Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 38

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 38 Prince Wade


I don't know how long I will survive in this dark abysmal but the giant octopus didn't try to eat me. Instead he just roam around me. I suddenly feel cold but all I do is just hugged myself and the pendant that Nick gave me. He told me that it will protect me. And I guess it will. I just wished that Nick is fine after insisting to be with me here.

I can survive here for a few more hours but I don't know how long. My stomach stirs and I felt that I am hungry. It is too dark here and I am afraid of things that I will saw again. I guess that it is already night above the water. My depression suddenly pass away when I saw colorful jelly fish dancing around me. They are really dancing around the cage where I am.

As soon as I realized where I really was, my heart breaks as my breathing hitches. There are lots of bones and broken cages inside. Some cages are twisted. I hold on my iron bars tight when I saw red pair of eyes coming closer but as it comes closer pair of eyes multiples are showing.

The jelly fish moves behind me and I saw how big it is. It looks like a dragon but has lots of long heads. The creature skin are too scaly and I guess that it was too rough and strong. The fins of the creature keeps on flapping as they are breathing. I assume that it will attack me but instead it didn't. It just moves closer to me and one of the head moves closer to my face.

I thought that it was going to eat me but I feel no fear. Instead of fearing the creature I gently held out my hand and caress the face. The creature's eyes flickers showing a little affection like it wanted to be patted. I gasped when long big tentacles wrapped around my cage and open it just enough for me to escape but I did not escape.

I lay down my head because of my exhaustion I fall asleep with these creatures that I know wouldn't eat me alive.

I saw bright light blinded my eyes from my sleep. When I woke up I saw beautiful girl smiling at me. Her hair looks almost transparent and it was all gold when I open my eyes wider, there are lot more girls. I thought that I am already in heaven but I am still under water. The girls swim around me with their golden tails shining and glowing in this dark abyss.

They are laughing and singing around me. I smiles on how cheerful they are. It makes me wanted to stay in here because of them. They even make a crown made of seaweeds and other plants that is glowing underwater.

They sang a beautiful song that is really alluring and can hypnotize people. Instead of me being hypnotize it makes me stronger and I feel no thirst nor hunger and the deep cut on my arm is healed. However, I stayed on the cage again, to sleep. I don't know why I feel all sleepy and I also don't know how long I am asleep. Or is this a sign of me dying?

First Son of King Wales, Prince Wade

I had heard about the human being executed on the abyssal where sea monsters are living. It's been three days of the last execution. My crew wanted to catch something new today so they throw our finest and strongest net. We are near the abyssal of the sea monsters and we always caught fishes here, I don't know why my ship bring us here, where recently someone just died here three days ago.

The thing that scared them are the mermaids. Mermaids is our flag they sang to us and hypnotize us until they brought us under water until we can't breathe. No one can breathe under water besides of creatures who has fins and gills.

"To the north!" my co-captain shouts and they shouts back until they untie the ropes and I turn the beautiful wheel of my ship.

My father would be glad if I had caught beautiful pikes and golden-blue mandarin fishes. It would be enough to be put on the aquarium on his room. Our ship has stopped like we hit a coral. But my heart immediately palpitate when I realized that it wasn't a coral. It might be the Kraken that could eat our ship whole.

"The crane is giving up!" one of our fishermen shouts and everyone gathered to pull the rope and the others had managed to tie the rope to our strongest post just in case that it wouldn't break. I immediately told someone to take over our ship wheel and I jumped from the balcony. They put down the iron cage that I know is from our Kingdom. The cage that is used for execution.

The most thing that makes me more curious is a woman inside the cage. My men immediately pulls away the young lady from the cage. She looks all pale but she's still breathing. When somebody was about to give her air or to let out water from her lungs, she immediately open her eyes and was alarmed of danger. She swiftly pulls a dagger from her boots and pointed it to one of my men. Her eyes are not reddish but a beautiful oceanic eyes that I had ever seen. It twinkles and shines.

I fall in love to those eyes, fierce yet nave. Her eyes reflects the color of the water like it camouflages with the ocean. Her posture is not poor and she has a good height not too tall for a lady. Her defense is welled trained like she's a professional defender.

She looked around herself afraid of any danger. But it is more like she's ready if anyone take advantage of her.

"Don't come any closer!" she said it fierce and her voice is a siren. Her voice sounds like the sirens that allure us. She allure me. I found myself walking towards her. She might be tired and hungry.

"Hey, easy young lady." I said it slow and gentle for her to know that we are not a threat. However, she doesn't look so well like she's been on the water for days and her lips are getting purple.

She stepped back and manage to balance herself but her body disapproves until she dropped her dagger and before she even hit the ground, I manage to caught her arm and hold her head. Damn, she's really cold. Cold like dead. I immediately call for a medics and my personal healer came and checked her pulse. Just right after I put her inside.

"Her heartbeat is fast, probably from adrenaline rush. Her skin, it looks like she hasn't been in sunlight for three days." He checked her lips and her eyes. "This is a rare case and it is impossible, your highness." I don't get his last sentence.

"What do you mean rare case?" I furrowed a little.

"She looks like been stuck underwater for three days and two nights. You see, her skin is swollen but it slowly regaining. She needs a fresh warm water." I immediately stood and went to the bathroom. I pour hot water from the pot that I had been boiling and mixed it with mild water.

I took her to the big clamp shell like bathtub and took a pillow for her to lean on. She gently open her eyes but can't manage to move or defend herself. I told her sweetest things and I told her that I am no harm to her. I gave her a warm herbal tea just what my healer advised and it slowly regain her strength. She just lay there looking at nowhere.

"Do you need something to eat?" I asked her. She did not answer or what. She just stare at nowhere. "I will leave clothes here. Just tell me if you need anything." I left the bathroom and went to the living room and waited. I waited there for one hour and I heard few breaking things inside so I hurried to see what's happening. I saw her, already dressed up with dry clothes but lying down on the floor.

It really worried me so much. I never been this frantic and panic before. But I gather myself and put her to my bed. I cover warm blankets to her so that she will get warmer. Someone knocks on the door and my co-captain's head pops out.

"Your highness, our crew is asking if we could sail back to the harbor of Er since it is the nearest harbor. They are afraid that the Kraken or the Hydra attack us."

"Sail to the harbor of Er." I command. He bows a little and closes the door. My eyes caught the dagger she has from her boots. I took it and gently study the carving and the silver iron. There's no doubt that I know who made this.

I went out to see of how far we are going to Er's harbor. I look up the sky to see few flying seagulls and the other one that really is peculiar is the pigeon roaming around our ship. Then it stops on the window where the lady is. It fly up again and roam around our ship and it goes back to the direction where the harbor is.

I went back inside my room and walk towards the beautiful creature sleeping on my bed. I studied on how beautiful she is. It is a boundless beauty. Her eyelashes is thick and long enough to emphasize that big beautiful eyes. Her lips is a perfect curve of bow. Her nose is slender and pointed. And her hair? Her hair looks golden but has different colors that high lightened. Maybe she dye it like other girls wanted in their hair. I sat beside her and gently brushes my fingers on her wet hair. I grabbed a dry towel and started drying her hair. It would be nice if she would like me. I could marry her.

My heart suddenly jumps when her eyelids slowly opening. I move closer and move down my face for her to see me. I smiled as my heart skip a bit when she looked directly into my eyes.

"Hi, how are you feeling?" I asked her softly. She roam her eyes around her.

"Am I still under water?" she asked quizzically and sat up that makes me move a little away.

"No. You are on my ship. Didn't you remember what happened to you?" I stood and walk towards the table and pour a glass of water. I walk towards her and gave it to her. Her hands hold it and I noticed how fast she recovered. She sipped on the water and look back to me.

"Who are you?" she asked more like a demand.

"I'm Prince Wade." She stopped for a while and then a smirk came across her lips and then she laugh as if it is a funny joke. Her cheek blushes as she laugh and instead of getting peeved I adore her more.

"Prince Wade of what?" she asked again as she drank the water.

"Hydr. First born of King Wales." That really makes her stop and stare at me. I shivers on her stare and I don't know why it gives me shivers.

"And I assume that you don't have an idea who I was."

"What's your name, fair maiden?" I asked in very romantic tune that would make every maiden fall in love.

"I am Catastrophe and I destroy everything." She said it harshly still with those smirk on me. Her eyes are piercing and I don't know which she hated.

"That's a very rare and unique name for a lady. Would you like to have something to eat?"

"How can I be sure that you won't poison me?" she's hesitant.

I pick up a sandwich and take a bite on it. I shrugged on her question and I bring the tray to her. She took one and brought it to her mouth. She sigh when she tasted the tuna sandwich that I made. It makes me smiles on how adorable she is while eating.

"I wanted to enjoy eating so please cut out your stare." She said without looking at me.

"So, Catastrophe, why are you under the water?"

"Because, people wanted to kill me." She simply answer. "I am sure that you are aware that the cage is from your Kingdom."

"Yes, about that too." She looked at me and c.o.c.k her head to the side.

"What do you think I am doing underwater?"

That makes me stop and just stare at her. She's beautiful but I don't have any idea what's she's doing underwater. I don't want to think that she's a human because she seemed not. Maybe because of her beauty, I don't think that she's a human.

"Are you one of the sirens? Have I rescued a siren from a great danger?"

She murmurs something under her breath and just put the tray on the side table. Then she lay down and pulls up the blanket. Is she not feeling well?

"Are you feeling alright? I will call my healer so"

"I don't need healer. Where am I by the way?"

"You are in my ship."

"Are you planning to bring me to your castle?" she asked.

"Not now, darling. We are heading to Er harbor. Do you want me to bring you there right now? I can still change our direction."

"No thank you." She turn back from me. I was about to talk to her and know more about her but I keep my mouth shut. I finish eating my sandwich and drank wine on the goblet.

"I will leave you alone. Just let me know if you wanted something."

I did leave her alone and went outside. Night comes and I keep on checking on her. I even check her temperature. It is normal but she's not waking up. Or maybe she doesn't want to wake up. I tried to wake her up but she simply doesn't want to wake up. I called my healer and he told me that she's unconscious around and she's dreaming something that's why she doesn't want to wake up.

Early in the morning, our ship is already on the Er's harbor. I check everything while my crew is getting ready to be on some bar house or store to buy things they wanted. They are free to do that. I suddenly get aware when I felt that a trespasser is inside my ship.

I walk back inside and locked the door. Then, I hold my sword on my belt and was about to pull it but someone got me and he got his sword blade on my neck. I slowly turn around to see a pair of green eyes wearing a dark coat as the mask covered his mouth and nose.

I glanced at Catastrophe who is still sleeping on the bed. He move swiftly in front of me and c.o.c.k his head on the sword that I have. I hands up and smirk at him. He stepped back and put down his sword. I was about to attack him but he ignore me and just walk towards the bed.

"Love" he murmurs to Catastrophe. It makes me grimaced that he called her love. I peek on Catastrophe who slowly opens her eyes. Her hand gently hold on his arm.

"What are you planning, Prince Nicholas?" I asked him.

"I'm taking my bride." He said and push the blanket from her. He scoop her and bring her to his arms like his bride or more like her bride if I did not heard it wrong. I feel so disappointed and feel lonely at the same time. That beautiful maiden that I fall in love to at first sight in very short time is engaged.

"Nick, is that you?" she murmurs.

"Yes love. I came to take you." He said it softly and I can see in their eyes how in love they are at each other. She wrapped her arms around his nape and leans her forehead to his neck. He walk towards me. "I'm sorry about a while ago. And I hope that nobody will ever know about this. Pretend that this never happened."

"Of course, what are friends are for?" I smiled a little. Nick is my friend and he saved me many times so I should keep it as a promise to help him. I walk towards my cabinet and pulls out a cloak. I gave it to him and he cover it to her. "Nice meeting you Catastrophe." She just looked at me and then someone knocks on the door. I open it and another person in brown cloak enters.

I did not expect that Nick had already fallen in love. Maybe I get too busy on sailing around our world and enjoying girls on every place I go. A message just came to me that Nick had been out our world and studying on the Mystical Academy.

"Prince Wade." Princess Almira enters and nods pulls down the hood of her cloak. I nod back at her. "I came to visit you and of course see my brother's bride." She smiles genuinely as ever. I nod.

Nick put down Catastrophe on the couch and wrapped Almira's cloak on her. Almira also brought shoes to warm Catastrophe. I watch them wrapped her up. Then I decided to go out to see if there's any crew left. There's my co-captain who is waiting for me.

"Are we going to visit his Majesty? Princess Almira just came in."

"Yes. I am aware Mr. James. Please pack me few coins. I wanted to visit their store." He enter the door on the deck. Then the door opens and Nicholas came out. He walk briskly out my ship towards the carriage that he brought. Almira stood next to me.

"Thank you Wade." She said. I looked at her quizzically on why she is thanking me. "For letting my brother go. Please don't betray my brother. He's been vulnerable since he lost her."

"I promise Princess." I hold her hand and kissed her knuckles. "It's been a while since we last chat. It would be nice if you accompany me on a dinner in my ship."

"Of course, Prince Wade. We need to catch up few memories for a very long time that we are parted." She smiles so sweet and nod her head and turn her heels.

Princess Almira and I had been with me in our Kingdom. She's just a little girl back then and I taught her a lot about histories and geology. She's a bright child and a fast learner. I fall in love to her once but she told me that she's too young to know about love. But now that she's a lady, I don't if I will court her again. I know that she's too young for me but our love here never gets old nor never gets young.

"Princess Almira." I called. She turn back to me. "You look more beautiful."

"Thank you Prince Wade. I will be going now."

"I'll visit you then on your castle to pick you up before twilight." She smiles at me and walk towards me and give me a peek on my cheek.

Sweet Almira walks down stairs and Mr. James comes out with smile. He bows to the Princess. The Princess greet him in her very sweet voice. I don't know if Almira would love me now that she's a lady.

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