Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 53

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 53 Their Endless Love


It feels ages of travelling and travelling. The sun is about to set and I don't know when we are going to be in our destination yet. Or is he going to give me to the scary King and they are going to torture me No that won't happen. If they torture me, my Princess Amanda would feel the same.

"Are we there yet?" I groans. I wanted to sleep.

"Not yet." He said it cool like it was nothing.

"How many hours are we riding?"

"Just few hours," I glanced on my wrist watch. Few hours my ass. "We are here." A jolt of happiness wakes me up and feel energize. "Not in Princess Amanda's house but in Era. I groan again and shoot a glare at me. He laughs at me really laugh. "I can see the recent expression of yours."

"Are you making fun of me Calixe?"

"No. There will be a first reunion dinner that will happen here for all of King Elliot's daughters and sons."

"Oh, that shitty King who took Marissa."

"Yes. Please go on the other way, and I will have to visit them."

"If you see Marissa, tell him that I am here. But why would I go on the other way?" he smiled like he know something that I don't.

"On the other way is Prince's Nicholas's cottage. He doesn't want to really live on the castle. You can rest there while you wait for me."

"The guy who is Catastrophe's mentor? If I am not mistaken"

"Yes he is." I nod understanding him. "There will be no guards if you trespass on that direction. I am certain about that. Because, I will play the guards a little. They will be changing new guards after three minutes and we shall meet after two hours. And time starts now." He winks at me.

I did on what he said and I hide for a while and the guards that are patrolling seemed to leave their posts and I immediately slowly yet soundless sign my horse to run where the private way will be. It wasn't hard because a sound of a hawk and few raven make a big sound around that the guards barely hear the footsteps of the horse.

I found the cabin and the chimney is smoking. I am relief and I immediately jump off from the horse and I can feel the vibrating growls. I gasped when I turn to my back and pairs of red eyes are staring at me. Plus my horse started to panic. I patted my horse to hush him.

"Who's there?" a familiar voice. A lady comes out from the cabin with a silver claymore and golden handle.

"Catastrophe?" she puts down her sword when she is recognizing my voice. She lighten her fire on her hand and her eyes widens.

"Marcus!" she immediately run to me and was about to hug me but I raise my hand to stop her.

"The sword."

"Oh, sorry." She put down the sword and I spread my arms. The pair of red eyes seemed to stop growling and they back out when she embraced me.

"Oh, my darling" I kissed the top of her head and she smell like garden.

"Why are you here? How? W"

"You see a young man that introduce himself as a foreteller told me to come on this way to meet Nicholas to rest for a while, while he visit the castle."

"I think we should come in because, its kind-a dangerous outside." She pulls me and she told the horse to go to the stable to meet other horses.

She serve me food that she cook by herself after telling me that Nicholas has to attend the reunion dinner. I stare on the marks on her forehead and raise my eyebrows. Did she put those tattoos there? I doubt it.

"It just appears on my forehead." She explained. "Oh, how did you get in here?"

I explained her everything including the appearance of the foreteller who visited the castle for two hours. I also told her the truth that I had been seeking for my soulmate and I was on the way to her. I also told her the truth that my real name is Darius. She was really shocked and the surprised look on her face makes me think of Amanda who has the same expression when she's surprised.

"Seriously?! So who is this guy who took you here and help you?"

"He said that his name is Calixe Fiel." I look into her eyes and it changes in light blue. "What's wrong?" she shook her head and tight a smile. "Why your eyes suddenly changes?"

"Because it is something abnormal to me."

"Like? You can tell me everything," I took her hand and squeeze it. "I had been your dad since we met."

"Never mind. You probably need to eat a lot and rest for a while."

I did on what she said and take a nap while waiting for the time. I had taken a bath and she lent me Nicholas's clothes. I asked her if she truly surrender herself to Nicholas and she laughed at me.

"Nick was such an old fashion man. He said that he won't make love to me unless we are married."

"Ohhh." It really surprises me. "When is he going to propose to you?"

"I am still waiting." She helped me fix the clothes that she lent to me. She even pack up something to drink and eat for my way to Psych. Then the door burst open to see that Nick is puzzled.

"Mr. Sander?" Nick furrows.

"Hi Nick. It is nice to see you." I give him a handshake. "You don't mind if I borrow few of your clothes." He shook his head and smiles. "I have to finally come to my love."

"Y-your love?" Nick grimaced.

"He's mated to Princess Amanda." Catastrophe slash Adhiti told him. That makes his eyes widens.

"How's Marissa?" I asked Nick who all look so baffled on my sudden appearance plus the confusion and my bluntness.

"She's doing fine. Trying to get along with others."

A sound of a horse and Calixe's voice makes me jump. I am excited to travel again to my destination. I embraced my angel and kissed her head.

"Take care of my angel. Girl like her is hard to find." I wink at Nick and took the bag. "I will be going now my little angel."

"I'm not little." I chuckled and mess her hair.

I was back again on travelling and my heart started to feel contented. I suddenly missed my Catastrophe. She's a very intelligent child and a bright one. I wish to have a daughter like her.

"I already miss my angel." I sighed and I had noticed that Calixe has been staring at me.

"Is she not your daughter?"

"No. I wish she is." He didn't speak.

After hours of traveling and riding a ship, I can't sleep. All I was thinking is my Amanda Amanda I give Calixe a wine that Catastrophe packed for me and he took it and have a swig. And when the sun is up, I immediately climb the post to look the castle that is getting nearer and bigger. My heart is pounding and I can feel that the half of my soul is slowly beginning to feel alive. I feel alive.

"Feeling too high?" Calixe stood next to me.

"What will you feel if you are going to be finally with your love?"

"Crazy. However, it didn't happened that way."

When the captain declare that we are going to go outboard sooner. Calixe explained to me that the security is tight when it comes to Princess Amanda's house. As we ride towards the house of Princess Amanda my heart start pounding fast. This is it this is it Two guards are on the high gate that full of twines and crawling flowering plants.

"I am here through Princess Amanda's summon." Calixe speaks to the guards.

"Lord Calixe." The guards bows at him. A dove flies one of the guard as they took the letter and when he read it, he nods to the other guards and they let us in. I roam my eyes around and the castle is getting near, yet not bigger than the castle on the left.

"Is this my love's house?" I asked him and he nods with smile. "Not a castle."

"Yes," I put my other hand on my heart as I feel the crazy beat of it. I feel like dying in happiness.

There are group of maidens laughing and we pass them. Few guards are roaming around and servants are left and right. As we get nearer and nearer to the fountain, I forget to breath. I jump off and look at Calixe. I can't enter there and burst the door. He c.o.c.k his head and instead of going to the main door we went on the garden. The lady in golden hair, white gown and her skin seemed so bright in the light of the sun sitting on the grass while caressing a big white wolf.

The wolf seemed to notice our presence that makes his head tilt and I just realized that it was a familiar wolf. The dog whimpers and gets up as it barks and runs to me.

"Ruin?" I hugged the wolf and when I look back to the lady, our eyes meet. My heart seemed to stop beating. I stood and walk towards her as she slowly walk towards me with tears rolls down to her cheeks.

"Darius" she mutters and runs to me. I ran to her and meet her embrace kissing her lips twirling her around. She scoop my cheeks and stare on my face checking and trying to remember every inch of me. I wipe her tears and kiss her lips again with hunger and passion. "I thought you are still in danger you make me worried."

"Worry no more, my own. I had come to you."


"I followed Erian's warriors trying to save Marissa and I am here, in your world. I won't let anything take us apart."

"Princess Amanda." Calixe interrupt and bows at her.

"Lord Calixe. You brought my mate" she parted from me and I suddenly feel cold. She hugged Calixe and kissed his cheek. "Thank you."

"I am here to serve our God and save our people from Abyss."

"You done a good job, my brave Prophet."

"Thank you. I will tell your servants to prepare things for your mate. We have to make sure that your father will not know about this, or else, my plan won't work."

"I believe in you, Lord Calixe. Please do as what you pleased. And please tell them not to let anyone get in my garden." Calixe bows at her and he bows at me. Amanda turn to me with those smiles that I always fall in love with. She run to me and kiss me, full of passion, love, hunger and desire. Years and time keep us apart, now that she's back on my arms, I won't let anyone keep us apart.

"I'm sorry my love. I had hurt you so badly." I scoop her cheeks remembering every inch of her as we lay down on the grass and the trees and vines are keeping us from other's eyes. Ruin is guarding us together with her birds.

"Those pain are worth it. Now that you are here with me. I still can't believe that you are here with me."

We give in at each other, kissing and making love. I never wanted to be apart from her ever again. My heart feels contented and full and I never been happier in my life since we parted. We keep telling each other our endless vows and love still missing each other. I think no one can break us apart at this moment and I don't care about the time and the calls of her servants.

"Darius, I love you. But they will question me about not attending few things around."

"But, we just" she pointed her forefinger on my lips to shut me.

"I know." I kissed her n.a.k.e.d shoulders and her cheeks. She smell heavenly too. "Let's go to my room." She put her clothes on and she help me dress up too. "Ruin, please clear my room." She told Ruin and it runs on the secret door. She took my hand and drag me towards the door seemed camouflage because of the vines.

We are already in her wide room that still looks like a garden. It was like a bed in the middle of the garden. Someone knocks on the door yet didn't enter.

"Princess Amanda, a tailor is here. Do you want me to bring her in?"

"No." she kissed me and pushed me on the other door which seemed to be her bathroom. I hold her elbow and kissed her again. "Sent him to my study room, please. I wanted to speak with him there."

"As you wish, your highness." She turn to me and kiss me on my lips.

"Wait here. Calixe brought clothes for you" I smile c.o.c.kily at her.

"Nah, I don't need clothes. I rather be all n.a.k.e.d in front of you." I grin. She giggles and roll her eyes.

"I know. But it isn't appropriate if my servant saw you n.a.k.e.d. They might droll over your body."

"They can droll on my body but only you who can touch it and savor it." I said c.o.c.kily that makes her really amused. "Go now love, I will wait for you here. Also make it quick." I give her another one l.u.s.tful kiss on lips as she run outside the room.

I went inside the wide bathroom that has a big round bathtub that looks like a pool or something. It smells roses, lavender and jasmine inside. I went to the sink and wash my face. I face the mirror and smiled thinking that I finally made it. I look younger than I expected in front of the mirror. Someone knocks on the door that startles me.

"Marcus." It sounds Calixe. "The Princess wanted you to pretend to be her personal body warrior. So you can face the servants." I went to the door and open it. He c.o.c.k his head outside and I did follow him. My eyes widens and I gapes on how beautiful their corridor and the collection inside is very archaic that cost millions on outside world. Calixe give a sword and the belt to me and I wrapped it around my waist. "Do you know the traditional greeting?"

"Should I bow with my fist on my chest?"

"Yes. I will teach you few basics."

So on the big double door, two guards are standing beside and they open the door. We enter the room and it seemed like the servants and other people inside the run turn to look at us.

"Greetings your highness!" Calixe bows and I mimic his action. "Your personal warrior as what you wish." I look at my Princess who smiles and can't hide those grins while a woman taking her size. I smile in formal and put my fist over my chest.

"Marcus at your service." I should use that name. Or else, if the King had known the same name, Darius, they might break us apart, again.

"Thank you Lord Calixe," she told the woman to also take my size and the servants drags me and they started removing the belt of the sword almost remove all of my clothes. I was about to complain but my Amanda giggles that makes the rest of the servant giggles too. "Tell my father that I would like to add masks for the ball. Masquerade festival, how do you like the sound?"

"Masquerade is splendid, Princess. I will get going."

"Of course, you look tired from the long travel." Calixe bows at her and left. "Ready my warrior's room. He should have a proper sleep for tomorrow."

And I don't think that I can sleep by thinking about her. They serve my dinner in the room that is next to hers. She told me the secret tunnel or door from my room that will leads to her room. There's so much secret doors here. I wonder how many doors that will lead to her room. She appears on my room using the secret door and we ate together, cuddle together until the there's a knock on the door. She immediately went back to her room and I cleared my throat and told the servant to come in.

A petite young lady enters and asked if there's anything I wanted. I simply tell her to clear the table and they did. I wonder around on the veranda and after they are finished I lock the door and Amanda sneak in to my room again.

"Let's take a bath" I murmur on her ear as I pull her to the bathroom. "I always wanted to bath you."

We did get a chance to bath each other when we are on Outsideworld on the falls. And make love there. Now we can make love anywhere we wanted. She started massaging my muscles while we are on the warm big tub with bubbles.

"I would like to ask you something." I caress her golden hair. She smiles. "Where's our daughter?" she seemed to stop on what she is doing on my question and her eyes look lonely.

"Our daughter" she breathed. "I always wanted to embrace her and kiss her" I scoop her cheeks and make her look into my eyes.

"Tell me, where is our daughter?" a tear fall from her eyes. Please don't tell me that she's gone. She smiles at me.

"She's safe. She's with Prince Nicholas." I drop my hand from her face and feel taken aback.

"Adhiti?" I asked her and then she nods. "I have been with my daughter all this time?"

"Yes," she scoop my cheeks as she move her legs astride my thighs and kiss my lips. "I am happy that you've been reunited with her. I'm sorry, I just wanted to protect her." I pull her waist to me and hugged her.

"It's alright, my Amanda. We can all be together. I promise that."

"Am I a bad mother? I never get a chance to embrace her and tell her that I love her so much" she started sobbing on my chest.

"No, love. You are an amazing mother. You bare all the pain for her to survive."

Now that I know, Adhiti or Catastrophe is my daughter. That's why I felt so close to her, so in love to her like she's my daughter where, the truth is that she's my real daughter.

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