Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 33

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 33 His Apprentices

Patrick Patterson

It's been three days since we sent Adhiti to the world where she belongs. The Headmistress and the President has been asking us on where we are hiding her. Including her mentor Calisie who look all so worried. Marissa said that she didn't even know. It is part of her acting that she woke up without Adhiti inside the room.

"May I asked why are you looking for her?" she asked a little irritated because everyone is asking and keep on asking since she's Catastrophe's roommate. Even my parents are asking as part of our little play. "Since Nick is not her mentor, she could run away the academy as she wishes. And if you keep asking me about her again, you rather search her around because I don't know where in hell she goes?!"

"Keep down your voice, Miss Gregory!" Leona strictly told. Marissa sigh and rolled her eyes.

"How would I keep my voice down if you keep insisting that I am hiding her? Why would I hide her if I wanted to be with her because she looks so much alike with my best friend?" she broke her voice and a tear falls from her eyes. Job well done my love.

"Okay, since she don't know where Adhiti is, we should just look for her?" her mentor said. Why are they looking for her? I looked into Leona's eyes and she's really not herself.

"Why are you actually look for her? My brother told her that she can leave the academy whenever she wanted."

"Because, Miss Gregory, it is not your business to care if we wanted something from her." Leona blurted. Simple, they wanted her dead like Adhiti.

"Miss Gregory, you can leave now." The President told. "She knows something. She should be dead too." I got a little nervous because Marissa's acting didn't affect her. Seeking into her thought would save everyone and that includes the woman that I love.

Marissa exited the door and Andrew was the next one to get interrogated. He was just cool but keep himself looking quizzical. He looked at everyone around and ended looking at Leona who has this piercing eyes on him.

"Am I getting interrogated?"

"Andrew, if you know where Catastrophe is tell them." My father said. Andrew smirks and leans on the chair comfortably.

"This chair is very comfortable, I should buy one for my room." I think I know what he means. Leona flushes. Oh, so they done it on that couch. If I should have known sooner, I wouldn't let my Marissa sat on that chair.

"Where is Catastrophe?" Leona asked calmly. Andrew looked at her playfully.

"I wouldn't tell if know." He laughs and wiped a tear from his right eye. "Okay!" he hands up for them to stop glaring. "I helped her escape because she wanted to be with her aspie father. She told me that you wouldn't let her even go out the Academy because she has this feeling that you will kill her."

Everyone get surprised on what he just said. Nice work, brother. They looked at me suspecting me since he's my brother.

"Oh, he's not into Catastrophe's plan because he's too busy sleeping that night. Totally exhausted on something." Now, now, why is he implying something about me and Marissa?

"Where is she?" Calisie furrows at him. It was very intimidating but Andrew never get intimidated.

"Why would I tell you if I helped her escaped? You see, I made a promise to her. And I never break promises." He emphasize the word glancing at Leona. "You can search her around, she's probably with her father now." He stood without even giving some respect. "Since my sister is dead and Catastrophe is gone, I don't want to be in this Academy anymore." He walk towards Leona who he seductively looked at. "And we could be together again without any rules." He smack her lips which I know he's disgusted and saluted to the President. My parents looked so baffled on what he did. "Au revoir!"

He opens the door and was about to stepped out but he raise his forefinger and faced us again when he forget something.

"Oh, I will start packing." Then he exited the door. I stressfully leans my forehead on my knuckles. The President called my name and I looked at her.

He's our last chance to know where she is. She said through her mind.

"Make sure that you'll know where your brother left Catastrophe."

"May I asked why all of you are too obsessed on finding her?"


After a few minutes, I decided to go to my sister's room. Marissa is there and though I am prohibited to go there again, I did my best to go into that room and told the Manager that I will help Marissa packing up Adhiti's things and to bring it back to our house.

I open the door and found her sitting on Adhiti's bed. I closes it behind me and sat beside her. She moved a little away and lay down her head on my lap. I gently caressed her hair and then I hold her hand.

"You are no longer safe her, Marissa." I told her.

"But I wanted to be at your side always."

"I promise to visit you always. Just stay at your parent's house. You are safer there. I will also make sure that Andrew will not let anything harm you." She sat up and pushed me down. I lay my back on the bed and she move her legs astride me. She sat on top of me and started kissing me where I immediately respond. We also didn't noticed the opening of the door because we are into each other.

"Oh, please, not on my sister's bed." Andrew complains. Marissa moved away from me. "Get up now, horny brother. Let's start packing up."

We started packing things that Catastrophe had touched and to burn them. Marissa had told me that in the Kingdom of Psych they have these elders that can know what happened through touching the last thing that the person uses or touches. Like Andrew did when he had found Adhiti's amulet. He also had found out that Adhiti is not in our bloodline. However, we loved her dearly.

Everything that Andrew had touch he is trying to seek on what happened. He shook his head when he hold one of Adhiti's towel where Catastrophe probably used.

"Even Nick harassed her after shower." He murmurs. He looked at me and I grimaced. "But they never did something far." He explained. Good thing.

After thirty minutes we are done packing and we started moving it out the dormitory. Andrew put it on the cart to deliver it on the parking lot. I helped Marissa on taking the few boxes. I told her to never pick the heavy one but she's insisting. I have to frown at her before she gave up. Eliza who had noticed us approach us.

"We are moving out Adhiti's things. She's not going to come back ever." I told her. Her eyes suddenly become lonely however, her thoughts say the opposite. I don't know what's with her but somehow, she's hard to read.

She's just easy to read when she's showing full of emotions when there's Nick or Catastrophe. I know how much she hates my sister because Nick loves her and now Catastrophe. She hates her very much. My sister shows kindness and every sister show for her sister but I guess she never did.

"I'll help."

"It's all right. We are already done."

Andrew immediately drove back to our house while Marissa stays in the room. She's going to pack up too because I am sending her to our house. Since it is weekend, I could stay with her for the whole weekend. Her father and mother still doesn't know that she's always sleeping with me or more like staying at our house. I could work that out.

"Sleep, don't wait for me." I told her. She nods and hugged me. I hugged her back and kisses her forehead. She's sleeping in my room. She's not a student of Academy anymore because she already had graduated but when Catastrophe appears she insisted on going back and to know more about Catastrophe. We all know that Catastrophe and Adhiti is one and she just pretend to be somebody for her safety.

After two minutes of hugging and kissing, I decided to let her go. I went to my office for the consultation of my two Apprentice. The very good thing about them is that they are obedient and aware of whatever is happening inside the academy. They are just like Adhiti. A curious one. Last night Jean died not because of the monster but the same thing that happened to every student. They told me that nurses gave them some antidote that they called. I always advise them to never drink it.

"Mr. Patterson, I would like to know if it is true that your sister is Catastrophe." Clarence asked, the boy who can control things through his mind, but never control a living thing.

"It is not a thing to ask about Clarence." I pull out a book and gave it to him. "I know that reading bores you, but you have to know all of these. This book is from another world. A history of the five kingdoms. It is from Nicholas and there is a chance that you could go there."

"Cool, but is this really necessary? I mean, the title of the book is Shakespeare's Journal."

"I cover it with different book cover because this is a secret." He lazily took it with sigh.

"Alright." I face the boy who doesn't talk so much in lots of people. A boy who could dream things that will happen. I called it vision and it was a precious gift. He looks pale and scared of something. He had dreamed really bad and it cannot get out of his mind.

"You want us to be alone?" I asked him. He nods. Clarence immediately stood because he knows that he cannot speak if there's another person. Davin didn't looked at me directly. Staring at his eyes will make me see the exact happenings of his visions.

"I will save a hot chocolate mug at your room, bro." he tapped Davin and leave the office closing my door.

He leans back on his seat and looked into my eyes. I'm scared that this is nearly coming to us. He said on his mind. I hold his wrist and moved myself closer to him and stare into his eyes.

I suddenly fall into his vision. I was in a beautiful garden in an extraordinary butterflies glowing and flying around. I saw a beautiful lady wearing white gown. She looks like my sister, Adhiti but she has a golden hair. She looked at me and lifted her hand then, I was in different scene again. I saw my sister standing in the middle of the crowd all tied up as people chanting of burn, burn, burn.

There are different visions of the five Kingdoms, first the Pyr, second the Hydr, third the Er, next is Ar and lastly the Psych. There's the two mad Kings. The tree of five faces that tells me about the death of the prophecy. What prophecy? Then I saw my sister who was executed in the three kingdoms but never get killed.

Then, what makes me all nervous is my Marissa who is crying alone on the dark room calling my name. When I saw her face when the lights turned on, she wasn't in any room here in our world but in a tower of the castle. I was about to pull myself out from the vision but Davin didn't let me.

I saw a person in black cloak and black mask. I can tell who she is because of her eyes that can change color anytime she wanted. She pulls out the sword and that sword, I know who owns it. Adhiti. She killed a man that I guess a royal Lord. She saved my Marissa another scene again. A scene that is out the boundary of the five kingdoms.

A scene of people who wanted justice. People, who are never accepted of their world. Then, the last scene that I saw was very terrifying. That makes me and Davin clasped out on our gripped. I lean on my table breathless and looked at him who is also exhausted as I was.

I immediately grabbed two glasses of water and I gave him one. I drank every drop of water on my glass and looked at him.

"They will come to us." He murmurs. I breathed and pour another water. Adhiti is in danger. Marissa too all of us are in danger. I walk towards him and grabbed his hand.

"We have to warn everyone that the highest council never knows." I told him.


"Gather every people who are aware of the deaths in the same disease. I don't know how to gather them, but if ever I leave this world. Do me a favor, Davin. For every one of us." He is hesitating because he's afraid as I was. But I have to be strong. Davin have to be strong. "Please, Davin. It will save us all."

"The five faces, I have to talk to them."

"How are you going to talk to them?"

"They know about the prophecy. We have to save the savior before it kills us all."

The five faces I know something about it. Then I recall the night where we help my sister escaped. She's talking about the five voices inside the tree. That's it! The portal to the other world is the tree. The five faces.

I brought her to the tree and he hold on it. He looks like talking to the five faces that is holding the prophecy but I have to grab him down and pulls him away from the tree when I heard people coming. We hid under the big root of the big tree. A person wearing a black cloak and Leona stopped in front of the tree.

"I had hoped that they are not suspecting you. I am very much sure that Adhiti is Catastrophe though it had seemed different in your vision."

Vision? Another one who has visions? Who is he? He's not a he but a she. I can feel her aura. A feminine aura.

"My vision never fool me." There, the voice. It is familiar and I had heard it somewhere. I know that voice. "But Catastrophe? She fool me." Her hatred towards Catastrophe. I know her

The portal towards the other world opens and lots of sparks flies are around and she enters there. Leona immediately leave. I shut Davin on his amus.e.m.e.nt. I lay down on the ground for a moment and recall the voice of the woman in black cloak. Why does I have a mental block right now?

"Eliza" I suddenly murmur. I immediately get up and walk towards the tree and hold on the trunk. "Dammit!" I murmur and clenches my fist. Eliza. Eliza is the mastermind of killing my sister. She can see visions too. She's the one who motivated Leona and the Headmistress to kill Adhiti.

"She can see visions too." Davin murmurs. "That's why her face never appears in my dream." I faced him and told him to do his thing quick and he did. I have to grab him out because he's barely moving. He's all exhausted. Good thing that Clarence saw us leaving the office and go after us.

I walk straight to my room and found Marissa sleeping already on my bed. She might be waiting for me but then she falls asleep. I do a quick warm shower and put my pajamas on and slipped under the warm duvet at her side. I took her hand and gently put it on my cheek as I stare at her face sideways. It wakes her up so she eventually hugged me and pillowed on my chest.

After five minutes, I fall fast asleep but the visions of Davin plays back inside my mind. My sister's execution, the laugh of the Ar Queen who looked so amused on her bravery on jumping to meet her death. The beautiful smile of the Goddess in the golden hair who sang lullaby on the sleeping Adhiti.

The love of Nick to my sister who concur everything just for her safety. But there is my Marissa who was kidnapped by her own father. The Mad King and a psychopath who wanted her to marry someone that she doesn't want to. A person that is also a mad and has a greed of wealth. A person who make girls his slave in every way. I cannot let them get my Marissa.

And the very last thing and terrifying is The army of death.

I woke up breathless with her above me who wake me up all this time. She gave me a cold water and I drank it all.

"Are you alright?" I instantly hugged her tight just hugged her for minutes.

She started preparing a midnight snack since she's hungry and I need to eat to lessen my frustration. I did not tell her about my dreams or what I know. I simply hugged her from behind while she's preparing a food. I sink my face on the crook of her neck.

"Patrick, you know that I can't move freely when you keep doing that."

"Let's stay like this for a moment."

My body doesn't want to leave her ever. Every second passes I felt more worried that she would get kidnapped. I don't want that. Nobody doesn't except for those who are evil and heartless. I loved her dearly and he never told her about that.

"Eliza killed my sister." I murmurs. The spoon that she's holding clings down on marble kitchen counter. "She got visions. I wouldn't let her come closer to you or to Catastrophe ever again." She hold her shaking hand and leans on me.

"Patrick, a-are you sure?" she asked afraid that I'm not joking around. I would never joke like that. Eliza is her best friend and she knows her. Although she knows her, she's afraid that Eliza would kill her own friend.

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