Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 131 2

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 131 Soul Mates Part 2


The entrance of the castle was wide and big but not gigantic like the Psych. But it was big and beautiful enough to say that it was a Castle. There are lots of veins and crawling flowering plants around the castle and it was all welled maintain. There are big butterflies around and bees that keep following me and not stinging me.

I don't have to wrap my face because Nick told me to. He was proud of me and he kept holding my hand as we go inside, and the warriors bow their heads. The advisers or the people who hold certain things for the king are waiting in the foyer. I don't want to declare myself as Goddess, but Adhiti as Nick's mate. He truly understands me, yet the Council bow at us, and they acknowledge me as Goddess.

"Call her the crown Princess at this moment," Nicholas announced. "I proclaim her as my bride, my soul, and my Princess."

"Yes, your highness." The man in red velvet clothing with long hair looked up at us. "Shall we start planning for your wedding?"

"Do you wish to start planning our wedding, love?" Nick ask me. I shrugged.

"Yeah, sure."

"Love, this is Joselito Raynaldo. The right hand of my father." Nick introduced the man who has long hair and old looking maybe in the sixties. "Aguinaldo Rosales, the financer and accountant. Bernardino Collet Priam Choi and General Sinon Lito."

I nod my head as they bow at me.

"So, guys did you already know that your recent King sorry to say that my brother killed him because of his crime and according to the letter of the King of Psych well, your King is very mad that he became the vessel of darkness, one of Abyss's powerful children, who are truly loyal to him. Are you all aware of that?"

"As the oldest in the Council," Joselito Raynaldo speaks. "King Elliot wasn't as mad as he become when Princess Amanda rejected his courtship and she was seeing a man from the Outside world. It made him obsessed and unable to handle the rejection, so he almost made a very unacceptable crime of attempting to raping the Princess. That crime was hidden for years because of Princess Amanda's wish to forgive him.

"However, as I try to speak to King Elliot, he rarely listened to me and he was speaking alone all by himself like he was speaking with someone that he can only see. Now that we witness that he become a vessel, it is no doubt that darkness came to him because of his hatred, obsession, and anger." I can see that he is speaking the truth.

"If there's someone here that is also one of Abyss vessel, I should know." I glanced at the Prince who is listening away. I caught him it made his eyes widen, yet he chinned up and face me bravely. "You, Prince, what's your name?" I ask him directly.

"You shall address me as Prince Adam."

"So, Adam, have you been with your father?"

"You killed my father and you dare to speak to me like that!"

"Adam, do not speak to her like that!" Aaron weaned. "My apologies," he bowed his head.

"Oh, no" I shook my head. "Don't make him stop talking," I told Aaron who is baffled. I look back at Adam. "Hey, Adam, my sister, Era, or Earth didn't give your blood a gift to do as what you all pleased. They give you these affinities to help people find their way to the light, peace, and love. Do you understand that?" like a child, he walked away. "So childish." I shook my head. "If you are like that, Nicholas pain in the ass, I will kick that s.e.xy ass of yours." I told him still staring in the direction where Prince Adam left. Nicholas laughed and throw his arms around me. My stomach made that noisy sound that has been bothering me. I glare at Nick.

"I know, I know." Nick murmur. "To the dining hall, everyone." Andrew was laughing because of the sound of my stomach.

"Good thing that mine is not as noisy as yours."

"Stop it, Andrew." I look at Almira who is giggling too.

Wow, she's really beautiful and a wonderful person. Compare to Leona who has lots of venom on her smile.

The diner went well and the only Princess who joined is a girl named Althea. She bows her head to me. She was a quiet one and I know that she's intelligent.

Though someone had died, I was happy, Nick was too and Almira and Andrew. Althea was all quiet while eating and mostly just listening. After I ate a lot and had wished that it has no poison which it doesn't, I lean on the table and look at Althea.

"Hey, Althea," I called. She looked up at me. "What's your special skill?"

"Archer." She simply answers. "I like embroidery too and painting."

"You are a quite gifted girl. So, how old are you?"


"Do you usually answer that way?"

"I guess, I do, usually." I smiled at her. I like girls who are quite cold but can talk.

"Your mate will make you happy."

"I don't have a mate." She stated with blinks. I smiled wide.

"Oh, you have. I am a Goddess of Universe, they say, and if I say to you that Soul is my sister and she knows who your mate is."

"Why are there still people who are spinster and bachelor?"

"Because, sweetheart, they choose to be that way. And some of them are still waiting for their mate and some are waiting for Death to come to them and take them to the Paradise of my father. And Soul will give them choices about their life to be." I don't know where I get those words, but it comes out to my mind and I imagine paradise I imagine how Death takes the souls of the people to his twin which is Soul.

I can see those little inspired looks on her eyes. I know why she is like that and why she acted that way, just a little like Aaron who doesn't like their father and for Agatha doesn't want to end up like her mother or her stepmother.

"Wow, I don't know that you could talk like that?" Andrew said. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Because she's the Goddess of Universe," Nick said. He scooped my hand.

"Enough about Goddess it makes me not good when I am here, and people talk about me like that."

"Okay. If that's what you wish my Queen." Nick grinned.

After the dessert my favorite course in the meal I and Nick went to his room because I told him that he needed to wake up early for his duties as a King. While I am on my bath, he kept telling his plan on the Kingdom. He also needed Almira because she's been donating to the orphanage house.

His room was wide and very royal-like. It was also welled maintain. He talked and talked and told me what he felt about the death of his father. I truly understand him because one of his friends killed his father. He has no anger toward Patrick because he is just doing it for Marissa and Marissa's mother and the death of her stepfather.

He understood that Adam is mad because it is his father and on the other hand his mother is in agony. He doesn't want to pass the throne because he doesn't truly trust one of his brothers. However, he can now trust Aaron because I gifted him, and he has a soft heart and compassion. I never get wrong with giving gifts.

We cuddle on the bed while I am wearing one of his big shirts. I could live like this, happy, in love, loved, and most contented. Nick filled me and he spoils be a lot. When I was in Academy, I saw how he sulk and look older at his young age. He looks restless and not happy. I can feel his love and I won't let that love go.

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