Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 31

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 31 Prince Nicholas Of Era

I dreamed her again. My love. It was hard living in the world without her. Here, I have nothing to protect but myself. When I am with her, I am sure that she's okay. But now that I am not with her, I can feel them, who has a thirst in blood wanted her dead.

I decided to slip off from my bed and walks out my room towards the kitchen. I am living on Er just a little far away from the castle. I do not wished to live in the castle for the reason that I always seen the greed of the people inside of that hell. This world has never been perfect, it has no compare to the world outside. Everyone has their own greed, ambition, obsession and mostly dark secrets.

"I still wonder how your life would be if you are married." My baby sister Almira speaks who is freely sitting on my chair with a fancy cup on her left hand while reading an old book from my shelves.

"I wonder the same, sis." She's the youngest on the daughters and sons of King Elliot, my father. "Do you remember the girl that I told you?" she peek on me from the book that she's reading. "Her name is Adhiti," when she remembered, her eyes lightens and put down the book.

"Yeah, the girl you said that is your soul mate?" I nod at her.

"She's back. I found her. However, she's not safe."

"Then why did you left her?" she furrows at me and sipped on her cup.

"I had thought if I make a wrong decision." I pour a coffee on my cup and sipped on it. "I missed her." I murmur looking at nowhere. When I looked at her, I found her grinning from ear to ear.

"Then go to her."

"It is just, I cannot go back outside the world. Everyone around there are in danger and from here, I need to make a move."

"Damn you. You are such a fool." She goes back on her book and murmurs. "Why are men are all fool?"

I walk towards the open window and reach for the fruit of apple. I pull the fruit and take a bit on it. I studied my sister and I wonder what she's doing here. She should be on the castle for her class but she's here, reading on my dining table.

"Early this morning, I had heard from the people that there's a human who had enter the portal from the outside world." She told that makes me stop from taking another bit.

"Which direction?"

"Pyr." She answer with a glanced on me. I hurried up taking my black cloak. "You should take a bath first. They won't kill her not until they had decided on the fifth day."

I did take her counsel on taking a bath in a hurry and wear my black clothes, boots, and put a handmade knife that nobody will recognize that it was from Er inside my boots. Fifth day, they will burn her or worse cut her head off. I need to warn Flame. I just wished that he won't betray me. He need to protect her too. She's the light of the Pyr.

I use my black horse to go on Harbor to ride a ship on the way to the Pyr. I have to be there before the fifth day. I thought that it would be clear riding on the way to the Harbor but I got blocked because of the arrival of Princess Amanda, the Princess of all the Princesses. Her carriage stopped and I climb down my horse. The door opens and I immediately dropped one knee and stay my head down.

"You must be in a hurry, Prince Nicholas." Her sweet voices makes me raise my head to look at her.

"I am on my way to see a friend." I told her. She smiles sweetly and sign me to stand. She walks towards me and gently put her right hand on my left cheek.

"Take care on your way. And please," she took my hand. "Please give this to your dear friend as a gift." I clench my fist on the cloth that she gave to me. It will keep her safe. And as long as it is with her she can find me. She spoke inside my head. I nod my head and put it on my pocket.

I am curious on how she knows that I am meeting and saving a human. There are lots of mystery about the Princess. But I remain on trusting her because she's like a mother to me. Even though my father had done bad things on the Princess that includes s.e.x.u.a.l harassment, she kept me by her side after the death of my mother when nobody wanted to love me as a son.

"Go now, my Prince. You don't want to get late on your rendezvous." I nod my head and immediately ride on my horse.


A cold ground, is all I feel. I just wished that I was back on the forest laying down on the grass taking all the refreshing wind. It wasn't refreshing here, because all I smell is metal, oil gas, fire I open my eyes and slowly sat up. I looked for something to lean on and I was closed to the wall.

I looked for my sword, and archer but even my bag is not with me. But good thing that I felt my phone on my pocket. But what does the phone do? It is still useless because there is no signal here. Footsteps, there's coming. The metal clings as a man appear in front of bars holding a torch.

"Get ready poppet! You have an appointment with the King." He spoke so deep that it could drown me.

"Oh, thank goodness." I stood and walk towards the bars. Two men came with cuffs and chains. "That's very unusual." I have to keep myself c.o.c.ky before I burn them all. But today, I shouldn't show what I can do. Right? It would be a disaster because there are five kingdoms, one of them might cut my head off. It wouldn't be so nice.

Damn, these chains are heavy and these boulders are dragging me. Their legs are all long and I am too short in them. At least my height had level their underarms. I was lead on the extravagance hall. The floor is so clean and clear made of marble. Even the handle of the torches are made of some metal.

On the end, there's two big seats and at least five other seats on the left and right. Maybe thrones for Prince and Princesses. So, where's the King and others? I thought that I have an appointment. We had reach the front but a bit away from the shiny glamorous thrones. Then, there's the clicking of fabulous shoes. Geez, when did they came from? They all looked like Dracula. The man in red velvet cape who stood in front of the left throne in the middle which I guess is the King makes his servant pushed me down to kneel. But instead of kneeling, I sat my butt on the cold floor and folded my knees like Indian sit. There's no way in hell that I will kneel on some person.

"I didn't told you to sit." He said. His children I guess which are younger and some are at my age or ahead of my age sat on their thrones. I just shrugged. The guards who is at my both sides was about to pull me up but the King sign them to just let me.

"You see, dude. I don't kneel to anyone." I told him.

"Sorry I'm late!" a familiar voice makes me stopped from being brave. "What's the occasion and why is there" he stopped in front of me and checked me. I glare at him. "Oh," his eyes widens and lips in the shape of O. "Why is the beautiful lady in cuffs?" he turned to the King.

"Flame, sit down!" the King orders. Flame winks at me which I don't know what the sign is about. He walk towards to the right where the boys are just right after the King's throne.

"Speak your name." the King orders, I pull down my hood and sigh. I did not answer or even talk. There's a silence. I check every faces on his side and stopped on the little girl who smiled at me. I smiled a little and looked back at the King smirking.

"I wanted to defend myself." I told him.

"Your name?"

"I am Catastrophe Canfield, a student from Mystical Academy." He sign me to go on. "From what crime am I charges to cuff and put into a cell?"

"Humans are prohibited in our Kingdom. That crime." The Prince next to Flame speaks. I looked directly at him which has a little looked alike from Flame.

"Did I told you that you are also prohibited on our world, which Flame comes from the school and the other girl" I acted like digging on my memories. "Leona who is the Headmistress of the Academy. I supposed that she's your daughter." The King's eyes was dilated probably surprised on my blurt tongue.

"I really like you!" Flame winks that makes the Princes and Princesses frown at him. "However, we won't let you out this world alive." He cleared.

"Asshole." I murmur.

"Cursing to the Prince is also a crime." The oldest Princess speaks which is just in the left side of the King right after the empty throne.

"But I am not part of your society so, I remain innocent."

They all get silent for a while, Flame is smirking probably amused on what I had said. The little smiled and clapped happily which everyone looked at.

"Let her be my puppet!" Oh, that's really creepy Princess.

"Matilda, she's a prisoner. You could get someone to be your puppet when we visit the town." The girl next to her which is the second youngest on the line told.

"Sorry, dear. But you can't have her." The King told which makes the Princess pouted. "Do you care to explain why you have archer and a sword?" oh that, I missed those things. Wished that I could hold it before I die. When I just realized what they are. Sick.

These people are crazy and that includes Flame. I guess that his siblings are craziest. I breathed and feel just fine not even a single nervousness. Nick, where in hell are you?! You have to f.u.c.k.i.n.g save me or else, if I die I will really going to kill you in your dreams.

"It's a present from a friend." I explained. "None of your concern." The King tilt his head.

"Suggestions." He asked his sons.

"Why don't we do the traditional execution?" Flame suggested that makes my stomach flutters. Damn it! What is their traditional execution?

"Let's burn her!" the girls chorus. That's their traditional execution? Damn it! I rather get burned dead than alive. I don't want to see my skin get burnt. The King raise his hand that make his children shut up.

"Minister." The King called the man on the second step of the stage of thrones. I just noticed that the thrones has the sculptures of dragons. It was quite impressive because it is cool. "Send an execution letter on the Highest Kingdom and to all Kingdoms. Tell them that we caught a human."

"That's absurd!" I complain. I am not going to die. Not now. "How could you execute someone that even don't understand your sickness!? What kind of people are you?"

"We are the highnesses of this Kingdom. And we can execute people we wished to die." The King told in terror. "Don't worry dear, you won't die today. In four days, your execution is held. In terms of simple torture, I wished to thirst you and hunger you."

I can't complain anymore. I glare at Flame as they pull me up that almost make my arms separated from my body. These sc.u.mbags! I will survive the death no matter what. I was thrown back on the cold cell again. Without my bag and my sword and archer. Damn it! But I should plan an escape. In four days, I will die if I did not escape on this Pyr hell.

I stood and walk around the small cell. There's a light coming out from small window that has bars. There's no way to escape from here. I sat back on the cold ground and lean my back on the concrete cold wall. There's another footsteps coming and a light of torch. I don't assume that it was someone to help me.

I glare at the silhouette of a lady in a long gown. She smiles at me and lifted my bag. I stood and walk towards her.

"Why do you have my bag?"

"I stole it there." She pointed the direction where she came from. She moved the fire to me that makes me moved back. "I had stories about you from Flame."

"Stories like what?"

"Like you came back from death." She grins. I sigh and rolled my eyes. "I'm Flavia, the third daughter of King Hadrian." She extend the bag to me and I still have to pull it hard from the bars. The yellow-headed girl smiles at me. Why is she keep smiling?

"You see, Flavia, I don't came back from death. Let's say, it was another person who died which is identically looks like me. But I don't came back from death."

"And that person?" why is she interested? I zip open my bag and pull out the tumbler. I drank from it.

"Her name is Adhiti. The ex-girlfriend or the lover of Nicholas. He said that he was a Prince here, if you know him."

"Everyone knows him. The handsome-bulky lovable man." She said in dreamy eyes. I frown at it. "He's very gracious man that I've ever known. Also he's good at everyone, mostly in pleasuring women." She winks at me.

"I had heard." I nods. She still smiles at me. Seriously, this girl is sick. How old is she? "How old exactly are you?" I asked her.

"I am older than you expect, Catastrophe. You see, we don't get easily old in this world. Oh, by the way. I love your name. Do you want me to refill your" she looked at the tumbler that I am holding. I drank whole of it and gave it to her.

"It is called tumbler." She nods. She was about to stepped away but I speak. "Oh, if you saw Flame. Could you please tell him that I missed his kisses and if I could barrow an earphone?"

"Earphone?" she thought of what it will be. "Oh!" Good girl. She had realized what kind of thing the earphone is. I lay down back on the cold floor and find something inside my bag. I am hungry and there's a sandwich left. I'm so sorry, Ruin. But I am really hungry and you are nowhere to be found. I take a bite on the sandwich and waited for Flavia.

There are footsteps coming and there's Flame grinning from ear to ear. I wiped my lips and finished all my sandwich before standing and going to him. He raise his hand and wiggles his forefinger signing me to come to him. He lifted my big tumbler and the earphones. I decided to stood and walk towards him. I hold in the bars and tilt my head.

I gasped when he wrapped his arms around me until I am all pressed on the cold bars. He moved his face closer to mine as he gapes ready to kiss me. I open my lips ready to kiss him back. But instead of kissing him, I grabbed the headphones and tumbler and pushed him.

"Thank you very much Flame."

"I thought you missed my kisses?"

"I don't miss any single piece of you Flame." I check the headphones and glare at him. "You wanted me dead and it is enough to know that you are really like your half-sister. Good thing that Andrew break up with her. I hate her so much."

He hold his chest like he was hurt. He pouted and wiped the imaginary tear.

"If I only get into your panties, you won't resist me. But Nick would kill me that's why I stayed away on making love to you. Also, he's the only truthful friend I have. Even though I had been harassing you many times, he only threaten me and told me to limit it."

"If ever you saw Nick." I put down the headphones and the tumbler and walk towards him. I scoop his cheek and he gently hold it. I pull my hand back and clench it hard as it hit his face. He stepped back and hold the cheek I punched. "Pass him the message. At least I could give him that message before I die." He only smiles at me. What does he know that I don't? And why is he smiling like that?

"You really don't know?"

"Don't know what?"

"Nick is getting married." He told. "But don't worry, I will pass your message." He walks out like it was nothing to me.

I heard shattering of glasses. Is it me who shatters? Nick, is getting married? I can't f.u.c.k.i.n.g believe that. My knees gets jelly and I falls down the ground. A warm sorrowful tears falls from my eyes.

"Good thing that I will die."

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