Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1: Catastrophe And Mystical Academy Chapter 12 Catastrophe: Cyclopes

My heart was beating fast and my adrenaline rushed. I jumped off from the car in not normal way. Maybe, because of the adrenaline rushed, makes me jump like that. I was about to grab a metallic tube on the corner but Andrew grabbed me and pushed me back to the car while Nick is fighting the man with a silver sword using his supernatural strength.

Andrew had taken the metallic tube from the corner and throws it to Nick. I look down at my shaking hands hesitating to use it or not. But I cannot see them fighting the man in one eye like a small giant. I glanced at them and I almost scream when Andrew was thrown to the parked red car and it get smashed.

I was about to open the door or jumped out the car but Nick had closed the convertible car with a now hood and the door is locked and the windshield is up. I knock and knock shouting them to open it but they didn't.

"Jake!" I scream when I saw him running down the stairs from the room we rented. "Go back!" I warned him but he didn't listen. He run to me instead. When he glanced at the man his eyes dilated and jaw drops.

"F-fu-What the f.u.c.k?!" he exclaimed.

"Shit! I f.u.c.k.i.n.g told you to go back!" I scream at him.

My eyes widens when Nick was thrown to the big tree and the tree breaks into two. Now, the man is walking towards us. I told Jake to run away but he is damn stubborn and he positioned for defense. I rolled my eyes and sigh. When the monster lifted the silver sword Jake stepped back.

I saw the keys of the car on the ground and it accidentally stepped by Nick so the car opens. I immediately pushed the door and pull Jake before he got hit. I face the monster. I don't have a choice but to use it. I breathed a warm and lift my hand. I don't know why I feel so heat up and burning. I pushed my hand as a blue turning to red fire comes out as it hit the monster. I put down my hands and suddenly feel like I had run in miles and out of breathe. I inhale, however, it is not time to rest.

I was about to blow another fire but Jake grabbed me away from the monster. I stopped and pull my hand from him.

"Hey, I know it is amazing that you got that fire-power but you we are in danger"

I didn't speak to him and turn back to the monster. The fire didn't kill him. He lifted the sword. I lift my left hand and make a big blue fireball. I throw it to his face and he growls in pain. A cold arms grapple me.

"Calm down," his voice soothes me and makes me calm down. "Hold up your fire." I did as what he said because he's hypnotizing me.

"Catastrophe!" Jake calls and my eyes dilated. I pushed Andrew and was about to attack the monster uncontrollably but it makes my eyes more wide when the head of the monster got cut and it fall on the ground and rolls in front of the car.

A big thud wakes me up from shocked and his body is now lying on the ground with no head. Green is the color of his blood. I unconsciously walk towards it but someone blocked it from my sight. I look up at Nick who got a green stain blood from the beast on his face.

"Cool, what is it called?" Andrew asked.

"Half human-half Cyclopes." Nick answers. I look down on the head of the hybrid monster and it is quickly decaying into ashes. A warm hand scoop my cheek and I look straight into his eyes. "Nice, so you know how to use fire." He told me. "Your eyes are like fire too."

"Let me see!" Andrew sounds excited and he run behind Nick to take a look closer to me. "Woah! That is awesome!" I blinks and immediately pushed Nick. When I turn behind me Jake clutch my arm and scoop my cheek.

"We are going back to our town. This place is not safe, C," he sounds worried and afraid.

"She's safe with us." Andrew speaks. "Besides, she's not an ordinary girl, kid." Jake glare at Andrew behind me.

"Safe with you? She nearly got killed!" Jake scowl at them. I dropped my shoulder and got startled when Andrew grabbed me from Jake. He pushes me to Nick that makes me tripped and fall in his arms.

"Alright, here, buddy." Andrew makes him look into his eyes. "You never see this catastrophic scene and you left the hostel after Catastrophe dumped you. You moved on and have a better s.e.x with other girls. Now go and leave the hostel."

In a snapped he makes Jake obeyed. Jake left the hostel with his truck. And I, I am still at Nick's arms. I felt his lips kisses my temple but I am too drained to push him away. Andrew turned with a playful smile on his lips and looked at me.

"You look pale, you better take a nap for a short trip." He told me. I gently pushed Nick and walk towards the passenger seat of the car. I close the door and lean my head as I close my eyes.

I felt the closing of the door on the driver seat and suddenly, I felt his warm breath on my jaw and his scent enters my nostrils. When I open my eyes he stopped and stare at my eyes for a moment. I blink and he immediately buckle up my seatbelt.

I had fallen asleep on the travel and wake up with a warm hand on my left hand. I look down on his left hand that I just noticed that he got a tattoo that looks like infinite circles with a red dot on the middle.

"We are here," he murmurs.

I slipped my hand from him and turn on the window outside. A white stair case is waiting for us. I open the door and blinks a few times. I look around to be amazed on the garden and there's a gazebo with full of vines and orchids and other kinds of crawling flowers. I was too amazed to notice that everyone are in front of me.

There are Mr. and Mrs. Patterson and their sons, Andrew and Patrick and lastly is Nick who kissed on Mrs. Patterson's cheek greeting her like his mother.

"I am grateful that you arrived safely." Mrs. Patterson said happily. I nod my head and gave a little smile which is more like a force one. She run to me and scoop my arm as she lead me or more like dragging me inside the house. "Boys, ready the foods."

"Yes, Mom." The three young men answers. I glanced at Mr. Patterson who is all staring at me. He quickly smile at me and I just nod.

They had prepare a very delicious dinner. They are all talkative, talking such topics that I can't catch up. I am just listening while they are laughing, happy talking like a real family. I had never been in a dinner like this before as Catastrophe. I and George are silent when eating dinner while the phonograph is playing the classical music. We sometimes talk about school and lessons that I should take up.

"So, Catastrophe, how's your father?" Mr. Patterson asked.

"He's in a safe condition. He is somewhere around the world for his research." I answer that he immediately agreed.

"Is he not worried that you are in a great peril?" Mrs. Patterson asked.

"Well, of course he won't get worried. For the first reason that he knew that I can take care of myself and the second reason is he doesn't have enough empathy. However, I know deep inside that he is worried." I sipped on my fruit juice. A furry cat purrs on my feet and I immediately pull away my feet.

"Oh, I'm sorry about Katherine. She's always like that to people."

She called the cat and it runs to her. She gave a piece of a shrimp and goes back with a smile. The rest of the dinner, eating with them is very great. It makes me feel guiltier as it crushes my heart inside me. The story was wonderful however, I feel depressed on it that they are implying or making a move to tell me who Adhiti is in their lives. She wasn't me and I feel so sorry that they still can't accept that she's dead. I had killed Adhiti very long time ago.

I decided to go at the gazebo and admire the fireflies around. I feel like everywhere I go these fireflies are stalking me. It is just depressing that I cannot talk to them or say a word that I missed them. I look up the cloudy gloomy sky where they are all covering the big moon. It was a disappointment not seeing the moon.

A light from the woods caught my eyes. She was glimmering in white as sparks flies are around her. The hind is directly looking at me with those wonderful eyes. Though she's not a human I can see that she admires me and I admire her too. The sound of engine and car in front of the house makes her go away.

"Oh, there you are!" the happy face of Mrs. Patterson pops out from the lawn door. "Come inside. It's cold here and Eliza and Marissa are here for movie marathon."

"Okay," I stood from the bench and walk inside. I stopped and glanced at where I saw the white deer.

"Do you like our lawn?" she asked me while she's waiting on the door.

"Yes. It's beautiful and relaxing in here." She agreed with me. She scoop my arm and show me to the wide living room where there are beautiful comfortable couches.

On the open door I saw Nick's back where there's a white arms around his neck. He was bending a little and the figure in front of him is kissing him. I looked at Marissa who peek on Patrick and Andrew. When she saw me she shrieks and run to me with hugs. I was bit taken aback but I have to get used to it.

"I am glad that you are here. I heard about the attack" she babbles talkatively as she pushed me for her to see me. "I didn't expect that Cyclones can be in town walking with swords." Is she joking and trying to be hilarious?

"Dear," Patrick weaned. I looked at him with quizzical face and he smile patiently. "C, she's just kidding about it." he can read my mind and body language so it is easy for him to say that?

We get settled in front of the big TV screen on the couches. I was sitting between Mrs. Patterson at my right and Andrew on my left side. Andrew's arm is around my back shoulder and he was so closed to me. Mrs. Patterson's head is leaning to her husband who is sitting next to her.

Patrick and Marissa are on the loveseat cuddling at each other while Nicholas and Eliza are on the bag couch who are just silent. Nick looked uncomfortable while Eliza is confident, happy and excited. I focus on the television for the introduction of the Conjuring 2.

How can I escape from these people around me? Sure, they were all happy because they are complete. I feel like suffocated. I feel so much in pain seeing that everything around me are lies and back stabber. I just feel like inside this room everyone are liar and back stabber.

I glanced at Marissa who is staring at me all this time. She might had noticed my expression and quietness. But I am always quiet and serious. She smiled at me sweetly and leans her head on Patrick. They looked so adorable together but I shouldn't be emotional about that.

I closed my eyes and open it again. It is aching and feels like my eyelids will fall anytime. I glanced at my wrist watch and interrupt.

"I think I should go." I told them.

"Who told you to go?" Nick asked me.

"Nobody. Obviously." I answered him.

"No, sweetheart. We can't let you go out. It is too dark outside and dangerous for you." Mrs. Patterson said as she put her hand over mine on my thigh.

"Yes. And on what happened a while ago in the town, I won't ever let it happen again." Mr. Patterson added.

"Are you sleepy and tired?" Andrew asked. "Come on," he said and stood. "I will lead you to my sister's room where you can use."


"Ashu-shu!" Andrew interrupted. "No more reasons and rejections." He's really importunate.

"I will help her settled." Marissa stood from her seat leaving Patrick alone. She tiptoes running to me and scoop my hand and leads me upstairs. On the corridors are full of family pictures where I saw the face of a person the same with me, when I looked at myself in the mirror.

There's a white door and has luminous stickers. Andrew open it and saw a room with full of luminous stars around and the painting of forest around using a luminous painting. There are also plants on the balcony and it looks more like a garden. My box where my shopping bags are settled on the corner. Marissa enters a door inside the room and Andrew walk around in front of me.

"This is a fascinating room." I said looking around.

"We painted and designed everything here for my baby sister. She was fond of nature or I should say too attached."

"Hmm," I just nod my head as I crossed my arms.

"So, feel at home."

"Thank you." He gaze at me for a while with those sad eyes. Then he kissed my forehead.

"Good night, C." he said and leave. I stealthily let out a sigh and Marissa get out from the small room. She smiles at me and open my box without saying anything.

"Nice, fashion."

"I am not a fashionable person." I told her. She stood and walk towards me.

I was taken aback when she grabbed my arm and pull me closer to her. Her eyes are burning and glows in hazelnut. Those piercing eyes looks directly to me with warning.

"I know who you are, I know what you are and deep inside you are Adhiti. But whatever you're doing is torturing us because of our loved to Adhiti. I am warning you to never ever trust anyone around here." She's speaking in a very weird warning tone. I feel goose bumps all over me and a weird shivers on my spine. She lose her grips on me and stepped back. She shook her head and her eyes are not glowing or burning anymore.

What the f.u.c.k.i.n.g hell just happened to her?

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