System Evolution Of Soul Book 5 Chapter 249 2

Volume 5: Volume V Chapter 249 247: Road To Rozz Part 2

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Shit... it seems that the pervert guy those adventurers were talking about was none other than me!!

No no no! I don't remember telling those girls to make an only-women organization! I clearly told them that they could do whatever they wanted, so this can't be my fault!!

Well... I can't deny it's much better if their organization is made up of only women. They have their main headquarters next to my mansion, so having to host other men around there would be annoying.

That would break the main purpose about making our home there in the first place. Being in an isolated place, I didn't have to worry about annoying guys trying to take my girls away from me...

In fact, I didn't really want to create a pioneer village or resting point either... but seeing the girls motivated about it, I didn't want to oppose their wishes by being jealous.

"Let's go in..."


Since I had freeze looking at the name, Rika speaks for us to move forward. The soldier girls at the door quickly step aside and let us in without any problem, at first I thought they had recognized Rika or the other girls, but it seems is not just that...

When I enter this paradise made for women and by women, the attention of everyone inside is focused on us... this feeling was very similar to when I first entered the world guild, but instead looks of doubt or trying to analyze us, the eyes of those women shine the moment they noticed us.

No, more precisely, this was probably due to me being with the girls.

The reason for this was very simple, when I examine the interior of this place, the first thing that catches my attention was a large image placed behind the main reception desk and a large statue placed in the center of the rest room making me stop again...

Yes, the reason was none other than the fact that these were representations of my own image... Sh-Shit... those things were actually well done and were very similar to me! No I think they were even a little better than the real one!!

The body of the statue did not have the same slim body that I have! While it wasn't like they had put my head on the body of a bodybuilder, that statue had obviously more muscles than me!!

...that statue was like that of a brave hero who had gone through many fights overcoming all kind of adversities. Oh f.u.c.k! Even to me, who was the person which that statue with armor and a sword in his hand represented, made me feel that I wanted to be like that statue!!

Oh man... i-if someone sees those images, then they will surely think that I am a vain man that sees himself like that despite being a small skinny boy...

N-No I can't disappoint the girls who see me the same as that image. I swear I will strive to be similar to that statue and image!!

"Hehehe, you're walking in a strange manner, Alex-chan"

Damn it Revy don't make fun of me! I have no choice but to try to puff my chest as much as I can while walking so as not to break the image these girls have of me!!

"Alexander-sama! Some girls had told us yesterday that you finally returned, it really makes me happy!"

"Yes! We are happy that you returned safely! Also, we have already taken care of the organization that was involved with yesterday's attack against the mansion! "

While the other girls in this place look at us with adoration or surprise, the two girls behind the counter quickly come towards me when we start walking towards that place again.

They were a mature girl of just over 30 years old, and a girl of about 15-16 years old... if you look at them carefully, then you could see that they both have a lot of similarities between them... and that only can be because they were mother and daughter.

"Keyu-san and Kuye-chan, I'm glad you both seem to be doing well"

Like Anny, these two women also left a great impression on me and that is why I remembered them...

[They surely did, the thieves who had captured them were totally annihilated by you that time you didn't even bother to capture them and sell them as slaves...]

Aurora... you shouldn't bring up my dark past, you will make me ashamed.

But well, what Aurora says is true. When I found out that those thieves had been enjoying this pair of mother and daughter, jealousy invaded me and I ended up killing them all.

Although I previously said that Anny stood out among these girls because she was beautiful, the truth is that Gaia is very similar to those anime worlds where most of the girls are pretty. In those worlds, the leading girls may stand out more than the girls around them, but if you look carefully, then you will realize that the other girls are not as if they are bad either...

It is simply that the protagonists have something that ends up making them stand out even more than the other girls. While maybe it is true those girls may be a bit more beautiful than the rest, I think it's mostly their character or the aura around them that causes that.

Well, the point is that this pair of mother and daughters were still quite cute and I couldn't bear for them to be taken advantage of by dirty thieves!

Well, I'm glad both girls have recovered from what happened to them. Keyu-san who was the mother, perhaps being a more experienced woman, did not sink for those things. Also, Kuye-chan having the support of her mother, the lifeless eyes she had when I defeated those thieves seemed to have regained enough brightness now.

As a side note, they were both kidnapped when they were gathering some herbs outside their village to get a little more money, so it could be said that both girls could go back to their homes. It was a shame that her husband and father never published a rescue mission and also when they returned to their village, that man already had another partner with him...

"Good work, Keyu."

"Thank you, Rika-sama. All the activities of our organization are written here "

The good thing is that she was a strong woman, so she followed my words and came to Barl along with her daughter. So thanks to that character, it seems that Rika chose her to take over this branch of the "Alexander-sama's Servants" organization in Barl.

"We came here to create our organization. So if all of you are still thinking the same, then-"

"That's great! You don't need to ask, Rika-sama. Our organization will affiliate as a subordinate organization of the one Alexander-sama will create."


Listening to the conversation of both women, I learn that apparently some organizations may take others as their subordinates. That was something Rika learned from helping them make this organization in the world guild, so these girls had asked her fir us take their organization under our wing.

Unfortunately, we hadn't created ours yet the girls were surprised hearing that, but when Rika told them that we might create one soon, they asked that when we created our organization, then we should take them as subordinate organization.

Well, honestly, if these girls decided to walk their own path, although I would feel a bit sorry for them, I would have to pick up their weapons.

I have no doubt that, even without them, these girls have become quite strong. Leona not only trained on how to use weapons but also in physical combat. In fact, the girls who were guarding the door had a 3rd limit already, which had become the average strength of most of the girls, and that was a very good level in this place.

There were also girls like Keyu-san and Anny who had even opened their energy core. Well, they have been fighting monsters and some people up until now, but I think the main reason is because of the pills they received.

So I think they could continue to function as an organization relying on their own strength here on the border of the kingdom without any problems. Also, even though I have invested some resources in them, if these girls decided to go their own way, I wouldn't feel bad about it. I don't feel bad about helping beautiful women to have a better life.

But it seems that these girls did not plan to do any of that... well, even if I say it myself, the truth is that it would be strange if they decided to separate from after seeing my name in their guild...

About that, I didn't dislike it. No, I'm not going to lie... in fact, it feels great! If there is a problem, then it is only that the image these girls have about me seems to have surpassed reality... and instead of an organization, seeing the bright and yearning eyes in them, this looked more like a cult.

Well, I am glad that they are women with gratitude towards the people who helped them. Losing them now would be a great inconvenience for us.

"Keyu-san... not that I'm complaining, but... I have three questions to ask you.

Why are there girls with slave necklaces here? Why did all of you choose to be an only women's organization?

And above all, why is there a rule about the girls needed to be v.i.r.g.i.ns to join?!"

"Umm about the first question, that's because we have bought them from slave traders. They were sold by their relatives who had no other choice or who simply treated them as goods.

...Or also there are girls who were sold by thieves to dishonest slave traders.

Of course, since this is an organization and not a charity group, the girls were told that they would have to work to earn their freedom. We also did not want to help women who do not think to fight for themselves for their future!

I'm sorry... maybe that's why our income dropped a bit "

"It doesn't matter, you guys are working for this too."

"Thank you, Rika-sama!"

Since I the moment I this place, I could notice some girls who wore necklaces but since they seemed to have happy expressions, I was just a little intrigued by this. Regarding Keyu-san's response, I think it's normal for girls who were kidnapped by thieves to try to help others who had a similar fate... maybe it's just because of the ideology that was planted in them by Leona and Rika that they could not do it selflessly.

"About the second question, that's because most of the girls here, even though they may not hate all men, they do feel mistrust towards them. So letting men join would be troublesome...

Oh! Of course that doesn't apply to Alexander-sama.!!"

"It is true! All the girls here have great confidence in Alexander-sama!!"

Well... I think because of what all these girls went through, it stands to reason that they decided to do it that way. Even in HOTD similar things had happened, so it must be normal that will take a while for these women to regain their trust in men.

Well, not that I care much if this organization being made of only of women, it's just that I thought that if they admits both s.e.xes, then it will grow bigger even more quickly. Although seeing the number of women here, I don't think is necessary either.

This group started with just over 50 women... but now, just in this building should be about 100, plus, there were also about 50 at our base...

Given the little time that has passed since this organization was founded, I think this is a great growth rate... well, it may have a big influence that most of the organizations whose main work involved fighting disappeared... when we were walking through the streets before, I saw quite a few buildings that must have been the headquarters of other organizations completely empty.

"And about the last question... that's a lie"

"Yes I don't know why that strange rumor suddenly spread. The only requirement to be part of our organization is to be a woman, to exceed the 3rd limit, and not to be wanted by the Kingdom or another organization as a criminal.

Maybe some girls who were rejected for not fulfilling those requirements spread those rumors because they were angry that we did not accept them?"

I don't think that these girls were dirty or were inferior than others because of what happened, but it seemed a bit cruel to me that they rejected other girls for not being v.i.r.g.i.ns knowing that they could be despised for their past. But it seems that rule was a just false rumor...

Mother and daughter look at me with a bit of pity perhaps because it would tarnish my reputation or something similar. But to be honest, even though that's a bit annoying, it's not like I care much about it either. There are worse rumors after all... like certain guys who are still having trouble finding a girlfriend because of a strange rumor until now.

"Well, if it's just a rumor then don't worry about it. It will probably disappear with some time "

"" Yes... but we will find the person responsible for those strange rumors and make them pay for tainting Alexander-sama's name! "

Well, if it's just some disgruntled girls, then I'd like them to drop it. But there is also the possibility that it is due to some men being envious too... if that's the case, then I think it would be nice if they make them pay for it.

We talked a little longer about the things of this organization, and then we finally go to the world guild that was in front of this building.

There, like before, Mary, Emilia-chan, and Revy receive their guild card after a few minutes of waiting. The last two watched their new ID with interest, but the former, after giving it a simple observation, put it in her pocket without much interest in it.

The process to establish our organization is very simple, so after I handed my, Kurisu, Saeko, Shisuka, Saya, Rika, Rei, Leona, and the previous three girls' guild cards, the process ends pretty fast.

In the end, our organization is named "Apeiro Family", its insignia was the same that I worn on the military uniforms in HOTD, and our headquarters were now in the Eltin Forest. Also, Keyu-san makes the organization run by her subordinate to ours.

To be honest, this is a bit anticlimactic a part of me expected there to be bells, fireworks, and shouting from the crowd, but... unfortunately, there was none of this. Come on! I was founding my harem, so it would be nice if the world guild gave more importance to this!!

Well, I had to settle with the receptionist being surprised when reviewing our cards due to the strength of the girls and mine, who were founding an organization for the first time... after all, we all exceeded the 5th limit.

Organization: Apeiro Family

Range: H-2

Head of family: Alexander Ilios Apeiro- 8th limit


9th limit - 2 (Mary, Revy)

8th limit - 2(Leona, Saeko )

7th limit - 3( Rika, Saya, Emilia)

6th limit - 3 (Kurisu, Shisuka, Rei]

Headquarters: Eltin Forest

Subordinate Organizations: "Alexander-sama's Servants " Rank : I-2

It was also good to see the reaction of the girls who got a little nervous, smiling, or blushing after seeing "Apeiro Family" next to their names after the receptionist returned their guild card to them.

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