Dead Man’s Harem R 18. Since I Can’t Kill Myself I’ll Find Other Wa Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Chapter 60 The World Tier Lich

Chapter 60 The World Tier Lich

Words could not express how much damage was generated from the explosive power of that ball of mana Devon managed to create in his stomach, which expanded outwards like a miniature black hole and created a shock wave so violent that it seemed like the air itself was warping and folding upon itself.

Devon's body was ripped apart from the inside out from the violent shockwave, but just like always, his passive [Dead man walking] kicked in and prevented him from dying.

The gorilla demon was not so lucky, losing an arm and half of his shoulder, although he was still alive, breathing shallow breaths.

Petunia, also known as Patrick, escaped the blast relatively unharmed because he got knocked backwards by the wind pressure. He shook his head before sitting up from his prone position, just to witness one of the most perplexing scenes he'd ever seen in his entire life.

Actual blobs of flesh were moving together, like a slime coalescing, forming a bloody shape of a human. Then the muscles began to form, and then the skin on top of that. Just a few minutes later, and that young man from earlier was reassembled, intact with the rabbit ear hair piece he was wearing prior to death as well as that stupid pair of shorts with a fluffy white rabbit tail affixed behind. Somehow, even his clothes were reconstructed.

Patrick could not believe his eyes. He fought through a four month long campaign during the Holy War, fighting against actual necromancers, and even then he never saw a sight quite as baffling as what he just witnessed. Even the most powerful lich from the underworld could not replicate what Devon just did. Undead humans risen from the grave came back as torn and broken versions of what they used to be, with haggard faces and bits of flesh hanging from where they were not supposed to hang, and yet Devon was reborn completely anew, with flawless skin and not a hint of decay or anything of that sort.

Patrick came to just one natural conclusion. Either this Devon kid was a never before seen world-tier lich that could raze entire cities by his own hands, or what he just saw was some sort of illusion, a hoax, or a delusion.

Devon brushed his clothes off and grabbed the moonlight steel sword from the porch of the country house, unsheathing it while walking towards the gorilla demon laying just a few meters to the side of the center of the crater in the dirt.

"This is revenge for throwing me around as a rag," Devon said solemnly, his face a bit gaunt and pained. He raised the moonlight steel sword and plunged it downwards, right into the gorilla demon's chest.

The gorilla demon let out a low grunt and a deathly wail, flailing its arms and legs uselessly as the moonlight steel sword pierced its heart and sapped the life out of the rampaging demon.

A strange notification appeared in front of his eyes.

[You have slain a demon.]

[Your strength has increased.]

[Your physical power has increased.]

[Your fortitude has increased.]

Now this was a first. Devon had killed before, notably some of the bandits that were attacking Cissy just a few days ago. But he never received some sort of notification until today. It seemed like slaying demons was a special task that rewarded him with a bit of extra power.

The noble girls all fled with the slaves, and the only witness to this entire procession of events was Petunia. He was the last loose end, so to speak.

Devon walked over to Petunia and stood over the giant man, the moonlight steel sword slung on his back like it was a large two handed toy stick.

"You killed the demon, and I helped," Devon said to Petunia.

"What are you talking about," Petunia replied in a gruff voice. "You clearly killed it, after that explosion."

"No," Devon replied, tapping the man's chest with his steel sword and pushing just a little to draw blood. He had no fear at all of this giant muscular man whose intimidation factor would make even the most seasoned veteran pee his pants. "You killed the demon. I just helped deliver the final blow. That's all."

"I don't understand," Petunia replied. "Why don't you want credit for the kill? You'd be rewarded by the earl for saving his family, and his estate."

"I don't want anyone to know about what happened here," Devon replied. "Capisce?"

"Suit yourself," Petunia grunted, and then nodded while standing up to his full height which towered above Devon. Looking down at the young man, he spoke with a degree of solemness in his voice. "I killed the demon, and you helped me."


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