Fairy Tail: Transformation Mage Book 1 Chapter 99

Volume 1 Chapter 99 Discussion About Battle

A few days passed by since Damian's and Irene's marriage and after a few tiresome days, their life went back to normal, though there were changes too in their lives with the most prominent ones being living in the same room and of course...the 'bird and bees' stuff...which might or might not have became rather intense as the two got accustomed to it.

Stella and the king decided to return back to Adroelia, though Stella was reluctant to and Damian had to go and send her off on his own.

Damian's duties also increased with him becoming Irene's husband, though he just 'XLR8ed' it making Irene look at him with an envious gaze since she had no such magic to speed things up.

With the marriage some the alliance became official and the other conditions of the alliance were fulfilled and the two kingdoms developed slightly because of it. The trade and security of the two kingdoms became better with Dragons helping them as well and with Damian revealing the production method of some of his potions which he decided was fine to give away.

Damian also officially changed his name back to Damian instead of Ian since all the things were handled.

Just like that the days passed peacefully and now currently inside on the meeting halls of the Dragonof palace Belserion gave his report.

"....So you are telling me that the dragons who are hostile to us are coming towards us from all directions with their time of arrival not being able to be determined..." asked Irene with a serious look on her face.

"Yup." said Belserion.

"....Damn." said Damian making all of them look at him.

"...What....that exactly represented what I am feeling, after hearing that."

Some of them raised their fingers wanting to say something to him but slowly put them down not knowing what to say.

"...Fine then I will go and take care of the side where the largest group should be coming from." said Damian casually making others look at him with look which said, 'Has he lost it?'

"....Damian, you are strong, stronger than me and I admit it. But don't underestimate the dragons, they might not be stronger than you, but none the less they are strong overwhelmingly strong for even dragons, not to mention their high numbers." said Belserion with a serious tone.

"I know that they are strong and that they have more number people.....dragons.... whatever, they are more in number compared to us. But I am not saying that I will be going their alone. I will go along with the force that will be decided in future, so no need to worry about that. And about me be strong...just know that I was holding back when I fought you at that time.....and I am much stronger compared to that time." said Damian.

"And I am volunteering myself to go at the area with most dragons so that powerhouses could be sent at every location if something unfortunate happens there...you cannot bhave all the powerhouses go at the most dangerous spot can you.....so just send me." said Damian without any hesitation.

Hearing what he said the others wanted to say that he should stop being full of himself, but none of them said that since the confident tone that he used together with the fact that he defeated Belserion while holding back made them unable to respond to his comment.

Irene sighed and said, "I will see into it.....first we need to distribute the powerhouses just as Damian said. Belserion, choose 10 dragons whom you want to be specifically appoint at a particular battle field, you....go and inform the dragon slayers to give me a similar list." She then mentally sighed as he looked at her reckless husband who was think about something and decided to scold him later when they were alone, though she knew that he will easily calm her down with a sound argument buy still he was going to get scolded later.

And just like she thought when both of them were alone in their room Irene did complained and scolded Damian for what he said but she immediately melted when he started doing on her.

'Ah, why is it so difficult to win against him." thought Irene as she was leaning against Damian with her head resting on his shoulder.

"I will allow you to go there, but remember that I will go there with you as well." said Irene while looking in Damian's eyes.

Hearing that Damian smiled as he pecked her lips and said, "Sure, I was hoping for that to begin with, afterall I need to keep you safe...that was also one of the reasons why I volunteered the battlefield with the most dragons. If I chose another one there was a slight chance of you getting positioned somewhere else since the situation would have been much more safe compared to this one."

Irene's eyes widened in surprise hearing his reasoning and didn't know what to say. She just sighed and laid her head in his lap and said, "You are just too much for me."

"Oh ho. So does Lady Irene hates it?" asked Damian with a playful tone.

She glanced at him with the corner of her eyes and said, "No...not in the slightest...No amount of Damian is enough for me afterall you know."

Damian chuckled and then held her lifted her up in his hands and said, "Well then, just sleep today, since we cannot have the queen being tired tomorrow when the discussion will be happening about the distribution of forces. No a.d.u.l.t stuff for today." and placed her on the bed.

Irene pouted a bit after hearing that but immediately had a foolish grin on her face when she saw Damian lying beside her. She then inched closer to him and was then pulled into Damian's embrace who held her tightly making her yelp I'm surprise.

Both of them smiled looking at eachother talking about pointless stuff for a bit before slowly drifting off to sleep.

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