Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: Catastrophe And Mystical Academy Chapter 7 Adhiti's Past 02: The Magic Of First Love

Oh yeah! So, when I visited my brother's room I got totally shocked. Totally! That freak! When I squeeze the door I heard some creaking sound. Then a weird groaning and m.o.a.ning sound of persons. Next, when I had enteredShit! Andrew is f.u.c.k.i.n.g enjoying the s.e.x with a girl on his bed. He was behind her while they are making somethinguhhI don't know

"Ahhhh!" yeah! I did scream. They scuffled and covered their selves. I put my hands on my eyes and squeals. "Andrew!" I shout at him.

"Baby, what the hell are you doing here?!" he scowls at me. "I was near to the climax and you damn interrupted!" I heard that there are sounds of moving, creaking and sound of cloth.

"Why are doing that inside your room!?" I scowl back at him with stomping of my feet.

"Damn! Damn!" I put my hands down and looked at them. The girl had the blanket all over her while my brother had put his pants on.

"I will tell this to Mom!" I threaten him.

"Adhi! Just damn!" he looked mad. "What do you want?"

"I am taking Patrick's laptop! And I didn't expect that you were f.u.c.k.i.n.g someone in class hour!" I scowl at him. He run to the door and closed it. He was about to hold me but I hands up and stepped back. "Gross!" he rolled his eyes on my comment about his body. He got this six packs abdominal. I wanted to punch it really hard.

"Okay, just go get it and pretend that none of this happened."

"No! I won't ever forget this day!" I pointed my forefinger to him and I glanced at the girl. She smiled at me sweetly and waves her hand. She looked familiar.

"Hi, I'm Leona. Sorry that you have to see that, sweetheart. I and your brother are just making love." She sounds kind and yeahkind. She makes my mood lightens. But that was just weird.

I walk towards the study table of my brother Patrick where he organized his table with lots of notes on his build board. I took his apple laptop on the table and grabbed the charger. I tuck it on the laptop case and run out the door. I might look like a tomato now. I still can't get over on what I had saw. They were both shows the nudity of their skins Damn! I had seen her b.r.e.a.s.t! Ah! I am f.u.c.k.i.n.g getting crazy.

Yeah, crazy me who think about so deep that I almost drown, I bumped into a boulder. I am such an idiot for not looking in my way. Before I had dropped the bag and fall on the flooragain (from the last time, I fall with the same moment) someone had hold me before I did.

"Did I just saved you from your deep thoughts?" the familiar voice asked. I sighed again when I met his eyes.

"No." I said and pushed him.

"You looked something who just had seen a creepy thing." He noted with those playful smiles.

"More than creepy thing." I corrected him. Then he got a clue.

"So they are not finished yet?" he asked that makes me quizzical. What does he know? Or did he know?

"You are freaking-creepylike my stupid brother!" I blurted and stepped aside and walk.

"I am not a psycho or something!" he shouts. I raise my pinky finger in the air to show that he got a smallyou know! "You wanna see it!?" he shouts again while I am walking away.

"Gross!" I shout at him and rolled my eyes.

I was on my way to the library when I saw that our Principal, Miss Beatrix Harris called the student named Paul. He was sitting behind me on our geometry class. He was kind and sometimes playful. We are bit closed at each other. So I ignored it and went back to my room. I got no roommate here because Marissa was Eliza's roommate for the reasoned that she got here first before me.

I started checking my report in Economics that my gorgeous genius brother Patrick made for me. I know, I'm lazy but it gives me less stress too. He will discuss to me about my topic and I will accept it warmly. On the way that my brother discuss me about Econ was very clear to my mind. He was good at teaching and helping me on my homework since I was in pre-school. He's my savior and my mentor.

Anyway, let's talk about mentor-apprentice relationship. We have our own mentor or adviser here. For the reason that we are all peculiar, we need them as our adviser if ever another legacy or special powers had come to us. It happens, because some of us had multiple powers. We don't know where it come from but our mentor told us that it was from the Gods and Goddesses. However, we are known as demigods.

My mentor was my mother. She's a teacher and adviser in the Mystical Academy. Since she was the first one who had known my ability she's always there for me as a mother and adviser and best friend at the same time.

I sit on my swivel chair and turn on the laptop. Once I had open it and about to concentrate on studying I got interrupted with an inconvenient thought. The gross thing happened on my brother's room creeps me out. I scream and run out my room as I grab my jacket. I can't concentrate. Plus, the person that I met on my way here. Damn, he-so-oh-gorgeous but a jerk and annoying.

"H-hey!" Eliza calls. I stopped and looked at her who is holding a tray of cookies that she probably made. I run to her and took one piece and the bottle of soda from Marissa who is about to open it. I run out the dorm to the Apple tree.

As I climb to her, I felt relief when I just feel her. I pull my legs to the strong branch of the tree and lean on her while I drink on my soda. I sighed and the gross thoughts of my brother making out with a popular girl named Leona. I don't know how long I had been there but it was already dark. I had fallen asleep for hours that I lost track.

"Wake up sleeping beauty!"

I gasped and I almost fall from the tree and good thing that someone had hold me. I turn on the next branch beside me to see that annoying gorgeous guy again. He smiled like Cheshire cat. I can see those white teeth of him though it was dark and there's only one post light near us.

"Don't you think that it's too cold to stay all night here?" he asked me still holding my arm.

"I rather get cold than seeing you again. And don't you dare!" I pull my arm from him but I got out balance and I fall on the tree. Someone had catch me and I had wrapped my arms around him. Our eyes met as our nose touches. He smiles in front of my lips that is just half inch apart.

"I don't want you get broken bones and get cold." He said.

And damn, he smell good and he's so warm. I wanted to kiss him but I have to push away that thought. Why am I attracted to my brother's best friend? He stare down on lips and I watch his lips moved to mine, slowly, slowly however it didn't touched because of the raven who squeaked above us.

I pushed him immediately and I fall on the ground. I got up almost immediately and moved away from him. He watched me amused and he smiled quickly as our eyes met.

"I'm Nicholas." He extend his hand to me.

"Adhiti," I said without taking his hand. He clenches his fist and bring it to his left b.r.e.a.s.t where his heart located and bow to me in very Prince like.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess Adhiti." He said in very formal-like.

"It's Adhiti. Not Princess Adhiti." I corrected. He smiles at me. I grimaced at him and I walk away. He was walking behind me and probably stalking me. "Go away!" I shout at him.

"Adhi, can we talk?"

"No." I said coldly. What did he want now? A kiss? Because he didn't get it? I wanted to kiss him too but damn, I got a work to do. I gasped when he throw his arms around my shoulder. Damn, he was that fast? How can he do that?

"Come on, I just wanted to be friends with my best friend's baby sister." He sounds importunate.

He's taller than me and I feel so small where my level is on his shoulder only. I sighed and I just let him walk with me while his arm is on my shoulder. He keeps on talking and talking about me that my stupid brother, Andrew had told him. He's talkative and I will just roll my eyes every time he will pat my head and mess my hair.

"Do you know that Andrew is a s.e.x addict?" he asked me suddenly that I almost tripped on what he had asked.

"Yyah!" I answer. "It is probably because of you." I said rolling my eyes.

"No, baby. Andrew and I are very opposite. He's a playboy, s.e.x-lover, mama's boy while I am a very old fashion, gentleman, kind, gorgeous, babe-magnet"

"You are out of your mind!" I blurted. He laughs on my bluntness. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, it was what girls said." He smiled at me and I pushed his face away. "However, do you know that love at first sight is real?" he asked me. So, what is the connection of love at first sight on our topic as him and my brother as opposite? "Do you know the story of the Princess Goddess and her human-lover?"

"No." I said in serious sound and get intrigued about it.

"The Princess had fallen in love to a huntsman. It was love at first sight, when their eyes met with full of sparkles. However, she knew that she shouldn't love him but she still did. He was in love to her too more than anything."

"So, why are you telling me this?" I asked him and pushed his arm and faced him. We are already in front of the big open double door of our dormitory.

"For the reason that," he step closer and scoop my cheeks. "I had felt the same way that the Princess and the Huntsman had felt." My eyes widens when his warm lips pressed on my forehead.

The warm kiss that he gave to me gives shiver and tingling sensation on my spine and it touches my heart. My heart rate increases because of that kiss. I can't sleep because it is like that kiss from hour ago still touching me and tickling me. I feel so crazy thinking about it and rolling on the bed getting crazy and screaming on my pillow. Geez! I look like a high school girlhowever, I am a high school girl. I am just sixteen and running to seventeen. And he's around nineteen or twenty? He's our gorgeous senior.

In the morning, I get up to bed looking like a zombie-vampire. I am pale and got dark circles but still I am beautifulwell, just kidding! But it had carried by a cream and little lipstick. So, I look glooming with smiles.

In my first subject, I didn't expect that there will be someone who will deliver a rose that is made of paper and a chocolate bar Cadbury dairy milk. My best friends, Marissa and Eliza teased me. Next is geometry class and I greet Paul but he look like shit. I mean, he's pale and got dark circles around his eyes. He sniffled and smiled at me.

"Are you alright, Paul?" I asked him. He nods his head and I open my chocolate bar and gave him a piece. "This might help you." He took it and smiles. But I had glimpse some bruises on his lower arm. It looks like he's been injected few times and it get swollen.

I gave my best friends the chocolates and Eliza didn't get a piece because of her sore throat. Marissa grimace as soon as she had taste the chocolate bar. She grimaced and pull her phone and typed something there fast like she's mad or something. I looked at Paul who get a little better than before. I gave him another and he smiles at me telling me that I was his guardian angel. I didn't bother asking about the bruises because he had covered it with the long sleeve of his uniform.

After our class, and it was lunch time. I was about to go back to my room together with my best friends but this gorgeous creature appear with a picnic basket. My classmates, teased me and keep on pushing me to him. I rolled my eyes and look away.

"Hi." He greets me. I just nod. "I had asked Andrew if I can take you out" he said slowly.

"Take her out, where?!" Marissa interrupted. I wanted to roll my eyes on her. "You know Nick, if this is going to be bad. You have to start digging for your grave." She sounds like she knew him more than we do.

"Come on, baby sister! I am not going to do something bad to Adhiti." Baby sister?

"Swear to me!" she said with scary voice.

"I swear that I am not going to do bad things to Adhiti Patterson." He really swears.

"Alright," Marissa grins and pushed me to him. Traitor! Nick grabbed me somewhere and we end up on the Apple tree, my favorite of all.

I stood there while watching him placing a blanket under the tree and gesture me to sit beside him while he's preparing the things from the picnic basket while I am watching him pull out the plastic wares.

"Come on, Adhiti..." he stood and pulls me. He pushed me down to sit that makes me wince because of the little pain on my butt. "Don't be so grumpy." He open it one by one and the smell of new cook tempura shrimp, kimchi, fried chicken and cold four season fresh fruit juice. "Tada!"

"I am totally famishing." I said as I lick my lips hungrily. I pick the chop-sticks that he gave to me and I took the big tempura shrimp.

"Don't I get a kiss after this?" I almost throw out my food but I chose to get choke where the shrimp is on my throat. I cough and cough and he gave me a bottle of water. I drank and cough and drank and cleared my throat. I glare at him. "Next time, don't eat in rush." He lectured me, which is he's the reason why I get choke. It feels like the tempura is still stuck on my throat so I drank water again.

I wipe my lips by back of my palm and I hit the back of his head. He winced and rubbed it. I took another tempura and take a big bite on it as I glare at him. He smiles slowly which I found so damn attractive because he's like seducing me slowly. My heart skips a beat. His warm hands scoop my chin and he bent out pressing his warm lips to my forehead.

"You are so cute," it gives me goose bumps and I jitters on what he did and on what he say. It was all unexpected.

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