Fairy Tail: Transformation Mage Book 1 Chapter 97

Volume 1 Chapter 97 You Thought It Was A Lemon But It Was Me Dio

(A/N: NO Horniness allowed here. *BONK*)

After the ceremony was over Damian and Irene went to greet the guests. There was even a slight dispute of words between the princess and the queen though Irene just looked at Stella with a smile on her face while hugging Damian's hand tightly baking Stella's lips which had a smile twitch in annoyance. She was really annoyed by the red haired woman in front of him flaunting her husband in front of her but still controlled herself to not lash out and there and act orderly like a royalty in the public.

Damian was congratulated by all the knights and mages from both the armies while the king Claude also congratulated him while making telling him not to bother about the expense on his wedding preparations when Damian started to insist about repaying it.

After all was said and done Damian and Irene were separately led to a special room prepared by Zena....and just to make sure Damian checked the room before hand for any peep holes and all.

Damian entered the room and closed the door and saw that the room was dimly lit.

He then looked around the room and noticed that it was beautifully decorated with flowers and other decorations. There were even some alcohol and other refreshments present there for them to enjoy and giving them a look Damian thought, '...This room must be decorated under the supervision of Zena-san, afterall only she knows both of our likes and dislikes in snacks and alcohol.'

He then took a seat on the bed and loosened the button of his shirt.

After waiting for a bit he heard a knock on the door and turned his head towards it.

The door then opened and Irene entered with an embarrased look in her face....and an even embarassing.....and e.r.o.t.i.c night robe.

Seeing her Damian became motionless for a bit before he snapped out of his trance and gulped his saliva.

Irene who saw his reaction blushed even more and closed the door behind her.

"Umm.." "Umm..." said both of them at the same time and looked at each other.

Both of them stared at eachother for a while before Damian smiled and said, "You are looking very beautiful right now....s.e.xy would be more appropriate though."

Irene was so embarrased to the point that even her ears were red m but still felt happy hearing Damian's compliment.

Damian then walked towards her and said, "Hey Irene there is something that I want to do?"

"Hmm....what?" asked Irene as she averted her eyes thinking that it was going in 'that' direction.

Damian then took a small box out of his pocket and said, "I know that it isn't in the tradition here more likely I don't know if they follow it but from where I come on the day of the wedding the bride and the groom exchange rings as a sign of their marriage. So can I?"

Damian then opened the box which had two rings inside of it and showed it to Irene.

Irene on the other hand was scolding herself in her mind for thinking something perverted but still looked at the rings. Once she heard Damian's question she smiled and raised her hand up.

Damian smiled and then took one ring out if the box and placed it on her finger.

Irene then took the other ring and put it in Damian's finger as well. She then looked at the finger that Damian put on her hand and then hugged Damian.

Damian returned the hug with a smile on his face and then kissed her forehead. Irene looked up staring right into Damian's eyes and moved her face closer.

Damian who saw that inched closer to her face as well and kissed her lips and after a while let her go as both of them felt a bit breathless.

"...So....what do you wanna do?" asked Irene with a fl.u.s.tered expression on her face.

Damian who knew what she was leading them to smiled and said, "Now now my perverted Irene don't be that hasty. I am neither running away not letting you go away from me from now on.....also the night is till young you know."

Damian chuckled as he saw Irene covering her face with her hands on getting caught by Damian and was mumbling something along the lines, 'Idiot Damian' and 'You are the pervert'.

Damian just smiled seeing his wife's reaction as he held her in a princess carry making her yelp in surprise as she looked at Damian with a blush on her cheeks and hands around his neck.


(A/N: .....Well...here's some lemonade)

R-18 stuff here:

Damian then gave her ass a tight squeeze making her eyes widen in surprise as she looked at Damian and lightly smacked his chest and said, "...Pervert."

Damian ignored that and then placed her in the bed as she aid down with her clothes disheveled making her e.r.o.t.i.c outfit even more e.r.o.t.i.c.

The husband and wife looked at eachother silently until opened her hand and gestured his to come.

Damian slowly leaned forward holding Irene's face in his hand giving her a passionate kiss. His hand then caressed her nape and slowly made way to her b.r.e.a.s.ts as he started kneading them making the red head m.o.a.n in pleasure.

Irene slowly moved her hands towards Damian's chest as she started feeling his body and then started undressing his upper half.

Damian then stopped kissing her and started to undress her as well and soon took of her robe and bra exposing her huge jiggling melons.

Irene too took of Damian's clothes as traced her finger around his chest.

Damian though, didn't let her do that for long as kissed her once again and then moved his hands towards her bare tits and started groping them making Irene m.o.a.n a bit.

He then started poking and pinching her n.i.p.p.l.es making the red head feel a jolt in her body because of the pleasure. Damian seeing that smirked as he moved his face towards her b.r.e.a.s.ts and started sucking on her b.o.o.b.s while giving her n.i.p.p.l.es a light nibble from time to time making Irene's breathing slightly erratic and a few noises filled with pleasure.

Damian focused on her b.r.e.a.s.t for a bit before his free hand held her thigh and started caressing it and slowly made its way towards her p.u.s.s.y.

He then started rubbing her clut from above her panties making a wet mark appear on her panties. He then slid his hand inside her panties and started rubbing her once clit once again making her m.o.a.ns louder and louder.


Damian smirked at his achievement he raised her head from top of her b.r.e.a.s.ts and said, "I will start the main thing now Irene." to which Irene just nodded her head as she saw him taking off his pants and immediately her eyes went wide open once his member came into her sight.

For the first time seeing a man's thing in its full hardened state made her surprised and she slowly moved her hand towards his thing.

Damian who saw Irene slowly advancing towards his member didn't say anything and saw his wife doing what she wanted.

She poked his di*k and then traced her finger around it making Damian feel a jolt of pleasure pass through his body.

Irene then held it in her hand and felt how hot it was, which inturn made her feel hotter than she already was and look towards Damian with a passionate look in her eyes.

Damian who saw that look held her by the shoulder and kissed her once again before making her lean back in bed once again. He then grabbed her waist and rubbed his member against Irene's wet p.u.s.s.y making her m.o.a.n.

He soon positioned his member at the entrance of her p.u.s.s.y and looked at Irene who her finger placed in front of her lips and looking at Damian.

She understood what Damian wanted to ask and nodded her head seeing which Damian nodded as well and slowly pushed his c.o.c.k inside her p.u.s.s.y.

"AH! AHHHHHHH~ Please slowl- slowly!" said Irene as her back arched up but it was too late as Damian already pushed through making her gasp and m.o.a.n in pleasure.

Damian felt his c.o.c.k being wrapped tightly by her wet p.u.s.s.y making him feel blissful as well and he wanted to start already but calmed himself a bit and waited for his wife to recover a bit.

After a few seconds Irene nodded her head and said, "Be gentle okay. It's my first time afterall."

Damian heard that and soon started moving his h.i.p.s back and forth making him and Irene drown in pleasure.

Damian slowly moved his body towards Irene as he held her b.r.e.a.s.t and started kneading them once again making Irene feel even more pleasure which inturn made her tighten her p.u.s.s.y making it more pleasurable for Damian. Both of them m.o.a.ned as the pleasure invaded their minds.

Irene soon held her body up and sat in Damian's lap while riding his c.o.c.k and started kissing him once again making Damian support her back.

Damian who was being kissed while he was fu*king her p.u.s.s.y caressed Irene's bare back and then moved his hand towards her butt and started squeezing her ass making Irene looked at Damian with a blaming look in her eyes.

Seeing that Damian separated his mout from her and smirked and then kissed her neck making her yell out a m.o.a.n.

Both of them lied down on the bed once again, only this time it was Irene who was on top while Damian was below her.

Damian noticed that he felt hotter and hotter as the time passed and understood that Zena added some aphrodisiac in the drink which he drank before Irene came in.

Irene who didn't know what Damian was thinking was bouncing her h.i.p.s up and down Damian's c.o.c.k while also kissing him here and there from time to time. She then took Damian's hands and moved them towards her b.o.o.b.s making Damian know what she wanted.

Damian complied with her request with a smirk on his face and decided to escalate things a bit and said, "Don't loose your mind my dear." which was totally ignored by the pleasure struck horny read head.

Damian then used his enhancement magic to enhance Irene's sensitivity making her eyes widen in shock by the sudden surge of pleasure and heat in her body.

Though she was not given time to think as Damian suddenly got up and pushed her back on the bed. He then held her legs and opened then wide before raising her ass a bit and thought, 'Lets speed up.' and pushed his c.o.c.k deep inside her in once go making Irene's eyes roll back a bit and before she was able to calm down a bit he started to moved his body back and forth at a very fast pace making both of them yell in pleasure.

"D-Damian i-its co-comi-" but before she was able to finish Damian sealed her lips with his and increased his pace once again with enhancement magic and soon he pushed his d.i.c.k deep inside her and fired his seed inside her.

"AHHHHHHH~!!!" m.o.a.ned Irene even though her mouth was sealed by Damian's lips.

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