Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 119 2

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 119 Abyss's Threat Part 2


"I don't know what happened to you why you are so obsessed with me." I utter. I felt his cold kiss on my forehead, yet I didn't blink or take away my stare on him. His kiss creeps me out and made everyone inside me winced. Then, he leaves in the dark. The door burst open and Nick didn't even get startled. I turn and look at my mother and father.

"He's here." She stated and walk around and then went to Nick who is sleeping.

"He was here," I mutter.

"He put him almost in deep sleep." She caressed Nick's face. "Wake up, Prince Nicholas." I run to Nick and climb onto the bed. I shook Nick and we all got started when he gasped hard that he's been suffocated, and he sat up. He's catching his breath as I help him sit up. "That's right take a deep breath." My Mamma said softly.

My Pap fetch water and gave it to Nicholas. Mamma moved away as she whispers something to Pap.

"Why didn't you go away from him?" he asked me as he scooped my cheeks. "Don't scare me like that again." Abyss threatened Nick on his sleep, and he saw everything that happened in his mind with close eyes. Maybe Abyss show him worse than we are talking.

"I'm sorry." I look up at them.

"We will leave you both alone. Just scream if something bad is happening." Marcus told and I almost laugh at him. He smiled tightly. And they both left. I lean on the headboard with pillows at my back as I cradle him on my arms. He looked so vulnerable and scared on whatever Abyss show him.

"I won't let him take you." He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"I won't let that happen too. Sleep now my Prince. We have a long day tomorrow."

"I don't think that I will be able to sleep." Whatever he says, I sang him a song that I don't even know for myself how to learn that. It was a lullaby and maybe Serina gave me that song and boost me up just to help Nick. I had fallen asleep too in my song and I feel lighter than before.

I woke up when the door open and Nick is still sleeping hugging me. The servants curtsied when they saw me and didn't even look on my face. Ruin runs and jumped on the bed. I let them prepare our breakfast and a few things like my clothes and Nick's clothes. I shove my face on his chest as Ruin lay down on my back and rested his chin over my side. My sweet wolf.

They left after preparing everything even my bath. That's they're daily doing here.

"Good morning love. You know, I am quite hungry." He muttered. I giggle and move. I slipped off from the bed and call Ruin.

"Get up now, Nicholas."

I practice my piece after eating breakfast and taking a bath. Nick also teach me how to dance the waltz and their tango. It was not that easy, but I feel like my body goes on the flow. The door open and a servant came running and whisper on my Mamma's ear. She looked at me and told me to practice. And I did while she left.

"Would it be okay if we are not going together in the ball?"

"Yes," I told him to assure him.

"I badly wanted you to be my date."

"It is better to go there together with my Mamma and Pap. So, people won't"

"No love. Please, let's walk there together. We will be close to them." He begs with those sad eyes. Yeah, that won't hurt my plan. So, I shrugged.

"Okay." I need to play my piece one last time. Marcus was on the piano table and I wonder why he's not with Mamma. He gave me that nervous look and now I understand. He started playing the piano and I took my bow and violin and play along. The door opens and I can feel that aura her aura. I didn't stop playing and look at Pap. I told him with my eyes not to stop playing and Nick covered himself to Marcus while I was at my back from the door playing it.

"Prince Nicholas." She said it softly with a hint of seduction. Eliza

"Lady Eliza." he acknowledges. "I'm sorry if I have to say this, didn't the servant told you that nobody is allowed here?"

"Of course, I just insisted because of the beautiful music that is played. I'm sorry to interrupt."

I smirk when the door opens and closes.

"Milady," a servant interrupt. "The Royal Tailor is here with your gown. Would you like to fit it?" I put down the bow and arrow and fix.

"Yes, please. Send him in my room."

The servants help me put the clothes in lots of layers and as what my mother told them to never look or speak about my tattoos and look into my face. It was quite tight, and my b.r.e.a.s.t is pushed up. Damn! Did they learn not to breathe here? These clothes are like English.

"Wait! Why is it so tight?" I ask the tailor who never looked into my face.

"Pardon, mademoiselle. Would you like it a little loose?"

"Yes, please! I can't breathe and I am not comfortable." So, they loosen it a little yet it looks fantastic and he does something to keep my body shape. "Perfect, thank you," I said.

"Good then," he gave me the beautiful mask that is partnered on my fire color dress. I like fire color and it is glimmering too even in dark. "Parfait! Simple beauty," he took my chin and look at me in full of success. "But your tattoos" he pointed my chest where my b.r.e.a.s.t is being pulled up.

"Let it be magnificent designer." I smiled at him. He nodded with success and clapped his hand.

"Chaussures!" the servants bring beautiful shoes that weren't that tall but a beauty.

"Wow" I admire and he offers his hand and brings me to the chair, and he knelt putting it on my feet. "Beautiful!" I admire. Then he offers his hand again as he helped me stood. Now he made me stand on top of a boxwood like a very small stage in front of the mirrors. And he's adjusting something.

The door opens and Rosalinda and few servants brought food for me.

"Sorry, milady, but Princess said that Marcus will be joining you without Prince Nicholas."

"It's alright, Rosalinda. Don't be sorry." I told her with a smile. She smiled at me and walked toward me.

"Such a beauty" she said with that admiration on her eyes.

"Thank you, Rosalinda."

After that, I removed the dress and they put it on the shape of the lady's body that is made in wood but only the upper one. Marcus entered the room just right after I had put my clothes on. The servants left and Marcus pulled me a chair. I sat there and he sat on the chair beside me.

"Since we are both alone, we can spend this moment together."

"What does that mean?" I ask as I took the famishing dishes. I started eating while he is sipping on his wine.

"My angel. I had talked to your mother last night."

"Uhuh? Are you guys getting married?" he laughed at me.

"I wish but, my angel it is not that."

"Then what is it?"

"I need to leave after the festival."

I drop my fork and knife. He took my hand. He's leaving? But we just all get reunited?

"I'm sorry dove, I and Calixe need to find others. I have to find my relatives and other people who were banished from the Five Kingdoms. Darkness is coming, we need to all fight together.

"Pap!" a tear fall from my eye and I don't know why I feel hurt. What if something bad happened to him? I will lose them both! I don't want that! "I am going to find them. Just don't leave, Mamma." He wiped my tear and shook his head.

"No, my angel. That won't do. I am destined and I have to do it because of my contract with Calixe."

"What contract?!" I found myself sobbing. It just hurts me so much and my stomach is clench like anytime soon I am going to vomit all the foods that I ate. Did Calixe threaten my Pap?!

"It's a contract that I am bounded within the exchange of seeing my love and you he told me about having a daughter and I never expect that meeting my daughter would be wonderful beyond my imagination. I am happy to be with you and your Mamma. I need to pay Calixe and it is to find the others before that darkness happened."

"This is all unfair" Unfair!

"I know my dove. But we can't ignore fate."

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