Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 42

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 42 Calixe Fiel


He pushed me a little hard on the hot cold wall of the alley covering his body from the beam of the light outside. He smelled like lemon grass and carrots. Why carrots? I don't know. Well so I was about to push him to took my knife under my dress but he pinned my wrists on the wall. I can't see his whole face because he glare outside.

I saw Almira with other girls in red-orange dresses. I noticed the face of the woman that she is talking to. A face that I can't even imagine that will be here. She's wearing a white long princess gown with a white cloak. Her hair is braided and she's wearing expensive jewelries.

"Don't speak or even make a stupid move. She'll sense that you are here."

How can Eliza sense that? Did she had a great senses towards me? Can she smell me like a werewolf? I meet those pure black eyes. Deep and pretty. I mean, this is my first time seeing black eyes. His nose is pointed and slender. His lips is thin and he had small stubble of beards. His facial feature is familiar like he has someone that reminds me of.

I gapes on what he did next. He scoop my cheeks that sent shivers straight to my spine. Like half or one-fourth perhaps of my soul is into his touch. It sent tingles around me makes my heart flutters. Who is this stranger? And why my body is responding on his touch? He move his face closed to mine that makes the tattoo on my lower back-right burns in unknown sensation.

"Aryanna." He murmurs like it was my name. I don't know how part of my body responded to him. I have someone else in my mind and heart.

"Who are you? Why did you call me on that name?" I murmur in husky tone.

"I am not what you think." He immediately pulls down his hand when he found out that he's somehow hypnotized on me.

"Who is Aryanna?"

"None of your business." He glanced outside to see Almira walking towards our direction. She's glaring on the man that I am with. He look at me again. "Do not show yourself to her. She can predict things and that's why you died and suffer outside that school." He immediately leave where Almira just cross her arms and cleared her throat like something stuck there.


"Yes." She agreed. "Good timing though." She told herself. So, I take this time on asking her.

"You know him?"

"Yes. One of the heir of Elder's Council in Psyche."

"We need to leave. I wanted to go home." We did leave going back on the hill where our horses are. We saw few man pulling the horses but they doesn't want to. When the horses saw us or more like sense us, they kicked the three man. I pulls my knife under my dress and they all leave running.

When we get home, I asked her about his name. I am really curious about him. He make part of my soul like, hypnotized on him. I don't really know on what's going on with me and him. I feel guilty. I thought that only Nick makes me feel like that.

I waited for Nick until he arrived. He actually arrive really late. When I heard his horse, I immediately came out running. He is putting the horse on the stable when he faced me and I jumped on him, he caught me holding my back, my arms wrapped around his nape and my legs wrapped around his h.i.p.s. I started kissing his face but stop when I smell different perfume on him.

"What's that smell?" I glare at him.

"I have a lot to tell you." Yeah, we need to really talk. He smell like the bitch that I meet a while ago. He carried me on the walk to the cabin while he started talking. "You see, I unexpectedly attend the meeting together with Prince and Princesses from other Kingdom. It is the usual gathering from Kingdom to Kingdom to plan on the biggest festival in the Psyche Kingdom." He put me down on the mattress, propping his elbows at my side so he won't smash me. "I didn't expect few things. They harass me, love." He complains. "Mostly, Wendy and," he stop there. I guess, I know who he is talking to.

He shove his face on my neck and breaths. He feel frustrated that I might get angry because of the stupid bitches who is mingling on my Prince.

"I saw Eliza." He push himself up. "Some stranger guy pulls me into the alley to hide me from her. I don't understand why he hid me from her, saying some warnings"

"Who is he?"

"Almira said that his name is Calixe Fiel."

"What did he say?" he curiously asked. I didn't tell him on what I felt and on what the strange man did. It really doesn't matter.

"He told me that 'do not show yourself to her. She can predict things and that's why you died and suffer outside that school'." I said exactly what that guy told me.

"Who is he talking about?"

"Eliza." Nick's face looks really down. When he realized something. I watch his expression and suddenly, he decided to take a shower. I just lay there thinking all over again. Eliza. Eliza. What does she did that makes me suffer? Of course besides of seducing my boyfriend. It takes Nick long time on the bathe and I fall asleep.

Then, I just felt that he lay down beside me and wrapped his arms protectively around me. He press his cheeks on mine, after few moments, he decided to kiss my cheeks and kiss me again and again. I giggle and face on him, pillowing on his chest.

"I love you, Adhiti."

"I love you" I murmurs and fall asleep.

I was in the snowy forest wearing white thick coat playing on the snow. I use the wind to shoo the ravens away and laughs.

"Aryanna!" a man calls. Then, I realized that the I in that moment wasn't me at all. I saw how the youthful man runs on the snowy ground. "I will catch you this time."

"Why? Have you seen it in your vision?" she asked teasing him while running.

"No. My intuition did." He said breathlessly. Aryanna was fast and running in the snow is nothing to her as the wind goes with her. "My love, aren't you cold?" he asked breathless.

"No! I thought you are going to catch me this time?" she stop to shout at him. He tripped and falls his face down the snow. Aryanna kept on laughing at him. "Get up, my love. You need to catch me."

When Calixe Fiel get up, his happy face gets broken when he saw that his love was hit by a silver arrow through the chest. He screams her name and run immediately. I look on the direction where the arrow came from and saw a woman, riding on the white stallion in black cloak. She put down the bow. I glare on her, few strands of her hair is showing and it is silver-like.

She smirked and another two horses came. One is riding on the brown horse, in the black cloak and another was a girl in age of fifteen if I am not mistaken. Familiar and when I meet her eyes, I know who she is. The man with her comes to the crying Calixe. Aryanna is on his arms murmuring and telling her last words for her love.

The young Eliza and the man with her strode to him. It is like he was about to fight them but he was hypnotized and he falls down on the cold snow. He is fighting something and his hands trying to reach his love's hand.

My tears instantly falls into my cheek on that sorrowful moment that I witnessed. My eyes dilated and I scream when the bald man that has tattoos on the head run to me in a very swift movement.

I wake up screaming, breathless, my heart is palpating. I feel really, really cold like I was in that winter moment. I realized that Nick is in front of me murmuring and keep asking if I was okay. He scoop my cheeks looking deep into my eyes. He stop when he saw my eyes.

"What is it?" I asked him while catching my breath.

"It is my first time seeing your eyes in a light blue. Blue mixed with white"

"I-I was in the forest with snows" he hugged me to warm me.

"What do you see, love?"

"Th-they killed her" I said breathlessly and found myself broke into tears and sobs. I hugged him really tight. I felt my body is shaking and I keep murmuring on the last words that I said.

He immediately fetch me fresh water in the glass and let me drink. After I relaxed, I pressed my cheek on his nude chest and his heart beat calms me more. What a beautiful sound. He embrace me protectively kissing the top of my head.

"You can tell me everything if you are ready."

I told him everything I saw. It just makes him look mad. He really is. He told me everything he knows. On the History of the Ar. Aryanna was the crown Princess and she was engaged with Calixe, one of the Heir of the Elder Council. They never caught the killer because, Calixe didn't see it or more like his memory was washed out.

"I saw who killed her. I saw them. They put a spell on him" I babbled. He scoop my cheek to calm me down.

"You are really gifted. Do you know that?" he suddenly say. He caress my hair in a very lonely way. "I'm afraid of losing you." What is he saying now? He shouldn't say such thing. It makes my stomach squeeze and my chest in pain. "Please promise me one thing." This makes me uncomfortable, please don't say it. "Don't die."

"And don't die too." I told him back.

"Promise me and I'll promise."

"I promise! Gosh, what the hell?" he chuckled and pulls my face just to kiss me.

"I won't die. Because, I have to protect you." This is insanely makes me melt. I move my face close and licked his lips tempting him. I giggle and kiss him passionately.

Marcus Sanders

I started packing my papers, and personal belongings to clear my table. I look at the picture of a girl together with his foster father. She's not a smiling on the picture but her eyes tells how much she is happy on that day. It would be great if I was his real father. But I am just there to help her catch up. I kind-a miss her. She's a bright child and when I am alone with her I can see her true self. She pretend to be all dull because it is how she has to survive.

I unlock the first drawer and pull my old sketch book. I scan it and smiles on the beautiful lady on my sketch. I took all the boxes I needed and meet Mrs. Brooklyn who smiled at me with a sad eyes.

"I know. But I have to leave. I have to find my love." I told her.

"I never met your love. When should I meet her?"

I only smiled at her with shrugged.

"Too bad,"

"I have to go."

"Take care Marcus."

I drove my car back to my house to clear things. I went to my study room that is on the bas.e.m.e.nt. The first thing I saw is my love. Those golden long hair, blue-green eyes surrounded by hazel-nut color, cross-bow full lips, amazing shape of nose I miss kissing those lips, nuzzling her nose, curling her hair on my fingers, watching those eyes twinkles.

I walk towards the painting and put my hand on like, like I was scooping her face. If she's with me right now, I won't stop on dreaming and wanting to touch her, embrace her and kiss her.

"Just wait a little more love. I will come to you."

There's a loud knock on my door that makes me alarmed. I turn on the computer and see who it is. A strange man in black trench coat six feet tall with a fedora hat. I hasn't seen this tall guy. He got a body, like a boulder. I am sure who it is. Or what it is. Human-cyclopes. They put Cyclopes genetic to kidnapped human-mothers injected it to them until they born a baby that has one eye in the middle and bigger than usual infant.

They are looking for someone. I am sure about that the academy sent him here to find Catastrophe. I had lots of stalkers these past few days and even the school contacted me about Catastrophe. They said that she leave the academy or more like she's missing. Where that young lady goes, I hope she is in good condition. I don't know where to start looking for her.

I ready my handgun and tuck it at the back of my belt and called the police who patrols around the town. There's another knock again and I close the secret way for my bas.e.m.e.nt.

"Coming!" I said it cool just to show that I am not tense on it. I open the door and get ready for an attack but good that it didn't make unnecessary move. "Yes? What can I do for you Mister" he's wearing big black shades.

"I am Head-Security-Officer-in-Charge Sanchez of Mystical Academy."

"Yes, Mr. Sanchez, what can I do for you?" he peek inside my house. I open the door wide for him. "Please come in." he stepped inside and I immediately saw his dagger behind his belt. Two in his boots.

My deepest darkest secret is that I saw every metals when I focus on it. Like it was x-ray. My eyes only saw metals even it is inside the box. And secondly, I can hear and feel their heart beat without touching them or putting stethoscope on my ear.

"Would you like some water?"

"No." he search his eyes around. His voice is grumble and very deep. I close the door and offer him a sit. He did sit and it was like my couch is crying and suffer on his weight. I sit on the single couch in front of him.

"How's Catastrophe Canfield. I assume that you visit because of her. Didn't she get kick out or got some impulsion. Catastrophe is an outstanding student and I am sure that she has reason for her mistakes. How"

"I am here to find her. Where is she? Are you hiding her here?"

"I received a contact from the Academy that she's gone. I don't know where she go. I, too was looking for you. I thought that it is the school's responsibility to protect the students, but it seemed not." I argued with him. "She's not here and I don't know where in hell she goes, or maybe your school is the one who makes her disappeared because she looks a lot like Adhiti."

"The council wanted her to explain on why she leave the campus without any note. It is my job to bring back the students safely on the academy. So, if you are hiding her here better show her off. And it is not your concern to know about Adhiti Patterson"

I chuckled bitterly with a big unsubtle sarcasm. I wanted to really feel.

"It is my concern. It is my concern to know her complains about the people who thought that she's Adhiti. Do you know how much it confuses her that maybe she's demented? Her mental state is my concern too, since her father is away and he give me the role of taking care of her while she's at that school." I think he is speechless on my drama. But where is Catastrophe? It makes me really worried on her.

He stood and act on searching around my house. He did and he first went up to three-staircase. I pointed my gun on his head.

"You've been stalking me all this time. Why are you still looking for Catastrophe? It is none of your concern to know where she is or why she left the academy."

The tall man turn to me. He might be taller but I am smarter than him. I practices defenses and careful not to hurt myself or even get scratch because it will hurt my love. Her life is my life, and my life is her life. That's how we are connected with each other.

"Or maybe, you are hiding her? Are you going to kill her like what you did to Adhiti?"

"Nobody knows about that."

"Of course, I know about that. Catastrophe told me everything. She saw Adhiti being killed on that cliff. She saw everything that she shouldn't." Maybe this little play will help them from being paranoid. They should know that Adhiti and Catastrophe are both different person. "How monstrous you people are?"

The police knocks on my door.

"Mr. Sanders? We are here again about Catastrophe. Mr. Sanders?"

"I will put down my gun and you should leave." I step back and put down my gun. But he groans and pulls his dagger from his belt and ready to attack me. I immediately cover my arm. I shot him on his knee and the police immediately enters my house.

"Put down your weapon!" I can see that they are pointing guns on the Sanchez guy. He's kneeling one knee on the floor. I winced on the pain on my air and hold the deep cut. I am sorry love. I made a mistake. I shouldn't hurt you like this. In my anger, I kick his head.

I pull some tissue and pressed it on my wounded arm. They pick up the guy but he was strong so I told them to let him go. After that incident, I give a first aid on my wound while I am telling them on what happened.

"Well, we will put security around your area, Sir."

"It's fine." Since I am leaving the house and find Catastrophe or Adhiti. I had a dream last night. My love visited me. She told me that Catastrophe is in danger and she is inside their world. I don't know how to go there but I have to find a way.

"How about your wound. It looks really deep cut." Sergeant Cornejo said peeking on my still bleeding cut.

"I will do it myself later." I smiled at him assuring and they nods.

"How about your niece?" He asked again.

"I will look for her." They salute on me and I nod at them.

I went up to my room and sit on the window seat. I look outside on the rustling branches of the trees. Seems that the wind is stronger than yesterday. The leaves kept on falling and flying away. Sometimes, I hallucinate on seeing her there. How pitiful our love is. We love each other that long and can't stop loving, but we never get a chance to be together. To embrace each other and shared warm kisses and embrace.

I open the window and let the wind enters my room as few leaves few inside. I close my eyes feel the wind, like it embrace me. It feels warm, like a human body. I felt her embracing me. I felt warm, sensation around my arm and I feel like my cells are regaining and my skin is closing.

"I'm so sorry, my sweet love. Next time, I will be careful, so it won't hurt you again."

The wind whistles in very sweet and alluring sound. So calm that makes me meditated.

"I will find her for you." I whisper in the wind.

My eyes dilated. I am seeing her in actual. Or is it a dream. She's wearing sky-blue gown that come along with the wind. Her long golden hair brushes by the wind. Her eyes are so blue mixed with green her lips, she's smiling at me that still makes my heart skip a beat.


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