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  • Genres : Adventure -  Romance -  Comedy -  Drama -  Transmigration -  handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Female Protagonist -  Devoted Love Interests -  Power Couple -  Modern Day -  Showbiz -  Mature Protagonist -  Hidden Abilities -  Mysterious Past -  System Administrator -  Possessive Characters -  Doting Love Interests -  Acting -  World Hopping -  Cold Love Interests -  Famous Protagonist -  Smart Couple -  Carefree Protagonist -  Artificial Intelligence -  Obsessive Love -  Childish Protagonist -  Glasses-wearing Love Interests -  Love Interest Falls in Love First -  Appearance Different from Actual Age -  Anti-social Protagonist -  Hospital
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Quick Transmigration: The Villains Sweet Wife summary:

The simple and pure System: Host, who are you?Quan Nai: I am just a big weakling.System: We’re letting you go to purify villains, not take advantage of it!The villain smiled dotingly.That year under a fully blooming moon, the villain smiled with a scalpel in hand, “How about always staying beside me?”It was also peaceful that year, the villain threw over a marriage certificate, “The emperor bestowed you a marriage, do you dare not marry?”Or that calm year, the villain packaged himself up, “Master, you promised, you would keep anything that disciple gave you.”System: Both the heroine and the hero have the protagonist aura, how come it doesn’t work on the host??Many years later.The no longer simple and pure System: Host, who are you really?Quan Nai: I’m just a weakling.The male lead is a refined and gentle failure, the female lead is mysterious and unstable (thinks bipolar).- Description from Novelupdates

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