Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 292

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 292 Triple Six


The eyes were red and it's a skinless monster who nearly jumped to Nixie. It's a good thing that I pulled her toward me and raised my hand using the gift of changing beautiful things from monstrous. It turned into a bunny that's holding a carrot and the demon dissipates. The bunny hopped and hopped and it went to the garden.

Nixie reached her chest and hugged me tightly.

"That was scary." She exclaimed.

"Don't worry, Queen Nixie, I won't let anyone hurt you or Kenneth."

Nixie called the guards to catch the bunny. I let her do it. We don't know if that bunny would form into another demonic force.

"Nix, let's get inside." I pulled her inside. My dad taught me to always protect my little sister and that's Nixie. Our mothers entered the room and told us to stay inside rather than outside.

Ever since I was a child there were always a threat to me. My mom was specifically over protective to me and I understand her. I was home schooled and or I would attend classes in the Academy although I was too young to be at their level.

"What happened?" My mom asked me as she checked on me.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/mystical-academy-goddess's-rebirth_12336619005291005/triple-six_51070674516623442 for visiting.

"I'm alright mommy."

"There's a monster and Asher turned it into an adorable bunny." She told them excitedly. My mother peeked outside as she watched the guards caught the bunny.

"Ash, we will stay here a the moment. There's a currently a chaos in the Outside World in the Academy. Is it alright for you?"

"Of course, mommy."

She smiled at me and kissed my forehead. I will be very obedient since I know that all they wanted is to protect me.

"I'm going to set up a room for you and for Asher." Marissa said as she left.

"How did you do that one?" Nixie asked me.

"Do what?"

"Turned the demon into a bunny?"

"Well, I just thought of an adorable bunny that would be suited for the demon."

My mother closed the balcony. Then, she turned on the candles around.

"Can you teach me how to do that one?"

I looked up my mother who smiled at me.

"Your majesty, I think you should start with the water and turned it into an alive bunny?" My mom suggested.

"Hmm," she smirked and approach the fountain inside her room. She lifted her hand and played with the water to control it. Then, she turned a big alive bunny that jumped around. She clapped her hand and the water bunny splash on the floor that make a mess. "Oops." She giggled. I admire Nixie's cheerfulness.



Wade represent a bunny in front of me that was caged.

"Goddess, Asher turned the demon to this that was about to attack Queen Nixie."

"Beautiful." I approached the bunny and looked at the red eyes. "This looked adorable." I smiled. "How's the academy Nick?"

"I already escorted Sigmund and God of Night to the Academy. At the moment, there's a very strange sickness. It's a weird triple six epidemic inside the Academy. Lord Andrew said that a demon entered from the secret portal inside the Academy."

"Did you close it?"

"It can't be close, Goddess. I tried and God of Sky already seal a barrier."

"But the barrier won't stay long." I approached him. "We need to close it." I told him. I turned Wade.

"Go back to Hydor and protect the Queen and Asher. I think there are more demons coming. If not to the King and Queen, maybe to the people. Send a message to Flame too."

"Yes Goddess." He bowed. Soul approached the bunny and took it. She smiled at him and Wade bowed at her as he fly above.

"Soul," I looked at the triplets that she's taking care while Lancelot was busy sealing few things with Achbar.

"I'll take care of few things too."

I nod my head as I hold Nicholas's arm and we left the Pyr and teleported to the Academy. People coming in and out and I felt a very bad energy around. Nicholas hold my arm protectively.

"Something isn't right, Goddess."

"It felt familiar" I mumbled as I looked around.

"It's one of the powerful demon in hell." Nicholas spoke as he escorted me to the nurse station and few students where dehydrated so they have to put a dextrose to them.

The first thing I saw was Bethany on the corner. I approached her and Calvin looked worried as he keep his hand holding hers. I reached Bethany's hand checking and there are bruises. A mark of a hand that gripped on her.

"Calvin," I showed it to him. He checked it and the hand that gripped her is too be to be Calvin's hand. He immediately checked her back and there's a mark of a palm too. "A demon is still playing around."

Nicholas took out his staff and pointed it to a shadow that seemed to be bigger than him. A lightning strikes somewhere that gives light in the clinic and the monster could be seen by eyes. Calvin quickly took his sword for defense. I reached Calvin's sword.

"Goddess of Soul and God of Death, please bless thy sword to protect the children of above world." I mumbled as a light that run from my hand run through Calvin's sword. "I'll take care of Bethany and others." I told Calvin. "Go after that demon and kill it."

"Yes, Goddess."

The shadow was fast as it go through the glass and it shattered. Nicholas flew fast to go after it. I reached Bethany's face and caressed it. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Goddess," Bethany said in hoarse voice.

"What do you feel?"

"My back and arm is hurting"

"I know what else?"

"My throat felt dry."

Mariel, Marissa's mother came up and bowed at me.

"Can I get a cold water please?"

"Yes, Goddess."

She quickly left and I hold Bethany's hand.

"I'm sorry, Goddess. I only brought one demon back."

"Hey, don't be sorry." I smiled at her. "I should be more thankful for you. At this moment, I will protect you since you are carrying a child." I placed my hand to her stomach. "That demon was after you because the baby. I might've take you back to Psyche. You'll be safer there."

"Baby?" She asked. I smiled at her and nodded.

"The baby will be the next Generation like the others."

Outside, I watched as Nicholas fought the gigantic shadow demon while Calvin was fighting the little ones. Andrew came to us quickly and checked on us.

"We are fine, Andrew. I know that you are tired, but the students needs protection."

"Goddess of Soul visit the dormitories at the moment. Thunder is also there." Andrew said like he's seeing through the walls of the academy. "I don't know what else is there. "I'm sorry, Goddess. I am responsible for the students but I let this happened." He said softly.

I am getting tired of them blaming themselves.

"There's no one to blame? Okay? I let them open the portals, I will deal with this myself." I stood and tucked in Bethany. "Stay here, I will go to the dormitories so no one else would get hurt next."

I walked in the corridor and the slithering demons that wanted to approached me hissed back like they've been hurt from the unseen light. One way to banish them from the Academy is to throw them back to the portal. I went to the storage room. Thunder's seal is around it as the demons tried to come out. Behind it, Abyss's face appeared and he smiled at me.

"Are you happy for hurting me, Adhiti?" He asked like it's a whisper on my ear.

"Leave this children alone, Abyss."

"What can I get in exchange?"

"I'll forgive you from what you did."

He laughed at me.

"No" he shook his head as he chuckled sardonically. "The time you deceive me ask for war"

"How about those times that you deceived me and the above world. Abyss, if you keep doing this, I have no choice but to bring you to eternal sleep."

"You can't bring me eternal sleep. We are just the same, Adhiti. The same who was made by our father."

"We are not the same." I smirked at him and turned back. Nicholas was fast as he sliced something from behind before it even touch me. I saw Soul and Death in their astral form.

They have the demons on their hands as I stepped back. Thunder opened the portal. Soul showed her light while Death pulled the demons who were restraining and trying to leave.

I watched as the portal sipped in the demons and send them back to hell.

"Goddess!" Calvin screamed. "My wife~~" As he run quickly toward us.

I run back to the clinic and Nicholas lifted me so we could go there quickly. Bethany started vomiting blood and she's holding her stomach as she cried. I lifted her dress and saw a mark on her stomach.

"Goddess, please" Calvin begged as he fell on his knees crying. My heart clenches seeing Bethany that way.

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