Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 39

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 39 Does This Makes You Warmer?

Prince Nicholas

My dove send me a message that my love is on Prince Wade's ship. I am afraid that Wade would kill her once he knew that she's from the human world. I also had known that their ship will be on our harbor so I make a quick plan. Almira helped me. Also for her to see Prince Wade.

I drove the carriage fast that I know Almira would complains but I am in a big hurry. I cannot sleep well in three nights and I keep dreaming of her every night. I would dream about happy moments with her and suddenly it would become terror and horror. She's calling my name all over again and it worried me too much that she's still stuck underwater.

Now that she's with me I wouldn't take any chances for her to die. I won't let them hurt her even my reputation falls down on the mud of pigs. Almira is with my bride inside the carriage and I hope that she's taking care of her. Adhiti is weak and I don't know what makes her weak. I have to find it out.

The guards of our Kingdom block us. I pull down my mask and the bow at us.

"Princess Almira is with me. Please patrol carefully around our boundary."

"Yes, your highness." They go back to their posts and I turn my carriage towards my house. I excitedly goes jerk down and walk towards the door. I open it and looked up at my love who's all pale on Almira's lap.

I carried her inside and directly go to my room. Almira followed us with a basin and towel on her tray. Then she left again and come back with warm water. She said that she'll take care of her but I insisted on taking care of her.

"Come on, did you already saw her n.a.k.e.d?" she confronted me.

"Well, I"

"She needs privacy, Nick. I will call you when she's ready. Why won't you prepare her favorite dishes while I give her a sponge bath?"


"Also please prepare a hot soup because she's really cold. This is not a normal temperature."

I did as what she requested. I even went to the market to buy fresh big prawns her favorite and lobsters. I bought few vegetables and ingredients that are needed on my soup and immediately rode my horse back to my house. I check on her again and she's already dressed up properly.

As soon as I cooked soup and fried the prawns I bring it to my room where she is. Almira told me that she's been murmuring my name. Almira leave us and I sit beside her and took her cold hands to my cheeks. It started raining outside as her temperature falls down.


"Nick," she open her eyes. "I'm really cold," I bent down and hugged her. I breathe on her neck to give her warmth.

"Does this makes you feel warmer?"


"I prepare a hot soup and your favorite fried prawns. Do you want to eat while it is still warm?"

"Will you hugged me while I eat?"

"Of course love. As what you wish."

I did embrace her while she's eating wild on the sofa and she's sitting on me. I pulls up the blanket around us. She's a wild eater like she hasn't eaten for weeks. She finished the soup and asked for another bowl and eat all twelve pieces of fried skinless prawn. Her skin is not pale anymore and her temperature rises into 20 degree.

"Do you want anything aside from those?" she shook her head. "Can you please eat slowly? It might aches your stomach." I rubbed her stomach gently while my chin is leaning on her left shoulder. She did not speak. Damn, she's really hungry. Did Wade feed her?

After eating, she asked for toothbrush and toothpaste. Good thing that I have a stock of it here from the outside world. Then, we lay back on the bed cuddled on the warm blanket facing each other too closed. I told her how much I missed her.

"Why do you have dark circles?" she asked tracing her finger tips under my eyes. "Didn't you sleep well?"

"How can I sleep if you are in danger?" she put her cold hands over my cheek.

"I just thought that you find somebody else to sleep with."

"Come on, Adhiti. I am not able to do that since I found you. I don't want to lose you, love."

"Okay." She gently kissed my lips. "You know that you can't back out. You will marry me no matter what." I giggle and nuzzles my nose on her cheeks and smack her neck.

"I didn't have a proper proposal yet."

"When are we getting married?" I shrugged. Did she ignore romantic proposal? Damn, I still have to do that. I want a proper proposal for her. A romantic one that she can never forget. She exhales in disappointment on my shrugging answer.

"Let's enjoy our moment first before getting stressed out of our wedding."

"You are really going to marry me?" She grinned like a child, like she cannot believe that I am marrying her. I thought that she already believed that I am serious of marrying her in the first place.

"Adhi, I told you that I will marry you no matter what." I brushes her soft hair that is full of life. "Do you like the dress that you are wearing?"

"Quite good but I like being n.a.k.e.d." She grinned really teasing me. It makes me laugh and I am tomato face right now. I roll over her and started kissing her lips with full of passion. "Mostly in front of you." She continued between our kiss. I grinned looking down at her.

"I didn't have a perfect view of seeing you n.a.k.e.d. Can I see those beautiful parts of yours?" She pushed me and I fall down the bed and she sat up.

"You are such a pervert. I am just teasing you and you really are into it!" I giggles and sat up.

"I am into you. You can't do anything about it." She frown at me and slipped off from bed. "Where are you going?" I crawl from bed and followed her. She walk directly to the bathroom and didn't even closed the door. "Should I come?"

"No!" she scowls. I stop from the entrance and then she slapped the door closed on my nose.

A smile draws on my lips finding it very funny about her getting peeved. I loved her so much that it hurts to think that without her is a life of white and black. Everything doesn't have a life and like a rose slowly shrivel into ashes. When she comes out I immediately wrapped my arms around her waist and gently pulls her up giving her a l.u.s.tful smack on her cheeks.

The door opens on my room that makes my Adhiti almost move away from me and ready herself from any danger but I wrapped her tightly that she cannot even resist. Almira smiles at us slyly and she crossed her arms leaning on the door frame.

"Hi. I guess that I have to remind you that it is already three in the afternoon and you both forget that you've been together for more than six hours."

"You look beautiful, Almira. Do you have a dinner date with Prince Wade?" I asked her where she only give a formal smile to me. "Love that is Almira my youngest sister."

"If you don't remember, Adhiti. I am the one who took care of you and avoid my brother from peeling off your clothes." She smiles and walk towards us.

"Thank you." Adhiti murmurs. She extend her hand to her and Almira shook it warmly.

"Oh, by the way. Prince Wade will be visiting me in the castle and I have to be there. I just wanted to see both of you." I smiled at her and didn't let Adhiti get off from my grasp. "So, well. It seems that my brother is kicking me out in odd way. I will be here tomorrow." She turn back with a sly smile on her lips.

"She's Almira" my Adhiti murmurs. I smack her neck.

"Yes love."

"She undress me?" she asked so innocent. She looked directly into my eyes and her eyes are damn beautiful green eyes mixed with hazel around. Looked very gorgeous. I cannot help but to scoop her cheeks and took her mouth to mine. She pushed me which I only give a quizzical look. "Stop doing that!"

"What? It is my first time seeing you change eye color. It is very amazing and it makes me more arouses." I didn't realized that my voice are mesmerized by her. Then I just woke up from hypnotism when she smack my arm and she started laughing.

"Do you love me?" she asked all over again. How many times should I say that I love her? I love her so much that it kills me.

"I do love you. What is that all about?"

"Then, if you love" she seductively traces her forefinger on my chest making me groans. "Start dancing."

"What?!" I did not believe it.

"Yeah, dance like a macho dancer."

"I know nothing about macho dancer." I tighten my arms around her. She carelessly unbutton my upper buttons of my shirt. And every time her fingertips touches my skin the electric-something wakes me more.

"Come on, Nicky you said you love me."

"Yes. I love you but dancing like a stripper is not me." She grimaced at me. "What about we walk around my house? You don't have to worry, I have lots of guards around so they will immediately make me know if there is someone spying on us."

She twirls her fingers on the buttons of my shirt as she slowly bit her lower lips thinking about my proposal. I look out the window and it is no longer raining. I think she causes the rain here also the unpredictable weather in our world.

"Okay," she said excitedly and took my hand as she drag me like a child outside the room. She then stop and looked around my house mesmerized. "Wow. Is this your castle?"

"No, sweetheart. This is not castle. This is my house. The castle is bit far away from here."

"Oh," she drag me again and I didn't get a chance to get my shoes or to put shoes on her. When I open the door she looked around and breathed the fresh air. "Wow." She said mesmerized and slipped off her hands from as she walk around and admire everything around her.

Different kinds of exotic animals are around her even butterflies are big, colorful and beautiful. That cannot be seen outside our world. Bees are also around her and the very amazing thing is they didn't sting her but followed her every move instead. She lifted her right forefinger in front of her nose and a big pure white butterflies like a snow perch on it.

"It's amazing here, I wish not to leave this place." She said happily. My Adhiti, this is another time that I saw her smile so pure and so innocent. Catastrophe can be an antagonist but both of them always makes my heart skip a beat. "Should we always eat our snack in your garden?"

"Anything love. Besides, my garden is your garden too."

"But you are going to leave this house soon. Since you are the crown prince. I am right, my Prince?" she smiles as the butterfly flies away and she gently put down her hand. She never failed to make me fall in love all over again.

"I never pray to be the crown prince, having you with me is where I am contented." She walks towards me and gently took my right hand. "My life never been so magical until I found you." I gently took her cheek by my left hand.

"You never failed to make me flatter in your pick-up lines."

"God, I miss you so much." I murmurs. I never opened up and asked her on how she became Catastrophe. I don't care because the very important of all is she's safe now and she's with me. "I wished that this dream never ends." Everything are very magical that makes me think that being with her is just a dream. I was taken aback when she punch my jaw really hard. Wow, that was really painful but she's more in pain than I am. "Why the hell did you do that?" she groans as she hold her right fist. I took her hand and heal it if there is any broken.

"Damn you! I am punching you for you to wake up from thinking that this is a dream. This is not a dream and as much as I wanted to believe in all of this I can't. Because you are too unbelievable." She babbled. I love the way she babbled. I smack her lips and yes, it is not a dream. "You know how hard your jaw is?" she asked when I pull a very little away my lips from her. "My fist really cracks." I sigh and giggles in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Next time, don't punch me. It will really hurt you a lot." I massage her slender small hands. It looks small to me but beautiful and has long fingers. The hand of a musician.

"I wanted to punch you again. Do you know how much I wanted to f.u.c.k.i.n.g punch you and beat you up when every time I heard from the girls you f.u.c.k how good you are?"

Wow, she's really something. It scared the hell out of me. However, it is my fault for breaking her heart. Yes, I did entertain girls a lot but never enjoyed it that much. She always come into my mind and because of my depression, every girls that I have intercourse with, all I see is her.

"You can beat me up." I pulls up her hands and kisses all of it. "But don't hurt yourself."

She sighed like defeated and I guess that she surrender. But I know that she's really peeved on those girls. She doesn't have to get insecure because she's all I love most. She gently stroke the strands of my hair that almost cover my eyes.

"Why is your hair is always disheveled?"

"I am not really paying attention on it."

"A prince always looked well-groomed. That's all I know since I met the Princes in the Kingdome of Pyr and two Princes from Hydr." She fixed my old dirty white shirt, unbuttoning it except to the last one on top.

"A prince should always looked well-groomed but a real prince doesn't have to be that way." She giggles and smack my arm. Ow, she's really hard on hitting me. Since when did she become a hitter? I smack her back with my lips on her neck almost leaving a mark. She gasped really s.e.xy and complains about it. "A real prince have empathy. And mostly, a real prince never hurt his lady physically."

"Hmm," she just hum like she's not even convince on my words. "How did Falcon become a prince?"

"He's Prince by blood."

"That also means that he's a real Prince." She smirked at me. Oh goodness, she's a smartass. I almost forget about that. Damn, it is exhausting when she started pulling an argument. "He's a pervert, I will come back to him soon."

"Come on, love. I can take care of him. You don't have to put yourself in danger." We all stop even the animals when a sound of complaining stomach interrupts in the middle of silence. I didn't stop myself to laugh.

"That's my stomach!"

"A-alright" It is really hard for me to stop laughing when she looked that adorable blushing about it. I kneel in front of her and kissed her stomach then, I wrapped one arm around the back of her thighs and pulls her until she's on my arm like a sack of rice. She shrieks in very long high pitch sound. "I am going to feed you, so your stomach won't complain anymore."

"Put me down!" I did not put her down. Instead I walk straight to the kitchen and I put her over the counter for her to sit. She breathed and hold her head. I smiled on how adorable she is and I massaged her temple. She m.o.a.ns and closes her eyes. "Don't do that again if you don't want me to puke."

"Do you still feel unwell?" she just nods. I walk towards the basket of oranges and took the wooden chopper and slice all the oranges in the basket. "Are you going to make orange juice?"

"I am going to make c.o.c.ktail juice. What else do you want to eat?"

"Can you prepare my foods right away? I am really hungry." I toss a ripe mango.

"Eat this. Do you want lobster and prawns? Or what's your suggestion to eat, love?"

She smiled at me like she's mesmerized on me. However I was more mesmerized on her. Her smiles makes me fall in love all over again. Her smiles makes this lovesick heart skips a beat.

"Should I be the one to practice kitchen cooking? I will be Mrs. Gregory."

"It's Mrs. Er, sweetheart, Gregory is my surname outside world. I get it from Marissa's father." She grimaced on the unfamiliar information from me. I just giggle and walk towards her and gently kissed her forehead.

In our perfect candlelight dinner, I told her everything she doesn't know about me. Instead of being a crown Prince, as the first born of my father, I have a control over nature around. I can heal the injured, I can talk to animals, I can grow plants, I can heal plants but I cannot bring dead plants back into life.

She also did love my cooking and I told her that I get the recipes from her mother. I also told her that I am always in their home when it is weekend and tried to avoid Eliza. I felt very guilty whenever I am with Eliza that's what I am telling her father. I did regret everything I did wrong before when I and her best friend are making each other happy while she's suffering. And instead of me to find her and to rescue her, I drown myself on my depression.

"Please forgive me." That's all I asked of her. I squeeze her hand and gently rubbed my thumb circled around her knuckles. "There are only five woman in my heart." She raises her eyebrows on me.

"My mother, Princess Amanda, Marissa, Almira and you." She pouted.

"Who's Princess Amanda? Is she your first love?" I giggles and kissed her hands.

"You can also say that. You can also say that she's my puppy love when I was little. Princess Amanda is like a mother to me. She and my mother are best friends. My father was so in love to her back then, but since Princess Amanda loved someone else not him, he has no choice but to marry someone else."

"Princess Amanda? Not a Queen?"

"She's the only daughter of the highest majesty, King Arthur, King of Psych. She's the one that I told you before, a Princess who falls in love with a human. And her dreadful wish stays as a curse to both of them."

"What's the dreadful curse?"

"If one of them is injured the other one is injured as well. And if one of them dies, both of them never make it to live."

"That's really sad. So what is it that makes you fall in love to her."

"She's like a mother to me. She always take care of me and care for me always and I considered her my mother when my mother died. She told me that I shouldn't be sad and get depressed because my mother died. She consider her death as a freedom so that she'll be with her soul mate. And they could live in another time."

"Oh, I thought that you are already in love with someone else before me."

"I told you, you are my one first great love, Adhiti. And if you still doubt my love for you, you could always smack my face." She laughs at me.

"Why smack your face?"

"With love and kiss, dear." I grin at her. She laughs at me and did smack my face with her fist. She's really strong but not strong enough today to make me fall down my seat.

We laugh happily at that moment and then she finally sigh and worriedness is around her face. I know what that means.

"I missed my family." Of course she missed them. If she only knew how much they missed her too and mostly, the mysterious one that always misses her.

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