Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 36

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 36 Amus.e.m.e.nt

Prince Flame of Pyr

The people around hasn't move on yet from what they saw. It's been hundreds of years since the people last saw a real dragon. There had been lots of dragons around but suddenly they all disappear. The dragon King which is the one who appear saving Adhiti is the last one. I thought that he had few fellow dragons with him but I am disappointed.

However, it always makes people afraid of them. Because only the pure royal blood of Pyr are the unburnt. We can bend and make fires with our hands and even stole a fire from another torches. But the only thing we can't do is taming the dragons.

"Didn't you saw it?! She burn the ropes!" Falcon argued. It is really hitting my head because of their endless discussion about Adhiti and the thing that she had escaped with the unknown person, but I know who he is.

"She didn't! It was the fire plus someone cut the rope with the arrow." The Prince next to him France argued back. I know that he's irritated on Falcon's paranoia.

"Aren't you suspected that she tamed the dragon with the person who helped her escaped?" The oldest daughter of the King, Catalina asked. She's quite a criminal minded and yes, she's a smart one. "We need to capture her immediately."

I just let out a sigh and look out the wide window and see how the people are doing on the town. I am so tired of hearing their crazy hypothesis. I know that Adhiti is unburnt and can make fire like us, but I don't understand how the dragon find her and didn't even attack her, instead the dragon saved her and he attack us.

"Why are you not cooperating honey? Do you think that it is better to let her go?" my mother speaks behind me who probably just enter the conference room to bring us foods. I turn to looked at her and smile.

"What do you think mother? Is it better to let her go, since her crime is only being a human?" she smiles at me and she put the tray together with the servants.

"The girl looks very lovely and innocent. Is being a human is only her crime?"

"She also attack me, mother." Falcon interrupted. What an asshole.

"What is the reason that she attack you sweetie? I guess that she only defended herself." She told him softly. "Besides, it is not appropriate for the prince to spread ladies' legs without their permission."

"You heard it, Falcon?" I smirk at him and took a glass of pomegranate juice. "Catastrophe, is not just a human. She's extraordinary, besides, she's welled-training on defense and attack. Her mentor trained her well." I wink at him slyly.

There's a silence from my brothers and sisters thinking on the move that they will do next. Then I guess that Catalina will raise her suggestion right away. She really amaze me sometimes but somehow, it is evil. Catalina stood and look down on the map of the whole mystical world where we live. She push the piece of wood that is carved into a dragon to the area of Hydr.

"They landed on one of the territory of Hydr. I am sure of that. All we have to do is to warn King Wales about this. I won't let that human, live in our world." She said it calmly but the last sentence didn't goes calm instead it goes really evil. I smack my forehead inside my mind getting frustrated on these crazy people about the human. Yeah, I just said that my family is crazy, quite pathetic sometimes.

"You all really wanted to kill her?" I asked them. They looked at me with the same dark eyes on me except of Flavia who doesn't care about their crazy plans. It makes me laugh because of their synchronized look however, it didn't look really funny to them. "You cannot kill her, since she had someone to protect her."

"Why do you sound like you don't like the idea capturing her?" Marquez the youngest son asked. He's a little paranoid on something or should I say everything. He doubted things and has a trust issue.

"Because, I know her than you all do. Besides, Catastrophe didn't committed any crime. She simply get lost in our world. And the one who saved her, I don't know whoever that person is but I can guess that that person is a professional bounty killer. He killed two guards in the dungeon using Catastrophe's own armors. Did you get my point?"

"Clearly." Chloe the second daughter nods while eating cookies with meringue that mom made. "You are also right that she's innocent and did not commit any crime and also just defended herself from being s.e.x.u.a.lly abused by Prince Falcon." She said it all straight forthright that makes Falcon winced. I sometimes like her for being all honest, blunt and mostly a little annoying. But nobody can ever lie to her because she will immediately find out if the person that she's talking is lying.

"Thank you Chloe." I smiles at her and she did smile back but it turns into smirk.

"But the professional bounty killer you said need to be executed. He killed two of our guards and help our convict escaped. So why won't we find that killer then, it will be good if we find that girl." She winks at me and I just laugh on her perfect idea. But I am all against them.


"If ever that she's in Hydr, the King need to be well aware to execute her without any trial." Catalina stubbornly said as she write a letter to send to the King Wales of Hydr.

All I just wished is that Nick would hid her carefully. And I just wished that they are not in Hydr anymore. Catastrophe will be feed to sea monsters in no time. Nobody ever survive on the abyss of the sea. The sea monsters didn't choose people to eat even they are Royal Blood. I remember that one of my cousins committed a great crime to the daughter of King Wales which is ****. He immediately was thrown to the mouth of the sea where sea monsters are living. But I believed that my cousin was seduced by the Princess and they have lots of make out and when she caught that my cousin has another woman, she acted that she was r.a.p.ed. I really can't believe it all. Even my father can't do anything about it.

"Why they get executed right away without a proper trial?" Matilda, our little nave princess asked. She's also right on her question. Why people can't get a proper trial before execution? Everything around here are all wrong. Even they caught the criminal in action or not. "The pretty girl didn't commit any crime, right mommy?" she asked mom with those puppy eyes. My mother simply smiles and nods.

Catalina made final decision by sending her letter to the Kingdom of Hydr through our phoenix that means that it is very urgent. Nobody tamed her besides of mom and dad. She's hard as rock.


It didn't take me long to leave and pack up. I took few fruits and a water for my travel. I had been walking for four hours to find a boat to go to the other side of island. The island is very big that I can guess is the mainland. How would I get there? How did that crazy Nicholas get there? Should I walk through the water?

"No! That is a very bad idea." I shook my head. "What should I really do?" when there's nothing come up with my head, I sat down on the grass and pulls a fresh red apple and start eating it. It is really sweet and juicy and I could live only eating apples and drinking these cold fresh water.

When I am done eating, I saw a small boat paddling by some old man around the age of sixty. But he look strong though. The man did not notice me so I pulls my mask up my nose and walk to the water. I dip my left hand on the water and the waves moves him towards my direction. He looks quizzical on why the water is bringing him to my direction.

I pulls the boat closer to the ground that makes him gasped and was about to grabbed his sword but I had grabbed mine and pointed it to him.

"Bring me to the mainland." I demanded and jump to the boat. He shakily gulped and nods. I pulls two silver coins from my pocket and put it on the seat in front of us. "I won't kill you. But if you make any crazy plans to attack me, I might will."

"Y-yes, Milady." He murmurs and started paddling. I put back my sword on the case on my belt and study his crinkled face. "W-what makes you go to the mainland, Milady?" he formally asked.

"I am going to meet someone there. How old are you?" I asked him.

"Three-hundred sixty-eight, miss."

"Oh." That's all I had said. "What danger would I get in that Kingdom?" I asked him looking towards the Big Castle that I viewed from here.

"If you are a criminal or a rogue, you will be feed to the sea monsters." He told. "This Kingdom are never formal in trial. That's why people around here are afraid on making any crimes."

"Are there people who really fed on the sea monsters?" I asked him.

"Yes," he said it grimly and even move his face a little to me. I can see his dark teeth showing and his brown eyes dilated. "My son, was fed on the sea monsters. He killed his wife's lover when he caught them."

It makes me stop from his story.

"What happened to the wife? Doesn't they have any children?"

"They never had because she can't bear any child. She's now working in the prostitution. I never like her from the very start. She's very beautiful yet promiscuous. I had seen her with my second son, her husband never caught them though."

"That's very, sad and depressing." That's all I said. I don't know how to react with the words but his story is really depressing.

"When you arrived to the mainland, careful not to do anything and hid your weapons. There are guards roaming around." I look up to see an eagle like bird but its feather is read-orange like a fire.

"The Phoenix! There might be an emergency from the Kingdom of Pyr."

"Phoenix?" I murmur and hearing the Kingdom of Pyr makes my stomach clenched. "It would lovely to hear your story but, I think I need to get to my destination ASAP." I put my hands on the water and lots of fishes surrounded the boat and move us to the mainland. The old man was mesmerized on what I am doing or what the fishes are doing.

"Are you" he looked at me. "Not one of the daughter of King Wales?"

"I'm nobody's daughter here, Sire." I told him.

"But how" he was very mesmerized on the glittering fishes around us because of the sun.

"Does everyone around here don't know how to do this?"

"I had never seen like one. But I know a story of a warrior who can control everything."

I smiled behind my masked. A warrior? How really archaic. But I have no time about it. We reach the seashore in no time and I gave him a tip. He bows his head to me that makes me baffled on why in hell he's doing it. I nod my head back and walk. I just walk and walk as what Nick told me to let my feet gives direction on where I wanted to be.

I stopped when I am near the townsmen with lots of vendors on the way. I heard lots of laughing and smiling of young ladies as young men impressed the girls. Wow, what a lovely place I am entering. I walk and walk around and some offer me to see how fresh their big shrimps. Oh, I love to eat some but, I am in a hurry. Nick might get me lots of it when we arrived on his home.

I stop and saw guards walking. I immediately look for a place to hide and my feet brought me to the forest. Maybe I will go to the harbor when it is twilight. They won't recognize me.

I stay hidden from the forest but I decided to look for a way to the harbor. So yes, I walked. However, I stopped when I felt people hiding on the trees. There is also a trap. Then the people that get into my mind are bandits. Damn, they will rob me and sell me to the prostitution here.

"Would you care to give us your baggage?" a tall man with yellowish teeth comes out from the oak tree and gently brushing his finger on the blade of his dagger. Then, there are lot more who come out from the trees and some came from the branches.

The leader with an eye patch, I guess walks in front of me and pulls his sword from his belt. He pointed his sword to me and c.o.c.k his head like telling me to remove all my clothes. I smirk behind my mask and pulls my sword and slice his sword. I also didn't expect that my sword would be that sharp that makes the blade of his sword cut into two.

He look down on his sword and gritted his teeth on me. They started attacking me and I fought back. I slice few flesh and good thing that I didn't even get any scratch but I am totally toast because they are lot more than I expected. I twist my body to look around my enemies. There are at least twenty three of them and someone caught me. I nudge his thing to be free from his grasped.

I am still toast because someone had pulls my cloak and they saw who I really was. The leader smirked at me.

"Well, well it is a young lady. Didn't expect it, really." That one eyed man smirked at me. I sigh and chuckled.

"If you wanted a coins, well, I don't have one."

"Nope! We don't want coins anymore from you." The tall guy with yellowish teeth said and licked his lips lasciviously. "You cost than we expected."

Shit! This is what Nick is telling. They will sell me to the prostitution. Someone caught my bag swiftly and looked what it contains. Someone got interest on my arrow and bow. Also, they are eyeing my sword.

"Gold." Someone murmur. Their eyes shines on my sword. They all pulls their swords and pointed it on me. Then the other one who has my arrow use it to me. I was left giving up. They bring me to their carriage and I was in cuffs again but this time in ropes.

"If you don't want to die, better leave me alone." I warned them. If Nick knows about this they are toast. Or I can use my fire to burn all of them. "Don't you want all to get burn?" I asked them. They all laughs on my warning. So I have no choice but to use my fire then.

I exhales as heat comes from my whole body towards my hands. The fire explodes on my hand and they all scream. I smirks and even brighten my fire. I was about to throw it to them but they all hands up. Someone pointed a knife on me.

"Cool it down!" he threatens me. "You are not one of the daughter of King of Pyr. I can assure that."

"Yeah-yeah. I am nobody's daughter in this world of yours." I cool it down but manage to separate my wrist and turns the ropes into ashes.

"H-how did you do that?" one of them asked the one in bald head, also a short one.

"What?" I asked innocently and show them my fire on my hand bigger than before. "This?" they all shouts and told me to cool it down. Also someone throw a water on me. That really makes me angry. One of them offers a cloth with shaking hands. Maybe they get intimidated on my eyes that turns into the color of fire. "You don't have to throw water on me. I am not afraid of water, dumbass!" I growl at the man who throw me a water.

"You see, lil' missy we have to sell you." The man in bald head said. "We have to feed our family and siblings that's why we need money."

"Oh," I dumped the cloth on my face. "I get it. You could have the silver coins that I have but, the swords and archer also the bag are mine."

"Nah, at least you cost five pouches of golden coins. Silver don't cost that much."

They put me in cuffs instead. Then someone gave me the key and told me that after they sell me I could escape from the prostitution. I snorted on the plan that they made but it will do. They had also noticed my clothing which is really rare for the people around here since people around here wears something archaic. The ladies are wearing see-through clothing and damn, I cannot wear that in front of lots of people.

They pulls me to the crowded town. There are lots of men roaming around also ladies who are too flirty. Then a woman at least at the age of thirties come out. I almost vomit because of the clothes that she's wearing. The one that almost show all her tits and then her abdominal are showing though her dress is long. She's beautiful and alluring too. Maybe she's the head of the prostitution here. They let me wear my cloak and then pull me out the carriage.

The lady smiles too sweet that gives me tooth ache. Her makeup is too thick and dark for the morning. Should they be sleeping at morning and awake at night? She pulls down my hood and then check every part of my face then she walk around me and even removed my cloak.

"Perfect. She'll sell to my new customers." Yeah-yeah. That's what Nick said too. "Nice hair" she even pulls my hair checking every strands. Did you dye it?"

"No." I said lazily. "And also, I am not interested to be your p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. I don't wanna caught STD." I said it to her face. She smirked and move her face too close to mine. I remain fierce at her.

"What's STD?" she asked in really curious sound but playful at the same time.

"S.e.xually transmitted disease." I answered. She stepped back and paid them five full pouches by a man who come out. The man with one eye winks at me and I growl at them. Two men hold me on my arms and drag me inside.

Wow, it is pretty dark inside also very seductive designs. The thing that amazed me most are lots of m.o.a.ning sounds from every sides of the building. I am really sure that they work a lot. One man lasciviously licks his lips as he gripped his hand on my arms. Then throw me on a room. They even put another chain on my cuffs.

"You promised to me to have one this night." The man who is not-so-good looking said. "And I choose her." Oh please, I rather die than you being my first time!

"Yeah, yeah. But she'll need a proper attire."

"I could do that to her."

"Gross!" I complain. "I rather die." The lady slapped me through my face and I manage to look up at her.

"No one is going to die here." She said it madly. What is she mad about? I spit on the floor telling that I could kill her. "Let's leave her for a while. She couldn't escape our place."

They did left me and one even stop to look at me and touches my face. Eww, I don't wanna touched by him anymore. So, I am left alone on this cozy tidy room. I pulls a key from my pocket and started removing my cuffs. I manage to removed them all and run to the window. There are at least five civilian outside and I can jump from this height. Maybe twenty meters is the height. I could use my air so that I won't get injured. Then, the whole place and furniture are made of wood and then cloths.

There's a lamp that is lot lightened. I took it and pour the oil on the floor and I throw a fire on it. Then I also burn the bed and curtains. I manage to grab my cloak and then jumped down the glass window as wind helps me to catch me. I roll on the ground and immediately gets up. I put my cloak on and run. There are guards running towards the building and hid on the barrels.

I hold my chest as my adrenaline calms down. Then I run again but unluckily there are guards who stopped in front of me and pointed their swords on me. I remember the dagger that Nick made to me and it is still on my boots. But I am not going to use it right now. Two of the guards walks closer to with their swords pointing at me. The man in front of me raise a paper and spotted a torch on my face.

"That's her. Get her!" the Commander, I guess, ordered and the guards grabbed my arms and was about to cuff me but I grabbed one of the sword and cut his flesh on his leg and arms and I did another to the guard.

We started playing swords with clinging and sparks of metals. Damn, I had been working a lot this day. Also the walking. I burn a lot of calories and the fire that I had made plus the air also lessen my energy. I cannot play with them for an hour. And I was cut on my left arm and my knee.

"You have no strength to play with us." The commander laughs and I found myself falling down the cold dusty ground. Maybe over fatigue eat me.

Nick, save me.

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