Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1: Catastrophe And Mystical Academy Chapter 5 Adhiti's Past 01: She Who Was Loved

So freaking! Ugh! I hate that man. Geez. I feel like burning up and ready to explode. If ever I see that man, I will totally kill him. I started marching around the corridor of our school named Mystery Academy. I still don't know why it is called like that but, who cares?

"Adhi," Marissa called. I waved her off. "Oh, she's pissed off." Yup! She knows that I am freaking pissed off.

My eyes get wide when I saw him with a gorgeous guy. But never mind about that guy. I pointed my forefinger to the gorgeous guy but I sighed and stopped. My freaking brother is hiding behind the gorgeous guy.

"Ah, hi?" the gorgeous guy said. I bit my lower lip because I can't take my temper anymore.

"Get off!" I yelp that probably get the student's attention on the corridor. "You bastard!" I run to the gorgeous guy but he wasn't the person I wanted to attack.

I push this gorgeous guy aside and grabbed my brother's ears. I started dragging him by his ear while he is complaining from the pain. I don't care about the pain on his ear. I wanted to damn, slammed him on the wall.

"Ow! A-hh-Adhi!" he complains. "P-Please! Don't do this! It gives me less cool guy here!"

"I don't give a shit on you, Andrew!" I scowl at him. He holds my wrist and I stopped. I look down at him. "You give my phone number to your hookers and they keep sending me those disgusting photos!"

"II can explain." I stopped and shifted my hand on his collar and grabbed him.

"Now! Explain!" I glared at him and say those two words in more slow threat.

"Iwell, it wasn't my fault. I" he is stammering, totally thinking for an escape. I frown at him even more. "You know that I love you, my Adhi..." he pouted doing the puppy eyes but I wasn't affected because I was so damn mad at him.

"I told you to explain!" I scowl at him.

"Something wrong here, sweetie?" I glare at the gorgeous guy a while ago who is removing the dirt on his coat.

"It is not your f.u.c.k.i.n.g business, dude."

"Woah!" he hands up. I look back sharply at my brother.

"Come on Adhi, just give me kisses and I will treat you on the weekend. How about"

"No!" I squeeze my fist on his collar and he got those scared look on his face. Yeah, get intimidated on me, brother.

"Adhiti!" I didn't unlock my glare on Andrew though my other older brother is calling me. "Just let it go, sweetie." He said softly. I push Andrew hard on the wall and punch the air in front of his face. Just an inch away from his gorgeous face. And it seemed like few strands of his hair covering his forehead flew a little.

"I am not so done on you, Andrew!" I scowl at him. I felt Patrick's arm around my shoulder and put my fist down.

"What did this old man did to you again?"

"Well, he just" I pressed my face on his chest dramatically and started sobbing hard. But I wasn't cryingjust acting like crying. "Huhu... he's so bad..." he squeezed me and rubbed my arm. I sighed and pushed my brother away. Yes, I am a spoiled brat and a drama queen. "He just give my numbers to some nymphomaniac's"

"They are not nymphomaniacs..." he corrected. I roll my eyes.

"They started sending me their disgusting fake b.o.o.b.s and nude pictures and then they started calling me through video call." I said it straight glaring at him. "In. The. Middle. Of. My. Class" I furrow like really going to kill him.

"You did that Andrew?" Patrick asked. He's a nerdy one and a matured thinker one while Andrew is a cool guy and a childish one though he's the oldest on us.

"We-well..." he is stammering again.

"Why did you do that?" he immediately knows. Horay! Patrick is the most intelligent man I know. I smirked at Andrew. He will be toast by Patrick.

"P-p-patrick..." he stammers and his lips started curving and like he's going to cry.

Patrick frowns at him. That, my brother can be intimidating. Sometimes he can be more charming but if he gets mad... he totally gets mad. I smirked at Andrew who meet my eyes.

"Take him for me Ricky..." I told him.

Patrick stretches his fingers and makes a snapping sound. I smirked at Andrew even more and Patrick stepped forward. I stepped back and flip my hair and walk to the corridor. I saw Eliza my best friend... well, a new best friend. Marissa was my childhood best friend because she was living next door but her house is a little bit far away.

When I saw Eliza my face lit up and was about to run to her but a hunk guy block my way. I look up at him and he is smiling at me from ear to ear. I raise my eyebrow just to tell him that I am annoyed and not interested. He is a friend of Andrew, maybe and I don't like his friends.

"What?" I asked him coldly, but damn... he was gorgeous.

"So," he glanced at my two brothers who are probably talking. But it was more like an interrogation. "Andrew is your brother and also, Patrick?" he asked me.

"Can you just..." I pushed him aside by his chest. "Move away. I am quite in a hurry." The bell rings and it is time for me to go to my perfect place here where I am very near to my nature.

I run to Eliza and gave her my flash drive for her to check on our report in literature. I told her that I will go and I run excitedly outside the building. I run to the beautiful garden to the beautiful apple tree. It is the only apple tree around here.

"Hey, it's been a long time, huh." I told the apple tree but the truth is, it is just ten hours ago. "You don't mind if I climb and sit on your branches?" I asked the tree. The branches shake and a few leaves fall. I giggle. I don't know why I can talk to the flowers and to the trees but they are responding every time I asked them.

I climb to the tree and leans on his huge trunk. I smile on how soothing it is. I look at the chirping birds on a nest. I say hi to them and they chirps as a response. I sigh and pull my feet on the thick strong branch that I am sitting. I cross my ankle and close my eyes.

"Are you not going to come down for the next subject?" Marissa asked me. I look down at her and smile.

"I am just chilling because of whatsoever prank he did to me." I said and lean my head back to the trunk.

"Just so you know, I really like your brother." She said frankly and leans on the tree. I giggle thinking that he like my crazy brother Andrew. It is not so Marissa.

"Get your life be ruined if you dated Andrew..."

"No! Not Andrew..." I can feel her face redden and her voice with the hint of tickles.

"Get out!" I exclaimed. No, hell no. She like Patrick?! That is so damn... geez... she's in love with him? What should I do? I don't want her to get hurt.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you sooner. But since we were kids, I like him very much. He's so much caring and so much sweet." She said it so soft like she's whispering on the wind with full of admiration. Oh, geez. She is in love with Patrick. I had noticed it before but never mind.

"That is so... unexpected, Best." I jump off from the trunk of Apple and drop my butt on the grass. "It is not just, admiration, but I guess you are in love with my big bro." I told her. She let out a sigh.

"Of course he will just see me as his little sister."

"Guys!" Eliza waves on us. "Come on inside!" she sign us.

"Here comes Miss Good Girl." I murmur to Marissa that makes her laugh out loud.

Eliza grimaced though she was away. She knew that we are talking about her being a Good Girl. She was a good girl after all. She didn't escape classes and her grades are high. I haven't met her parents but I guess they had taking care of her in very good way. She's kind and very sweet.

I and Marissa gets up and race to Eliza. I stopped for a while catching my breath when I heard a very alluring voice calling me through the wind. They both looked at me probably noticing my weirdness.

"What's wrong?" Marissa asked. I look up the blue sky and back to them.

"You go back, I will just check on something." I told them. They nods and went back inside.

I face the apple tree that is away from me. I stopped to see a lady standing next to the tree wearing a very clean white long dress. She smiles at me and I smiled back at her. I had seen her in my dreams and I hear her singing a lullaby when I can't sleep. I don't know what she is or is she a ghost or an illusion but I am not afraid of her. I was walking to her but the bell rings

"Sorry, I need to go." I told her. She wiggles her fingers to me and I smile at her.

I run and run to the corridor and on the corner, I bump to someone that makes me fall hard on the concrete ground. Ouch, my butt is in pain and my spine. Damn! Who is this rock man?! I wince with close eyes and look up to yelp at the guy. I stopped when it is someone I had met earlier.

"You again?!" I murmur. He smiled at me. "Why are you smiling?" I asked him with irritation. He hurt me and he is still smiling. Is he some kind of sadistic psychopath?

"Aren't we destined to each other?" he asked as he walk towards me and extend his hands to me.

"No. Probably not." I said with grunts as I took his hands and he gently pull me up. "You know, the impact on me is a big effect because I was running and I think I break my bones." I murmur and trying to move my spine straight.

"Then," I shriek when he carried me into his arms. "I will bring you to the clinic."

"No!" I pushed his face because it was so close to mine. "Put me down!" I complain.

"You said you are hurt."

"Of course, I am. Who wouldn't be!?" I shout at him.

"We are very closed to each other and you don't need to shout." He said it calm and cool. Oh, damn! He's getting into my nerves plus, he smell damn attractive. He gently put me down and I get away from him and furrowed. "I" I raise my hand for him to stop talking.

"Shush!" then I walk out.

I get back to our room where Mrs. Hudson is discussing about the history. They stopped and looked at me. Mrs. Margarethe Hudson is the Headmistress of the school and she takes few subjects.

"Miss Patterson, chop-chop." She told me and I walk briskly to my chair.

I open my drawer on my table and pick my world history book. I listen attentively while my cheek leans on my palm ignoring the pain on my butt. I saw someone watching me on my peripheral vision. I look at the door to see the guy again waving at me. I rolled my eyes and focus on the topic about Alexander the Great.

I walk on the corridor with tired eyes and my eyes lit up to see Katherine. She got a boom black fur. She purrs and walk towards me, rubbing herself on my feet.

"Ohh," I sit on my heels and patted her. "You are so fat. Don't you ever think about dieting?" I asked her. "You poor Katherine..." she purrs and closed her eyes as I gently scratch her chin. I carried her and walk towards my room.

I don't have a roommate yet and I own the whole room. There is a four poster bed that my father made for me. My parents are teachers and mentors in the Mystical Academy. Our academy was different from normal one. The school is the one who chooses the students that can enter around the world.

Some people have supernatural powers, like ESP, an ability to heal, ability to read minds, ability to see the past, ability to see disastrous events, ability to move things with their minds only, and ability to teleport. I? I don't know why they choose me or is it because my parents are teachers? But since I when was a kid, I had shown a big affection through nature.

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