Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 49

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 49 A Freezing Voyage To Aer


It is getting cold and colder to the place where I am heading. I found myself riding on this gorgeous horse. I sigh and let the cold freezing wind blows on me as we get nearer on the place of snow. Oh, I love snow. However why did these crazy people inside me wanted me there?

"Dammit! Who did brought me here?!" I said it aloud though no one could hear except myself and this horse. A wind blows and twirls around like a mini tornado and a face and a shape of a woman is in front of me. Aryanna. I grimaced at her while she smiles at me warmly. "Oh, it is you."

"Would you give my half-sister a warm embraced?" she asked.

"No. I can't! Dammit, Aryanna! I don't even know why you guys kept on showing up on my sleep even in front of me and I look like crazy here talking into a spirit."

"Yes, spirit. But I am inside you, my dear Sister."

"My patient is just short, you know." I kick my horse to make him run fast. "I don't even know who she is. And if my Nick knows about this, we are totally screwed up!"

A fire and a shape of another lady appear, they have similarities in face. And I guess this is the fire Goddess. She warms me and the horse.

"You sound cussing." She said and fold her arms.

"Cause, I am. What's your name again?" I narrow my eyes and I sneeze that blows their appearance but then come back.

"It's Odessi, Adhiti. Goddess of Fire, Fire is my name. It is not pleasing to hear a young lady to cuss."

"Okay, okay I got it. I guess that the Aer is not that far from Era"

A green dust showed and she look exactly like Aryanna. She smiled and almost a sneer.

"Twelve hours of riding a horse, well it is also depends on your speed." She said. I give her a quizzical look like asking who she is. She rolled her eyes and cross her arms. "It's Zoe, Adhiti. How could you not know me?! I'm Earth!"

"Oh, sorry, Zoe but really that is something I should work on Oh! Where Serina? I hate her on seducing my Nick."

A turquoise dust on the air comes alive and it is Serina who is smiling at me more like grinning.

"Your Prince is very, very handsome. You shouldn't worry, dear. Your love didn't see any woman's nude body except yours."

I groans and increase my speed. I feel really tired of riding and riding and I am quite exhausted and hungry. I saw an oak tree and decided to take a nap on there. I jump off and fell on my butt. They all laughs at me.

"Laugh on me again or else, I will come back to Era." They hold their mouth not to laugh and then I stood. It wasn't that painful because the snow is deep. I heated and clear the snow around the oak three and took lots of branches. I give my mare a big carrots and she started eating it. I sipped on the bottle of water. And lay down on the three with a blanket.

"We should find Luther." Odessi suddenly spoke that makes the three Goddesses gasped and hold their mouth and started giggling. Odessi seemed peeved and now I understand why they are giggling.

"Ohh you are in love with Luther?" I blurted that make the tree burst out laughing. It was actually a graceful and angelic sound of their laughs. Odessi glare at me. I cleared my throat and munch my gr.a.p.es. "Who's Luther by the way?" they all stop laughing and glare at me.

"If I have my own body, I had kicked your butt." Zoe said. I shrugged and look really quizzical. "Luther is our Guardian. I don't have an idea where he is. He was supposed to protect us, but he never show up."

"I am certain that Luther get captured, because if he's dead, he is already with us on the aboveworld." Odessi explained.

"Or heaven?"

"Yes, that's what some of the people named. But we called it the World of Almighty God." Odessi told.

"Wow. Sounds really big." I leans my head back again and I told my mare to lay next to me and I heat its shoes.

"Why do you love, that Prince of yours?" Odessi asked and I found that they are all looking at me. I smiled at them and took another round of gr.a.p.es on my mouth.

"He's gorgeous." I told them with wink.

"My Calixe is gorgeous." Aryanna utter.

"My Flame too." Zoe

"Luther is gorgeous too, right Odessi?" Serina teased. Odessi rolled her eyes.

"Okay, there's lots of gorgeousness around this world. But Nick is the first man who makes my heart beats loud and crazy. I am totally attracted to him and his smile is amazingly annoying but I love it. Also, he cared a lot about me. He can be a little possessive and I like it on him but he's not a jerk."

"Jerk?" they all asked me.

"Yes. An asshole."

"Ohhh" they all cover their mouths.

"Would you stop cussing!" Odessi the oldest among of us scowls at me.

"Sorry, sistah! But this is me." I said with my own little twang.

"You have to rest for two hours and then you go to move along again." Serina said. "I will sing for you."

"I will also blew all the snowflakes away." Aryanna.

"And I will warm you." Odessi.

"And I will grow few trees." Zoe she blew and whispers on the trees as there's another one grows beside me and it has a big roots and a little hole like a small cave.

"Ohh. That's sweet of you guys!" I crawl on the hole and my mare move with me. I feel warm and my mare feel warm too.

I had fallen asleep. Like just as I think that I am asleep, they started waking me up. Damn these crazy sisters! My dream was about Nick worrying about me. What if he's worried? Oh! Almira! She's worried on me.

"Get up now!" it was a hot voice of Odessi that sent warm chills around my veins and my mare's veins.

"Geez! Yeahyeah! Just don't scowl on me." I get up and started packing. I heat my mare's horseshoes and we run again and again as I clear the snow with my fire.

The snow had stopped and it is a good omen. There are lights and I can see lights in the town. I have to stay at the inn to warm myself. Good thing that they let me. A long hot bath was a relieved and they are talking in front of me. More like bickering damn, these girls love bickering. But they loved each other so there's no hard things between them.

"You should look stunning in front of her." Zoe told. "You should go the town and look for a dress."

"What's your code, Arya."

"Sky blue or white as snow" she smiled. "Or I can take over your body so I can shop on my own."

"No!" I sigh. I don't want them to take over my body. That's just crazy! "I can do it. Just tell me where" I get up from the tub and wrapped the warm towel around my nude body. After I dried my wet clothes, I went to the shop and they are all whispering on me on where should I go.

I bought a beautiful dress and thick cloak. This is good. However, it is kind-a little showy. That's what Aryanna likes. That's her dress code and I should justyeah wear it for the Queen. I sleep for a little while and after an hour, Aryanna took my body. I mean, she can control me but I can control me. It is kind-a complicated but I felt like I have her brain inside my brain. Crazy right? They reincarnated on my body and they are all seeking for their soul mates and it will make my love life a mess!

We rode again and it is a bit far from the first town. It's not snowing yet the climate is cold and then, everything are fascinating. The sun is already setting. Aryanna is very certain that the Aer Queen named Andrea is on her throne sipping a wine waiting for a man that will make her fall.

"At the very first, I know Andrea love my mate but he choose me and we are so in love together. Maybe she's not yet married because she's still hoping a love from Calixe." She speak on my mind. "I feel sorry for her."

"You shouldn't be. She choose to be that way."

"Yes. She choose to be that way because of me. I am sure that there's a perfect match for her."

"Yeah. Me too."

We had reached the gate and I jump from my horse. There are guards there and I use Serina's voice to allure them. She's like the Goddess of love and make them fall in love to her and do as what she wished. It's kind-a creepy because they are drooling on me. I rode on my horse to reach the mountain top of the castle. And it is looks like on the cliff. However, the first impression for the castle is very beautiful because of the garden and the perfect alignments of the trees flowers and there are lots of eagles and hawks on the big oak trees.

I gave my mare a piece of apple and let her drink on the fountain. The guards came to me and about to warn me but I use my air to push them away. And for my dramatic entrance, I pull down the hood of my cloak and didn't pull down the see-through fabric of my scarf that covers my mouth and nose. But the eyes of Arya is showing on my eyes.

"Who dares to enter my castle without consent?" she stood in a very strong power.

"I, Goddess of Universe come to you because of someone who missed you dearly." I said it in my strong voice. And I can hear them clapping inside my head cheering me. Goddess of Universe? They actually made it up. I mean, they call me that.

Her eyes widens maybe because of the recognition on my voice, which has a sound of Arya. Thank you, Arya. The tension on her body didn't touch her face. She sneer at me.

"How are you, dear sister? Are you feeling right after sitting on that cold throne?" my voice sounds like an antagonist. Great! She sat on her throne and patted the arm of it. I should say, her throne is very beautiful with a wings of an angel or a bird?

"What's your name? And I don't have sister." She raise her hands on the warriors that are ready to attack me. I glanced on the round print of the floor. It is purposely made to kill someone by pushing on that hole. Like in Game of Thrones. Oh, I love the movie but really, did they take idea in Game of Thrones? I mean, they don't even have cable and TV here.

"Well," I think of the name. "They call me in many times. Which of those names would you like to hear?" I smirk behind my scarf. "I am sure you miss the name of Aryanna Ueri Jaze. And the way you looked at me, you are thinking of her now." I can see that she shivers on that name. The footsteps of the guards are surrounded on me. "They also call me Catastrophe." I never break an eye to eye contact with her.

She scoffs and laughs and laughs in very evil way. But really, I have to say that she's stunning and beautiful on those see-through dress that shows her curves and legs. Her clear blue eyes are like crystal and that long hair in a Dutch braid look good on her with her tiara.

"Throw her." The floor opens the up and the strong wind blew and I feel free. I face the warriors and they are pointing their spears on me.

"No need to tell, Andrea, I can simply wish to feel the air." I face her and spread my arms as the air twirls and pushed her warriors away. I am afraid to die but I wanted to feel the air and just jump. I felt a warm marks marking on my forehead and I smirked at her.

She's with Abyss Serina murmur inside my head. My smirked fades away like it was Aryanna taking my body.

"I miss you sister. But love will never came to you if you didn't warm that frozen heart of yours." I twist myself and let myself fall on the endless cliff. And I still feel like falling and it feels good. Nick will worry on me, really, what if I die? Nope! Never mind.

I gasped when there's someone catches me or I felt feathers. Darkness took over my vision. I am tired.

Hmm, I feel like sleeping on the soft fluffy wings. It feels warm due from the cold climate. So fluffy like I don't want to leave the bed. Okay, so I don't want to think any further because I fall wait! Wait! I jumped on the whole! I immediately sat up realizing it and my head hurts! Bad! I was blinded a little of the light but there's a silhouette.

I blink and blink and blink. Oh! The beautiful body of a guy has a big wings and he's big too. He turn to me and he's not just tall and have those yummy muscles, he's also handsome. He kneel in front of me with his palm on his b.r.e.a.s.t where his heart is located.

"My Goddesses!" oh, that's really confusing.

"Uh Hi." I greet.

Luther! The girls squeals inside my head.

"I came to save you, my Goddesses."

"Goddesses? That's too much." He look up at me and his amber eyes meets mine. "Uhm, you must be Luther, the girls are talking about."

"You mean, the Goddesses?" he asked me.

"Yup. They are probably your Goddesses."

"You are my Goddess too." Why is he still kneeling?

"Oh, you should stand. I am not used on a stranger kneeling on me." He stood and fixed himself stood mighty yet humble.

"I am sorry if I offend you."

"No. You didn't." I look around to see a gigantic silhouette of a dragon. "Phrixus!" I immediately slipped off from the bed and run to him. I hugged his huge face and he sneeze on me. "Yeah, I miss you too." I can feel Odessi's wanting for the dragon. She wanted to take over my body but I pushed her back on my head.

"Uhm, my Goddess, do you want something to eat or drink?" I pull myself from Phrixus and faced Luther totally forget about him.

"Oh, sorry. Please, don't call me Goddess. I am not one. They are just inside my body."

"No. You are my Goddess. Adhiti, Goddess of Universe that is why my other Goddesses are inside you, to complete you."

"R-really?" he bow her head.

"You are also a Princess."

"What?!" I blurted out that makes him quizzical.

"I apologize." My heart is palpitating. He scared the hell out of me.

"Okay, so, Luther, winged guy, do you know where I am?"

"You are on my cave far away from the Kingdoms who wanted to kill you."

"Can you bring me to Era, not exactly on the castle but on Prince Nicholas's cabin, that's where I live."

"As you wish, my Goddess."

"Please drop the Goddess word. Just Adhiti if it was really me. Those girls, Goddess of yours wanted to take over my body and it is creeping me out."

They all show in front of me in form of their colors with their arms crossed. I crossed my arms too.

"Really, if you guys keep on doing that, I will totally sue you and throw you back to your father!"

"Our Father!" they said at the same time. I hands up.

"Alright, don't be so hot. Okay, I am going back because the show is over." I push their dust aside and face Luther. He look fascinated on the dust. He was gorgeous on that thick brows and deep amber eyes and perfect shape of nose and thick kissable lips of him. His face is shaped like diamond and has a very strong jaw. He's also big, like I was just at his chest level or underarm. He's three inches taller than Nick and he's bigger. He kneel again and bow his head with his palm on his chest.

"Can you take me there?"

So he did take me there and I love flying. Phrixus was alone there and I can feel Odessi's sadness. I let her took over my body and just watched them. She embraced, I mean I was the one embracing but she took over my body so she's embracing Luther and she's gently caressing his face. So sad the look on Luther's eyes was sadness too. She touches the lash marks on his shoulder.

"What happened to you?" Odessi asked in full of sadness.

"I am sorry, my Goddess. They capture me and torture me for a century. I failed to protect you and your sisters."

"Hush, my brave one. You did not fail. This is another chance and our Goddess of Universe wakes up to fight Abyss."

"I fail protecting your children."

"We are going to find them, no matter what." She said it strongly like a curse.

Ohh they look really sweet. Serina and I murmurs that probably Odessi can hear.

"I oath to you, I will find your children and punish those who wronged to you and your sisters. I oath to you to protect you with my life."

"I know you will." She embraced him around his nape and leans her forehead, my forehead on his neck.

See, they are truly in love at each other. Odessi doesn't like the idea. Zoe told.

After few minutes of flying we are already a little away from the cabin. Oh, damn! I forgot my mare.

She will come back home. You shouldn't worry too much, Adhiti. Zoe promised.

How can she come back?

Trust me.

Damn these crazy sisters. Odessi steady and stood in front of him as her hand brushes on his massive biceps. He bow his head. She gently took his chin for him to look into her fire-color eyes.

"I never get a chance to give you a warm kiss. I never get a chance to give you a taste of true kiss."

She told and as I expected they use my body to kiss each other. However, we are all shrieking because of their passionate kiss. Lips to lips. Mouth to mouth. Tongue to tongue. Ohhh good Nick will kill me.

I can see that Luther is flushing and his right hand is brushing the hair and circling on the back. They stayed embracing each other on the tree while she's asking about his life without them.

"It takes centuries for me for not flying. My wings are not working not until Goddess of Universe was born."

"How did you escape them?"

"Phrixus found me." Luther gently kissed her temple (my temple) as he tightens his embrace. She slipped off from him and stood. She offer her hand and he took it as he stand.

"Go back to Phrixus, my brave one. Adhiti's mate is coming."

"I will come back, always and watch you with the eyes of my friends."

"I know you will." She move closer and kissed his lips again. He spread his wings that I just noticed that it was golden-brown and silver-white like eagle but more majestic than anyone's wings.

"So long, my Goddess."

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