe Foreign Race ushered in an unprecedented calamity.

It is said that in the end, the legendary old ancestor He came out personally, and after paying half of his body, he persuaded the demon crane somehow.

After that, Lie Yukou and others worked arduously to mend the sky that was stabbed by the demon crane. Just patching up the sky wasted infinite energy.

However, Ning Fan didn't know anything about this.

Thousands of scrolls fade away forever, and dawn in a window to send the fleeting years.

Only in this mountain, the clouds do not know where.

The days when Ning Fan went into seclusion to refine the middle-grade quintessential blood, were so unpretentious and boring.

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