Fairy Tail: Transformation Mage Book 1 Chapter 98

Volume 1 Chapter 98 The Day After The Marriage

The next morning after a steamy night Damian and Irene could be found sleeping with their hands held together. Both of them showed no signs of waking up because they were way too exhausted after the long night session.

Apparently the aphrodisiac that Zena used at Damian was a powerful one which coupled with the breaking of the self perseverance of Damian which he kept for all the time since he met Irene resulted in her getting the short end of the stick.

Damian gave no mercy to her to the point of even using his enhancement magic to recover her stamina if she was exhausted which Damian who for the first time came to know that enhancement magic replenishes his 'white thingy' reserves wreaked havoc on Irene. In the end both only stopped once the bed finally started making squeaking noise which made Damian check it and unsurprisingly he found that it might get destroyed if they continued further and thus reluctantly going to sleep.

From that day Damian made a promise to himself to check what Zena gives him to eat or drink since by no means he wanted to get caught up in the excessive l.u.s.t again.

Currently in the room Irene started squirming around as her biological clock kicked in telling her that it was time to wake up.....though her body made no such response to that.

Damian on the other hand who felt Irene squirming around started to wake up as well and opened his eyes to see a blurry figure of Irene.

A small smile appeared bon his face as he moved closer to her and pulled his wife in his embrace...and felt her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts pushing against his chest.

Irene who suddenly felt slight warmth opened her eyes only to find the face of her husband in front of her and smiled remberimg that she was now officially married to the man she loved.

She glanced at his lips and wanted to greet him with a good morning kiss. But just as she tried to move her body immediately reminded her of how wild she went on with Damian and a terrible backache assaulted her.

"Ow" was what Irene said and tried to glance at her back but stopped but was stopped by a pair of hand which held the back of her head and turned it.

Irene soon found Damian looking at her telling her that he was awake. He then leaned forward and gave her a kiss, a passionate one at that making the red hair blush and smile in response.

"So how was your first night, my dear." asked Damian as he closed his eyes.

"It was one of my best experiences.....and painful as well." said Irene.

Damian who heard that immediately opened his eyes widely and asked, "Did I hurt you somewhere?" with a worried tone.

Irene caressed Damian's cheeks and said, "No, don't worry. It's just my back.....and my whole body is in pain after what we did yesterday. Dragonslayer or not, hold yourself back a bit."

Damian sighed and used his magic on Irene to help her recover faster and said, "Tell that to Zena-san who added aphrodisiac in those drinks and snacks, O drank some of it before you came in...But I will say, I enjoyed a lot yesterday. So be prepared for what might happen to you from now on." as he gave her butt a slight squeeze.

Irene's body tensed a bit on that and she looked at him with an angry expression telling him to not do it now. But Damian just chuckled at that and wiggled this brows in response and teased her a bit more.

After a while once Irene was able to make some movement both of them sat up on the bed and immediately Damian's gaze fell on Irene's beautiful and s.e.xy body.

Irene noticed his gaze and tried to tease him as well and said, "Like what you see."

"Yes." Damian didn't took much time to answer and immediately pulled Irene towards himself much to her surprise and said, "You will take responsibility for exciting me, right?" and before Irene could respond another quick session of 'bed wrestling' occured.

After a few rounds Irene and Damian could be found panting while lying on the bed with Damian hugging his wife who was lying on his chest.

"Oh and drink this here before you sleep, I will go and tell Zena-san that you are taking today off." said Damian as he took out a potion from his storage and made Irene drink that.

Irene nodded and gave Damian a peck on his lips before drifting back to dream land.

Damian on the other hand soon recovered using his magic and stood up from the bed and and covered Irene in the sheets before cleaning the room with his magic, no way he was going to take chances of some pervert coming in there to clean and sniffing out Irene's scent and all that shit.

He then went to take a bath which was attached to their room and once he was done he came out dressed and prepared.

He soon left the room making sure to seal it from outside and the went to inform Zena about Irene taking off.

On his way many people greeted him and congratulated him which he returned with a politely and informed Zena about the day off while also reprimanding her for the aphrodisiac which surprisingly nor not she brought the topic on her own.

He then went back to the room asking Zena to send in some food for the two of them. Once he reached near his room, he saw a familiar blonde haired princess standing in front of the huge door trying to hear something by placing her ears against the door.

Damian saw that and sighed and walked towards the princess and gave her a pat on her shoulder making her freak out a bit. She then looked towards Damian with a glare which softened as soon as she recognised him and said, "Good morning Damian!"

"Good morning Stella-sama. replied Damian but then saw Stella's index finger moving in a to and fro motion and said, "Wrong Damian, since now we are of equal standing, with you being slightly higher than me, you cannot go around calling me with -sama. From now on, you can call me Stella or darling if you like."

Damian gave a hand chop on her head and said, "As you say Stella-san."

"H-How can you hit such an adorable and cute person like me?!" asked Stella with some tears at the corner of her eyes.

"Like this." said Damian as he hand chopped her again making her groan in pain once again.

Soon she stopped the drama and asked, "So...how was it?" while playing with her fingers and averting her gaze.

"How was what?" asked Damian even though he knew what she was trying to ask.

A slight blush appeared on her cheeks as she said, "Y-you know the stuff people do to m-make babies. That thing."

"It was good." suddenly said a voice making both of them turn their heads in the direction where the voice came from and see Irene peeking out of the door with th only her head out.

"Infact it was so good we are going to do it again right now, come in Damian." said Irene as she pulled Damian inside while looking towards Stella with a 'smile' on her face. She then waved her hand in front of her and then closed the door before locking it with her magic.

Stella who was just shown off by Irene was trembling with anger promising herself to pay the queen back for it.

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