Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 34

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 34 Princess Of All Royals

Patrick Patterson

I drove home safely with Marissa with me. Andrew called and told me that we are going to burn her things together. Last night's nightmare didn't make me sleep at all. I should've told Marissa about Eliza. She cried and cried until she fall asleep. That really makes my heart ache seeing her getting hurt.

Now, we are not talking because she wanted to stay silent. I cannot read her emotions anymore because it was too random and mixed. I guessed that she has her period today. She easily get peeved these days. She's not a war freak but, she's very intimidating when she get really mad.

I hold her hand that is rested on her lap and squeeze it gently. She did not even glanced at me. Her thoughts are flying somewhere. After thinking about Eliza, she thought about Adhiti and then to me and then to her family and round again to Eliza whom she doubt would do such things.

"Don't over think, baby." I said sweetly and kissed the back of her hand while my other hand is holding the wheel. My eyes widens and I automatically stepped on the brake when there's a white hind on the middle of the road.

"White deer?" Marissa murmurs amazed on the deer in front of us. I told her not to go out. I open the door and decided to hop out but stay close to my car. I look around me if there's anything there but we are alone in the road. The hind walk towards me and move her face closer to mine. I look directly into her eyes and she show me something.

I saw a Goddess's face in the golden hair. The one that I saw on the visions of Davin. She smiles at me and more likely caressing my face though she's not in front of me. She whisper something on my ear and I listen carefully.

Catastrophe is their weakness, Good fortune is the savior. Find your people. They will save your love ones and Adhiti.

I snapped my eyes open and I was still standing but the hind is no longer in front of me. I look around to look for it but I failed. Marissa called me twice and I duck down to looked at her. My heard just didn't stop palpating that makes me take a very deep breath like I haven't breathing for seconds at all.

"The deer just disappear. Did you saw it?"

"What do you mean disappear?" I asked as I enter the car and closes the door. I put back my seat belt.

"It disappear with white smokes." She murmurs and I saw in her mind on how it disappear. I hold her hand and kissed it. "What does it says?" I start the engine and drove before I answer her.

"Catastrophe is their weakness, Good fortune is the savior. Find your people. They will save your love ones and Adhiti."

It makes her think too. I had been thinking on what she means. It is the first time that the Goddess talk to me. She looks like my sister. Her smiles genuine, beautiful-heart fluttering, that really is a comfortable one.

"That's it? That's what she only said?"

"I wonder on what kind of riddle is that."

"Catastrophe means, disastrous or failure the antonym of good fortune. So would we just wait for that good fortune to come? Or the good fortune is 'your people' which is what kind of people are they?"

"I still don't know but, my head is really aching but I keep those words in mind. We have to think clearly on who are the 'people' that she's talking about."

"Maybe, Nick knows." Yeah, maybe he knew.

We got home safely. Dad's car is already parked so I guessed that he came early than I expected. Andrew was sitting on the stairs on the entrance of our main door probably had been waiting for us. We immediately headed back to the house where Adhiti's personal things are on the pit. I pour a gas on it. Andrew pull a lighter and turned it on as he dropped it down. The fire exploded on the metallic pit and I drop the gasoline container on the fire.

Different toxic materials enters my nose. I told Marissa to go back inside. I and Andrew stepped back before the gadgets exploded. Andrew pulls out a mask and gave the other one to me. I immediately put it to cover my nose and mouth and he does the same.

"I just wished that she's already with Nick." Andrew murmurs. Sad to say, she's not. I wanted to tell it to him but I decided to tell it to them in the dinner. Andrew waited for it to be burnt all not until Mom called him.

Marissa is helping on preparing dinner. Then I guess that she's the one who make the fruit salad. It is her specialty anyway, the one that I love so much about her. She's like my wife who served me foods in front of my parents. I also know that they loved her because she's caring and everything, she simply makes my world so wonderful.

"After everything are burnt I will make those memories disappear. So that they won't get anything about on what you did." Dad told.

"There is something that I have to tell you all." I said and silenced for a while. "Catastrophe, she got imprisoned on the Kingdom of Pyr. She'll executed tomorrow." They all stop on what I had told.

"E-executed? You mean, she will be burn in front of the townsmen of the Kingdom?" my mom stammers as her fork and knife clings on her plate.

"Yes." I look directly to my mother. "How do you know that the Kingdom of Pyr traditionally execute their prisoners through burning?" they all doesn't know what I am capable of except Andrew and Marissa. My mother looked down.

"W-we had been on that Kingdom." She murmurs, I seek deep on her thoughts.


"Because we are not humans, Patrick. Humans can't erase people's selected memories literally. Humans can't move things through their minds. Humans can't hypnotize with their eyes and voice and control their minds. Everyone inside that Academy are not humans."

"Then, what we are called?"

"Demi-Gods." She murmurs. "Demi-Gods that are rogues that's why we are here in the outside world. The God who made us gives us very special talent that the humans don't have."

I now understand. We are like Nick, Eliza and Flame. But somehow we are not accepted on the five kingdoms. These things keeps happenings through years. And we are gathered in same places. But where are our ancestors then? Are they living with us outside the real world where we came from?

"Ask no more, sweetheart. Let's just enjoy our food." She smile at me and I nods. To lessen the very painful and hot atmosphere, dad turned on the speaker and played a very danceable music.

I helped Marissa and Mom to clean up while Andrew and dad are outside to see how it all burns. I look outside the window where I can see them and seek into their thoughts. They are all afraid that now we are burning my sister's things and tomorrow she'll get executed. But I know one thing. She won't die in fire. Because she's one of those who can make and bring a fire into life.

We are all gathered in the living room with white wines on the table and few chocolate bars and fruits. We hold hands together as we are circled on the coffee table with a long candle on the middle.

"Tonight, we gather to forget everything that we done on Adhiti and Catastrophe's personal belongings. From the start of planning to gather and burn it, until in this very moment, we forget everything."

Everything turns dark after my father's last words.

I woke up with Marissa in my arms. I look around me and realized that I was already inside my room in our house not on my own room in the Academy. Marissa just got woke up. I stare at her and she doesn't look alright. I wanted to know how we end up here because all I know is that I should be in Academy.

"You alright, babe?" she immediately get up and runs to the bathroom. She sound so sick vomiting and coughing. I immediately runs to her and gently stroke her back. It makes me stop when I felt another heart beat on her. It wasn't hers.

She washed her face and mouth and I can see how fuzzy her head is. I put my hand on her navel and I can hear a living thing inside her. Not just a living thing but a blood that has a life. She looked confused on what I did. I lean my ear on her neck and felt two pulse.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Did you always feel dizzy and sudden morning sickness?" she nods. "And you crave for different foods a lot." I stated. I immediately washed my face and my mouth leaving her baffled. I am all baffled too and I cannot determine my emotions. I feel nervous, excited, happy, and anxious. Why am I feeling these emotions? I dry my face with the towel and after that I dry hers. She is still staring at me all confused. That makes my throat dry too. Thinking, thinking about it.

"What are you thinking? What's wrong with me?" she asked nervously.

"You are pregnant." I scoop her cheeks. She gapes and I can hear her heart beating fast. Her mind has a mixed emotions like me but she's more worried.

"I-I'm sorry. I-I did not know." She's worried that I wouldn't accept the child since we had s.e.x a lot unprotected. I smiled at her and chuckled.

"Hush, babe. Don't worry about abandoning you because I will never will." She breathed on what I said. It makes me relieved that she's relieved. "All you have to do is to take care of yourself and our baby when I am not with you." She nods and smiles. "At this moment, I will take care of you first." I wiped a tear from her right eye.

"Thank you, Patrick."

"You don't have to thank me, babe. Because I do all of these because of you." I kissed her forehead.

"Patrick," Andrew knocks on the door. "You guys don't want to be late on our special breakfast!"

On our breakfast, my smiles that can never be curve into sad one makes their mood lightens. I told them the good news and father who is all strict than Marissa's dad, asked me on when I will marry her. I told him that we still have no plans about it and everything will be just fine.

My plan about Marissa's safety isn't vivid but I have to at least try to save her and her family. The King of Er wanted them dead for the reason that they knew about him and the other world. Marissa is gifted and he need her for his own greed. But I have to protect them really hard.

I told my parents about it and they immediately take action by going down on the secret room underground that is located on the storage room. Father and mother had been really secretive on their pasts and about us. I remember our last night's dinner but that's only it. I know that some are fabricated. And I believed that father do it on purpose or maybe it is one of my plans.

My eyes wondered and get really amazed on silver, golden, steels metallic swords, arrows, knives, spears everything here are for defense and attacks. The arrows are welled carved. Father pulls out a steel sword from the very middle and show me how sharp it is in one slice by slicing the hardwood.

"Since, you are my son who wanted to protect the people he loved, so I gave this Psych's steel. A steel that can kill dead people even monsters that cannot be killed literally."


"The Hydra." He gave as an example and show us the painting of the hydra. A water dragon that had so many heads and of course had fins and has a long body like a real sea dragon. "The steel is made of stone venom, tears of the mermaid and dragon's eggshell. This is specially made to protect the life of the five kingdoms. Now, that I felt the death, the prophecy has begun."

We all sat down to listen to father. He went to the big book that holds lots of histories and secrets. A mysterious book that only can opened by father's blood. He started telling us the story about the five faces.

"The five faces are five voices that only the pure royal blood can hear on the main portal to the other side of the world. Five faces symbolizes the dragon for the Kingdom of Pyr; Mermaids for the Kingdom of Hydr; Bull for Er; Giant Eagle for Ar; and Sphinx for Psych the Kingdoms of all Kingdoms."

Now that I think, I can hear five voices in Catastrophe's thoughts. My eyes dilated on what my own logic discovers. I frustratingly cover my palm on my face and rubbed it. I take a deep breath and they had noticed my anxiousness.

"Your thoughts, Patrick." Father told like we were in real class.

"Catastrophe, she can hear five voices." I told him. They are all silenced. "That's why they will executed her though they doesn't know that she's peculiar among all people. No matter how they killed her in their traditional execution she won't die. Unless," I stopped. I looked directly at my father who is all surprised on my words. "Unless she was killed by a stab or cut her head off."

"H-how do you know?" he asked. I don't want to say to them what I am capable of. I take my time on thinking and calming myself from nervousness.

"I hear them on Catastrophe's head. I also know that she's not our blood."

"Patrick!" my mom, exclaims. I know that it is unacceptable for her. She love Adhiti or Catastrophe. We all loved her but we know the fact. We know the reality but we are unable to accept it.

"I know everything, mom." I told her. Marissa hold my hand that is clenched over the table. "I can read all your thoughts. She's the prophecy that they are talking about. She's the daughter of the Goddess who's always around to watch her grow up! I saw her when I was a child. I saw her on how she put the child under the tree that night. She gave us Adhiti to save her and to save everyone." I did not noticed that because of the emotions that I am letting go, my cheeks are all wet and warm water comes out from my eyes. Those emotions that I had been holding, those words that I had been holding comes out unexpectedly.

My father walk briskly towards me and bent down to look into my eyes.

"How many person knows about this?"

"Five for now. Adhiti knows that I can read thoughts though I never told her so."

"Alright buddy. You are the only one who can get into people's mind. You got it from your great grandfather and that gift only happens in our bloodline. You could control other people's mind by making them believe on your words, and play scenes and images in their minds if you wanted to. You could fabricate their pasts or make them believe on false. I always thought that it could be you."

So all this time is they know that I could hold that kind of gift. They keep it secret for my sake.

"If you wanted something in that other world. Go to the Psych directly to the King and show him what you are. It is the only way for you to save them, but don't let greed eats your mind. You could control the elders of Pysch too."

"I will do that." I gritted my teeth. I am powerful now. I could save them. I need to be confident enough to save all of them. My father face Andrew.

"And you, you could speak to secretive tongue spilling out the truth behind their lies. Nobody has ever has that gift besides of you. Seeing the events through their personal things that had been their witness will lead you to the truth."

"Yes father."

"And you, sweetheart." He looked at Marissa. "Stay strong for all of us. No matter what happens, Patrick here and Andrew will do everything to save you. That child you have right now is more gifted than anyone of us." Marissa nods. He turn to my mother. "Honey, please tell them all the secrets of the Kingdoms."

Mother went to the book with sigh. She hesitate on telling us the secrets of the five kingdoms that they knew. She told us that almost all the people in Kingdoms doesn't know about it. And the people who are against their government become rogues.

"Each kingdoms are holding their own monsters to protect their selves. They doesn't care about their people's safety. The secrets of the kingdoms is there are overlaps on the boundary from the inside world to the outer world. They trade gold, silvers, and platinum to humans in exchange of a new born child."

New born child? What are they doing to the new born child? The three of us has the same questions in our mind. Also, how could humans give their child in exchange of gold and other metals? It is pathetic of them.

"They make the new born child as their slaves or whatever they wanted to do with the child. Some, they feed the children to the monsters that they are growing for saving their kingdoms. Thousand years ago, a warrior is born who is destined to save the inner world and outer world from disastrous events that will happen. She dies and only each kingdom's monsters had protect the royal bloods. They doesn't understand why every trees, plants and even animals are dying. The elders believed that the warrior who is assassinated is the life of the whole universe." She cleared her throat and continued. "If it wasn't for Princess Amanda who was born, every one of us dies and you no longer born."

"Who's Princess Amanda?" Andrew asked as he twirls the pen on his fingers.

"Princess Amanda is the High Princess of the whole Kingdom. Daughter of King Damian and Queen Cassidy of Psych, Kingdoms of all Kingdoms."

"What does she looks like?" Andrew asked again really interested on the Princess. My mother lift a piece of paper that has a portrait of the Goddess that I always saw on my dreams and on the visions. Golden hair, angelic face and bright crystalize oceanic eyes. "Wow." Yes, everyone one of us gapes.

"That's her." I murmur. They all looked at me. "That's Adhiti's mother."

Mom and Dad looked at each telling that it is possible.

"Princess Amanda fall in love to a human named Darius. Her father had known about it and he was to kill him. But the Princess bounded her soul together with the human. If he got hurt or killed, those things will be felt by the Princess or she'll do too as her love die. They cannot kill the Princess or the human. Because of her father's loved to her, he just accept it but never let them be together."

Now, I can see the reasons. Adhiti is the prophecy and our destinies tangled up because we are born to protect her. We are born to protect both worlds.

My mother ended it up. We pack up few weapons and went to Marissa's house. I know that they are all surprised on our appearance. Marissa's brother can't still accept me but I loved her and she loved me. No one can break us apart even super storm can't. My father explained to her dad and mom that we are all in danger. Masen acted too arrogant that make me punch him and he falls down on the ground.

"Son of a"

"Don't you f.u.c.k.i.n.g understand Masen?! This is nothing personal. If you hate me, go hate me but I won't let Marissa or your parents die in the Mad King's hand. So if you wanted to save yourself or them, do as what I said."

"Wow bro! That was cool!" Andrew said with playful thumbs up. I just glanced at him. Yeah, I know it is cool. It took me very long to give him that.

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