The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Did Not Care For Their Lives

Seeing that Sheng Anning understood her situation, the man in sunglasses began to soften his stance obediently. A hint of contempt flashed across his eyes under the sunglasses.

He understood that Sheng Annings current humble stance was just an act.

This woman was just afraid of death. She must have cursed him and Mr. Chen a thousand times in her heart.

Mr. Chen was the one who saved the life of the man in sunglasses. He treated Mr. Chen as if he was a god in his heart. Therefore, he did not have a good impression of Sheng Anning.

Sheng Anning saw that the man in sunglasses was standing in front of her without saying a word. He was only staring at her and could not help but shudder.

She could feel that the man in sunglasses did not like her very much.

Sheng Anning suppressed the fear in her heart and tried her best to maintain her composure on the surface.

The corners of her lips curved slightly, and her clear eyes were like a crescent moon.

"What? Didnt big brother driver come to see me because Mr. Chen wanted to see me?"

Sheng Anning wasnt a fool. She knew that since Mr. Chen had sent this man in sunglasses to find her, it meant that she was still useful to him!

Sheng Anning vaguely felt that although Mr. Chen was a ruthless person, as long as she was still useful to him, Mr. Chen would not easily fall out with her!

This was the last thing she could rely on

The man in sunglasses had a dark expression. His dark eyes under the sunglasses were locked onto Sheng Annings innocent and delicate face, but he was not at all mesmerized by Sheng Annings beauty

He shifted his gaze away from Sheng Anning and spoke coldly.

"Thats right. Mr. Chen wants to see you. Come with me."

Sheng Anning heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this. At the same time, she could not help but feel a little curious.

The last two meetings with Mr. Chen were in S City, and both of them were in an unknown deserted courtyard. Could it be that there was a "good place" like those in B City?

Sheng Anning frowned. She knew that curiosity killed the cat, but Mr. Chen was too mysterious. He even dared to challenge the Jiang family. Sheng Anning couldnt help her curiosity!

Just as Sheng Anning was wondering, the man in sunglasses led her into an alley. Just as the alley reached the end of the street, the man in sunglasses shouted for her to stop.

"Were here."

His voice was still indifferent, but to Sheng Annings ears, it sounded very strange.

Sheng Anning boasted that her beauty could shake the hearts of most men in the world. She had just called the man in sunglasses brother driver, which was enough to give him face.

However, the man in sunglasses was not moved at all. Sheng Anning could even feel the contempt in his calm tone!

Sheng Anning was angry in her heart, but she did not dare to show it on her face. Whether it was Mr. Chen or Mr. Chens subordinates, they were not easy to deal with.

Her life was more important. She did not dare to pluck the tigers whiskers!

"Where is Mr. Chen?"

Sheng Anning could not help but look around for any empty and desolate courtyards because of her mindset. However, everything seemed to be normal.

The man in sunglasses tilted his head and glanced at Sheng Anning. Then, he raised his palm and pointed in a direction not far away.

Sheng Annings beautiful eyes suddenly widened and her heart shuddered again. There was no other reason, because Sheng Anning saw a long scar on the right palm of the man in sunglasses!

The scar was very ferocious. Although it had long healed, from the shape of the scar, Sheng Anning could imagine how serious the man in sunglasses had been injured at that time!

He was indeed a desperado!

People like him did not care for their lives, right?!

Although the situation in the world was a little turbulent, because of the complete ban on the circulation of weapons in Jiuzhou, everything was peaceful.

Sheng Anning couldnt imagine that some people could still live a life with blood dripping from the muzzle of a gun!

Sheng Anning was instantly silent. Goosebumps appeared on her back. If she had a choice, Sheng Anning really wished that she had never met Mr. Chen and his gang.

She was still so young and beautiful. She did not want to lose her head because of this bunch of lunatics!

Seeing that Sheng Anning was still standing there, the man in sunglasses was dumbfounded. His face darkened, and there was obvious displeasure on his face.

"Why arent you there yet! Mr. Chen is in that car. Mr. Chens time is precious, and its not to be wasted like this!"

In the eyes of the man in sunglasses, if it werent for Sheng Annings special status and the fact that she was adopted by the Jiang family since she was young, she wouldnt have been able to meet Mr. Chen in person!

The impatient voice of the man in sunglasses rang out in the air. Sheng Annings eyes widened and she snapped out of her trance.

Mr. Chen is in the car?!

Sheng Anning gritted her teeth and looked ahead. She saw an unremarkable Volkswagen Sedan parked under a wall.

The body of the Sedan was the most ordinary black color. In addition, this brand of Sedan had been flooding the country for a long time. As soon as it entered the street, it would probably be quickly drowned in the traffic.

The streetlights at this street corner were very dim, and the silver moon in the sky shone with a faint glow.

Sheng Anning didnt think much of this scene at first, but now that she looked at it, she felt that the Sedan was eerie and very creepy.

She and Mr. Chen used to be separated by a river of vines, and they were five meters away from each other. But now, they were in the same car together, and Sheng Annings heart raced instantly.

Cold sweat broke out on Sheng Annings forehead. The thumping of her heart was like the beating of a drum, making Sheng Anning feel even more terrified.

Sheng Anning had always felt that Mr. Chen was elegant and steady. In the past, she felt regretful that she couldnt see Mr. Chens real face, but now that they were in such close proximity, she was terrified!

She would be silenced, would she?

"What are you waiting for!"

Just as Sheng Anning was terrified, the man in sunglasses became even more annoyed. He grabbed Sheng Annings arm and pushed her forward!

Sheng Annings eyes widened and she instinctively wanted to resist. However, after realizing that this person was not to be trifled with, she finally put down her hand in embarrassment.

"I can walk on my own!"

The man in sunglasses ignored Sheng Annings complaints and pushed Sheng Anning forward with all his might. Sheng Anning stumbled and almost fell.

Sheng Annings dissatisfaction grew even more. This man in sunglasses was too rough and did not know how to take care of women at all.

However, what was even more unexpected to Sheng Anning was that when she walked to the side of the car, Sheng Anning was about to open the co-drivers door when she was pushed by the man in sunglasses. She took two steps back before she managed to steady herself!

Sheng Anning gritted her teeth and glared at the man in sunglasses!

What kind of man was this!

Didnt he say that Mr. Chen wanted to see her?

Just when Sheng Anning had nowhere to vent her anger, the man in sunglasses opened the door of the backseat and pushed Sheng Anning in like an eagle carrying a chick!

With a loud bang, the door was closed.

The anger in Sheng Annings heart constantly rose, but she suddenly heard a hoarse male voice from the front.

"Miss Sheng, long time no see."

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