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Back To Zero summary:

Ling Qiyang wholeheartedly wanted to marry Jun Lixuan. Alas, Jun Lixuan doubted his intentions and swore to choose death over marriage with the former.In the end, to save Jun Lixuans life, Ling Qiyang sacrificed himself. Finally, he died in front of Jun Lixuans graveWith Li Qiyang dying in front of his grave, Jun Lixuan was born again, returning to the time when he was twenty years old. Then, he found that many things were different.When the duo met again, Jun Lixuan realized that he had married not only his beloved consort but also a genius doctorFortunately, this time, everything had been reset. This time, he can do things right- Description from Novelupdates

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Chapter 74: Sign6 months ago
Chapter 14:6 months ago
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