Life In Dxd Book 1 Chapter 290

Volume 1: Volume 1 Chapter 290 Real Vs Faker

While the battle was going on the maous were were being taken care of by the horde of evil dragons and devils. Though none of them was affected by them getting surrounded and just kept on blasting btgeirbway through them.

Sirzechs was making sure of not leaving any dragons near him as he heard that the demon queen was looking out for dragons to tame them and in his opinion having her more dragons was a recipe for disaster for the whole world and decided to make some effort to ensure world peace. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/life-in-dxd_15421532606437105/real-v-s-faker_51178231251917495 for visiting.

Ajuka, Serafall and Falbium looked at the leader of the maous and just shook their heads. It was the first time they had seen him like that and weren't sure how to deal with it, though none of them were going to say anything to him as they knew how much trouble was caused during the attack on the underworld and Sirzechs being the incharge of the domestic affairs of the underworld worked his ass off to make sure everything was fine and none of them were in the mood of switching places with the red haired maou.

Ajuka patted his best friend's shoulder and said, "Just bear with for a while, I will arrange a holiday for you after this is over."

Sirzechs looked at him with a peaceful smile on his face and said, "Ah don't worry I have already asked Tatsuya to help me regarding that. So you don't need to do anything. In fact I invite all three of you as well since it would be pretty boring on my own."

"Hmm is that so, well then I will make sure to make some room in my schedule." said Ajuka while the other two maous just smiled seeing that Sirzechs was fine.....a bit.

"Aren't you being optimistic thinking that you would be able to live after this, you fake maous."

Suddenly all four of them heard a voice and turned around to see Rizevim looking at them with a smile on his face.

"You interrupted my speech earlier Mr. fake Lucifer."

"So, was there a need for that in the first place, you would be saying some thing that I have heard a lot of times from the descendants of original maous a lot of times anyway."

"Aren't you being too out of line being in front of a real Lucifer."

"Lucifer or not, you and your ways are not something that I can ever respect so don't think that I would spare you or something just because you are a devil like me."

"Hah! a devil like you, don't make me laugh you faker. There is no way my maginficent self is comparable to the likes of you." said Rizevim and brushed his hair.

"Sirzechs what should we do about him?" asked Falbium.

"Oh! about that I would like to see what the fake Lucifer is capable of first hand, so if you don't mind.....shall we dance?" said Rizevim as a grin appeared on his face.

Sirzechs's robe disappeared as he said, "Keep a bit of distance from me." and then came forward.

Rizevim's smile didn't falter as he saw the crimson haired man coming forward.

The auras around both the Lucifers started getting denser and denser and in just a blink of an eye both of them were on the level of High-satan class.

"So you are holding back against me, huh. Gotta say, not very happy seeing a faker holding back against me." said Rizevim.

"Shut up, like you yourself are not holding back." said Sirzechs as he gather a dense ball of Power of destruction in his hand and fired it towards Rizevim.

Rizevim dodged the attack rather easily but still looked back seeing the ball off destruction comming in contact with a dragon and destroying it in an instant.

"*whistle* You sure want to deal quite a bit of damage from the beginning huh." said Rizevim still looking behind but the raised his hand as he blocked a kick from Sirzechs which made a strong gust of wind.

"Sirzechs's expression didn't change as the Power of destruction surrounded his hands once again and he fired a beam towards Rizevim who covered his hand with demonic energy and flicked the beam away, though the demonic energy around his hand immediately got destroyed by the POD.

He then pushed Sirzechs's leg away using his. other and and then fired a blast again at Siezechs who easily dodged the beam.

But seeing him dodge Rizevim smirked making Sirzechs confused as he turned and saw the beam heading towards Rias and her peerage.

Seeing that Sirzechs's eyes widened as he immediately rushed towards his sister and her peerage but the next instant Rizevim appeared above him and said, "Aww, don't do that, the night is still young you know." and fired another series of blasts at Sirzechs who simply destroyed those attacks using his POD.

Sirzehcs then came behind Rias's peerage and then fired a beam with his own POD to destroy the attack.

"Rias are you fine. Get away from here, the intensity of the battle here is going to be at another level from now on." Sirzechs said while looking at Rias from the corner of his eyes and making sure to keep and eye of Rizevim.

Rias turned around to look at her brother with a surprised look on her face but after hearing his words a determined expression appeared on her face.

Sirzechs didn't say anything and immediately moved his hand and said, "What is the meaning of this? Who are you?" asked Sirzechs in a demanding tone as he held Rias's hand which had a dagger aimed at Sirzechs.

"Hehehehe..." hearing that a malicious grin appeared on Rias's brace and her peerage turned around as well with a similar grin on their faces.

Rias's body then began changing and soon a devil appeared in her and her peerage's place with all of them being at ultimate class level.

All of them then threw the dagger towards Sirzehs who immediately released the POD now knowing that it wasn't her sister and her peerage and killed them in an instant.

He then glared at Rizevim as POD started to gather around him and the aura started turning denser and said, "You are quite daring seeing that you used my sister against me."

"Heh gotta say, you were quite ruthless there even though that devil had your sister's appearance just a moment ago."

"Huh, are you out of your mind that low life, tried to take the appearance of the world most beautiful and cutest little sister, he should be glad that his death was atleast a painless one."

He then fired a big wave of POD at Rizevim who made a barrier to block the attack but the barrier only stood for a couple of seconds before it too git destroyed. Rizevim immediately tried to dodge but was not able to do that in time and got his legs destroyed completely by the attack.

Rizevim looked at his now missing legs and then looked back at Sirzechs and said, "Ha, you didn't got my balls." was all that Rizevim said as his legs started to regenerate back making Sirzechs narrow his eye and thinking, 'That is not a power that a Lucifer should possess.....then that means that he must have modified that body of his somehow.'

"You faker, let's get serious now, I still have a grandson to kill you know, so let's hurry up." and the immediately started powering up.

Sirzehcs too started powering up and the area around them started to get chaotic by sheer demonic energy that the two of them were releasing with not intention of taking it back in their bodies.

Tatsuya who saw that made a barrier around them and then looked back at the other god of destruction fighting destroying bthe enemies with his trident and said, "....You really are a getting serious there, Shiva. Don't get someone bget caught in your attacks."

Shiva looked back and said, "Don't worry about that, the title of being one of the top 10 is not just for show you know? I can control my power and attacks."

Tatsuya nodded his head and said, "By the way did you know that there is a new term for those who are in the top 10?"

"Huh, is that so. we don't get up to date with such kind of information back at Kailash. What is the new term." asked Shiva still fighting the enemies.

"Those who are in the top 10 are called lolicons now a days." said Tatsuya with a smile on his face.

"Huh, lolicon? So that is the new term?" asked Shiva with a curious look on his face.

Tatsuya nodded his head with a friendly smile and said, "You are now a lolicon Shiva, so be proud of that."

Shiva who saw Tatsuya's friendly and trustworthy smile nodded his head and with a smile on his face said, "A lolicon, the god of destruction, Shiva.....fine I accept that new title."

Tatsuya smiled and made sure to record the scene for future and said, "Yeah so go forth and show them the power of a lolicon."

Shiva who heard that smiled and thought, 'He really is a great person, cheering for someone he just met and helping someone like me who is not that up to date with the world.' He then took a deep breath and said, "I will show you the might of a true lolicon." and gripped his trident tightly and immediately rushed towards the enemies destroying hordes of them in an instant.

Tatsuya just smiled and said, "Ignorance is such a bliss."

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