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  • Genres : Romance -  Mystery -  Historical -  Transmigration -  Misunderstandings -  Devoted Love Interests -  Betrayal -  Fated Lovers -  Doting Love Interests -  Acting -  Yaoi -  Royalty -  Transported to Another World -  Mpreg -  Cold Love Interests -  Bickering Couple -  Court Official -  Ancient Times -  Childhood Promise -  Imperial Harem -  Omegaverse -  Love Interest Falls in Love First
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Marked By A Tyrant After Transmigrating summary:

Ye Shu transmigrated into the book he had just read and became the first cannon fodder minister who was brought down by the tyrannical male lead, suffering a death by a thousand cuts, turned into dust, that kind of thing.Ye Shu resolutely packed up and decided to abscond before this could happen. On the road, feeling that he had been drugged, he accosted someone for help.Who would have expected that he would wake up the next day with the tyrant smiling beside him. Did you sleep well?Ye Shu: To survive, Ye Shu was forced to enter the palace as a consort, and henceforth, lived a harsh life of being ordered around and squeezed by the tyrant.When the tyrant annotated folding memorials[1], he refilled his tea and ground more ink.When the tyrant ate, he tested his dishes for hidden drugs.When the tyrant retired for the night, he was even responsible for warming his bed.It wasnt until his belly started to grow that Ye Shu noticed that the book he had transmigrated into seemed to be a bit buggyThis f*cking world was actually ABO.He hadnt been drugged, previously That was the first differentiation period as he became a Kunjun!Tyrant: This Qianjuns rut period is coming, my beloved consortYe Shu slammed the bedchambers door in front of the tyrant. Heh, not a chance.Authors Note:First and foremost to avoid confusion.1 Ancient ABO setting. Qianjun=Alpha, Kunjun=Omega, Faith Incense=Pheromone. Personal settings are all over the place, thinking of adding more.2 MPREG. Little sweetcakes.- Description from Novelupdates

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Marked By A Tyrant After Transmigrating Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 59: End5 months ago
Chapter 55:5 months ago
Chapter 54:5 months ago
Chapter 53:5 months ago
Chapter 52:5 months ago
Chapter 51:5 months ago
Chapter 50:5 months ago
Chapter 49:5 months ago
Chapter 48:5 months ago
Chapter 47:5 months ago
Chapter 46:5 months ago
Chapter 45:5 months ago
Chapter 44:5 months ago
Chapter 43:5 months ago
Chapter 42:5 months ago
Chapter 41:5 months ago
Chapter 40:5 months ago
Chapter 39:5 months ago
Chapter 38:5 months ago
Chapter 37:5 months ago
Chapter 36:5 months ago
Chapter 35:5 months ago
Chapter 34:5 months ago
Chapter 33:5 months ago
Chapter 32:5 months ago
Chapter 31:5 months ago
Chapter 30:5 months ago
Chapter 29:5 months ago
Chapter 28:5 months ago
Chapter 27:5 months ago
Chapter 26:5 months ago
Chapter 25:5 months ago
Chapter 24:5 months ago
Chapter 23:5 months ago
Chapter 22:5 months ago
Chapter 21:5 months ago
Chapter 20:5 months ago
Chapter 19:5 months ago
Chapter 18:5 months ago
Chapter 17:5 months ago
Chapter 16:5 months ago
Chapter 15:5 months ago
Chapter 14:5 months ago
Chapter 13:5 months ago
Chapter 12:5 months ago
Chapter 11:5 months ago
Chapter 10:5 months ago
Chapter 9:5 months ago
Chapter 8:5 months ago
Chapter 7:5 months ago
Chapter 6:5 months ago
Chapter 5:5 months ago
Chapter 4:5 months ago
Chapter 3:5 months ago
Chapter 2:5 months ago
Chapter 1:5 months ago
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