The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Nothing More Than A Dog

Sheng Anning was already in a bad mood. Now that a man had suddenly appeared and pulled her from behind, Sheng Anning was even angrier.

She turned around and saw a man dressed in black with a pair of sunglasses that could cover most of his face.

A hint of shock flashed across Sheng Annings beautiful eyes. She remembered this man who was wearing sunglasses!

Wasnt this Mr. Chens chauffeur?

Since this chauffeur was here, Mr. Chen was probably nearby as well

What kind of background did Mr. Chen and the others have? She was already in B City, yet she could still meet them!

She recalled the tragic incident at the birthday banquet of the Jiang familys senior master a few days ago. It was the work of these people.

Sheng Annings body suddenly froze, and a cold air kept coming out of her back.

She had barely any real contact with Mr. Chen. Sheng Anning could even sense his good upbringing through their conversation, but it was exactly this kind of person who could do such a crazy thing

Just as Sheng Anning was secretly on guard, the driver wearing sunglasses spoke up.

Because of the sunglasses, Sheng Anning couldnt see his expression clearly. She could only see the corners of his lips curling into a lukewarm smile.

"Miss Sheng, long time no see. You dont look like youre having a good time."

The other partys deep voice fell into her ears, and Sheng Anning could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

Sheng Annings eyes darkened. It was true that her slender hands were tightly gripping onto her fingers. She had indeed been having a bad time recently, but all of this unhappiness was ultimately Mr. Chens fault!

If it werent for Mr. Chens audacity to do such a thing, she wouldnt have been banished by the Jiang family!

Since Sheng Anning had been banished by the Jiang family a few days ago, she had returned to the Sheng family in B City alone. Those who used to flatter her had fallen out with her faster than flipping through a book!

One of her cousins had always been smiling sweetly at her and speaking to her like a sister. Now, she actually dared to point at her and curse at her!

What did she mean by saying that a fallen Phoenix was inferior to a chicken? She was already at this stage, how could she still pretend to be a high and mighty young lady!

There were also people who were smiling at Sheng Anning on the surface but secretly discussing how to deal with this "defective product" that had been abandoned by others.

Sheng Anning had only returned to the Sheng family for three days when her aunt and the others began to contact a bunch of ignorant young masters, saying that they wanted her to go out and get to know them.

In her heart, Sheng Anning really couldnt take it lying down.

Could she be a commodity? Could she even be sold by weight?

B City was originally just a small city between the second and third tier. When Sheng Anning was in S City, because she had the Jiang family backing her up, she had always been used to having influence. She didnt even look up to the so-called "rich and powerful" here in B City at all!

Those mediocre men were not worthy of such an outstanding person like her!

In terms of looks, Sheng Anning believed that she could charm too many men. In terms of talent, she could instantly kill most women. In terms of family background, even if the Jiang family was excluded, her father was also a military hero!

It was just that she was in an awkward situation now. Sheng Anning also understood that she really needed to find a new family.

However, Sheng Anning had been pampered by the Jiang family for the first half of her life. She had long developed a personality that was humble on the surface but arrogant on the inside.

She was ambitious. Even if the man she found was not as good as Jiang Xuecheng, surely his looks and wealth were at least half of Jiang Xuechengs!

Moreover, this standard was already Sheng Annings baseline!

Because Sheng Anning refused to decline the invitation directly and even gave others a hard time, the elders of the Sheng family were increasingly dissatisfied with her.

Sheng Anning did not have a job and did not want to go out to work. However, she had to choose the best food, clothes, and things.

For example, the dress she was wearing had to be the latest fashion of a big name in the season. If someone else wore the same dress or style as her, then the dress would be kept at the bottom of the pile!

After Sheng Anning left the Jiang family, she did have some money left over. However, according to Sheng Annings lifestyle, how many days would it take for her to squander it away?!

Therefore, the Sheng family felt that they couldnt afford to raise this God. They wanted to find a sucker to help them as soon as possible, and also to earn some interest for their own family.

Although Sheng Anning had a lot of bad news, most men were superficial and not many could resist her flower-like beauty.

In addition, Sheng Anning had been a singer for a period of time a few months ago, so someone had already asked the Sheng family about Sheng Annings marital status.

At that time, in the eyes of the Sheng family, Sheng Anning would definitely marry into the Jiang family. For those who came to ask questions, the Sheng family would always block them with a few words. They even secretly laughed at these people for not knowing their place.

But who would have thought that in such a short period of time, Sheng Anning would face such a huge reversal!

The Sheng family members were completely dumbfounded!

They originally wanted to use Sheng Anning to rise to fame, but who would have thought that this popular piece of land would become a stumbling block in the end!

The Sheng family was still worried that because of Sheng Anning, they would offend the Jiang family and affect their familys future official career and business resources!

The Sheng family wanted to get rid of this hot potato as soon as possible. However, Sheng Anning was in such a difficult situation and still thought of herself as a high and mighty princess. Her standards were almost as high as the sky!

If this continued, the Sheng family felt that Sheng Anning would bring them down sooner or later. A few of the foreful elders were so angry that they mocked Sheng Anning during dinner.

Sheng Anning was so angry that she almost stomped her feet. She had always thought that the food of the Sheng family was far less delicious than that of the Jiang family. Halfway through dinner, she rushed out and used shopping to vent her anger!

However, she met Mr. Chens chauffeur when she was shopping until 10 oclock at night. She was even mocked by him!

He was just a chauffeur. Even if Mr. Chen had extraordinary means, this chauffeur was nothing more than a dog who was at the beck and call of others!

What the hell? Why did he look down on her?!

Sheng Annings anger rose from the bottom of her heart. She stared at the man in the sunglasses and a cold glint flashed across her beautiful eyes. She gritted her teeth and forced out her words through the gaps between her teeth.

"Ive become like this because of your master. How dare you show up here?"

"Miss Sheng seems to be very angry. I was just asking casually. I didnt expect to offend Miss Sheng."

The man in sunglasses smiled coldly. His laughter floated in the air and sounded a little creepy.

B City was not as prosperous as S City. At this time, there were only a few people on the streets. Even the dim street lamps gave off a strange vibe.

Sheng Anning recalled Mr. Chens terrifying methods and the anger in her heart subsided a little. Instead, she felt a chill down her spine.

Because she fainted too early, she did not witness the tragic scene at the birthday banquet with her own eyes. However, after hearing the description, she knew that Mr. Chens people were probably all terrifying outlaws with guns in their hands!

Since she was dealing with such people, it was better for her to be humble.

Sheng Anning did not want to give up her life here!

Sheng Anning bit her beautiful lips. The hostility in her eyes receded and she became so innocent.

"Is Mr. Chen here?"

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