Life In Dxd Book 1 Chapter 288

Volume 1: Volume 1 Chapter 288 How To Take Your Dragon Asia Version

The battle suddenly started with all the cannon fodders from both the sides battling it out.

Tatsuya was standing with his group and the same was done with the rest of the factions as well.

Tatsuya who looked around seeing who all the new people were found one of the new factions beside him and said, "Hello there, I am Tatsuya Shiba."

The people who were near him looked at him at the people from the other side nodded their heads and their leader said, "I am Shiva from the Hindu faction. It's nice to meet you..... although the circ.u.mstances are not very good."

Tatsuya looked at the trident holding god who was considered one of the strongest people all around the world and said, "Indeed, I must say it is quite unfortunate to meet you in a battle like this." and then raised his gun and fired a blast forward destroying a huge section of enemies. He then looked towards his team and said, "The dragons are being a nuisance because of their defense, Isami, Asia, Ingvild, Himari and the other nekoshou deal with them."

Isami and Asia immediately activated their balance breakers and then launched forwards followed by the others.

Tatsuya then looked at the other faction heads and said, "So shall we start the attack on the big guy?" while pointed towards Trihexa.

The faction heads looked at the giant beast attacking the others and was not damaged a bit by the attacks from the others and gulped their saliva.

Tatsuya clapped his hands and said, "All right all right before taking him down we need to clear the area near him as we can see only huge scale attacks are going to work and we don't want someone from our side getting dragged in those right, so let's do that first. I will engage him during that time along with...some of my friends."

All of them widend their eyes and said, "That is quite a good and safe idea for us.....but who might these friends of yours be?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/life-in-dxd_15421532606437105/how-to-take-your-dragon--asia-version_51093420680210063 for visiting.

Tatsuya patted the shoulders of two of the girls beside him and said, "These two and the third friend must be here...now."

Just as he said that a portal appeared above them and from it the official top dog of the world appeared in all his majesty making all the people from both the sides looked at it with their mouths open wide, except for Euclid and Rizevim who now became serious as their biggest threat appeared just now.

"....I will go with Baka-yaa as well...." said a monotone voice and Ophis got up near Ruyaa as well and transformed into her dragon form making the already shocked audience....umm more shocked?

"....Do you really need me to go with those two...." asked Kurumi looking around with a deadpan look on his face.

"...Hey..... Tatsuya.....don't tell me your friends you just mentioned are the the world's strongest and the second strongest." asked Azazel while pointing at the two dragons.

"Second strongest and third strongest...I already beat Ruyaa....." said Tatsuya earning total silence from all the people in the dimensional gap.....except for Asia who just punched a dragon away. "By the way, Ruyaa is great red just so you know." informed Tatsuya.

He then looked around seeing that the fight was totally stopped and then noticed the two silver haired devils sneaking out of the zone which was restricting teleportation.

He immediately got up in the air and fired a blast towards the two devils but the attack was blocked by the huge beast who roared back at him pulling people back into the battlefield.

"...F.u.c.k it, I am too old for this shit." said Azazel as he flew forward killing enemies on the way and was followed by the other factions heads and all.

Tatsuya looked at Kurumi who looked back at him before he got back in his body and said, "Call me if I am actually needed."

Tatsuya just shrugged his shoulders as he saw the dragons and the beast already started the battle in between themselves seeing which Tatsuya immediately separated the three of them in a barrier since the attacks were too intense for the nearby people.


Meanwhile in another part of the battlefield Isami and the company were dealing with the evil dragons.

Ingvild who had taken control over many evil dragons using her sacred gear was using them to attack their own kind. Suddenly Asia came near her and asked, "What are you doing Ingvild-san?"

"Hmm....well I don't use it much but my sacred gear allows me to manipulate dragons you know?" said Ingvild making a barrier to stop an incoming blast.

Hearing that Asia's eyes started twinkling and she said, "An efficient way to deal with the dragons huh."

A magic circle then appeared in front of her and a huge evil dra- *cough**cough* her familiar appeared and roared loudly earning the attention of many evil dragons on the field.

Ingvild who noticed the twinkling in Asia's eyes thought, '...It is not going to be something good.' and asked, "Asia.....just asking but what are you planning?"

Asia showed a bright smile on her face making all those who didn't knew her that much think that she was a saint and said, "Tatsuya-san and Phi-chan once told me that I have dragon taming ability....so I am going to use that." with a cheerful tone.

She then looked at her familiar and said, "Ratsu~ it's your turn."

The evil dra-... The sprite dragon showed a malici-...grin and nodded his head and immediately fired a very powerful lighting blast towards the evil dragons making them screech in pain.


But none of the dragon showed any intentions to do so or more like the power of the lightning was so intense that they were unable to do so.

The smile never left Asia face as she looked at her familiar and said, "Do it." and immediately the power of the attack increased and killed all the dragons without even leaving behind their ashes.

Those who saw that scene were awestruck not knowing what to say.

While this was the scene a certain sis-con suddenly yelled, "SEE THAT!!! DID YOU FINALLY SAW THE DEMON HIDING BEHIND THAT INNOCENT SMILE!!! YOU REGRETTING IT NOW RIGHT?!"

But was totally ignored by others who were busy fighting.

Asia pouted and said, "Aww, those dragons must be the stubborn ones....not even one of them accepted." but suddenly her face brightened and she said, "Oh well there are a lot of these reptile shits here to try." and looked at another group of evil dragons who immediately tried to run away seeing the they were being looked at by those 'innocent eyes.'

"Ratsu~" and once again a the lightning was shot by the familiar.

Asia this time got closer to the dragons who were being shocked and asked, "Hey, do any of you low lives want to make a pact with me." with an innocent look on her face.

But the dragons who could see the black magic energy gathered near her hands were able to feel the dreadful feeling coming from it and immediately shook their heads in denial.

Asia immediately fired her magic forwards engulfing all the dragons in her blast who started screaming in pain and agaony as all their cells in their bodies were being continuously destroyed by the negative healing magic.

"Hmph, another group of mean dragons...Let's go Ratsu. We will look for another group." and got on top of her familiar and the demon king and the evil dragon took off making all the people who just saw the deadlines of Asia's power shiver im fear, making a mental note to stay away from her.

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