Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 2 Chapter 58

Volume 2: Five Faces Chapter 58 Goddess Of Soul's Gift

Patrick Patterson

I found an inn and stay there for a night. I didn't bother going directly to the Psych. I need to gather few information to put down the King. I found the people busy on putting colorful garnish and decors. I walk to the vendor of apples and took three and pay it.

"Seemed the whole town are busy." I told the vendor. The man smiled like he was happy.

"It is the Five Kingdom's festival. Every Kingdom will come to celebrate it in the Central Kingdom. Haven't you heard of it before? You seemed new to me."

"You are right, I have been living away from the Kingdoms and it is my first time to live here."

"Ya sure you are."

Marissa will be there. Adhiti will be there. Should I come to? I could use a peek on her if there's not much of guards around her. Of course Elliot might think that Marissa is safe from getting her back. The Five Kingdoms hearing it makes me wanted to spit. I had read and read about the Five Kingdoms that has each of five Kingdoms has more than twenty landings and has their own rules.

Each Kingdoms are named before their Goddess. And few centuries ago, the Goddesses came down into the earth specifically here in the Insideworld to do their own bidding. The Goddesses gave each gift to the royal blood after passing few tests of bravery, loyalty and truthfully which includes their love for the people. According to the history book that I read, royal people of the four Kingdom, Pyr, Hydr, Aer, and Era that has been gifted by the Goddesses by the affinity of their Kingdom had been protecting the people and the land.

However, it seemed to cut out and betrayal was felt by the Goddesses and all of them are killed. The twin, Princess Aryanna and Lady Zoeira was killed at the same day. Serina disappear and Odessi, died and turn into ashes and at the same time, the dragons disappear after the biggest dragon that was named Phrixus burn the town and even few castles of the Kingdoms.

I take a bite on the apple and keep on thinking. How would I start my plan on sneaking to the gigantic castle that almost reach the skies? I am so sure that the gala will be held on their widest hall. A young lady at the age of seventeen wearing a red velvet cloak stop in front of me with curtsy. I look into her gray eyes and seek inside her mind but somehow, I cannot enter it was all blank yet full of light.

"Lord Patrick," she speaks my name.

"I am no lord." I mutter and put down my apple. I look at her from head to toe and she seemed from a rich family. Her dress is like an old French and has lots of layers. I bite on the apple and walk pass her and felt that she is following me.

I walk toward the near tree where there's no one there. I finish eating my apple and wait for her to speak and then lean on the trunk. She is staring at me and I have to look at her and sign her to speak.

"I said I am no Lord. Why did you call me that? And you speak of my name, young lady."

"You are, Lord. So soon." Her accent is French yet it was clear and pleasant on my ears. I give her a question look. "I am Mademoiselle Guinevere d'Auvergne of the Chteau Northern land of Jardin Roseaux."

"So, Mademoiselle Guinevere. Do you predicted my arrival?"

"Oui e No." those perfect curve of cross bow lips smiled like the bow stretches ready to release the arrow. "I was here to do my own bidding."

"I am surprised." I nod my head.

"So, my Lord. Would like you to hear me and accept my gift for you?"

"I would like to hear you yet, I don't expect the gift." I said honestly.

"Well then, I am born as Mademoiselle Guinevere, but I am one of the daughter of the God who has known into many names. Your travel here will be worth of seeing your love, yet, if you show yourself aimlessly or by just seeing your love might lead her into peril. Do you have a plan to pull down the man?"

"Not yet for now. But I am thinking." It's surprising.

"I had seen and known your sister and she's slowly regaining her memories. She's also with her parents by blood."

I drop my shoulders by hearing it. What else does she know? I am sure that she's not just a simple mortal of this world. And what about the memories?

"Adhiti, she already knows?"

"I am sure of it. However, less no care about her for now and more care on my bidding."

"What's your bidding?" I furrow a little.

"The same on what the Prophet wanted and the same that I wanted. Seek the others, through north, south, west and east. You all thought that only Royal blood has gifted by us?"

"You're a goddess!" I spitted.

"Yes, indeed. I am here to help my sister to regain her memories and bring back our lost brother. Now, accept my gift, Lord of Patterson," she pointed her forefinger on the middle of my brows. "You are too seek and read furtherly of the actions of your opponents. Never shall be killed by double edged sword or a silver arrow. You are blessed by the Goddess of the Souls. Blessed be, Patrick." I felt a real thing hit my forehead until to the very bone and inside of my brain. I felt like pushed back on the tree and hold on it.

"Th-Thank you, Soul." I mutter.

"You are more welcome. Your bidding is to protect those who are in need of light and had lost their trail."

"Thank you. Blessed be." I put my open palm on my chest where inside is my beating heart and bow my head.

"In the outsideworld, whom shall I trust?"

"Outsidworld?" I didn't ask her further about why she is asking. I cleared my throat and the stand straight. "I have two apprentice, Clarence and Davin. They are to supervise the doings inside the academy."

"Bon voyage!" she nod and turn back. I was too dazed at that moment that leave me stunned there for a while.

Prince Nicholas

Feeling all lightheaded, I reach my hand on my side to my love, yet I had reached a breathing fluffy fur. I got startled when a cold wet something was pointed on my nose. When I open my eyes, Ruin is sleeping beside with his nose on my nose. I groan and hug him instead. I just realized that the sound of mad violin is playing.

I immediately got up and found Marcus sitting on the table with a cup of who-knows what he is drinking while reading something.

"Get up, take a bath and dress up." He demands. What's up now? "Catastrophe is getting mad."

"Catastrophe? You mean Adhiti?" I ask him.

"There are five personality inside her. Do you know that?" he asked putting down his cup and glare at me?

"Yes, Aryanna (Goddess of Air), Zoeira (Goddess of Earth), Odessi (Goddess of Fire), Serina (Goddess of Water) and her, Adhiti."

"You are missing something. Catastrophe."


"Catastrophe is Adhiti and Adhiti is Catastrophe. It was some kind of psychological identity disorder. Catastrophe was mad by Adhiti to forget all the pain and become strong. I had read that Adhiti is a Goddess of Universe yet something happened and she's dying from aboveworld."

"How do you know about that?" I furrow and started getting up from bed to do his demands.

"My love said that Adhiti had regain few of her memories above world. Do you know that the Goddesses who come down into earth to reborn had their memories from their own home?"

"Yes, Aryanna and Zoe are one of them. So you mean, Princess Amanda is a Goddess?"

"Not that I know. She's a mother of Adhiti in here and the God speaks to her and the God had gifted her."

After I started taking a bath quickly and dress up, brushing my hair a little by my finger. I took the apple and started biting on the green apple. We walk down the hall towards the music room next to the library where Princess Amanda held a lecture for ladies.

"Adhiti, please put down that bow for a while. Adhiti," it seemed like even Princess Amanda can't make her put down the bow and the violin. I lean on the door and few servants are there watching her in amus.e.m.e.nt. I look on her fingers that are touching the frets and the strings, it's kind-a red. Amanda sigh and try to be patient.

"Catastrophe!" I said it loud and she stop from playing and put down the bow. Princess Amanda look at me and mouthed me thank you. I walk toward my mate and kiss her forehead. Her eyes are the color of light hazel-nut. Totally Catastrophe. "Okay, love. Why won't we have a walk and refresh your mind before going to your class?" I took her bow and violin and put it down gently on the piano case and drag her out.

"Nicholas." She utter.

"Hmm?" we walk outside towards the garden of Princess Amanda.

"I feel in pain. You know that I never said about being in pain right?"

"Your parent's are there why you didn't talk to them. Your Mamma is worried on you."

"Right, the biological parents." I massage her hand and took it into my lips. "Why do you love Adhiti so much? Doesn't it pained you that she has four souls inside her and I was the one being brave for her as I take the pain?"

"Love can concur everything even though it is impossible for you. Adhiti is boundless, like you are. And I love her because that's what I felt and even you, I love you too."

"Adhiti doesn't realize that I was different from her. When I enter that Academy, she pushed me to be her yet I showed no mercy on her request."

"You have, you just think logically." I pull her on the bench and wrapped my arms around her as I gently pull the scarf over her mouth.

"If you love me too like you love Adhiti, would you love the others?"

"Yes, I will. I just said that I love you too."

"Then kiss me." It is the first time that Catastrophe asked for a kiss. I bent down to her and kiss her lips and she immediately kiss back. The same kiss that Adhiti always give me. How would I make them both as one? They did it when they reenter the Academy and now, they should make it together.

"What plan have you already made? You've been playing that violin madly."

"I feel mad because they took Marissa and I have to meet my evil grandfather."

"He's not that evil. I believe that he's just protecting his only daughter."

"Protecting his only daughter yet taking away her happiness."

"Tell me love. What do you remember?"

"Do you mean Adhiti?"

"Yes. And now you are taking all her pain. What pained you about Abyss?" I removed her scarf and stare on her marks on her forehead.

"Adhiti such a young lady who was loved by everyone know by her compassion and love to her father, siblings and her creations. All of her siblings, she take care a lot about the dark one who seemed to lost the light and drown into his own darkness because of his insecurity towards her. Yet her love is above all of those darkness inside him. He tried to take her soul to bring it with him to his own castle, but taking the soul of the Goddess is a big payment and he can't take the cost."

Hearing it all from her makes me nervous. I don't want my love to take all the pain. I don't want to be away from her or lose her. My love was boundless as she is. She leans her head on my shoulders and embrace me like she's afraid. Few moments that she didn't speak.

"He almost took her life, by stealing all her memories and betray her. On that way, her soul might never live even aboveworld. But father, make a decision and have our sister to rebirth down on her universe." She sound so cold like fresh water and when she look into my eyes, her eyes are the color of the ocean aquamarine.


"Do you know how much it pained me seeing her lying on bed of flowers, look sleeping but whenever I touch her hand it is cold as death? Her glows disappear." I scoop her cheek and lean my forehead to hers.

"I'm sorry to hear all of it."

"Promise me one thing for Adhiti."

"I will Promise everything for her."

"Never, hurt her again. Never betray her like Abyss did. She loved our brother above us all because she all thought that he deserve to have a boundless love from her."

"I promise Serina. And I don't just promise, I oath to my love that I won't hurt or betray her." She leans again on my shoulder and feel her sleeping. While she is sleeping, I started massaging her hand. Rosalinda came over and whispered.

"Prncipe Nicholas, I would like to tell you that Lady Adhiti has to attend her class."

"Of course, give us a moment." Rosalinda curtsied and left. I shook her and she wakes up and look at me.

"Why am I here?" Adhiti asked and rubbed her eyes.

"Long story love. But you have to get ready for your class." I help her fix herself and escorted her to the library where other girls are already sitting on their own desk.

"Are you well dear?" Amanda ask her.

"Yes." She take her seat and cleared her throat. Amanda glance at me with nod. I was about to leave but a girl at the age of seventeen I guess, stop in front of me and curtsied with tight smile. Her silver hair is braided and I had never seen her before.

"Prince Nicholas," she acknowledge.

"Hello there, but I haven't seen you before."

"Youngest daughter of Lord Philips d'Auvergne."

"Oh, I see. Have a good day, Lady d'Auvergne." I nod my head and she responded a nod.

I left Princess Amanda's house and ride my horse to the gigantic castle of Psych. It seemed too far away from the house yet, the castle was too big not to be seen. I walk into the hall towards the King who is standing with mighty commanding to do his bidding to make the castle beautiful as ever.

"Prince Nicholas de la Reino Era!" the knight standing on the door announced. The King turn to me and I bow to him to show respect.

"Your grace,"

"I am looking forward of your asking to marry my daughter." I wanted to laugh out loud but I simply smile. He's been asking me if I wanted to marry her only daughter, Princess Amanda.

"I feel sorry to reject you again your grace. Princess Amanda was like a mother, a sister and a friend to me."

"Of course, of course." He clapped his hand and call for a wine. "What do you think, Prince Nicholas of Era?" I look around me and was amazed on the cloudy tall hall with full of clouds and looks like skies.

"Are those cottons?" I asked him.

"Yes, indeed." The servant gave us golden goblets with wine on it. "I call some air to lifted it and use few strings to make it. Now, since you are here, I am asking you to make comfortable vines for the benches with your affinity given by the Goddess. My daughter would love seeing beautiful flowers that blooms in the night."

"It's a pleasure, your grace." I sipped on my wine and it taste best as ever.

"Tell me, Prince Nicholas, how long have you been on the Outsideworld?" we walk towards the pots of flowers.

"More than six years."

"And the Mystical Academy where young humans had gifted such a gift from the Gods?"

"Yes, they are very talented students of Mystical Academy."

"Have I heard it wrong that you found your mate there?"

"No your majesty. You heard it right."

"And what makes you dislike my granddaughter, Eliza?"

Eliza is a daughter of his second son, Prince Alexander who is taking care the land on the east of Psych. I have been questioning myself about her childhood because we met when I was ten and she was six. Some people say different things about her because she was supposed to be older than me older like Flame who had lived for century.

"I did not dislike Eliza. Eliza was an intelligent woman that I don't deserve. I simply believe that she has a soulmate waiting for her."

"And you love this mate of yours that make you turn from my granddaughter?"

"Yes. As boundless as the Universe." I smile just thinking of her. King Arthur look at me with those suspicious intent.

"I guess, that love would lead you to be a great King someday. I wish to meet her."

It makes me feel uneasy when he wishes to meet her. She was his granddaughter and his granddaughter has a little anger towards him.

"Of course, in the right time and place, my King."

"Just don't let me meet a human." The King look at me with warnings. Why does he hate humans that much?

"In fact, she isn't." I assure him

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