Life In Dxd Book 1 Chapter 289

Volume 1: Volume 1 Chapter 289 The Two Destroyers

As Asia was busy doing a massac-*cough**cough* taming the Dragons, the other people kindly got out of her way and were busy dealing with the rest of the Khaos Brigade Members.

Tatsuya who was guarding the area near the Dragons and the beast so as to not let anyone get caught in their mess was occasionally dealing with stronger of the evil dragons. He also kept an eye on the two silver haired devils and noticed that Rizevim was currently stronger than he originally was, something that he thought was thanks to Euclid who found a way to modify his and his master's body, though the said genius was still down and was not able to recover from the damage he recieved from getting the memories of the other Euclid.

While Tatsuya was keeping an eye on the surroundings a trident brushed past him killing the army of dragons in front of it.

Tatsuya looked at the person who threw the spear and said, "You sure are not willing to hold back and flaunt your title as the destroyer."

Shiva who summoned his trident back looked at Tatsuya and said, "And you seems to have a lot of free time idling around here just like that."

Tatsuya who heard that didn't feel offended and said, "Well, I can surely deal with a lot." and fired another blast from his gun killing a huge number of opponents at once and then said, "I am also called the god of destruction you know...though I prefer to be called a man of culture, so do refer to me as that..."

Shiva who saw the power of Tatsuya's attack nodded his head feeling that the attack was indeed powerful and asked, "Then why not take action on your own?"

Tatsuya shrugged his shoulders and said, "Many reasons, first, that I am here making sure none of you get caught in between the three top powers.....below me of course but still top powers none the less. Second, if I dealt with all this here, the other factions might get over reliant on me, at least the ones who are allies with me. Third, what do you think will the other faction will think of someone who dealt with a whole terrorist organisation and the a being which is even considered a myth amongst the supernatural factions being on par with the world's strongest creature?"

Shiva remained silent for a while and thought about what Tatsuya said and after a while narrowed his eyes and said, "They will admire.....and fear you."

"...Which will lead to them making an alternate alliance to deal with someone way stronger than them which will ultimately ruin my life.....on the other hand if we let them participate and let them think that we relied on them as well to deal with such a situation, those feelings of fear and administration will not be too extreme...You must be quite knowledgeable about it since you are one if not the strongest gods in this world, aren't you."

Shiva nodded his head in response and then with a smile said, "I see, it seems like you are a good and admirable personality as well along with the powers."

Tatsuya nodded but all of a sudden both of them raised their weapons as they noticed a horde of dragons trying to take advantage of their distracted selves. Both the destroyers then fired their attacks towards the dragons wiping them out without even leaving a trace of them behind.

Both of them then looked up and Tatsuya raised his hand and curled it into a fist.

"Hmm.... what's that for? Why are you raising your fist like that?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/life-in-dxd_15421532606437105/the-two-destroyers_51139611979726877 for visiting.

Tatsuya who heard that question widend his eyes in surprise and then thought, 'Ah, an innocent one after a long time.....I so gonna enjoy this.'

"It's a kind of greeting, two people bump their fists against each others, you know like hand shakes....we call it fisting."

Azazel who was nearby the two destroyers suddenly started coughing like crazy and was laughing while doing it as well. He then looked at Tatsuya with a surprised look on his face and thought, '.....He have some guts messing with one of the world's top 10 and the head honcho of one of the strongest factions around the world.'

"...Fisting, huh." said Shiva as he bumped his fist with Tatsuya's.

He then looked at his hand and said, "What do you know, you get to know new things even in a battlefield...I will tell about it to my family as well."

Tatsuya nodded with a 'smile' on his face and said, "Make sure to specially mention about it to your wife."

"Huh?" asked Shiva with a confused look on his face.

"Oh nothing, sorry I was thinking about something else, by the way can you stop your mind reading. It's not going to work on me. Even Ruyaa... I mean great red was not able to do it."

Shiva widened his eyes in surprise and then lowered his head a bit and said, "Sorry, it's just that we being in battle makes me want to know what someone is thinking, specially someone who is new and have the power comparable if not greater than me.

Tatsuya just patted the head of the other destroyer who was smaller than him and said, "It's fine no need to worry. Now why don't you go and deal with them while I continue my guarding duty here." and gave him a slight push.

Shiva who was surprised at being treated like a child just followed what Tatsuya said and then left to deal with the enemies.

Meanwhile Tatsuya who just sent the god of destruction away made felt that someone was trying to contact him and made magic circle near his hear and asked, "What is it Diehaur? You finished what I asked you to do?"

"Yes, it's done, and I have that man captured.....not that it was difficult considering he was already pretty beaten up during the attack on the underworld. So what should I do with him?"

"Hmm.....he is technically my father-in-law.....would to be....wait there I will send a clone. You get back to your post of protecting the underworld just in case." said Tatsuya and made a clone.

The clone then saluted the original and then teleported away.

"Well time for the f.u.c.k-cuck man to become the dead man." muttered Tatsuya while looking at Asia who just passed by him.

"Hey Asia, you doing good?"

Asia who was sitting on her dragon in her balance breaker looked towards Tatsuya with a smile and so did her dragon and said, "Yes, we are fine Tatsuya-san. No need to worry. We found an effective way to deal with them...We are trying for it to work so just wait for a bit." and then flew away. Anyone who heard them could feel that an innocent and cheerful girl was trying her best to help them...it's just that the blood dripping from her face and fists along with the blood around the dragon's mouth and teeth made the imagination of the people who saw them turn a total 180.

Tatsuya just smiled at her and used his magic to clear off the blood off her.

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