Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 45

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 45 The Truth Behind The History

Amanda of Psych

I smiled on the humming birds that sings with me. It reminded me of the chorale on our Kingdom, like singing angles. Also, the siren's on the sea that allure all our fishermen even the pirates.

My servants enter to water the flowers on my room and put fresh fruits. I smiled at them and they gracefully bow at me.

Sweet Ruin growls and rolls on the bed. He misses his master badly. I patter his head, and he immediately licked my hand.

"Don't worry, sweet Ruin. She'll be with us soon." I continue on sewing the dress that will suit my beloved daughter. Oh, how much I miss her on my embrace.

"Your highness," my head-guard enters, kneeling one knee with his fist on his chest. "Your father is arriving."

I sigh, scratches Ruin's head.

"I will get ready." I gently lay down the dress on my bed putting the needles back on the right place. The servants immediately took a dress that is appropriate on meeting the King. However, dresses doesn't matter to me on meeting my father.

They fixed my hair a little and put few colors on my face. Ruin rolls around the bed biting and playing on the satin sheets.

I go out my room heading to the hall as Ruin followed me. My father look old because of that unhappy expression of him. With him is a Lord from a respected house, I am sure. I am feeling that this is another proposal.

"Her Highness, the Highest Princess." My royal announcer introduced me. I bow to my father and the Lord bows at me. Ruin started growling in very low sound. That's his warning. Good boy. Next time, bite them if they tried to make any proposal.

"Father." I greet my father.

"Amanda, I would like to introduce you, Lord Anubis of House Resplandeciente."

"Lord Anubis," offer my hand, he willingly took it and bent down in gentleman like, and before he even touches his lips on my hand, Ruin growls and barks at him. That makes him stupefied. Oh, Ruin, you are such a sweet warrior. Adhiti had train you very well. I pull my hand from him. "I'm sorry, my little warrior here, is quite jealous." I glanced at my father with a grim face. "Please, let's head on my garden for a tea." I scoop my father's arm as we walk towards the garden. Ruin is tailing us, that make Lord Anubis grimaced.

If he hate my Ruin, I will hate him too. The servant's serves the delicious fresh teas that I made with them from the herbs that are good for health. Ruin sat beside me, wiggling his tail while watching us.

"How's your health, my dear father."

"I am getting old, sweetheart. I have to marry you off."

"You know that my soul is already married." I told him. I look at Lord Anubis who is carefully listening to us. Lots of Lords, Princes, and Kings wanted my hand, but never such a beauty stole my heart. Only the human who is selfless with a beautiful heart and soul. "Are you married, Lord Anubis?" I asked him sweetly.

"I never been married, your highness."

"Just like as what young man would say." I smiles which is almost a smirk. "How about a lover?"

"No one ever catches my heart. For such a beauty, you already catches mine."

As I expected. Each man that my father bring here to my house, they would say that they never fall in love, but to me. How ridiculous? Ruin growls. I gave him a piece of strawberry cup cake and he eat it still glowering at Lord Anubis.

"I don't want to die without heiress, Amanda."

"Father, you will still live long. Centuries will still pass. Besides, if you wanted an heiress other than me, you will have soon. I can assure you that."

"An heiress out from our blood? You know that I will surely despite whoever she is."

"Will you?" I asked him, like showing him through my tone that I will despite him too. I had live long enough and I waited for years for my daughter and for my love. I won't ever take chances of taking them away from me. Even if I have to break my bond from my love, for him to survive. "How's the kingdom, father?" I asked pour him another tea.

"There's a human that enters here in our world. Two of the Kingdoms executed her."

"Did you agreed with it?"

"The supreme court did."

"Trespassing and hurting the Prince are two of her crimes." Lord Anubis added. "She look hopeless when she was in chains and inside the Hydrian's cage." I can see his smirked crept out. Ruin grows, stood and show his fangs on him. "What is wrong with this dog?"

"How pitiful our people." I said and didn't even stop Ruin from his warnings. "He's not a dog, by the way. He's a dire wolf as you can see. A loyal guard that I've ever known." I patted Ruin's head and he seemed calming down by that touch. I know how much he misses her. "Our people had killed a lot of innocent these past few days. They already killed the four souls of the four kingdoms. Do you know that, Lord Anubis?"

"I didn't catch up, your highness. What do you imply, Milady?" He seemed quizzical about it.

"The earth, air, fire and water, your people, and our people killed them. So that no one can control them." I told him every words with hatred on my tone. My father weaned me and told me not to talk about it anymore. "Those Goddesses who protect and who keep the balance of our world was murdered. And they will be born again, to take their revenge and will kill each of the people" I just say revenge out of my anger. Goddesses wouldn't take revenge.

"Enough Amanda!" my father raises his voice.

I sigh just to make my anger pass. Today is not the day to reveal. I will show them the pain they take just to save those innocents. But this world has no navet. They are aware on everything, they just don't want to see how tragic it was. They don't want to see how their rulers killed the goddesses.

Patrick Patterson

I stop the timer when Clarence followed by Davin, had reached the finish line. I usually make them exercise, do some sports, teach them, how to use swords, throw knives and archery. For them to be physically fit, they need to meet my standards.

After minutes of cooling down, I told them to clean up. Andrew walk towards me with crossed arms, pressing it to show his big chest and muscular biceps on me. I did as what he is doing to show him what I got too.

"How did you manage to work out?" he asked. I look at him with lopsided smile.

"Secret." I wink at him. He thought that I work out a lot on Marissa. I punch his chest to blow his thoughts away. "I have to be healthy and improve my combat skills for Marissa."

"So, she won't look for another guy?" he asked. "Oh, come on, bro. Marissa is so in love on you. That's not going to happen."

He knows that that is not what I am worried about. I know Marissa wouldn't cheat on me. It is just impossible for her. Marissa brought us lemonade. I smiled on how blooming she is. She's just beautiful every single day. I can't help but to admire her more and mostly love her more. I walk towards her, snuggling my nose on her neck. She smell roses. I kiss her lips and look up at Andrew who is glowering at us with disgust.

"Oh, come on. This isn't the first time you saw us like that. Besides, you make nastier. With Leona remember?" I sat on the chair, gently pull Marissa to my lap as I wrapped my arms around her.

"Don't even say a thing about that woman."

"Is she that horrible?" I asked him sipping on the glass of lemonade. He nods with pressed lips. "Really, really horrible?"

"Yeah, horrible than The Walking dead."

"Oh, those disgusting movie? It's quite fascinating" I grinned. "I mean try to make out with Lily Collins," I told him. He grinned very c.o.c.ky.

"I know she won't resist me."

"Yeah. I am very sure that she won't, when she became a walking dead." Marissa and I laughs at him. He glare at us and took glass of lemonade. "You are getting heavier." I murmur on her ear.

"Our baby here, always wanted to eat high calories."

"I can't wait to see our baby." I told her as I gently stroke her flat tummy, still it is very impossible to her to determine if she's pregnant.

"I am out of here. I rather, f.u.c.k up with Lily Collins, when she became zombie than seeing you flirting at each other." He said while turning around.

"You said that. You have to do it." I told him. I know that before he even make out with a zombie Lily Collins, he already passed out. We take our time, cuddling at each other. Telling how much we love each other. I know that we kind-a corny but, this is what I felt towards her. I don't want to keep those things stuck in my mind. I wanted to tell her each of the thoughts that is on my mind.

A loud scream comes from the inside of the house that makes me and Marissa stood. I immediately run inside the house, Clarence kept on calling me. Then, I found them on the hall, Davin on the floor, convulsing, his eyes, are white and he kept on murmuring and murmuring in different languages, different accent. I kneel above his head, hold it, as I enter in his mind.

Suddenly, I feel like I was inside Davin's dream. Davin's predictions. It was cold winter, I saw how they killed a beautiful lady that has a feature of my sister. I immediately feel the chill of the winter. She was killed by a crossbow. It come from the woman riding on the horse, in white coat. The man, perhaps her love, run to her crying her name. On the other side, I saw my sister, in tears watching the scene as two person came and erase the man's selected memories. The wind blows really hard like a storm no stronger than the storm.

We were again in another scene the same face, but different setting. The lady was happy riding on the black horse, wearing green cloak. She was laughing as the familiar man run his horse after her. I am truly confused on why she has the same facial feature as my sister, Adhiti but still there are differences. The lady was cheerful and happy like it was her last day on the world. I just recognize the man. It was Flame. Young Flame was happy too, too happy like it was his last day on the world.

When she run her horse on the forest, Flame lost her. He roam around and call for her. The wail of the horse and some sound of cutting of flesh was all he heard. He immediately turn his horse on the direction where the sound came from. The leaves of the trees are slowly getting brown, slowly dying. The animals on the forest goes crazy too like their life was in big danger. He saw her wearing the same cloak lying on her blood.

He jumped off from the horse, and run towards her, dropping his knees. He called her name Zoeira Klaite and try to hold on the cut on her neck. He look around and saw shadows. He started screaming and screaming, her name and screams on the shadows to show their selves. He scream in anger and pain, gently pulling her into his arms. I can feel the pain and the anger he felt. Like the man on the snowy forest. I feel both of their pain. The trees, the forest in the whole kingdom and on the other kingdom dies with her, as animals are agonizing on the loose.

He spend the whole day and the whole night with her there. Just on his arms, embracing her cold corpse. Kissing her forehead, telling her how much he love her. Telling her how his half dies. Flame got a time to let her go when, a huntsman came to find a food. A battalion of soldiers arrived with the same man that I saw on the first scene. He did the same to Flame.

But his sorrow never dies as years pass.

I let go of Davin's head, breathless. He's still lying and now, calm. I have to see it all. I don't have to stop now. I hold his head again. It was like I was pulled inside his head forcefully. I fall down on the concrete hot ground. It feel hot here, I almost scream when a big face of a scaly monster. Its breath is hot and smoking. Its ears are like fins that's opening and closing. Its eyes are a straight line from up and down. An eyes of venomous snake. It breathed in smoke, blows a small fire. I understand what kind of creature it is. A fire dragon.

My head totally spins, my stomach squeezes like anytime I am going to throw up because of the nervousness and the anxiety that I felt around me. There's not just one or two dragons, but lots of dragons smaller, medium, big and there's two which are the biggest.

The dragons are wailing, like they are all in pain. They tried to fight, but they seemed coward, seeing the big dragons, in chains. And I realized that even them are all in chains. The tension inside, I mean, the temperature is more than 100 degrees like I was in hell. I heard crying crying of a lady. I saw her standing on the middle of two posts beside her. Her arms are spread and outstretched. Her wrists are in heavy cuffs and chains. Her tears are smoking, like it was really hot but it didn't even burn her.

"Please," she begs, hopelessly. She was directly looking at me and begging me. A cry of dragons echoes that makes the others wails, after the hit of a lash. I turn behind me, they are lashing the dragons.

The biggest one, a little than the other one, which I already guess is the King of the dragons, roars making a warning on the-who-knows lashed on the dragons. It almost broke the chains but it seemed that the chains are unbreakable. There's another lash that makes the King even violent as the lady screams.


The other big one, cries and hopelessly tried to move. It was the queen. How heartless they are.

There are another lashes that the lady can only do is to cry and cry and beg them. The torture goes on and the lady feels like she was hurting too. Like each of them is her life and own.

I look at the people who are lashing all the dragons. They are wearing familiar armors. I saw them on the books that my father lent me. And that makes my inside twitches in pain. I cannot bare seeing the torture of the dragons, though they are considered as monsters.

As I cannot take seeing them torture the dragons, the only thing that comes into my mind is to run to the lady, and tried to pull the chains on the strength I have. I stop when she's directly looking at me. Tears streams down on her cheeks. Her eyes, are red-orange, but they are beautiful. And those eyes remind me of my sister, Adhiti. She is almost look like her.

"Please, help my dragons" she murmurs. But it felt like she whispers on my ear. "I promised to come back to them." She speak to me like, she was a mother, begging to help her children. After that, her eyes dilated, and mine too. Blood runs down from her mouth, and the person who stab the sword directly to her center, gashes it even more.

The biggest dragon cries as the fire lady dies. He is the strongest among all of the dragons that breaks the strongest chains in the world. Though he was hurt, he force his wings to fly, wailing even louder that makes the other dragons wails and move violently. He blow blue fire on the killers. He blows fire on the dead lady as it immediately turns into ashes, burns again and turn into a flying fire no it looks like a phoenix. She flies away and gone.

I was pull into another scene again, lots of fire people on fire. Houses on fire. Everyone are almost on fire. Some are trying to save their lives. The dragon flew not just in a single Kingdom but each Kingdom he show his sorrow, and his revenge. Even the slowly dying Kingdom of the Era, felt the burning anger of the dragon.

Everything in this world look catastrophic. The people are starving, and that time too, they don't catch fishes. Even the animals are hard to find. I enter in the bloomy, gigantic door of the Kingdom that has lots of statues that resemble each kingdom and houses. As I walk on the very wide corridor that leads to the thrones, I felt small. Not until I met the people in white and red cape on the side of the corridors before the throne of the King and Queen. There are three on the right and three on the left.

They seemed arguing over something, fighting over problem to problem. Then, behind me, I have to step back to give way to the people in golden robes, with medals, which was known as the Supreme Court. They are the makers and approvers of the laws.

"The third death of the Western Goddess has been spread all over the kingdom."

"Fire alert are around the Kingdom of the Pyr. But I am afraid that the big dragon will turn the forest and the fields into fire."

The wails of the dragon bugs them and outside the big window, the dragon started throwing fire around. And it turn directly on the big window and blow a fire, but something blocks the hellish fire to protect the King and the Queen.

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