Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 125

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 125 Goddess Of Soul 2


I was sleepless and I keep on drinking wine while Nick is pillowing over my stomach. We are back in the room that Nick rented. In three hours, we might reach the land. I keep on brushing my fingers on Nick's hair it makes me calm.

As soon as we departed, my Guardian Luther is already waiting on the land and Phrixus was nowhere. Luther bow at me. He's wearing a cloak to hide his wings.

"My Goddesses." I throw my arms around him and embrace him.

"I'm glad that you are still here." Then I push myself to face him.

"I must protect you. I apologize for not being there to save you on the night you face your brother."

"Oh, don't worry about it." I smiled at him. Luther faces Nicholas and bows at him with his fist on his chest where his heart is located.

"Prince Nicholas, thank you for being there with my Goddesses." I look at Nick and he smiled.

"Don't worry about it. We should leave." Nick scoop my hand and led me to the horses.

"Meet us in the cabin. I am going to take them back." I declare to both of them.

"Aren't you going to rest for a while?" he asked. I scoop his face.

"No, love. There's no resting and I can't rest worrying about their death. We have to move before it's too late." He nods his head and he pulled me up to my horse.

"Shall I call Phrixus, Goddess?"

"Yes, we need him. Have you found the others?" He bowed his head. I am talking about dragons.

"I'm sorry, but I have no trace of them. I believe that they are near to the castle of Abyss."

"We are going to find them." I feel whole, together with my sister's inside me. They didn't take over my body and we are moving as one and reunited.


I was escorted by my three brothers to the entrance to Mystical Academy. I had spent my night thinking and watching over my children my gifted children that are fighting evil. Calixe, Patrick, and Andrew. Shall I give gifts to my brothers? They have a soft heart though they are like wolves on the battlefield. My instincts say I should, and I will follow it. I have never been wrong about giving gifts to my apprentices. It is up to them if they choose the wrong path.

It was a secret departure from our chteau and I never ask permission to anyone. I just said goodbye for a while. And I shall be back to face the darkness and take back the lost souls to Above world.

"Is it really fine if we didn't come with you?" My brother named Lancelot the second son of our house asks. He is looking worried. I gave him an assuring smile.


"She's tougher and more intelligent than us. I am started to think that she's older than us." The Third son named Laurence gave me a c.o.c.ky grin.

"Yes, I am older than all of you," I told them, and they gave me that look that sometimes annoys me. An unbelievable look. "My soul is older than all of you here."

"Okay, if that's what you say. Boys, let's hug our baby sister." And they did give me warm hugs after Lancelot.

"Before I live, I shall give you gifts."

"Oh, don't mind about it." Calvin grin. "What kind of gift is that? I didn't remember that you brought a gift with you."

"I always have it with me." I smiled at them. I pointed my forefinger in the middle of his forehead. "Calvin, I, Goddess of Soul is giving you a gift of advance hearing and smell like a wolf to protect your people and the one you pledge to protect." I know that they will all look surprised and baffled. Calvin opened his shirt in no time and found a wolf's head mark on his chest.

"You are seriously older" he muttered. I smiled and I pointed my forefinger to Lancelot.

"Lancelot, I Goddess of Soul, is giving a gift to see the evil and good, with your loving heart you will meet your mate soon." He also opened his shirt and found an eye in the middle of his chest. Then I face Laurence who is all excited. "Laurence, I, Goddess of Soul is giving you a gift of motion, swift and without sound that is impossible for the eye of the people." Laurence disappears and turned around and he is behind me.

"Wow! You are cool, my baby sister." He hugged me. "Thank you."

"You are all welcome." They lined up in front of me and kneel one knee as they put his palm over their chest where their heart is located.

"We, warriors and knights, pledge our loyalty to our Goddess, Soul, our sister Guinevere to protect our loved ones and people who needed protection. We shall protect the people from the Children of Abyss and the darkness." They said it all at the same time. I smiled at them. I had never been wrong.

"Rise my brothers." They all rise, and they give me warm hugs and kisses.

"Je t'aime sur." They mutter.

Sometimes I think that they are triplets. Then I just found out recently that their souls are triplets.

I give them one last smile as I enter the magical way to the Mystical Academy. Lots of lights and sparkling flies around. I feel wonderful like it was our home back above. I used to stay on the twin tree where wishes and prayers are heard by Gods and Goddesses and I always listen to the people who believe in us.

I blink as the light was gone and it was dark around. I turn around me to see the biggest oak tree behind me. I put my hand over there and hear the voices of five faces Goddess and it was my sister Adhiti she has our sisters with her to protect the people she loved.

As I turn around my eyes widen to see a tall boy standing a few paces away. I was looking directly into his eyes. He has a kind heart I can see it on his soul. Yet the soul was familiar to me. And there's another boy and smaller than the tallboy. I curtsied on them.

"Bonjour," I greeted.

"Clarence, did she just come out from that tree?" the smaller one ask.

"Yes." The taller one was called Clarence answered. I look at the smaller one and see that he was gifted by my father.

"She's kind-a beautiful." The smaller one said again.

"Yes." The taller one answered and when I look into him, he never breaks his eye from me.

"Where's the headmistress?" I ask them. The taller one crossed his arms and blinks.

"I didn't dream about her coming out there." They didn't answer me, and they are both gaping at me. The smaller one dropped his wide eyes and smile. "Oh, sorry about that. We are just both surprised. We are going to lead you to the Headmistress."

Now, that I can feel that I was like being stabbed, I heard my casket being dropped and my baggage. I look at them and they are both blurs. Maybe because I didn't sleep last night that's why I am feeling dizzy. And I am in mortal's body. I collapsed before I even know I am falling.

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