Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 35

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 35 Phrixus King Of Dragons


My days had finally ended. I only have two minutes before they pull me out from this cold cell to the middle of the crowd to see me burn and scream in pain. But I guess that won't happen. I will stay silent while dying. Three guards came in front of my cell with heavy chains on their hands. They open the door and I walk out only with my clothes on. I left my bag inside. That would be their souvenir.

Familiar corridors, clicking of marble floor in every footsteps and scent of gas and woods. From here, I heard people's cheers outside. It was so loud that I could hear it from here. When I went outside, one kilometer away are crowd of people.

Kill that human!

Humans are evils!

Kill! Kill! Kill! They chanted. Well, well, well. They wanted to kill an innocent human. So who is evil now? They wanted to kill me without any trial and from what crime? Because I am human? Oh, please, they are making it all worse.

I keep my head down while my hood is covering my head. I was dragged to walk to those crowd. I am just away but they kept on throwing tomatoes on me. Good thing that these big guys are my barriers. If only they use it for their cooking instead of throwing it to me. It would be nice. They shouldn't waste these vegetables and fruits just for them to throw on me.

I walk on the wooden stairs at least ten staircase. Then, they removed my chains and tie a rope behind me as they pushed me to lean on the wooden post that makes me flinch. I looked at Flame who is all poker face. The face of Flavia has sympathy on me. The people started throwing tomatoes on me again and good thing that it doesn't hit my face. Today is my execution and I don't feel anything. I am not worried nor afraid.

I glare at the second psychotic son of the King. Then beside him is a beautiful lady in red velvet gown which I guess is the Queen since I haven't seen her before. I chin up and they pull the hood from my head after they tied me up in ropes. The Queen whispers on the King's ear like she's somehow on doubt about my execution.

The second son of the King grins at me devilishly like really going to eat me. Geez, why does he always gives me goose bumps. I also don't like him. He lit up a fire on his hand and that didn't amuse me. Three young men came along around to light up the fire and lastly Flame who came in the very middle in front of me. Someone throw me another tomato and I manage to move my head sideways to avoid it.

"If only you put these tomatoes on your dishes rather than throwing it on me." I said loudly that makes them all silenced. "You could have been satisfied for a day."

"Burn her!" someone shouts. Then, they chanted on burning me. I just laugh at them. Flame started the fire and the boys followed his lead. The fire crawl up around the floor immediately. I also ready my fire to escape but how would I escape these people from using my fire too? Damn! My plan is fifty-fifty.

"Burn! Burn! Burn!" they chanted. I looked at Flame who winks at me. The fire crawls up my shoes and it fascinated me how it dances beautifully. I look back at Flame again. I guess they are confused because I have no interest on being afraid of fire.

I started burning the rope behind me when I heard a wailing sound. It was very loud and monstrous that every one of them stopped and look up the sky. Then I guess that this isn't part of the game even Flame is surprised. On the very top of the watching wall, there is a man in black cloak. He lifted up my arrow and hit it directly on the rope. The only thing in my mind is Nick. He came to save me.

I burn the whole rope hard that makes everyone gasped and a giant flying bird breathing smoke appears and wails. He blow fire on the people that make them all running around. It wasn't a bird but a fire-breathing giant dragon. The man in black cloak and mask jump towards on the back of dragon and the dragon fly down that makes everyone back out. I run and jump up as he catch my arm and pulls me up. I felt his embrace around. And all this time, I felt secured. I stare on his eyes. I wasn't wrong, it was Nick.

I hold on him tight when the dragon fly up, up high. This is my first time riding a dragon. I gently caress the dragon. His skin is really hard and rough. And his smell is smell of metals and fire.

"Did they hurt you?" he murmurs on my ear. I look back at him and gently pulls down his mask that covers his nose and mouth. He immediately kissed me but I pushed him back. He embraced me though while I watch how beautiful it is to be above riding on the dragon.

The dragon wails again and fly freely like it was another first for him to fly. I lean down my cheek on the back of the dragon and listen to his thoughts. He's the last dragon and his soul mate never been found. His soul mate has been captured by some rogues and I don't understand why. He's been sleeping for hundreds of years and I was the one who wake him up. I don't know how I wake him up. But I was lucky to have him.

He tour us around and I saw how wide the Pyr Kingdom like it was one continent. Then on the other side is another Kingdom around the water and has lots of islands near the big land. I am too mesmerized around as few birds fly with us. But because my heart is still in pain, it all disappear when Nick kissed my cheek. I cannot pushed him now because it might anger Phrixus, that's the name of the dragon.

He landed on an isolated area near the Kingdom. Nick slide down on the scaly skin of the dragon and I slide to and he caught me. I immediately pushed him and faced the dragon. I gently brushes my hand on his chin and thank him. We stepped back and he flies again and wails around the five Kingdoms.

I started walking to look for a fresh water while he's behind me. It annoyed me because he kept following me. I am relieved that I am safe and he saved me. But I hate him for getting engaged with another woman. I would hate it more if it is Eliza.

"What's wrong, Adhiti?" he asked. I bit my lower lips to hold back my anger. I removed his jacket that I am wearing and throw it on his face. "Tell me what's going on? Why are you so mad? Aren't you happy to see me?"

I faced him madly and gritted my teeth that almost make a sound. I groans irritated, stomp my feet and walk away from him. He runs to my front removing his cloak and dropping down my backpack and bows and arrows. He grabbed my arms and make me faced him.

"You kept on pushing me. Tell me, what I did wrong?" I swiftly pulls the sword that he gave to me and stepped back pointing it on his neck. He didn't move and all freeze up on what I did. It surprises him that I wanted to kill him right now. "Why are you crying?"

If he didn't said that I am crying I won't realized that I am. I chin up, chew my lower lips and move the blade closer to his neck.

"You asked me what you did wrong? I will tell you what, you did everything wrong!" I barks at him. "I hate you because you left me. I hate you because you let me be their capture and that nymphomaniac-psycho prince almost r.a.p.ed me. I hate you because I thought that you love me." I let out a single sob but I hold it back again that only gives weight on my chest.

"I love you." He told as if he's sincere.

"No you don't!" I scream at his face.

"Put it down." He said slowly just to convince me. I move it closer until the sharp blade is on his skin. "I said I love you. Why can't you believe that?"

"Why should I believe you then? You betray me by sleeping with my best friend."

"Adhiti, I know that I am wrong for not finding you sooner. I hate myself more than you hate me. I might betray you but, I love you and it is true. I never lie or fool on loving you."

His words hits me like it is pulling my strength not to kill him. His fast movement makes me drop the sword. I wiped my tears as I cover my palms on my face and let out the sobs that I had been holding.

"You love me and you promised to marry me not anyone!" I scream at him and drop my butt on the grass like I was a little child. My chest is really tight and it is hard for me to catch my breath between my sobs. I felt his hand gently caressed my hair.

"Who told you that I will marry someone else?" he pulls my hand away from my face. I sniffled and put my hand down. He gently wiped my tears away by his cold knuckles. I can feel that he's smiling. "Adhiti, who told you that? Is it Flame?" I didn't answer but he knows that it was Flame. Who else? "I am marrying a beautiful lady." I snapped my eyes on him and he's still smiling at me. "Her name is Adhiti Patterson. She is also known as Catastrophe Canfield." I pushed him that makes his butt falls down on the grass with his back. He giggles and pushed up his self.

"Jerk." I murmur and it irritated me that he found it amusing. My whole body is heated up mostly my head. Blood keep on rushing on my brain too. Damn jerk. Flame had been fooling me all these time.

"I miss you so much." He pulls my hand and gently kissed my knuckles. "I also love you, so much." I glare at him and decided to attack his lips with mine. I even corner him on my legs as he lay down on the grass. He kept on giggling between our kiss. But I still feel so mad at him.

When I realized on what I am doing, I pushed up myself and took my sword. He quizzically sat up. I push down the tip of the sword on the ground and left him there.

"H-hey! Love!" he calls but I ignore him. I can hear the sound of the river so I take the east direction where it probably is. I started removing my shirt. "Ah" he stammers behind me. I faced him and he's holding my bag, and armors. He dropped it all.

"Don't come closer! I need a bath." I turn back from my and started removing my boots.

"Oh-kay. I will just put these under the pear tree." I walk towards the river and jump on the water.

It was cold and refreshing. My nerves had cool down and my mind is getting cool too. I removed my pants to clean it and dry it.

"Can I join you? I could scrub you"

"No thank you! And please stay away." He didn't. After I clean my pants I throw it to him and he caught it. "Hang that." He also gave me my shirt and I clean it too. I throw it again on him. I dive on the river and open my eyes under to see how beautiful it is. There are fishes and also gold fish that shines under the water because of the sunlight.

I keep wonder under until I felt a strong arms wrapped around my waist. When I turn his faces glows under. His hair look clear brown. And also, he's almost nude. Only if he's not wearing that trunks. He stare at me looking all amazed but immediately pull me up. He catches his breath and scoop my face, with an admiration on his eyes. It looks like twinkling and has wrinkles on the side of each eye as he smiles.

"Wow," he breathes. He gather my hair and show me how the blue-green part of my hair grows.


"Your eyes are the same color of this river." He look down on my chest and stare on it. I cover my chest because he's probably perverting on me. But he took the amulet. "The five kingdoms." He murmurs. I look down at it too and I realized on what he's talking about.

"Turn around." I told him. He hesitated and when he realized that I am removing my brasserie he did turn around and move away. I also removed my underwear and wash it then I throw it on him. "Dry that." He took it and faced me giving me an annoyed look. I smirk and dive down.

When I pop out my head under the water and push my hair, I stopped when he's all watching me with that admiration look. I grimaced at him. Nick immediately understand that I am glaring at him. He didn't look away thought, instead he move down the water and move towards me. I cover my arms on my chest and glare at him.


"I just want to see whole of you." My cheeks heated up on what he said. I always felt s.e.xy, and attractive whenever he look at me like that and told things that really makes me reddish.

"Pervert!" he giggles and I am too late to move away before he embraced me. But a bright idea came into my mind. I don't want him to be with someone else or marry someone else but me so maybe if I seduce him to marry me then, he cannot be with someone else but me. I know that it is a crazy idea but I have to try. I am desperate.

I spread my arms and wrapped it around his neck until my front pressed on his body. It makes his eyes dilated on surprised. Good, seducing him was easy when it is me. I gently move my face closer to his.

"You want to see whole of me?" he gulps on my sudden action. "Then," I move my lips closer to his ear. "Make love to me."

"I" he stammers as he gently rubbed his thumb at my back. He look away thinking about it then look back into my eyes. He smiles and smack my forehead by his lips. "Let's not do it now. We have a perfect place for that. Besides, let's get married first so we could do it all over again."

I am disappointed. I sigh and pushed him to show how disappointed I am to him. He pull me until I am pressed on him again. He's really a pervert. Since that he cannot see whole of me he wanted to touch and feel my b.r.e.a.s.t against him. Maybe little game will make him give up. I played my fingers on his hair and he does the same to mine.

"As much as I wanted to touch you and kiss you, I have to gather myself not to."


"Because we are not married yet and I wanted everything on us special. Mostly our honeymoon."

"Let's get married."

"Yes, of course we are going to get married but now is not the time. You see we are on the run and I cannot take you straight back to Er without sailing towards to Hydr. King Hadrian is looking all over for you. He might had been sent communication all over the Kingdoms."

"I don't care. I wanted to get married now. What are things needed to get married?"

He pushed his head back probably trying to be patient on my stubbornness. He gently caressed my face and make me look into his eyes.

"Listen, they should not know that I am the one who save you. And if they all did, I cannot take you anymore to my house. Anywhere here is not safe when you are with me. And it will be hard for me to marry you secretly."

"So you mean that you will leave me again?" he look down telling the answer without speaking. "How many times should you leave me?" I push him a little but he pull me to him until I am totally squeezed on his body. I manage to cover my lower arm in my front.

"I am not leaving you. I am behind you always. But you have to go alone on your own. I am not that fool to left my love."

"You left me once and I almost die there."

"Adhi," he calms me and gently stroke my hair. "I did everything for you. I know that Flame won't let you die and choose the traditional execution instead. You won't get burn because you are the fire of yourself. I know that you are safe in Flame's hand."

"That jerk!"

"I know, I know. I will deal with the Prince who almost r.a.p.ed you." He gritted his teeth. "Falcon is a psycho and I promise you that he won't ever touch you again."

Falcon. Now I know his name it is easy for me to kill him. I will surely get back to him to make him die. Nick had read my mind because of the expression that I am showing. He tightens his embraced to me and seek on my eyes.

We stay in the water for a few moments but he never make any perverting move and just embraced me. Sometimes he will scoop water and pour it on my hair and gently massaged it. He can be that gentleman, charming and mostly adorable whenever he looked at me with an admiration on his eyes.

He get up and walk towards the pear tree and pick up some cloth from his leather bag that is made of some plants or silkworm maybe. He walk towards me and held out the cloak. I told him to close his eyes and he did. I walk closer to the stones and reach the ground. I took the cloak from him and cover it on myself.

We stay under the shed of trees while eating fruits that is around us. There's mulberries, pears and lots of coconut tree. He knows how to make a hole on the coconut for us to drink, we don't have a straw so we have to drink through the hole. He also told me that inside is the nata de coco or the white fresh flesh and I am impressed that it was delicious. My clothes are not dry yet so I am fully n.a.k.e.d and he kept on insisting to saw whole of it. Damn this pervert, I have to smack his head. Without marriage I won't show it to him though he promised to marry me.

"Let's stay here for days." I suddenly speak from a very long silence between us. I was lying down on his arms covered in the cloak only wearing my underwear. The fire near us give us heat on this cold night.

"We can't, love."

"Why?" I look up at him as I gently curls my fingers on the buttons of his shirt.

"Because you are not safe here. We should keep moving."

"You are not leaving me again." I demanded him. He curls his fingers on my hair and look down at me.

"I'm not leaving you."

"Good. Because, I'm going to kill you if you did."

"Love, I am just saying that you have to sail to the mainland alone. I will wait for you on the harbor so we could sail together to the Er."

"No. We are sailing together to the mainland"

"Don't be like this, Adhiti. If they knew who I really was, I cannot save you anymore."

"Can't you use your power to save me? You are the Prince"

"Yes, I am the Prince. It will be more dangerous for both of us if I use that position."

I am not going to sleep, for him to not to leave me. I sat up and he did too. He went to the tree where he hang my clothes and took it. He gave it all to me and told me to dress up since it is already dry. I did as what I told. He remove all things inside my back pack and throw the bag on the fire which makes me gasped and was about to complain.

"They should not see human's creation in here." He also burn my tumbler which really makes me pouted. Then there's my phone on the pocket of the bag and Flame's earphones. "I will take this. Okay?" I dropped my shoulders and lazily put my shirt on. "Also," he pulls another bag from his bag and put my arrows inside. It is big enough to put it all there. He also lift a pouch purse. "These coins can make you buy few things in the market. Also, be strong enough not to get robbed by bandits."

"There are bandits here?"

"Yes. And they sold pretty girls. You are not pretty and you cost too much." I frown at what he said. I am not pretty? Oh damn him! "I mean you are too beautiful that's why if ever they sold you, you cost too much."

"Just don't say that I am not pretty!" I growl at him. He giggles and put the bag aside. He crawl back to me and turned on my phone. He lay down beside me and he pulls me down until I am lying down on his arms.

"Before I forgot, I lost Ruin. I don't know where he ran off."

"I will find him." He promised.

"I just wished that he's not being hunted."

"They won't hunt a white wolf. They don't expose their selves to people. Having a white wolf is big luck to people around here. Just like Ruin, they are protective over their master and loyal."

"Then I am lucky to have Ruin." I look up the sky and just realized how the stars closer to us. Like it was easy to reach. The stars are also brighter than the world where I came from.

"Are you not going to say that you are lucky because you have me?" he sounds jealous but, I like that sound from him. The more I make him jealous would be so fun. If Flame is here, I would really make him really jealous. I also can't forget on how he is holding back himself not to kill Flame whenever we flirted.

"I can't say that." I murmur with yawns. He sigh in disappointment that makes me smiles.

"Although you are not lucky to have me, I am blessed to have you." My heart instantly melt as my stomach flutters where I can feel that my cheeks heated up.

"How could I know that you are not lying?"

"When I am chewing my cheeks, you could instantaneously know that I am lying. My mom only knows whenever I lie." I get up a little just enough for me to look down on his face.

"Do you like me?"


"Then, do you love me that much to leave me?" he didn't answer. I sigh with a complaining groan. I look straightly on his eyes for him to answer me. He's not answer because he's smiling. Crazy stupid, s.e.xy man.

"Yes I love you but not that much because much is too short to love you. My love for you is boundless as what universe is. You know that I can't leave you but I have to, for your sake."

"Then you really love me." I stated and pressed my lips to his. He giggles and smiles between our kiss.

My plan of not sleeping had failed. I wake up with a spot of sun beam on my face. I am no longer on his arms and chest. I am lying down with a cozy cloak around me. There are two red apples and one green apple. Then under the apples is a piece of paper. I took the apples and eat one as I read the letter from Nick.

My Dearest Adhiti,

I am not saying goodbye or what. I'm sorry that I didn't wake you up because you look so serene sleeping in my arms. I missed it. Okay, I will be straight to the point. Let your feet lead you to our rendezvous. Just think of me and the place where sh.i.p.s are anchored. Your map will lead you to the place wherever you wanted to go. But please think of me so we could get marry soon.

With lot of love, kisses and tight hugs,


Damn this stupid man! I told him not to leave me alone!

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