Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 109

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 109 Voice On The Cave


When it was drought on the way to Sixth Kingdom it is snowing on this part of south. Good thing that Calixe told us to bring thick clothing from the Sixth Kingdom and so on and forth to keep us warm. We keep singing and talking lots of things and do whatnots for us not to freeze to death.

"What do you have plans for your wedding?" Darius asked.

"Nothing much. I don't really plan for the wedding. I'll let Marissa have it planned. Woman are more of a planner."

"I agree with you!" Calixe said, finally after he's been scribbling there. "When I am wooing Zoe and of course we become officially together, she ask me when I'm going to marry her. When I already told her that I am visiting to marry her, she look excited and started telling me about her grand plan for the wedding." Calixe seemed happy as he reminiscing his memories with his soul mate.

"Grand plan?" Darius laugh aloud. "I started thinking lots of things that she's planning for our wedding."

"How about honeymoon?" I asked aloud. They started laughing and then silent for a while thinking about their mates. I'm thinking about Marissa and our baby. I wonder how big her tummy right now. If our baby is kicking inside or if she's eating well and if she still have her morning sickness.

"We are probably thinking about our love."

"Yes. I wonder if my Amanda is happy while she's with her father. I wonder if my daughter wasn't stressing herself for finding the dragons. I wonder if Nicholas is taking care of my daughter."

"Nicholas was head over heels, to Adhiti. I doubted it that he wouldn't took care of her." I told Darius.

We found a shelter for a while. A cave that surrounded by thick shack of snow. We camp there for hours and sleep and get warmth. Time passes, day passes and every second on our journey, I always thought about Marissa, my parents, Andrew, Adhiti, Nicholas and everyone that I left there waiting for me.

I found myself writing letters for the people that I love. Like a journal to them. For me to let them know that there is someone waiting for me though they won't probably receive by now. There's no phone, skype, video call or any social media that is used for communicating. I missed them a lot with all of my heart.


I stop from writing when it comes to my mind. Someone is whispering on me. I look around to find no one, but stopped to finally feel a strong aura. It gives me shivers making me stood and pull my sword. I kicked Darius and he woke up in a snapped. Calixe didn't woke up.


I heard it again. I look at Darius who shrugged. He didn't hear anything. I stepped farther on the dark mouth of the cave.

They're coming, leave. The voice has hissing on the last. It was a deep voice of a woman. Leave!

I didn't think twice but to started packing and told Darius. Darius tried to wake up Calixe but he must be on some dream. Darius shook him again and he continue packing. I got startled when Calixe sat up and started packing. It was so freaking. Maybe his Goddess woke him up.

Until we are all running outside with our horses. The winter gets colder and colder. Our horses whines. Calixe pull out his arrow and bow searching around on where it comes from. We somehow lost our way. We almost fall on the cliff if it wasn't for Darius. I panted and steady my palpating heart.

"What was that?!" Darius asked as smokes come out from his mouth from the cold night.

"Someone whispered to me." I told as we rounded our horses. "I heard her voice warning us. She said that they are coming."

"What probably is coming?"

"I don't know!" we found a smoke of fire nearby.

"We are close!" Calixe said aloud. My heart gets excited and at the same time I get really, really nervous about this. We all stopped to see an empty camp. Darius got down and look around.

"Where did they go?" I asked.

"Oh, God!" Calixe exclaim and shoot his arrow to the dying fire and the fire exploded and burn the wooden arrow. "We are doomed. They are gone." Darius got walk around and search for something or anything. I followed him. I closed my eyes to feel if there's any dark aura.

There's nothing dark around. I walk to the small hut. I can feel something there. I slowly open the door and pull my sword. I close my eyes and concentrate. It wasn't an old man or something. It was a kid. He's nervous. He's shaking.

"It's alright." I murmur. "We are here to save you." I push the carpet and found a door. I open it to see a boy at the age of fifteen, I guess.

"Please don't kill me." I put my sword on my belt.

"I won't. You can come out now."

I wish I could come out.

"Darius!" I calls and Darius came. I pull the boy from the compartment where he hid himself and Darius help me. I see, he doesn't have a lower leg. "How did you get there?"

"My brother hid me there, he told me that someone is coming for us, to bring us back to the Kingdom of Era." He sniffled and wipe his forming tears. "They are all gone."

I look up at Darius.

"We have to be quick!" Calixe calls out.

"You have something there for our journey?" I ask the boy. He look at the cabinets and I started packing for him. He ask about the braces for his horse and I took it. Darius carried him outside and the boy whistled as an Appaloosa. A white spotted with black horse. Nice intelligent horse. The brace on his horse was there already and we dressed up the boy.

I still rode my horse around the camp to see that everything are shattered. I found no one but dry blood, from their huts. Calixe called me saying that there's nothing there. So we started riding back to the Sixth Kingdom to warn them.

"What's your name?" Darius asked.

"Bon, my lord."

"What happened to your camp?"

"Monsters invade us. Took them all, few of them was killed who try to protect others. Even the children, they took them." The painful memories he had on his mind was flashing on mine as well. "They are huge, some of them had one eye, some of them have two heads"

"Few of them are called cyclopes." I told.

"They are an experimentation of Abyss's people. The one who praise him." Calixe told as we are riding slowly from the snow storm.

"We are getting ready that moment." He told painful. "My brother told me, that we are finally going to see a spring, summer and autumn. But he was taken." He started sobbing. "I couldn't do anything at all."

"Your brother done it, for us to find you." Darius told him. "Wipe your tears and be strong. We are here now, and we will take them back once that we warn others about this."

I feel dark auras hissing. I close my eyes as I feel their pain. Their mourning and the tormenting pain that they are suffering making my heart breaks. Was the Abyss's torment was close to here? Was the gate close here? We are going to pass by on the cave again.

"Let's go on the other direction." Bon said. I saw him shudder looking on the way to the cave.

"What's in the cave Bon?" I ask him. He look down and sniffled.

"People," he mutter.

"I heard the powerful voice of a woman." The powerful voice reminds me of someone's voice. I try to dive in inside my head to recognize the same powerful voice. "Warning us to leave."

"Nobody knows what's there. But everyone who gets in inside that cave, never comes back. It was full of evil inside there. Painful evil."

"Was it the gate to Abyss's Torment?"

"It was one of the mining place of Psych."

"Was it the gate of Abyss's Castle, Bon?" I ask him again. He shudder again.


"What do you know Bon?" I ask him again. "I saw different scenes and heard it from my Prophet. I wanted to hear what you know about the Kingdom of Psych." I can feel an anger building on me. I can feel the fear on his mind though I couldn't read it because he blocked it all. I don't know that he could do such thing to block his mind. "Bon, if you don't tell me right now, I wouldn't know where and how to protect my people."

"It is where they bring the stolen souls. It is where the Goddess's dragons are." He said solemnly feeling the pain as he speak. I look up the dark sky as thick snowflakes rains on me. If it is where the Goddess's dragons are, the Queen must be there.

"We have to save the Queen." I mutter.

"There's no saving the Queen at this moment. You can't get inside there. If the Queen is there, she warns you already!" Bon hissed at me.

"We should keep going, you know. We can discuss it later." Darius told.

"Are we just going to turn back and ignore them?" I ask them aloud.

"Sometimes, ignoring was the best thing to do at a moment." Calixe suddenly speaks as he scribble on his book. "We are outnumbered, and we don't have enough strength to save the Dragon Queen. We aren't fated to save them."

"Then who?" I can't help but to asked. I wasn't the type of a person who just lay back. I wasn't type of the person who always go on without a plan. I don't know what makes me insane right now. Or was it because of the visions that I saw. Adhiti will breaks soon enough and I don't make a thing to stop her from breaking, everything will turn into a disaster.

"The Guardians and the Goddess itself. Universe lost her memories. Universe wasn't strong enough. Universe is the only way in mortal's body to stop her brother. We can't fight a God. All we can just do is to protect our people and pursue our main mission." Calixe said it. "We need to find a dry land. Bon, lead the way."

I calm myself as we find a dry land. I stare at nowhere finding it all out. Luther must know about this. How should I communicate Luther? Adhiti must know. Of course she must know where Abyss keep the Queen of Dragons Phrixus's mate.

"I'm sorry, Lord Patrick." Bon speaks warmly.

"It's not your fault." I told him. "Whose apprentice are you?"

"I don't know." Bon mutter. "I don't know his name but I had seen his face. He didn't tell me anything on what kind of God he is. I felt that he's already here on Earth. He was going to born here in Insideworld." I nodded at him.

"Does any of you understand why Gods and Goddesses keep going down here on Earth?" Darius ask. "I don't understand few things and on why they should be born here and do whatnot."

"Because, Lord Darius, they are going down here on Earth to fulfill their work. Fire won't fulfil her work if fire don't exist here on Earth. Earth won't fulfill her work if there's no plants, trees and other things for the survival of the people. Aqua won't come down to Earth if it wasn't for her loving sister, Adhiti. The same for Air and other Goddesses and Gods that are here."

"Oh, I see."

"They disguise on something to keep the balance."

Still I couldn't get off out my mind, about the voice of a woman. Powerful voice. Was it Fera?

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