A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 315

315 Please Go To Home..

Anna's POV:

I am scared for the sudden attack on us; I didn't understand what's happening; I am trying to pull Mark under the shield beside me, but he is not responding. Suddenly I heard something hit on the table and Tom started his firing in the air, there is a chance that the bullet may hit Mark or Tom. The thought itself drained my energy, I don't know what to do, and I don't know how to save them. I am helpless. For one second I thought I should have to get up from the floor and save Mark by standing before him, the moment I got the thought I tried to get up, but Mona holds my hand and stopped me. I can't take the pain, and I collapsed once again by looking at Mark, I can't live without him. What if something happened...



Nothing will happen to him...

He will be safe, and nothing happened to any one of us, we all will be safe, and we all lead a happy life. I closed my eyes and started praying to God. My tears are outburst, and I am getting the flashes of Mark, I am getting the flashes of our sweet memories and his smiling face...

Hoo God, please you take everyone from our lives, please save us and let us lead a happy life. In between my cry and prey, I heard massive gunfire shots; I closed my eyes more tightly and scared even more, and I don't have the strength to open my eyes to check Mark, but suddenly someone pulled me close to his chest, I can understand it's Mark by listening to the sound of the heartbeat, I started crying by holding him. I have no strength to look at him because I am scared to face if he is bleeding.

"Anna, look at me; I am safe."

The moment I heard his words, I feel like I got my life back; I take a long breath to relieve, but I can't handle my tears, after a few seconds I checked Mark and Tom, and both of them are safe. Mark tried to make me calm down in the name of the red dress girl, but when he is kissing me, my emotions outburst again, and I started crying again by holding him...

After a few minutes, we all get stabilized, but suddenly, Mark scream.

Mark: Anna, what happened to you?

(I didn't understand and looked at Mark his eyes are teary and he is staring into my hands, I immediately looked into my hands and realized my hands are bleeding.)

Anna: Mark, don't worry, it's just a minor cut caused by the break of ice-cream cup.

(Mark didn't listen to me and wiping my hands towards his shirt to clean the blood and checked my wound on my palm.)

Anna: Mark, no need to be worry; it's just a minor cut.

(Meanwhile, Mona looked at my hand to check and turned to Mark.)

Mona: Nothing serious, Mark, it's just a cut.

Mark: No, Mona, Ria got the same cut on her hand.

(By listening to Mark, I understand why he is so much worried, Ria suicide by cutting her hand with a knife. So Mark is worried by looking at the cut on my hand.)

Mona: Mark, please stay calm. It didn't cut Anna's nerves so that she will be safe and nothing happened to her like Ria.

(By finishing her words Mona takes the hanky and tie my hand to clot the bleeding. Mark immediately pulled me close and controlling his emotions by taking a long breath. In his snuggle I lost my world, and I forgot everything, I feel relieved, and my energy was refilled...

We all stay there in the same way for a few more minutes. Suddenly, Tom's phone started ringing, and Tom answered it. The call is from cops, and he gave some instructions to them, and the cops check the ground and come to us and said everything was cleared. We feel a bit free, and we all four went out of the tables shield, and Mona immediately went to the bodies and checked their pulse and eyes and said to Tom to shift them to her hospital.

Meanwhile, Mark holds Mona's and my hand caressingly and lead to the car. We all three started to Mona's hospital, and Mona giving instructions to her juniors, in-between Tom along with an ambulance, came to the hospital. Mona immediately takes them into the emergency room. There are two men one is heavily bled and striving to survive. Another man just lays unconscious, and I can see a few blood strains on his back. I want to know who tried to attack on us.

Anna: Mark, out of two, who tried to attack you?

Mark: The men who got wounded on his spine, I think he will get consciousness in a few hours.

Tom: Yes, it's just a bottle shot, and I am sure soon he will get consciousness, but I am worried about another innocent man who got attacked by the bullets.

Anna: What?

Mark: Yes Anna, he tried to attack on Tom and Tom escaped from the bullets, but accidentally it hits to the innocent men.

Anna: OMG, hope he should recover soon...

Mark: Yes, he will definitely recover because it's Mona's treatment.

Tom: Mark, it's better if you and Anna go to home...

Mark: No, Tom...

Tom: Mark, listen to me, it's not safe to stay here.

Mark: Please Tom, I will stay here, I want to know who is trying to attack us. So I will wait until he gets consciousness and that's final.

Tom: No, Mark, please try to understand, it's better if you and Anna stay at home and I promise I will call you the moment he got consciousness.

Mark: He may try to escape, Tom, I don't want to take any chances...

Tom: No way, Mark, I appointed security and there is no chance he can escape, and I personally stay in his room after Mona is done with her treatment and I warned Mona to give anaesthesia dosage for 12 hours, so he can't attack her in the middle of her treatment and he can't try to escape from us.

(After finishing his words, Tom looked at me and signalled me to convince Mark, I understand what Tom means, he can't protect everyone, if we go to our home, it's easy for him to secure Mona and look upon the attacker. If we stay here, he will take pressure to protect us, and I personally feel it's better to go to home for Mark's safety. So I hold Mark's hand and make a try to convince him.

Anna: Mark, let,s go to home, the moment he got consciousness, Tom will inform us, and we can start immediately from home.

Mark: Anna..!

Anna: Please Mark, please let's go home.

(When I am convincing him, Mona came to us along with some first aid kit.)

Mona: Move, Mark, give me access to give treatment to Anna...

(Mark immediately move aside and Mona sits in the chair and pulled my hand towards her.)

Anna: Mona, you can treat me later, it's just a minor cut.

(She immediately looked at me with a serious note.)

Mona: How can you say that, Anna?

I should say it is minor or major cut and you are more important to me than anyone else. I will first give my treatment to you; then the others come next.

(Mark immediately chuckled for her words but she ignored and started taking off the hanky which she tied earlier.)

Mark: Mona, to whom you will give your treatment in the first instance if Anna and I both got injured?

Mona: Obviously, Anna...

And I don't give my treatment to you; instead, I will kill you for your teasing towards me.

(She said in an angry tone for Mark's teasing and I understand Mark is trying to make her calm down with his teasing.)

Mark: Thank God,

Mona: Why are you thanking God?

Mark: I may die if I take your treatment Mona, luckily you are saving me by not giving your treatment...

(Tom and I laughed for his teasing and Mona stand instantly by pointing the medical knife towards Mark, and in a few seconds we all laughed, and Mona started dressing my wound. While Tom and Mark are busy in speaking about the incident.)

Tom: Mark, I want to check the CCTV footage of your party.

Mark: Sure, Tom, the moment I reach my home I will forward it to you and I am sure he attends the party, and I guess he is the one who poisoned Rubeus uncle.

Mona: And now both of you are requesting me to save his life?

Tom: Please Mona darling, save him until we finish our interrogation later I will handover him to you

Marn: And you can kill him with your proper treatment.

(Mona again getup by holding the knife to warn Mark. We all laughed by looking at their Tom and Jerry fight. Mona again started dressing my wound, and I stand still like a statue and closed my eyes to resist the pain when she is cleaning it with the spirit.)

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