Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1: Catastrophe And Mystical Academy Chapter 9 Adhiti 03: She Can Love

I ignore his noisiness and on the way he flirt me. He would caressed my hair while we are eating. Or he would played on me with the chopsticks. He was playful and I would slapped his arm or back of annoyance. I don't know this guy but why am I dating him?

"If you don't f.u.c.k.i.n.g stop playing on my hairI will f.u.c.k.i.n.g kill you." I threaten him as I eat the last tempura shrimp.

"Don't talk that way while you are eating." He warned me.

I was full like I am going to explode any minute. Damn, he make me fat in just an hour. Then my friends are grinning at us. I can't even walk fast and I feel sleepy. He gave me a bubble gum and I forcibly took it and put it to my mouth. I started chewing it while walking away from them. I don't know how I look now but I wanted to be alone. The reason is, I am really going to sit comfortably on the clean toilet bowl and relax.

"Adhiti! Where are you going?" he asked and I can hear his footsteps following me.

"Can you damn just leave me alone for a sec?!" I scowl at him as I turn to him. He stopped from walking and he looked pained. I regret from scowling at him but I really need to be alone for a few minutes.

I was totally relieved after that and I had fallen asleep on my bed while still wearing my uniform and shoes. I damn forgot my classes and mom is really going to scowl at me. I was running on the hallway hoping to catch my last subject. I stopped for a while to see who's lying on the floor on the other corner.

My eyes widens and my heart almost jumped out from my chest when I saw a man lying on the floor with lots of blood around him. I scream hoping that anybody can hear me.

"Adhiti!" someone grasped my arm and I was still shocked on what I saw. "Hey" he scoop my cheek and force to look up at him. I realize that I was shaking. I had also realized that it was Nick who was holding me all this time.

There are lots of people-students, professors and other faculties on the hallway. I looked and studied their expressions. That's all I do when I am in after shock. His friends screams when they realized the person lying on the floor. The blood the blood is making me nausea. However, I was walking towards him unconsciously and I reach my hand to him. I don't hear his breathing but I know something was wrong.

On his blood I saw different colors purplegreen however it is still red or am I imagining it? I was about to reach him but someone pull me away. I gasped and my eyes dilated as I awaken from my unconsciousness. My eyes widens when I saw what he looked like. It was scary. His face is pale and there are black nerve bruises It was awful. I just had known that it was Paul.

"Close your eyes" someone whispered to me and his voice makes me closed my eyes. It was Andrew. He can hypnotize anyone using his voice. I felt his warm arms around me and he was pulling me away. "Sleep now." He use the tone of his hypnotism.

When I open my eyes I was in my room. Not my room on our dormitory but my room in our house. It was dark inside my room, however the luminous painting of trees, flowers and birds on my wall and ceiling is glowing.

"Adhiti," my mother whispered on my ear. "How are you feeling?" she asked me. I sat up and looked around me again. Then back to my mother.

"Why am I here?" I asked her quizzically.

"Its weekend so we took you back here." During weekend or holidays, Mystical Academy are letting the students go back to their house for thanks giving or letting them go anywhere they want.

"Paul" I murmur and narrow my eyes. It felt like a dream. I had dreamed him lying on the cold floor on his own blood.

"I'm sorry sweetie. Paul is dead. He died because of some virus and nobody sees that he throw out his blood."

"What?" it feels like I didn't heard what she said. Dead and blood are the only words I had heard.

I slipped off from bed and walk towards the black curtains. I slide it open. The light from the outside almost blinded me. I blink trice to adjust on the light. Everything outside are peaceful. Our home was in the middle of woods that few hectares is ours and the few are from our neighbor which is my best friend, Marissa.

The rabbit got out from the big tall pine tree. The color of the rabbit's fur is white and black and it was very adorable. I wonder why the rabbit is alone and what makes him/her alone?

"Adhiti, I will prepare your breakfast. Do you want to eat here?"

"No thanks, mom." I murmur.

"You need to eat."

"I don't feel like eating today." I lazily walk towards the bathroom and take a long hot bath. The tragedy from yesterday was still hunting me. I can't take looking at him. However, the thing that I didn't understand was, why am I walking towards him unconsciously? Why am I going to touch him? What is the reason?

I wore my pink sweater and skinny jeans together with my brown leather boots. I walk outside and walk and walk on the woods wherever my feet would take me. Mixed emotions. Chilly feeling. Terrified. Why do I felt those things right now? I don't understand and it sounds absurd.

I went back home before sunset and my mother is sitting on the swing chair probably worried waiting for me. She smiled at me warmly and I smell the pie. I sat on the stair case and stare at the fountain on our driveway. After a few moment my mom sat beside me with a tray of a pie and a hot cappuccino. She gave the cappuccino and I sipped on it.

"I still don't understand on what happened to him." I suddenly speak. "Mom, Paul was sick in the morning. It wasn't a simple virus. If it is a virus it will take few days or weeks to have all the symptoms. And when I looked at him, he looked like he had been murdered."

"Sweetie, you had been exposed too much on mystery and crime novels and movies. But point it out anyway." She leans her head to my shoulder. "You have to eat this. I made this only for you with my love." I chuckled on what she said.

"Thanks, Mom." I sipped on the cappuccino and put it down beside me. I pick my pie and take a bite on it.

"Oh, I have to leave you to go to grocery. You wanna go?" she snapped as she sit straight. I shook my head and eat my pie. I am not hungry, however the pie is delicious and I want to eat it.

My mother was gone to grocery and my brothers are on the town while my father is on the Mystical Academy for some business because Paul was his apprentice. Paul was an extraordinary one. He can control things using his mind. He got a telekinetic ability but he wasn't a professional on it to control it all by himself.

Being alone for few hours wasn't bad. Maybe this kind of peaceful moment is all I want to hear. The chirping of birds, dropping of water, watching the beautiful big trees and watching a few animals around. The squirrel, rabbit and a white deer? My eyes widens seeing a beautiful white deer drinking on our water fountain. She was glowing. Our eyes met and she was smiling at me.

"Does this cruel world makes you unhappy?" she asked me. Her voice in my mind was very angelic sound. "My dear, I'm sorry for bringing you in this cruel world. But it is the only way for you to survive"

"No," I sit up straight and she walk towards me. I reach her face. "This place was beautiful yet cruel."

"Yes it was beautiful. This beautiful world, however had lots of dark secrets and dark things."

I am near to touch her but when a sound of a car makes her run away and vanished. I am disappointed and suddenly felt empty. I stare on the direction where she vanished and there are still sparks fly left there. Because of the light rays of the sun, I can see the dusk dancing. It was hundreds or thousands of dusks. I don't know how to count them and nobody can. But those dusk is like Paul, who had died and become ashes. His soul might be with the Gods. But, why did he left the world when he knew that it wasn't his time yet?

"My sweet angel, what makes you so unhappy?" I got startled and I snapped my eyes on the pair of green eyes that matches the colors of the leaves around me. I just noticed that he was kneeling on the stair case in front of me.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I suddenly yelp at him. That uncontrollable burst and scowl is making my head hurt. Yes, what is he doing here? He tight a smile and sat beside me.

"I am just worried on you." Uhhmmm on the way he said that is sincere and it gives me goose bumps all over my spine. What in hell was that?

"Why are you worried? There are few things in this earth you should be worried of."

"Because of what happened yesterday, I can't help thinking and worrying about you. You know you should appreciate that people get worried on you than nobody does."

"It is better that they won't get worried on me, Nicholas." I said rolling my eyes and lean my head on the rail. There is a long deafening silence. And those moment of silence makes me think of the white deer.

"How are you?" He suddenly asked. I thought that he won't ever talk again.

"I am perfectly peaceful here not until you came." I murmur. He winced and hold his chest that makes me sat up straight and was about to asked if he's alright.

"Ah," he hissed. "Why do you always hurt my heart?"

"What?" I asked quizzically and my face went two capital O and an underscore in between. (O_O). He dropped the wincing face and gaze at me with those boring face like he is telling that I am a low brain.

"You know," he stood and pull my hand. "Let's go somewhere."

"Where?" I asked and I almost tripped when he pulls me and my arms is like going to split from my body. I smack the back of his head and he complains. "That freaking hurts!"

"Sorry," he make a very sad eyes. I looked at the vintage convertible red car and admire it. He gently pull me to the car and open the door, acting so gentleman. "Here you go, milady."

We rode on his car and admire the outside of the woods. The wind was brushing my hair as we passes the perfect lines of the soldier pine trees like we are in a red carpet on the aisle and the soldiers at our both sides raising their swords. But it was just my imagination and I wonder how it be to be on the red carpet and everyone are saluting you.

"You are thinking too deep that I can't get in to rescue you." He speaks. I turn my head to him as I brushes my hair that are wrapping on my face.

"Stop talking nonsense." I said coldly.

"I am talking here with full of meaning, my fair lady." He said with those playful smiles on his attractive lips. I bit my lower lip and punch his arm that makes him almost lost control on the wheel. But damn, he's like a rock. He's damn hard and I think I broke my knuckles. "You punch like a man." He noted and laughs like it didn't even hurt him. Like it was just a tiny sweet pinch.

"Where are we really going, Nicholas?" I asked him as I propped my elbow on the door and lean my head on my pained knuckles. He turn his head to me with those devilish smiles.

"To where two opposite s.e.x unite and be one to bare little ones." He answered that makes me blink and looked like just dump somewhere over the sky. He winks at me while it is still processing on my mind.

My face heated up about 40 degree and I jumped into him and started pulling his soft full hair. He had stopped the car while I am pulling his hair furiously. He hold my wrist to stop me but I am freaking mad at him and started punching his arm and chest though I know I am the one who get hurt.

"You stupid pervert!" I smack his arm.

"Ah!ouch!" he complains and I keep on smacking him. "I was just kidding!" he explains and I smack his head for the last time and drop my butt back to my seat and breathes to calm myself. I stare at him and he was red from what I did to him.

"Ugh!" I grunted madly and stomp my feet. He giggles that makes me annoyed more.

"You're so cute when you are mad." He said it with admiration. I sighed as I roll my eyes looking at the trees.

"I know." I murmur. I grimaced when he laughs. I snapped my furrowed eyes on him. He stopped and looked at me giving me a wink that makes me damn crazymad. He was cute and on the way he does that had a big effect on me.

"You know, Adhiti, I love your name." he simply stated while his one hand is on the wheel and on the other hand is on the door.

"Love my name?" I asked.

"Yes. It is Hindu. Am I right?" he asked as he leans his jaw on his knuckles.

"Yes and why don't you f-cking concentrate on the road and put your damn hands on the wheel?" I scowl at him. He winks at me and take my demand.

He turned on the radio that is connected to his IPhone. Then the song started. I don't know the title and who sang but it was amazing. The lyrics is so thoughtful and very romantic to hear.

You're the one my everything

If you stay you'll make me sing

I give you my life

I give you my heart

Nothing can ever come between us, ever come between us

I glanced at him and he was staring at me while driving. I look on the driveway and shouts at him when there's a wolf appears on the road. He twist the wheel but he had hit the wolf. I breathes as the car had stopped on the side of the road. I glance at the rear mirror. The wolf is whining in pain.

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